Thursday, March 27th, 2014

OCC Primary Pack Lip Tar Set
OCC Primary Pack Lip Tar Set

Primary Pack: Lip Tar All-Star Mini x 5 Set ($29.00) (Limited Edition)

The perfectly portable ‘Primary Pack’ is the latest innovation from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics that includes 5 essential Lip Tar: Matte shades in our best-selling All-Star Mini size. All colors in the ‘Primary Pack’ can be combined for an almost endless array of looks to express yourself with. Includes a full-sized #010 Precision Lip Brush.

  • NSFW True, balanced red
  • Traffic True primary yellow
  • Rx True cyan blue
  • Tarred True black
  • Feathered Pure white
  • #010 Precision Lip Brush

Availability: Now at Sephora

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OCC Primary Pack Lip Tar Set
OCC Primary Pack Lip Tar Set

OCC Primary Pack Lip Tar Set
OCC Primary Pack Lip Tar Set

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54 thoughts on “OCC Primary Pack Lip Tar Set for Summer 2014

  1. This brings me back to my high school art class where we learned about the color wheel and then we mixed up our own colors with paint. It was a lot of fun. I actually haven’t tried OCC lip tars yet but I think I’ll grab this, although I’ll have to make sure I have enough time to mix my colors because other than NSFW I can’t wear the colors by themselves.
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  2. These do look rather awesome !!

  3. C

    This looks perfect, what a genius idea

  4. I have all of these in the old, clunky packaging…I wouldn’t mind these sleek, new mini tubes though!

  5. I love the concept of this set!!
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  6. Wwendalynne

    Bloody brilliant campaign!

  7. Alix

    I’d love to try this product, but can’t do it with all the peppermint oil!

  8. Absolutely not something I’ll buy but I love that they make such a fun kit available!

  9. cel

    Do you think this is a practical set Christine?

  10. Janelle

    Oh my these too fun. I use my mufe flash color kit a lot but it can be drying on my lips. I am going to have to get this as I find the lip tars not as drying. And I literally will get to play w my makeup :)

  11. Brenda

    I definitely want this! I have 4 lips tars in fairly neutral shades which would all work amazing as bases for adding different punches of colour to. Love the kind of CYMK thing happening here – SO versatile!

  12. I really like the idea of the kit, but I don’t think I would be using the yellow very much!
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  13. This looks so awesome! It brings me back to when I used to paint a lot – you can make any colour with primary colours and black & white! I might have to pick this up, it looks like a lot of fun to play around with!

    Lauren // Lipstick & Lacquer

  14. Chanel

    These are soooo cool and creative if you like to experiment I think this is perfect for that…you can mix colors like mixing paint

  15. I will definitely be jumping on this one. I’ve been wavering back and forth on getting into lip tars since they’re expensive and they give you so much product it would take 17 years to go through it. I love that they’re coming out with mini kits for people who want to start but not invest in 5 full sized tubes.

  16. This look so cool! Id love to try the green lipstick lol.

  17. I like the idea, but I can’t stand lip tars. :(

  18. Rigor_Mortis

    These look fun, but terribly impractical… touching up would be a total nightmare!

    • Steff

      I thought that too, but then I remembered that it’s a rare day when I really need to touch up a lip tar. I don’t know it’ll everyone has the same experience but I find them suuuuper long wearing!

  19. I’ve been wanting some OCC Lip Tars…don’t know if I really have the patience to mix up all of my own colors, though. I’ll probably just stick with buying the normal sized ones in colors I like.

  20. Erica

    I like OCC, but no. I don’t have extra time to mix up lip tars for application and retouching (lol, picture that)! The retro coral color is cute and probably dupable in a prepared tube elsewhere.

  21. Jaclyn

    Look forward to buying this! I’ve been wanting to recreate a long since discontinued lip tar in Banjee that has been impossible to find.

  22. I’m wait for the VIB sale to launch before ordering but I’m SUPER excited to get this set. :)

    That said for those that just want wearable colour they have other set and the Lip Tar All-Star Mini x 12 Set. 😉
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  23. oh no! normally i wouldnt have given a second thought. now i have to mix and play with the colors! 😉
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  24. This is such a great kit! I am definitely looking out for it, It seems like such a great value.

  25. A must have for every makeup artist! Just be sure to wrap them in paper towels, they can sometimes leak.

  26. Jules

    Oooh! I am VERY tempted. What has stopped me from trying OCC is how I know I’ll need to buy lots of them in order to blend and customise shades, and that would be really expensive. This kit solves that problem! Endless looks with these five.

    The problem is… I went to Sephora’s website and it turns out each mini tube has only 0.08 ounces of tar in it. A full-size tube has 0.33 ounces. So these are each one-quarter of a tube, and the full kit is 1.25 tubes and a brush. Keep in mind you get a brush when you buy a regular tube, so essentially you’re paying $11.50 more for a quarter-tube of product. The versatility of having five colors instead of one is worth paying a small premium, in my opinion, but not $11.50 more. it doesn’t seem like that great a deal when you do the math. :( I’d probably run out of white super quick from blending.

    One thing that has also turned me off from OCC is the name. I have obsessive compulsive disorder and while I don’t find this insulting, I do think it is – at the very least – unimaginative and insensitive. There’s nothing pretty about washing your hands until they’re raw or being late to work because you have to check over and over that your door is locked. They wouldn’t call a makeup brand Schizo or Bipolar or Depressive, would they? (There is Manic Panic hair dye, but you can be “manic” without having a mental illness.) I don’t want to be reminded that I have a problem every time I put on makeup!

