Friday, January 24th, 2014

Choose or Lose

How often do you depot your beauty products?

  • Never! (56%, 1,391 Votes)
  • Only a few products. (33%, 814 Votes)
  • Most things except a few brands and/or types, or things in super awesome packaging. (9%, 232 Votes)
  • Just about anything and everything I can! (2%, 40 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,492

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43 thoughts on “How often do you depot your beauty products?

  1. xamyx

    Just about all eyeshadow singles/duos get depotted, except NARS. If empty palettes weren’t so expensive, and more readily available, I’d actually depot more. I also want to find some containers to go on a lipstick binge, but again, the ones I like are too pricey…

  2. I once received a Tarte Christmas set that had a bunch of eyeshadows in a jewelry box. It looked beautiful, but was totally an inconvenience to use, so I attempted to depot the colors. There were plastic inserts inside of the jewelry box that had all of the pans glued to them. I was able to get the inserts out, there was too much glue, or something, and the pans just wouldn’t come off of the plastic inserts without cracking in the middle. Consequently I aborted my mission to depot the heck out of the jewelry box eyeshadow palette.
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  3. Marissa

    There are so many products I really want to depot – MAC eye shadows in particular – but I’m terrified of ruining the product. It’s funny because I have a MAC palette that has only 8 shades in it and a ton of MAC eye shadows still in their pots. It would make digging through my makeup bag so much easier.

    I think you may have motivated me to get the ball rolling on this one. Maybe

  4. So far I’ve only depotted eyeshadow. Never blush or lipstick or anything else.

  5. artemis

    Never but I will often when I’ll be a make-up artist

  6. Veronica

    I’d say about 50-60% of my pressed singles and a few face products are depotted. I have to really like the packaging (or find it overly difficult to depot) to avoid taking out the pans. Generally, I avoid doing very expensive singles – like Chanel, NARS, etc. – simply because I don’t find it worth the risk of depotting them. I depotted all of my old UD singles, though, along with all of the MAC and the Bobbi Brown is likely next. (I like the new UD packaging too much, though. I eventually sucked it up and bought the empty palette to use – though these new ones are even easier to depot than the old ones! I depotted Laced completely by accident while popping it out of the packaging through manual force alone. I’m lucky it didn’t shatter!)

  7. Kristen

    I use to do this a few years a go with my MAC shadows. But now, I rarely if ever depot. The last things I did were the Tarte blushes because I had a Z-Palette to fill and they all fit nicely in one spot. But now, I find I don’t really use them. And that’s the problem when I depot things. I forget to use them!

  8. Pretty much just my MAC eyeshadows end up depotted. I guess I’m kind of OCD in the sense that I don’t like looking at Z-palette that have a mishmash of different sized pans in it.

  9. kurohana

    i dont only because i dont own a lot of makeup products. i only own 1 blush, 1 bronzer, 1 foundation, 1 concealer, 1 tinted lip balm so there isnt a need to depot

  10. Jenna

    Just the UD BOS. I found it really easy to de-box, and I actually use it now that it’s not so annoying to drag out every day

  11. Kristina

    I’m still trying to depot a bunch of MAC singles, many are from back in the day when they had screw tops….remember those? I emphasize the word still because I hate de-potting, packaging is part of a deal breaker for me for products. I find over time the little clear plastic window on the MAC container cracks or pops out.
    I don’t mind having a bunch of singles, even when travelling, as long as the casing is sturdy, efficient and aesthetically pleasing to use like the NARS singles. I have some NARS singles that are 14 years old and look brand new!

  12. I don’t normally depot anything because I’m not a MUA and I simply don’t have enough makeup to warrant depotting. I am however working on making my own sugarpill palette so I have deported three sugarpill eyeshadows so far!

  13. I have a full 15 pro palette from Mac and another one that I put my UD Oz shadows in. I hated the packaging. I have another duo to fill. I use all my shadows. (UD not too often) but Mac all the time. If I had them in their pot they’d get neglected for sure. And yes, I have 4 Mac lipsticks that I haven’t paid for. Back to Mac anyone?

  14. I pretty much only depot if the original packaging is defective or breaks, or occasionally if the packaging is really bulky. But I generally feel that it’s a huge waste to pay for the packaging that it comes in, and then pay extra for another palette. I do, however, buy anything that can be purchased in a pan (MAC pro pans, Inglot eyeshadows) that way, because it saves space and money.
    But I’m really unhappy with the options available for what I could depot to–Z palettes are bulky and heavy, the new MAC palettes are ridiculously bulky as well. The old MAC palettes were perfect, I wish they would bring them back.
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  15. I’m afraid to depot anything in case I ruin it somehow! Makeup is way to expensive for me to want to crack/shatter/crush otherwise destroy the thing (which I would probably do!). I have *wanted* to depot a few things, although generally I find he packaging Ok to use.
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  16. C

    I am a huge packaging fan so I never really depot unless it’s necessary, though I can see it happening when I’m a little older if I ever get anywhere with makeup. I ordered liquid lipsticks from Sweetpea & Fay and they arrived (3 months and a Facebook page block later, will never recommend this godawful company) so badly damaged that the tubes were unusable. I depotted a couple into cute little clear plastic jars and that was that.

