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NYX Jumbo Pencils
Hot Pink (621), Yellow (622), Horse Raddish (607), Oyster (610), Yogurt (611)

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil ($4.00) are oversized (hence the jumbo!) pencils that can be used as eyeliners or shadows, according to NYX. It’s available in twenty-four shades, ranging from black to blue to yellow.

I like them best as an eyeshadow base–I find that it’s easier to blend on top of it than it is to blend it with other Jumbo Eye Pencils. They work great used alone as a base or layered on top of your favorite eyeshadow base (like Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance). I used them as a base alone and didn’t experience any creasing or fading.

  • Hot Pink (621) is a slightly blue-based medium pink with no shimmer or frost.
  • Yellow (622) is a paled sunny yellow with no shimmer or frost.
  • Horse Raddish (607) is a frosted leafy green with silver sheen.
  • Oyster (610) is an iridescent purple with red undertones and icy sheen. It was the sheerest of the five I tried–you can see that it doesn’t quite go opaque.
  • Yogurt (611) is a frosted copper brown with a gilded champagne sheen.

I like that they have so many shades available, and they’re an incredibly affordable option for those looking for a product to help their eyeshadows stay on longer and appear more vibrant. I’ve always found colored bases can make colors really pop, and these are a great way to add some colored bases into your stash without breaking the bank.

The only downside is that it’s a pain in the butt to sharpen these with anything but NYX’s Sharpener. Luckily, NYX’s Sharpener is only $4, so it won’t set you back an arm and a leg. I also find these a little difficult to line with unless they’re freshly sharpened, just because they are oversized.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 3/5

Recommendation: If you’re on a budget and looking for a new eyeshadow base, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils may fit the bill!

Availability: NYX Cosmetics

See more photos & swatches!

NYX Jumbo Pencils
Hot Pink (621), Yellow (622), Horse Raddish (607), Oyster (610), Yogurt (611)

NYX Jumbo Pencils
Yogurt (611), Oyster (610), Horse Raddish (607), Yellow (622), Hot Pink (621)

NYX Jumbo Pencils
Yogurt (611), Oyster (610), Horse Raddish (607), Yellow (622), Hot Pink (621)

NYX Jumbo Pencils
Yogurt (611), Oyster (610), Horse Raddish (607), Yellow (622), Hot Pink (621)

NYX Jumbo Pencils
Hot Pink (621), Yellow (622), Horse Raddish (607)

NYX Jumbo Pencils
Horse Radish (607), Oyster (610), Yogurt (611)

NYX Jumbo Pencils
Hot Pink (621), Yellow (622), Horse Raddish (607), Oyster (610), Yogurt (611)

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80 thoughts on “NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Review, Photos, Swatches (Hot Pink, Yellow, Horse Raddish, Oyster, Yogurt)

  1. I love the idea of these pencils & the price is awesome.. but the ones I have will crease without another base underneath. Maybe I should try some of the non-frost ones, do you think they’d hold up any better?

    • They both stay put on my lids (but mine aren’t oily–they’re normal) — have you tried layering it over another eyeshadow base? I know some people find that even UDPP or TFSI creases on them unless they layer both!

      • Kaylynrenee

        They crease on me as well but I have found that drawing a line with the pencil at the lash line and then using a fluffy shadow brush to blend it upward and help sheer it out is what works best for me… Applying with your finger might work as well now that I think about it!

        Christine, the paragraph after the color descriptions is just exactly what I wanted to say about these gems!

      • marisa

        i had this problem until i blended out the pencil after putting it on. making the layer thinner helps prevent the creasing and it still works great!

    • Stacey

      I have really oily lids, and Urban Decay’s Primer Potion under these leaves me crease free.

  2. I have it in a green shade but I have to get Milk and the purple one! :) I heard so great stuff about these! :)

  3. I love NYX Jumbo Pencils! However I don’t have the sharpening problem because I depotted…er…desticked mine. I found a YouTube tutorial that shows you how to microwave the pencils so that it melts into a little jar (you have to take the metal part off first, of course. That was the hardest part). Now I have little NYX Paint Pots that I can use with a brush or finger. No messy sharpening 😀

    • Did it change the texture/consistency? That’s my worry whenever I heat anything up (had to heat a paint pot once… figured might as well dry it before I tossed it!).

      • Kaylynrenee

        Ohhhh! Interesting!! I’m going to look that up on YouTube! Cool!!

      • Tricia

        Not at all! Sometimes I find that I have to use my finger to warm it up a bit, otherwise it won’t transfer onto a brush. Some pencils took longer to melt than others. My Black Bean pencil only took about 20 seconds, yet my other pencil in Cottage Cheese seemed to take 5 minutes! Not sure what was up with that.

  4. Diana B

    These are sooo nice, I have a white one in these (#604 Milk) and its great to use as a base on light colors (shroom) it really helps to brighten your eye.

  5. Rosie

    I actually use my Grind House to sharpen mine and haven’t had a problem yet. I bought a new one for $2 at a swap meet (I know gross but the plastic wasn’t broken). I love my NYX JEPs and am three short of completing my collection.

