Friday, November 2nd, 2007


Products used:

  • Liquid latex
  • Toilet paper
  • Body/face paints (red, black, grey, white)
  • Fake blood (Karo corn syrup & food coloring)

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7 thoughts on “October 2007 – Halloween Face Mask Contest – “Zombie”

  1. *cringe* i feel like a weirdo now! everyone else’s was amazing!!! i feel mine deserves a little explanation…

    first of all, i left on my makeup from the day and just rubbed my fingers around my eyes for a few minutes. this helped with the “sunken-eye” look i was going for. Black, white and grey body paint helped with that too, and for the base of the cuts.

    Toilet paper and liquid latex, for those of you who don’t know, make AMAZING fake wounds!! you just pat the liquid latex on the TP in little sections, smush it up and it looks disgusting (which, of course, is what i was aiming for!!).

    My stupid camera phone didn’t allow me much leeway with the pics, but note that there was a wound on my hairline, and a large “bite” wound on my arm — and you can see a little of the bloody handprints on my shirt (i got hungry, and you know a zombie needs a snack!!)

    all in all, notvery glamourous, but fun as hell!!

    • Carrie

      Oh! No, this is GREAT!! You’re the best zombie I’ve ever seen…it makes me want to be a zombie too! it looks fun. And about feeling weird, just wait ’til Christine posts my bizarre entry, then we can be weirdos together! :)

  2. i think this looks really GREAT. i got a thing for zombie movies and you look like a 100% legit zombie through and through. kudos!

  3. tanya

    I agree with Karen :) I love me some zombie’ness and yours looks like it could do some damage! Each entry so far has been really super duper cool in its own right…and I have to say that I LOVE the tp idea, for sure thats going to come in handy at some point. I think its great that you were willing to buck what seems to be the current trend among women at costume parties these days – dressing up in total hooker wear and passing it off as “sexy xyz” costume.

    • Lindsay

      Agreed! You look great, nicely done.

    • LMAO!!!! yeah, i usually would go for the “sexy” costume, but last year i just HAD to be a zombie — i didn’t care how un-sexy it was!! i look failry washed out in the pic, but it was much more intense in real life.

      p.s. — i walked around pretending to eat everyone’s brains all night. everyone thought i was nuts, but it was FUN!!!

  4. “total hooker wear”…LOL, tanya!