Monday, October 19th, 2009

NYX Jumbo Lipstick Pencils: Hot Red, Hera

NYX Jumbo Lipstick Pencil ($3.50 each) is available in thirty different shades, as listed on the brand’s website, from browns to pinks to reds. I recently tested out two shades: Hot Red and Hera. Hot Red is a vibrant shade of orange-based tomato red, while Hera is a shimmery pink raspberry color.

I found Hot Red to apply quite opaque and has a very solid look to it. Hera, on the other hand, was sheerer and applied unevenly when used as an all-over lip color. Ironically, I didn’t find that the Jumbo Lip Pencils were stellar as lip liners, but they did make for quick and easy lip color. I’m not entirely sure what their official purpose is – is it to line lips and make them look defined? I want to say no, it can’t be, because they’re just too jumbo to work well for that purpose. The size alone makes them more suited for filling in lips entirely than actually providing definition. Plus, it is a Lipstick Pencil, so I think the idea is more of a two-in-one lipstick and liner combination, but it works better as a lipstick.

I found this to be true through trial as well, because neither shade I tested gave me clear, crisp definition. In fact, Hot Red feathered quite a bit, and I’d definitely use a lip liner before applying the pencil itself in the future. Hera didn’t feather as much, but it was decidedly uneven compared to Hot Red as well. I think the shimmer/frost of it makes for a less opaque product. The product itself feels fairly soft and creamy, with Hot Red definitely creamy and Hera only mildly creamy. I do, personally, detect a bit of “plasticness” to the taste/feel of the products, but it’s not really noticeable.

I really wish NYX’s website had a better showcase of color swatches, because the majority of the lip pencils actually look unappealing (seems like a lot of browns/mustards almost!), so I’m not sure if I’ll try additional shades or not. I also didn’t like how messy the pencil itself got when you use it directly – lip color kind of smudges and smears on the pencil edge, so it looks fairly dirty.

Bottom Line: For the price, I don’t think you could go wrong if you were looking for a product to use to create layered lip color. Alone, they didn’t have that precise application needed to really pull it off, but they could certainly be layered or used in conjunction with a lip liner for better definition.

  • Product: 24/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 3/5

Recommendation: If you’ve been curious about more opaque lip color, NYX Jumbo Lipstick Pencils are an affordable way to try out different shades. For those with naturally defined lips, these are an excellent choice for lip color. Others may want to double-up and use a lip liner for more intense shades like Hot Red.


See additional photos and swatches

NYX Jumbo Lipstick Pencils: Hot Red, Hera

NYX Jumbo Lipstick Pencils: Hot Red

NYX Jumbo Lipstick Pencils: Hot Red

NYX Jumbo Lipstick Pencils: Hera

NYX Jumbo Lipstick Pencils: Hera

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29 thoughts on “NYX Jumbo Lipstick Pencil in Hot Red, Hera Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I like their more neutral shades. NYX jumbo pencils have the widest selection of shades that almost match your natural lip color.

  2. amy

    I always liked NYX’s eyeshadows but haven’t expanded into using other products in their line. I like there selection of products and price point, but unfortunately, NYX retailers are a bit out of my way and I don’t always feel like ordering online.

  3. Alice

    I love what you did with the rating system! It’s supposed to total up to 50 right? so you can double the final score and give it a corresponding letter grade? :) awesome.

    • Yes! I’ve always weighted the product rating 60%, but I just listed it as out of 10 for ease of calculation for people, but I hope this will be clearer :)

  4. happybadfish

    I never buy NYX anymore, I tried their eyeshadow and found it way to chaulk like. Low price, but quality matches.

  5. I like Hera a lot, so much so that I’d buy it if their pencils didn’t contain parabens. I use the jumbo eye pencils all the time, but there’s just something about parabens in my lip products that doesn’t sit well with me. Maybe because I heard we ingest so much lipstick.

    So glad you brought the letter grade system back, BTW!

  6. Rae

    Love your reviews Christine! Can you please do a review on NYX eye shadows – especially on the trios? Thanks!!!

  7. Paige

    I have these in Plush Red (gorgeous retro red) and Soft Fuschia (beige pink that looks nothing like fuschia!)
    I love Plush Red. So smooth and you can draw it on so easily.

  8. I haven’t tried these yet, but I may just pick up Hera on my next NYX order. (I have a subtle addiction to bright pinks 😉

  9. Kristin

    Hera is such a pretty color. It’s too bad the product isn’t better quality.

  10. Rae

    Hera is so pretty! I’m fairly certain they’re to be used like Bobbi or NARS’s jumbo lip pencils — like a lipstick, but in crayon form 😛 I’m in love with the NYX White jumbo eye pencil (it really makes shadows POP!) so maybe I’ll have to check these out as well.

  11. sandrah

    I actually got one of these lip crayons yesterday. It’s a beautiful strong color called Narcisse. It was quite smooth, but I did have to line my lips to define. I don’t normally wear red lips, but I plan to this halloween, so it felt like a good buy. . .plus it was 50% off at Ulta.

  12. KrisBliss

    NYX is made in China. After all that has been going on with lead and other chemicals, I just can’t afford to gamble with a product like this – even if it is cheap.

    • Missx

      Oh well…that’s called cheap labor work, and that has nothing to do with formulation of a cosmetic
      There’s loads of brands that have their products manufactured in China
      But Nyx Cosmetics is an American Brand so to be sold in America and in EU needs to follow some policies and restrictions
      They are a Cruelty Free / No Animal Testing brand
      U can search for nyx cosmetics ingredients list if u are that worried

    • I can understand that concern!

  13. caitlin

    do they roll up or sharpen?

  14. I really like these pencils, I have a whole bunch of them. You’re right that “lipstick pencil” would be a better description. They’re too drying to wear on their own, but what I like to do with these is use them to mix over the top of another lipstick color to achieve a desired color – for example, not enough pink? not enough red? not enough brown? Then I add a little NYX JLP over the top to adjust the color. It works perfectly for this because it’s highly pigmented and not too thick. Then a bit of gloss over the top for moisture.