Thursday, July 18th, 2013

OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar
OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar

OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar ($18.00 for 0.33 fl. oz.) is described as a “metallic acid green shade.” It’s a brightened, chartreuse green with gold and lime shimmer and a metallic finish. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but I don’t know of any other lip color like this–the best I could suggest would be to take a loose eyeshadow or crumble up a pressed one in a chartreuse hue and pat onto lips. You could add a little gloss to help it mix together.  MAC Spring Bean is somewhat similar, but it is a gloss and is sheer.

The sheerness of this may make it more “wearable” for more people, and according to OCC, it’s supposed to have a glaze finish to be in line that’s almost gauzy–so it’s not designed to be opaque.  The consistency had more slip than other Metallic Lip Tars, and it felt a bit like the Stained Gloss Lip Tars but with a metallic finish because of the glossier, higher slip feel. I applied two thin layers to get semi-sheer color that was still even; more than that, and it started to look uneven and noticeable color settled into lip lines.  Fragmented lasted for five hours when I wore it.

It will be available at Comic Con in San Diego, but it will make its full debut in August at Sephora and OCC.

The Glossover




The sheerness of this may make it more "wearable" for more people, and it would be an easier shade to use over and under your favorite lipsticks and glosses.











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See more photos & swatches!

OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar
OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar

OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar
OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar

OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar
OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar

OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar
OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar

OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar
OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar

OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar
OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar

OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar
OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar

OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar
OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar

OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar
OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar (thicker)

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63 thoughts on “OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Milly

    I wonder how this would look layered over red. 😀

  2. Cannabis sativa oil as an ingredient? Odd

  3. that’s a different and looks great :)

  4. Lindsay

    OOOooooooOOOO, pretttttty! It’s like a super amped up Lollipop Lovin’ and I am diggin’ it!

  5. That’s my school color! Time to shock people at the next football game? I think so…

  6. Deee

    Hmmmm not sure about this shade. What are your views on it Christine?

  7. Sonia

    Wow! I must say I like it on you! You’ve piqued my curiosity about layering it over other lipsticks. Would you mind posting a picture of what that looks like? thank you!

    • Hi Sonia!

      I’m super busy at the moment because of all the new fall collections, so I don’t think I’ll have time to do this – sorry!

      • Sonia

        *sadface* Well atleast you are honest!
        But if you do post a “what we are wearing” in the near future then please consider my request.

  8. zainab

    I’m kind of sad it isn’t an absurd acid green on lips, like it is in the swatch…

  9. xamyx

    It’s so much prettier than I thought it would be! I’m seriously going to consider an OCC haul…

  10. Cat

    I’m pleasantly surprised at how wearable this seems, even alone– I’m glad they went sheer instead of opaque because the fact that it’s sheer is actually tempting me to buy it. I think the shimmer in this would look smashing when mixed with (or layered on top of) another lip tar (or other lip product)– maybe a red or deep pink.

  11. Katie

    oooo….i understand its supposed to be sheer but i feel like a slightly more opaque formula would do better for this shade :/ then again chartreuse lips are so hard to work with without looking halloweeny in my opinion. it might look cool over black lipstick though!

  12. the toxic shade is really cool. Ravers would love it!

  13. I love when you post these unique colors .. I find them so ugly and I’d never buy them, but it’s still cool to see what an application looks like.


  14. Ami

    Now I kinda want to be Poison Ivy for Halloween.

  15. Katie

    Awwww, I was hoping it would be MORE opaque.

  16. Ivy

    This is actually really beautiful mixed with the natural pink of your lips. So otherworldly!

    • Alex

      I completely agree. I’m very pale, so I have no idea how I would wear it, but it’s much prettier than I expected.

  17. Barbie

    looks like you ate a lollipop! i love it! i thought it would be more opaque

  18. I usually don’t like opaque lip products, but I think this is way too sheer for what it is! The rosiness of the lips clashes completely with the green color and it looks kinda weird and patchy with the lip color shining through. It would look so, so much better if it were completely opaque.

  19. This may be cool layered over other lipsticks.

  20. Nanette

    How does this compare to MAC spring bean?

    • Please read the review above! I mentioned this :)

      • Nanette

        Oh sorry! :) i got so excited that there is finally another green lip product out there besides MAC Springbean, that I didn’t even look at the whole review. I skipped to the photos! Thanks for this review, I will definitely stock up on this one!

  21. cloudburst

    I feel it might look good over an opaque coral shade.

  22. chris

    I am looking for a green dupe for MAC’s Squirt (lipglass). Any ideas, ANYBODY? I loved that color. It would provide a honey sheer color.

  23. I’m really old so maybe my age is a huge factor in me just not getting the point of this, except maybe for Halloween.

  24. I think it would be cool to layer over other lipsticks, because I know I wouldn’t wear it alone. But this would definitely be a great choice for Halloween!

  25. It’s a gorgeous colour… I just can’t imagine any scenario in which I would need green lips…

  26. Heather

    Totally reminds me of how your tongue looks after sucking on a sour apple blow-pop. Not my thing, but kind of a neat color. Now I want a sucker.