    • Nikki

      With regard to the value per ounce of product, I totally get what you’re saying, but it’s less of an issue for people who would rather not have a large amount of product. For myself I find that I have so much makeup that I’m unlikely to use up any given lipstick before getting bored of it or finding that it has expired. For large or special occasion products that aren’t going to be used up, even if the value per ounce purchased is great, the cost per ounce actually used is ultimately higher–it might as well have been smaller and cost the same amount. Of course, this is just me, obviously many people DO finish most of their makeup. I don’t disagree with your point, I just think that for a novelty product like this, both approaches to value are good to consider. :)

      As far as the name OCC goes, thank you for your insight. I’d never thought about that and I’m glad you mentioned it.

      • xamyx

        I have OCD, and 1) I don’t consider it a “mental illness”, & 2) the brand is OCC, not OCD. There are also so many other issues out there that are blatantly offensive, and I would personally rather put my efforts into calling those out…

        • Jules

          Bipolar disorder (“manic depression”) is a mental illness. I consider OCD to be a mental disorder. I’m against making any illness or disorder “cool” or “cute” or anything other than what it actually is. The name “Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics” is an obvious play on the words “obsessive compulsive disorder;” there’s nothing unrelated to mental health that begins with “obsessive compulsive,” so why else would they use the words if not to make that reference? We casually refer to being addicted to makeup, and the idea of “obsessive compulsive” in cosmetics evokes the same idea of being out of control – only with their products it’s a “fun” out of control, needing to buy products, trying new things, being imaginative with makeup. And there’s nothing wrong with those actions, but I wish the company had found a name that didn’t make light of obsessive compulsive behavior.

          It’s important for me to call it out because people already don’t take OCD seriously. They think it’s something minor that you can just “snap out” of if you try hard enough. I said in my post that I wasn’t insulted, I just thought it was a pretty lame name.

          • Janelle

            As a mental health professional, I appreciate what both of you are saying. I do not feel that OCC was trying to be offensive but it does come off as insensitive to those with mental health illness or disorder. I also want to point out that under the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5 (dsm-v The “Bible” for diagnosing anything mental health illness or disorder related) identifies compulsive shopping as a disorder. This compulsive shopping is similar to addiction due to the same chemicals being released in the brain as if one took cocaine. There is nothing funny or acceptable about being addicted to anything including makeup; ie there is no fun addiction. An actual addiction to make up can cause one to lose their families home etc due to crippling debt. Again, I don’t think OCC was meaning to be offensive especially since they were around before the new compulsive shopping criteria

            • brenda

              I totally agree ladies. I have run into the owner at IMATS LA , his name is David, and have gotten snarky remarks about this when asking him. I suffer from this and take it seriously, and he ignored me. I also asked him about the packaging made in China, and he had the gaul to tell me it was made in America. It says Made in China! No integrity whatsoever. Ladies, please direct me to a truly vegan, no cruelty line, because if the packaging is from China, god knows what chemicals are in there, and under what conditions they are made under. I’d rather go back to M.A.C

  27. mari

    They really come in a paint tube? I don’t know how I feel about that >.> That orange is amazing though

  28. Speaking as both a colour chemist and a miniature painter, this set, the poster and the concept behind it are several kinds of awesome.

    I want to make that wonderful deep blue!
    Sylirael Recently Posted: The Search for The Holy (Foundation) Grail Part 3: YSL Touche Éclat Iluminating Pen in #1 Luminous Radiance

  29. Finally! I’ve been waiting for a set like this forever

  30. i think this a pretty awesome concept! i don’t use my lip tars often but i kinda really want this! it would be so fun to be able to have crazy colors for photoshoots and still have a way to create your own more wearable lip color!

  31. Nikki

    I ordered this and it arrived yesterday. Best fun makeup buy of the year as far as I’m concerned. I’d been putting off getting primary colors of Lip Tars for years because of the high cost to build a versatile color palette and lack of practicality for everyday use. This set is a dream come true and SUCH A BLAST TO PLAY WITH. I wish it was perm though!

  32. Jess

    Over the holidays, wasn’t the mini set with 4 around $20? This is 5 for $30. Why such an increase in price?

    • xamyx

      Most brands, regardless of product, do the best prices around the Holidays. They want to encourage shopping, bring up annual sales numbers, and do “door-busters” to bring you into the store (or website); this coincides with the gift-giving season, as well. This isn’t so much a price-hike as the other is more of a discount.

    • Jennifer

      This has a full sized lip brush, which is $18 on Sephora’s website.

      • Jules

        Isn’t the brush exactly the same as the one that gets included free with individual full-size lip tars, just with a longer handle?

  33. xamyx

    I was planning on these 5 shades anyway, so this may be the push I need-if I can find them in-store!

  34. I didn’t think i needed it but oh lord do i need!

  35. i’m reeaallyy tempted by this! because tbh i’d probably just wear the blue or the black by itself ;] that deep blue color is to die for as well. i’m trying to limit myself on not necessary makeup purchases but geeze… i really do want! lol

  36. I would love to try these but I can not seem to find them on the OCC website or the Sephora website. Anyone know if they are still out, or not out yet???

  37. Coco

    Hey why cant I buy these anymore?? It says it launches this summer, and people have already gotten there hands on it, but Sephora’s website says it doesn’t exist :(
    Someone help me please?