  6. I have the hot pink one! I use Urban Decay primer potion under it and I use my MAC full fuschia blush over it sometimes! I think I might try horse raddish next, I’ve always wondered what they look like on, glad you did this one!!

  7. Angela

    Thanks for the review! I love NYX JEPs. I use Yogurt every single day as a waterline eye brightener! It really opens up my eyes and it’s closer to a skin color than a white pencil.

  8. marisa

    yogurt looks nothing like the pink swatch on their website, wow! i also find that my oyster is more pink than purple. but i love these….i especially like to use black bean underneath black sparkly shadows like mac’s mineralized shadows from style black….it makes them look SOOOOOO pretty! they are also good under loose shadows to make them stick. i find that i have to blend them out well so the coating is thinner in order for them not to crease on me.

  9. Oyster looks gorgeous! It looks like it would be capable of transforming a lot of other colours. I’ve gotta keep an eye out for it next time I’m at the drugstore.

  10. jaspreet

    i love pink shade

  11. amy

    I am really liking Horse Radish and Yogurt.

  12. I have all 24 of these. I de-stick them and put them in small stackable plastic containers :) Use them as eyeshadow bases, that’s about it. They aren’t the BEST eyeshadow bases I’ve used (recently discovered MAC’s Painsticks as eyshadow bases and OH HOLY CRAP those are AWESOME!) but they’re bomb for the money and I love the color range. It’s nice to have a true red and hot pink that you can use on the eyes. I should swatch all of these sometime…

    • Yes… I concur, swatch all!

      • Oooh! I think I’ll tackle these swatches tonight… Mostly because I just finished watching the season finale of Sparticus and need to do something to burn off this pent-up energy 😉 LOL!

        And btw – Your comment on the blue lips video made me grin from EAR TO EAR! Haha! Love it :) Thanks! I’m flattered that you watch :)

    • Kaylynrenee

      Dusty, I clicked your link… You’re a dood! My husband is Dustin, Dusty for… short? Still 2 syllables… anyway… Yes, please swatch all! I am also VERY interested in this de-sticking thing that I’ve learned here today!

      • Haha! I’m a dood :) Yes I am… I like that 😉 It’s Dustin but I often just go by Dusty – I got tired of telling people that “it’s not Justin, it’s DUSTIN.” Your husband can probably relate :)

        • Kaylynrenee

          Good point! Dustin, not Justin. Good point, good point… Even I can relate to that being married to a Dustin. Although, sometimes saying Dusty feels funny for me. Thank you Pure Country… Which was on yesterday, btw, and I totally watched it. MY Dusty loves that movie. Hilarious!

    • Whew! New video is finally processing on YouTube! Swatches and all (also on my website).

      I’m going to bed now… I don’t even CARE what horrid thumbnail YouTube picks for me. Haha 😛

  13. shontay

    I’ve been hearing about these for a while. I think I’ll check these out. I’m not crazy about color bases, but a few are good to have.

  14. I have every color in these, I have depotted 2 (milk and strawberry milk) and the consistency doesn’t change, once they cool, it goes back to the creamy solid. It’s easier for those that like to smooth it out with a brush.

    I agree that to avoid creasing, you have to use a base but they make colors really pop. Milk (matte white) is great for any color, it will show up much more vibrantly. There are tons of online retailers that you can get them for great prices even though the suggested retail is still a low price.

  15. LNU

    OMGosh Christine, I’ve been wanting these for awhile!
    I’ve heard so many great reviews about these pencils but was skeptical about trying them, and now that you recommend them I am gonna go get some later today!

  16. Spideyj

    Ooh, I love the Oyster! I’m gonna have to pick that up next time I get the chance.

  17. Leea

    I live in europe, so these are only available to me via internet, but I prefer to buy them in person.
    Do you know which drugstores you can buy them at?

  18. Aubree

    Yogurt is my staple highlight colour! 😀 I love it.

  19. Kathie

    I like these too. I have several and as Christine said, they work well as a base. Especially the yellow on brown skin tones if your trying to use the MAC Crome Yellow that’s hard to work with and they are budget friendly.

  20. Diana Lau

    these look amazing for the price, thanks for doing the review! i’ve always wondered about them.
    but are they soft so they dont tug?

  21. Kelly

    I love the yogurt color. When I check out the linked website, yogurt looks hot pink. Do you think they are referring to the same one you swatched?

  22. M

    Is it just me or does Oyster look a little bit like Stars ‘N’ Rockets but a lighter? Great swatches!

  23. Sixx

    I use UD’s sharpener for these (along w/the 24/7 liners) and it works great!

  24. Melly

    Milk and French fries are my favorites! I swear I’ve gone through 3 tubes of french fries!

  25. Michelle

    I want to try Horse Radish as a base under Vex — maybe it will help the green to come out more . . .