  27. This is gorgeous! It reminds me of an old MAC gloss, can’t think of what it’s called.

  28. Solangel

    This was totally meant for Poison Ivy enthusiasts.

  29. Bridgette

    Wow, I love this!

  30. Susan Dowman Nevling

    Interesting and looks good on you. I’m too old for that color, I think….now eye shadow is another story. I do like OCC Lip Tar though in more traditional colors.

  31. Jane

    This is surprisingly wearable!

  32. Just a theory but I imagine if you apply it over a white base (after it has dried down of course) then you can get the color to appear more true to tube. Just a thought. I don’t know where the average person would need to wear a green lip but I love lip tars…even the “strange” ones so I would have playing with this. Layering or mixing to see what I come up with.

  33. Angela

    Looks like a bronze color on the lips.

  34. How odd… I don’t know how green would effect/alter another Lip Tar color though!

  35. Corliss

    I don’t like it! But it should have been more opaque.

  36. Jen

    That swatch is so pretty–like it would make a great eyeshadow or nail polish or really anything but a lip product 😉

  37. Cait

    It is actually so beautiful and more wearable than I imagined. Holy Crap.

  38. Kate

    This is, quite possibly, the worst look I’ve seen in a long time. This isn’t fashion. This isn’t avant garde, this is just a poorly executed costume color that should be left to the MUAs who style dead bodies for film. Having it available at Comic Con speaks volumes. Such a pretty girl– such an awful look. I’m starting to doubt the validity of the reviews on this site– an A-… really?!

    • Hi Kate,

      Just because you dislike it and believe that green lips should be left for dead bodies on film doesn’t mean that others agree or feel the same–and that’s fine, you don’t have to like it, but there’s no need to insult those who do like it. Just like red lipstick or blue eyeshadow isn’t for everyone, neither is green lipstick. Insulting those who enjoy this color, would wear it, or even Comic Con attendees is out of line. I never review or rate products based on whether I like them on me, or whether someone else likes it on me; it’s about how the product performs. Reviewing products only because they fit someone else’s standard of “pretty” is not just biased but judgmental and further insults anyone who doesn’t “fit” that standard or sees beauty elsewhere.

    • I know I have made some harsh comments myself on this site, mostly regarding lip products (I’m a MLBB kinda person myself and rarely wear anything dark or bright), but insulting people because they like something other than you is unnecessary. A lot of time when I see swatches of red lipstick I think “ugh”, but that’s just me, it’s something I personally don’t like. I don’t leave comments under those posts stating how much I dislike it, I fully respect that other people do. I do however speak up when people say things like “it doesn’t even show up on the lips, why would anyone waste their money”, because those comments annoy me. Fine, you don’t like it, but let other people enjoy it and spend their money the way they want. I’m all for as much variety in makeup as possible, so everyone can find something they like.

      And that last sentence “I’m starting to doubt the validity of the reviews on this site– an A-… really?!”. I don’t even know what to say. What an insult! The reviews are based on the quality of the product and not personal preference (which is a great thing). If a product gets a great score you know it’s a good product and that it has nothing to do with whether or not Christine loves the shade.

      • I’m always happy when you stick up for your beloved sheerer shades :) Products of all types exist because, well, people want them. I also appreciate you not feeling the need to say, “Ugh, red” any time one is posted. I think there is a fine line between sharing one’s opinion about a product and sharing it in a way that criticizes others for liking it. Like “not a big fan” isn’t insulting, but, “I don’t know why anyone would wear this,” is. Sometimes, that’s why I try to get a disclaimer going, like, “HEY! this is supposed to be sheer! if you don’t like sheer, it’s not for you!” (or whatever the issue is – unconventional colors, sheer products, really pricey products tend to be the top three)

        Thanks so much :)

  39. cncx

    like a lot of the other people who commented, i am blown away by how wearable and pretty this is, I would have never thought.

  40. I really like this. I was already thinking that it would look good sheered out (before knowing it was pretty sheer to begin with) and it is. I think I would wear it mixed with clear to make it more sheer for everyday, but full strength looks like it would be fun.

    • kellly

      Actually, it was your swatches and photos on this blog that made me want to GET this. I finally ordered it last night. I really like that greenish sheen and have worn greenish sheen on my lips using other products in the past. If you don’t go overboard, it doesn’t look unnatural (at least I don’t think it does) and very pretty. Thank you for posting the photos showing how the color looks when you have it on. They were what inspired me to buy! I also bought Nevar, the “dirty olive green gold” color for my eyes. Now I’m excited to GET them!

      • <3 So glad you are loving it, Kelly!!

        • kellly

          I have a very bright fuschia lipstick that I like to layer this over. It makes a softer, more natural looking color, a little more pinkish-brown. I also like to use the Fragmented on its own so the green shows up a little more. It only takes a tiny dot, so this tube should last half of forever.

  41. I think it would probably be awesome layered over a more wearable color.

  42. Argh, this could be so nice if it was opaque! The arm swatch is lovely.