Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

It’s Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly sale, which means my Nordstrom’s is *gasp* already open (and that means I’m late!).  Time to hop on down to get us some swatches!

But how will I avoid all of the shoes?!

*edit* I totally have swatches, a mini-haul, and now I am FURIOUSLY! cropping pictures.  I’ll post them up as soon as I’m done, and then I’ll get to the review 😉  Ahh, ladies, knowing you anticipate my review?  Makes it SO worth it.  Makes me love what I do!

*edit #2* Done, done, & done!

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26 thoughts on “Off to get Neo Sci Fi swatches!

  1. Heather

    Ohmigosh – I can’t wait for your swatches! I’m going to wait to see them before I place my order.

  2. grace

    yay I loveee your collection reviews!

  3. Ariele

    Eee can’t wait for your review :)

    And if you get side-tracked by the shoes & end up with a pair, I want to see pictures!! I’m online shopping the half-yearly sale since I’m stuck at work :(

    • Hey Ariele!

      LOL, I perused, but I managed to get away unscathed! Nothing really grabbed my attention. Hilariously enough, a pair of shoes I was considering last time (when I got that pair of sunny yellow shoes), was on sale. I was tempted, but… resisted!

      Have fun shopping online 😀 It was a total mad-house this morning!

  4. Trace

    Yay!! Thank you Christine, can’t wait! (especially for the evening aura e/s, i’m dying to see that one)

    You rock!

    (stay away from the shoe aisle =P )

    • Evening Aura is so pretty :)

      LOL! I know, right? It’s impossible! The shoes section is RIGHT there when I walk in. Right next to makeup! Gah!

  5. Can’t wait!!! Nothing wrong with getting some shoes…they are on SALE! lol

  6. TR

    Can’t wait! I love seeing you risk your life with the SA’s to get swatches. Lol.

    • LOL, TR. They don’t mind! Yvette (the MA this morning) was super sweet to me, and when I asked for a paper to swatch on, she totally gave me a big ol’ face chart so I could do it!

  7. MACPixie

    I can’t wait! I can’t make it down to MAC until Friday so I have 2 days to look at your swatches and decide on what I can’t live without!

  8. Melanie

    Can’t wait for the review!!

  9. Christina

    YAY! I’ve been waiting for months for this to come out and I’m so excited to read your opinions and see your pictures!

  10. monique r.

    im definitely on the edge of my seat!

  11. Naommi

    I am getting my student discount card soon, so I am gunna wait before I shop. :)

  12. Pquanda

    Yay christine! I was anticipating your review of this launch more than the actual launch itself, lol. I knew you were going to tell me what’s what, what works, and what’s worth buying. THANK YOU so much for your swatches. You’re always the first one to have them, and you actually put in real effort and care about your posts. I have saved SO MUCH money by checking out your reviews beforehand. I have been reading your blog everyday since January and it has been my go-to resource for mac beauty buzz. Thank you so much!!! If you are ever in LA we have to go Pro store shopping!

    • LOL! I am beyond flattered, Pqaunda 😀

      I’m so glad that you find my reviews helpful! It makes me smile knowing that they are :)

      By LA, do you mean Los Angeles or Louisiana? Because Los Angeles, there’s a chance! Louisiana, not so much, lol.

  13. Pquanda

    No problem, Christine! 😉
    I felt so weird and uninformed about going to go buy stuff form Neo-sci fi without reading your reviews. Again, every launch since Originals I have sat there and read your reviews before heading to International.

    Los Angeles, baby!! Pro store love!! If I am up in NorCal, I will holler..although I only get to go to see my fiancees best friend in San Fran!!

    • lol! That made me giggle and smile 😉

      You will definitely have to let me know! Meet up at the SF PRO store (which I still need to do for my Bay Area readers!).