Saturday, June 16th, 2012

OCC Digitalis Lip Tar
OCC Digitalis Lip Tar

OCC Digitalis Lip Tar

OCC Digitalis Lip Tar ($14.00 for 0.33 fl. oz.) is described as a “pink-tinged lavender.” It’s a cool-toned, blue-based pink with a soft purple tint. MAC Saint Germain is similar but a little lighter. MAC Naughty Saute is much darker but has a similar coloring. MAC All Styled Up is pinker.  Though the color is on the lighter side, it’s a very brightening shade on the lips and against the face.

It’s totally opaque, and when it dries down, it has a satin matte finish that’s not at all glossy but not totally matte. Lip Tars are extremely pigmented, and I can’t emphasize that enough–a little goes a long way. It’s a really good idea to use a lip brush to apply them, because it’s easier to control how much gets applied without overdoing it (I applied using fingers, and I ended up overapplying a bit). Despite the lightness of the shade, it wears eight hours on me, and it’s not drying at all. It is mint-scented and comes in a squeeze-tube with a long nozzle.

The Glossover



Though the color is on the lighter side, it's a very brightening shade on the lips and against the face. If you're looking for a satin finish, long-wearing lipstick, definitely check out OCC's Lip Tars!











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See more photos & swatches!

OCC Digitalis Lip Tar
OCC Digitalis Lip Tar

OCC Digitalis Lip Tar
OCC Digitalis Lip Tar

OCC Digitalis Lip Tar
OCC Digitalis Lip Tar

OCC Digitalis Lip Tar
OCC Digitalis Lip Tar

OCC Digitalis Lip Tar
OCC Digitalis Lip Tar

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

OCC, $14.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

MAC Saint Germain is similar but a little lighter. MAC Naughty Saute is much darker but has a similar coloring. MAC All Styled Up is pinker.

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: Make Up For Ever #32E, 20E, and 2E Aqua Shadow Pencils. On cheeks: Sleek Peach Shimmer.

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31 thoughts on “OCC Digitalis Lip Tar Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Liz9969

    Maybe the formula is nice.  However, I don’t think that the shade is flattering on you.  

    • Katharine

       @Liz9969 It’s hard to imagine that the shade would be flattering on anyone! I know that it would look terrible on me.

  2. zainab

    That’s a very weird effect, not sure if I love it or hate it… It almost looks like wearing actual paint as a lipstick.

  3. JoyR

    Beuaty bloggers and editors seem to adore OCC Lip Tars, but I’ve yet to see a single one that is not a weird, unnatural color.

  4. xamyx

    As much as I would love to try these, I haven’t seen one shade that appeals to me.

  5. 18thCenturyFox

    So I have about 8 of these. I use reverse lipliner & brush and still they bleed and run allover my mouth. The pigment will not apply evenly, they suck the moisture right out of my lips and amazingly start to fade immediately! Am I the only one? What am I doing wrong? I love the company and the colors are gorgeous but I don’t get long or smooth wear on these. Any suggestions?

    •  @18thCenturyFox Maybe you’re applying to much? (As far as bleeding/running) 
      I don’t know about the dehydration/fading, though :(

      • 18thCenturyFox

        @Christine (Temptalia) That could be- I just have a hard time controlling the product. It just kills me because these colors are to die for.

        • Miss J

           @18thCenturyFox  @Christine Try squeezing some product into a sample jar, or if you aren’t concerned about wasting a little product, use the back of your hand or a clean mixing palette then just lightly dip your lip brush in to get the smallest amount. I’m not sure if you do this already, but whenever I try to squeeze a bead from the tube I always get WAY too much product.
          As for the drying out issue, all I can suggest for that is to exfoliate your lips gently and hydrate right before use. The more of this that’s used, the weirder it looks and worse it feels, IMO.
          Hope this helps a little! :)

    • t_zwiggy

       @18thCenturyFox No, you’re definitely not alone. I have the same experience with the lip tars. I haven’t had them bleed, but the do settle into lip lines and dry out my lips like crazy!

    • xamyx

      @18thCenturyFox The dehydration could be a reaction to one of the natural oils in the product. Maybe trying a thin layer of lip primer as a barrier may help.

  6. artemis


  7. KristinaC

    I could see this being flattering if was not being straight on. Perhaps patted on lightly on well moisturized lips or mixed with a clear gloss or very viscous based lip balm to dilute the pigment. With these possibilities you control the effect of this lip colour (sheer, semi-sheer, matte, satin, glossy etc). These Lip Tars in essence become just an artist’s pigment if you will, a starting point for your lip look.

  8. Dominique33

    I agree, it looks like paint but it’s Vegan, maybe the formula is a specific one, I have some cruelty free ( vegan I don’t know ) lipsticks, some are very good others not so pretty. Two Faced ( cruelty free I hope they have the Peta bunny on their site ) is to launch a very pretty lipstick collection ( long wear I guess ), honestly if OCC was available here I would certainly try their products but even if they ship internationally I am not willing to buy yet.