  17. Never! Lol it is something that I would like doing very soon though. I already have one filled Z Palette and it’s so convenient. I definitely want to depot my eyeshadows and blushes!
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  18. I honestly only depot my MAC e/s that are in single compacts because I won’t use them otherwise. I leave all my MAC blush in the compacts because I like to pop them in my purse when I go out, for that “just in case” factor (I don’t believe I have ever actually taken one out and touched up blush while out). I learned the hard way: NEVER EVER EVER DEPOT AN EXTRA DIMENSION ANYTHING. I tried to depot my EDES from Glamourdaze because they were getting ignored, and they were the right size to fit in my MAC palette, but learned that these things are NOT pressed into metal pans; rather, they are molded (gel formula) and onto a plastic mesh with large holes. I nearly destroyed them! I got one out of the pan entirely and another I just melted a bit because I use a flat iron method, so it was heating up while I was popping the first, and all I could do was yank it off the heat and cram it back into the compact casing.. The one that was popped out miraculously survived without crumbling, but it is clearly damaged. You can see the layer of gel powder stuck to the bottom of the plastic compact pan, and then the plastic mesh wheel it is mounted on is sort of crumbling off the bottom. Somehow, this poor thing is still usable when I place it back in its compact, but it’s very delicate and falls to pieces easily. What a tragedy.

    • Julie S

      I have learned by accident, left a baked e/s in the truck in freezing weather, they just pop out after they are frozen, different brand, but I believe it will work the same way.:-D

      • Interesting! A friend and myself both discovered accidentally that the glue in the MAC Semi-Precious MSF collection is inferior because first my Goldstone then later, her Pearl simply depotted themselves. Just up and fell out one day! Maybe it’s a mineralize product thing, but none of my other MSFs have done this. The pan is very heavy duty which made me wonder if that factored in to the spontaneous depot.

  19. Deb

    I bought a bunch of Z Palettes and Unii Palettes with the idea that I would depot every blush and eyeshadow; thereby having the freedom to quickly customize a palette or two for travel. Boy, what a misguided fool I was! I started with NYX products to practice on. No way was I touching my Chanel or Rouge Bunny Rouge and other high end products first. I struggled with the NYX so much I broke several pans of shadow and blush. I’m now proud to say I have a drawer full of empty Z and Unii palettes and a crippling fear of depotting anything ever again. So I went on a bender and bought almost every Laura Mercier eyeshadow and blush and the empty palettes for them for my travel makeup kit. Expensive investment? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely! My absolute dream world is one where every product can be easily removed from it’s original packaging and customized into an empty palette; or left in the original packaging if you so desire. Sigh….it will never be. But one can hope.

    • Veronica

      I wouldn’t be entirely discouraged by your initial venture. For the record, I think the NYX are some of the toughest out there to depot – I cracked more than a few while doing it myself. It has to do with how the plastic compartments are layered, with spacing in between well and bottom. (I wouldn’t try depotting the Chanel, though – most websites I’ve seen say it’s extremely difficult.) The Urban Decay and MAC singles, though? Pretty easy. The only one I cracked was MAC Quarry, which was my own fault because I lost my grip on the insert while I was doing it. Wet ‘n’ Wild pans also melt off fairly easily, as do Milani and Maybelline. The glue is the real problem – I spent far more time using a combination of acetone and alcohol trying to clean those off to put magnets on them.

      (For reference’s sake, the method I used was a candle and tweezers. With the NYX compacts, I melted the bottom enough to create a hole, which I widened with a knife. Then I used a knife or pen and pushed up through the hole to put pressure on the pan from the *bottom,* forcing it out. When the pan is freed from the original packaging, it’s much easier to melt the base off, freeing the eyeshadow pan.)

      • Excellent advice. I use this technique to depot my MAC e/s and occasionally blush, although I only use a candle when it’s faster. Generally, I get a small piece of parchment or wax paper and lay that across a flat iron turned up high and laying on its side. I’ll place 2 or 3 pans on the blade & push them through with my tweezers. I don’t bother with the glue– if you hold the compact over an open flame just a few seconds, the label will bubble up and can easily be lifted with the tweezers in one piece. You take that label and place it on the bottom of the pan and all the glue adheres so the bottom is cleanly covered. That way you don’t lose your color name or other product info, either, and no glue to clean up. I place my magnets off-center so I can read the name, and have not had any problems with them moving or tipping as of yet.

        I have not used any unii or z-palettes yet, but I’ve heard they are opposite from MAC palettes and don’t need magnets. I’ve heard they will just hold most pans, but some need a steel button sticker on the bottom to stick because the floor or those palettes is a magnet as opposed to the thin sheet of steel in the MAC palettes. If this is untrue, I’m only repeating what I’ve been told by others since my Depotting experience is all MAC palettes and 99% MAC compacts.

