Friday, April 6th, 2012

OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar
OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar

OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar

OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar ($14.00 for 0.33 fl. oz.) is described as a “full-on teal.” It’s a green-based teal. Not unsurprising, but I don’t have a ready dupe suggestion for you. Illamasqua Apocalips is much, much bluer. Chlorophyll has a strong green pull. It also has a lightly glossy finish, and while it’s plenty pigmented, the liquid-like texture does cause it to settle into lip lines.  The glossiness will fade after a half hour or so, and you can blend out the color a bit more, because it gets drier, so it won’t pull into the lip lines as much.  It can take a little practice to get the hang of Lip Tars, but their major selling point–to me–is their longevity, because the wear can be anywhere from six to ten hours, depending on the shade and how much it stains.

OCC’s Lip Tars just got a packaging revamp: they now come in clear, matte tubes with more of a needle-nose applicator, so you can get more precise applicator or squeeze out less product at once.  I like the matte finish to the packaging.  I never had a problem with the slanted tip from before, but I can see these being more practical and useful overall!  For best results, I recommend a lip brush, because you can apply as little as you really need, rather than attempting to use whatever has been squeezed out of the tube.  These can be easy to over-apply, because the formula is so very pigmented.

The Glossover



It does apply as evenly or as solidly as I'd like--there's enough settling into lip lines to be noticeable. There's still a lot of pigmentation in the product, it's not as opaque as other shades of the Lip Tar (which may be a result of the settling, as it appears less pigmented).











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See more photos & swatches!

OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar
OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar

OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar
OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar

OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar
OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar

OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar
OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar

OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar
OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar

OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar
OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

OCC, $14.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Illamasqua Apocalips is much, much bluer.

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color, Burberry Trench Eyeshadow, Guerlain Blu Acqua Khol Kajal, Guerlain G Mascara. On cheeks: Tom Ford Ravish.

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44 thoughts on “OCC Chlorophyll Lip Tar Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Jocelyn

    I love your makeup for today!

    I also love this shade, but I’m trying to think of ways to make it even more interesting.
    Maybe if you put a sheer gloss over it?

  2. Ellie

    It’s amazing how good you look even with such a crazy color! 😀

  3. sophie

    Hm, I much prefer Apocalips!

  4. Maria

    I like this one much more than the blue illamasqua one! I actually think you can really pull this off Christine! Wedding day make up do you think? 😉

  5. Diana M.

    I have not tried this one yet, thank you for the review. This is what I use to keep my favorite lipstick in place

  6. Liz

    wow. That’s interesting, but I would never wear it. I do like your eye makeup though.

  7. Love the opacity, but that’s just not a wearable color for me!

  8. Miss J

    I like this one so much more than Apocalips! Ugh, I want to order this so bad along with Kava Kava, Belladonna, and Ophelia.

    • Sharlie Gugel

      I Did buy this, Kava Kava, Belladonna, and Ophelia. Great color choices!! I have been having so much fun with all four of them!!

      • Miss J

        Awesome to hear you’re enjoying! We have great taste! 😀 Haha. Do you have a favorite of the 4?

  9. Natalie

    You look strangely stunning with teal lips, Christine :) Has there been a price increase in the Lip Tars? I seem to recall them being 12 or 13 dollars….or maybe I’m just imagining thing again lol 😛

    • They’re $14 now – the new packaging seems like it’s a little bigger (I believe it’s 0.31 fl. oz. vs. 0.28 fl. oz.).

      • Natalie

        Thanks for the clarification! And thank you for responding :) I might have to pick this one up, although I will probably never wear it out of the house or look as good as you do wearing it :)

  10. Is that photo seriously after 8 hours wear?! That is incredible! I really need to try these…although not in green!

  11. That’s really pretty and matches your skin tone quite well! I’m immediately trying to think how Illamasqua’s “Violate” might look dabbed on there? Or what about a lil’ dab of Mac’s “Spring Green” even? – you know lil’ bits of different kinds of green and gold?

  12. AnGeLwInGz

    Christine I’m not being sarcastic when I say that color looks fabulous on you! It really makes your eyes pop, they almost look gold. I hope more mainstream cosmetics companies join this teal/green trend and it becomes acceptable for everyone to wear at work.

  13. Ivy

    I actually LOVE the way this coordinates with your eye makeup and skin tone!

  14. gmarie

    I think I like apacalips better. looks smoother and more opaque. This is a very pretty color though

  15. Veronica

    Maybe a nude lipstick or base could probably fix some of those patchy areas? I like the color, but I do think I prefer the bluer teal of Apocalips. Love your eye makeup, though!

  16. Alexandra Aimee

    Yuck again! These are just terrible :-/ I really really hope this does not become a thing. This one is a tiny bit better then the illamasqua because the shine allows it to look a little more blended, but still…. Yuck.

  17. Scooter

    Chlorophyll? More like Bore-ophyll. (Points to anyone who gets it)

  18. Sharlie Gugel

    Christine, while these need a lipliner for the feathering, colors like this are not readily available in lipliner. So I use Urban Decay Lip Primer under my lip tars and they stay put beautifully. It does change the texture to more of a lipstick feel, but works great for me, and I was wondering if you have tried this?

  19. Adrienne

    Christine, or anyone else, since these are long wearing, do you find them to be drying at all? I looove long wear, because I hate always having to touch up everything, but I hate the feeling of dried out lips :/

    It’s such a cool color, it’s products like this that kinda make me wish I lived in the Capitol in the Hunger Games book, (minus the whole being super self involved and finding amusement in watching people kill each other!), i’d be rocking the wackiest colors and products all the time!!

  20. julia

    Christine I am so jealous of you! This post and the blue illamasqua one from the other day prove that you really can pull off ANY shade of lipstick! :)

  21. Krista

    Christine, I’m loving the series of fun lip colors you’re posting! :)

  22. Amy

    I was stunned to see how beautiful this looks on you. O.o much more than Acopalips but I guess cuz A was much more blue based. I want this shade now! xD even though I have completely different skin coloring

  23. Jennifer

    This is the most unattractive thing I’ve seen you review to date! Truly heinous. Makeup should enhance a women’s beauty, not make us look like a clown.

    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder :) Makeup is an art form to many – which may or may not be about enhancing someone’s natural beauty. Not to mention, for every person who thinks a bold red is sexy, there’s someone who thinks it makes one look like a stripper, hooker, etc. etc.

    • Alexis

      OOC lip tars and mainly used for mixing with other lip tars to lipstick to create a unique color. People also use OOC lip tars for high fashion makeup like photoshoots and runways. While I personally see nothing wrong with wearing something like this out (as long as the other person feels comfortable and beautiful, who cares?) even though personally I never would, you have to remember what these are for.

  24. Ooh, this is a nice colour. It looks like one of the sheerer Lip Tars though.
    I love the fact that they have a new packaging! The old ones caused a lot of mess for me, Lip Tar everywhere.

  25. Perri

    green lips are definitely not my jam. OCC lip tars are definitely a high quality product though, nobody can deny that.

  26. This is an AMAZING color! I usually wait for your reviews/swatches before I make a purchase, but then I saw swatches on xSparkage and I loved Belladonna so I bought it! Looking forward to what you think of Belladonna! I’m sure it will look awesome on you!

  27. Danielle Bennett Reynolds


  28. Mar Owens

    Nice. I need to try OCC liptars.

  29. Люся Чеботарь

    It’s creepy ))))

  30. Renee Ann Machin

    Teal lips..hmm that’s different :) I think it’s cute