  9. Mariella

    You are such a beautiful woman but these things look very unattractive.  Something about where the product meets your actual lips/lipline…it just looks “odd”.  As another person said, I’ve yet to see one of these that I’d want to try.

  10. These look fabulous–like a lipstick lover’s dream! But I’m not a huge fan of opaque, full-coverage lip colors and much prefer sheer tinted balms. Still, this product looks so interesting that I wouldn’t mind playing around with one one day

  11. CandaceMarker

    They are so pigmented I use them in the theroy of staining my lips then apply a gloss or chap stick that gives my lips a color that I want. Love them. I have about 16

  12. Lauren

    I agree with the other folks; I’ve yet to see a shade of Lip Tar that is even remotely attractive or flattering.

  13. Justine

    I love lip tars! I have 2, and 4 more on the way! For the people saying they haven’t seen any “natural” colours, you should really try taking a look on their website. They have lots of neutrals and lots of different reds. 

  14. oh fine! nice product to bright lip by the lipstick. I like more this type of lipstick products. It seems that’s full-coverage lip colors and much prefer sheer tinted balms.

  15. Beauty Fool

    It looks so beautiful! Glad to hear it’s not drying, I used “Grandma” and the product was cracking off my lips, was really dry. Thanks for the review :) xx

  16. Helča Sammet-Richterová

    hi, where can I see winners from your giveaways? thanks :)

  17. markelways

    The colour looks like plasticine

  18. Gaiya

    Christine takes the time to review various colors whether they look flattering on her or not… which is why this blog is helpful even to people who aren’t close to Christin’e skin tone. I really really appreciate this. I think this color will look more flattering on a paler person. If you google lip tar images, you will see images of people wearing them and they look quite flattering. Although the lip tars can be applied opaque, you can add less to get a “tinted” look from what I understand.

    • Ruca

       @Gaiya Thank you! That was so well put. What looks good on Christine does not always look so nice on me, and vice-versa (I’m about an NC15-NC20). Sometimes the comments on these threads become downright insulting; either insulting to Christine who is putting in so much effort to show us products we would be guessing at otherwise, or insulting to those of us who do enjoy these colors or even *gasp* look good in them. I’ve been rather frustrated lately by the number of insensitive people who say this or other products are “ugly” or other choice words disparaging the looks of the color (and its wearer).
      I APPRECIATE WHAT CHRISTINE DOES, TOO. It’s funny, but to say “this isn’t for me” or “this color is hideous” are to say virtually the same thing, but the way it makes others feel is vastly different. I don’t expect to have a ton of sympathizers, but thank you GAIYA for pointing out the relevant yet easily forgotten fact that all these colors look different on various skin tones as well as the work behind this blog.

      • xamyx

        @Ruca @Gaiya I don’t think anyone is saying they don’t appreciate what Christine does, or why else would they come to this blog? My issue, with this particular product, is that it seems they send her shades that all seem to fall into the same range. I like pale shades, they look good on me, however, I prefer to have a darker/deeper shade if I’m going this opaque. Not being able to see this product in person, I would personally like to see what it looks like, on the lips, in a deeper shade. Yes, I can look up other images, but how “true” will the colors be? Alot of us look to Christine for accuracy in photos, and honestly, there are alot of bloggers out there who have absolutely useless photos. So while we appreciate what Christine does, we still have the right to feel frustrated by the fact that OCC sends these really bizarre shades for her to review.

        • Ruca

           @xamyx   @Gaiya Xamyx: while I respect your opinion, I think you misunderstood the whole point of my post, and perhaps partially that of Gaiya’s.

        • xamyx

          @Ruca I simply wanted to clarify that although Christine reviews many shades I would never use, I realize (a) she *is* providing a valuable service, (b) it is the shades the brands send her that alot of us take issue with. I also see your point; I, for one, look really good in red eyeshadows, and “corpse-like” lip shades, and I rather enjoy them (even together, at times), but I just usually ignore the comments others make about how “ugly” or “unflattering” they are, and those tend to be on “opinion” polls, and I don’t think they’re directed at Christine, or anyone else. If you read my original comment at the beginning of this thread, you will see that as a *product*, this is something that piques my interest, however, the specific shades don’t appeal to me, due to the way they translate in the formula.

      • 18thCenturyFox

        @ Ruca @Gaiya I completely agree- tired of colors being called “strange” and “weird” and “unwearable”. That’s an opinion, not a fact. The whole Beth Ditto just left a bad taste in my mouth about subjects I considered neutral and prejudice free. Silly Rabbit, me.

  19. sunny

    Does this product allow for thinner applications, or does it automatically go on this heavy?