        • Veronica

          You definitely need a magnet to adhere to the base of most non-MAC products – of everything I’ve depotted, I think only the Milani singles used a magnetized base. Most of the rest are aluminum or de-magnetized metals. I made my own freeform palette from scratch, and I got around the issue by taking a sheet of magnetized paper (think the kind you use for printing photograph magnets) and cutting and gluing a piece to the base. I’ve also heard metal washers will work, as well, since they’re usually made of steel. (Z-palette also sells magnetic stickers, but you can find those at other retailers as well.) Either way, it’s a tad bit more work than a MAC palette, but give you more freedom where pan size is concerned. :)

          • Thank you for that information; having only used old and new style MAC palettes, I must rely on what I’m told by others for now. I know TKB sells tin pans for the express purpose of being able to stick to a magnetized base as opposed to aluminum pans which will not without a magnet sticker. They explain in detail the materials and uses, and warn not to soak in 70% alcohol or the water content could rust the pan. I had assumed these tin pans found in many brands of e/s were the reason Z markets their palettes as pop-and-go, ready to accept pans straight out of compacts, & the reason I had heard you buy steel circles rather than magnets for aluminum pans, but again, I’ve never personally used these products! Only MAC, which I’m so used to I could depot the things in my sleep. 😉

            I really would like to try a Unii palette some day, but it’s low on the priority list at the moment. I’m loving the new MAC design, but I won’t use the inserts because I like to stuff 24 e/s pans in each palette. The clear window makes all the difference!

            Thanks again! I’ll remember all this when I finally cave and try out a non-MAC palette. :)

  20. Zainab

    I don’t depot a lot, but I had to with the UD BOS IV, as the original packaging made to too annoying to use. I’m thinking of putting all my MAC single eyeshadows into one palette because I think I’ve got enough now that it’s a pain to sort through them. But I’m not sure if I want a neutrals palette and a brights palette or if I just want to chuck them all in one big one.

  21. I keep my make up collection very lean. I tend to stick to one brand (Chanel) although I occasionally stray. It just makes life easier! I do get sample boxes from Dermstore and now Birchbox, so that may gradually change. However, I like to keep all make up very clean, and in its original container. I also keep it very organized — shadows in one holder in the drawer, liners in another, etc. It makes it easy to design a look. I lay out the make up I’m going to use that day, and then put it on. Gives me a chance to think about it before I apply it.

    But when it comes to skin care, I’m all over the place right now! Trying out lots of new products. Neostrata foam face wash is one of my new faves. It’s fun, this stuff!

    • I’m a bit like that, I love the idea of using just ysl products for ever day, however I go through phases and fall in love with a different brand every month or so which makes it difficult!

  22. I don’t own enough single eyeshadow at the moment but really enjoy the thought of building up a palette with your own choice of colours so will definitely be starting a mac one as soon as i get some more money!

  23. I’m constantly depotting MAC stuff. I recently turned in a lot of empties and got 5 free lipsticks. Oh how I love the Back2MAC program!

  24. redshift87

    I’ve depotted all my single eyeshadows and blushes, almost all duos, and even a fair number of palettes if I felt they wasted space and/or I didn’t like the packaging. Surprisingly (and luckily) my high end brand products (Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford) always seem to be the easiest to depot. I think they just use less glue, and the compacts usually come apart easier. My only depotting casualty was a Nyx blush, and I’ve filled 8 large zpalettes with depotted items! You just need to go slow and he patient.

  25. If I know I want to keep them I depot them 90% of the time that what I can mix and match a palette for travel to what need for the trip. 😉 I also saves on storage space for my tiny Juinor apartment.
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  26. Helene

    I have to say never, as I never have, but I should as I have a lot of singles I never use as i have to search to find the shades I want.
    So thanks to this vote, I may have to start.

  27. I only depot my cheaper eyeshadows like revlon etc…I can’t bear to ruin the packaging of shadows like nars!

  28. Nicole

    Only once, a LE MAC shadow. It was a mess and I never depoted anything else.

  29. Kim

    I have been depotting all my Mac and UD single eyeshadows for ease of use. This saves SO much space and I find I use them more now. I have so far left all palettes in place but will try blushes soon.

    When I first started I practiced on my empty MAC eyeshadows that were ready to go for Back-2-Mac. I was glad I did because it took a couple of tries to get the hang of it and I didn’t destroy any eyeshadow – so that’s my recommendation for starting out.

  30. breyerchic04

    I have a Z palette for complexion powders that didn’t come in nice containers, mostly like mini blushes and stuff. I did add a 3 pan wet n wild palette to it.

  31. rosana

    I really regret having depotted my lipsticks. I watched dustin hunter on youtube and by that time it seemed the only logical way to organize so many lipcolors. Since I am no mua, it is just a pain in the ‘ars’to use a lip brush instead of just putting direct from the tube. And then I just realized if I had less I wouldn’t need to worry about organizing so much. And that,s what I did :-)