  26. Michele

    I have them in Horse Raddish, Iced Mocha, Dark Brown and Black Bean with a few more on the way. I haven’t had any problems with creasing but I also use them on top of a primer and use a brush to spread the color out a little thinner. I think so far I’ve used them mostly as a base. I was really pleasantly surprised when I received them. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to play around with the different colors. I’ve also used them with pigment (probably used a mixing medium) on top which I liked. I started with the tamer (well, maybe Horse Raddish isn’t tame) colors and think I will try some of the brighter ones next.

  27. Miss_Silk

    When I used these as a base when they were in pencil form, it would crease on me even if I had a primer on…..but i’ve been having fun melting them in to little pots, and when I used them again (both with and without a primer) it doesn’t crease on me! I think…it depends on application…..oh well ^^

    Good value and pigmentation! I know “White” is the favorite amongst them all…hahah I always find it sold out at Ulta

  28. MAChostage

    Wow! I bought some NYX Jumbo Eye pencils a while back, one of which was the much praised “Milk”. These things melted on my lids like crazy, and I never have issues with other shadows in a similar consistency/formula. I was really disappointed with them. But that “Horseradish” one looks really pretty. :)

    • Have you tried them over another base like UDPP or TFSI? I know some people have more creasing issues than others and have to layer two bases.

  29. Quennie

    I actually do not have a problem with sharpening these. I don’t know if this helps, but I use the Nars duo sharpener.

  30. Rosa

    I recently order all 24 shades from I love them all. I had thought about Mac Shades stick, but I decide to try these first. I lvoe them I have not been disappointed with at all. I have not try the Mac shades stick to compare, but the price along is awesome.

  31. Rosa

    The jumbo pencil are $2.90 at the following website

  32. The pencils are really colorful. Love all the shades, but somehow Oyster is my favorite. for that price, it’s not a problem to get all 5 of them or more. I only wish we have NYX here in Malaysia. 😉

  33. verybecca

    These crease on me with UDPP almost immediately b/c they never seem to set. I wish they worked for me b/c the colors are so nice.

  34. Dianna

    Oh these look great! Why bother with 8 dark greasepaint sticks when you can get so many pretty & affordable jumbo eye pencils? :)

  35. Vijaya

    You’re lucky the NYX pencils don’t crease on you; they crease like CRAZY on me.

  36. amani

    wow and i just spent 18 dollars on a makeup forever flash color in yellow becuse i couldnt find a yellow base:(……do you think this works the same, like was it worth the money???

    • I’d say the MUFE one would probably work a bit better! Plus, you don’t have to “de-stick” it either. I wouldn’t feel like you overspent!

  37. i love these. the only downfall is that I hate sharpening them. so i just “depot” them and then use them in a jar like a paint pot…I just feel like it works better and last longer!

  38. Did you actually wear these in a look or is the review based on swatches alose?

    I love the idea of these, the price, the opacity and the colour range but I HATE the staying power. Well, actually there’s nothing to hate as these don’t have any staying power! On my lids the NYX pencils just slide around and end up in a mess in the crease. Even with another base underneath they crese, and that just SO bad.

    • No, everything I review is used – whether I use it in a look I wear out or I simply apply it to one lid and test it out that way. How can you review if all it is an arm swatch?

      I have no problems with these creasing on me worn alone, though! Everybody’s different — UDPP creases on me, for instance, but it’s one of the most popular eyeshadow bases out there! (But UDPP in Eden doesn’t crease on me!)

  39. Annie S

    Hi Christine,

    I hear what your saying about sharpening these things… but have you ever considered depotting them into a 5 gram jar…. I have and they work identical to a paint pot and last a LOT longer because you can layer the product accordingly… all you have to do is take pliers and take of the metal end, put the pencil in a 5 gram jar upside down and put that into a cup and microwave it! easy and affordable

  40. Thanks for inspiring me to use these! I bought a bunch from CherryCulture last year and they went straight in the makeup arsenal without me even using them! Sure I swatched them but I have the habit of never using the things I buy. Would you say these are sort of like Greasepaint Sticks?? I bought a few from Art Supplies and instantly thought they were like NYX Jumbo Pencils since I’d probably only use them as a base.. what do you think?

  41. Thanks for inspiring me to use these! I bought a bunch from Cherry Culture last year and they went straight in the makeup arsenal without me even using them! Sure I swatched them but I have the habit of never using the things I buy. Would you say these are sort of like Greasepaint Sticks?? I bought a few from Art Supplies and instantly thought they were like NYX Jumbo Pencils since I’d probably only use them as a base.. what do you think?

    • They are similar, though I’d say Greasepaints hold up a bit better, but the colors are totally different than the NYX shades from what I can tell!

  42. zoe77

    these always crease on me, even when i use a primer (tfsi).

  43. Oh I love NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils! Everything is great about them except the sharpening and the fact that they don’t have a plastic wrap. Every time I go to ULTA I would always see some of them pencils all messed up like if some little kids grabbed them and thought they were CRAYONS! So this makes it hard to see which one looks new and which one looks used.

  44. Laura

    I love these!! I have Yogurt, Milk, and Black Bean (?), but you’ve inspired me to go pick up some more colors!

  45. Cara

    soooo im such an idiot. I have a jumbo pencil in milk. I’ve been digging my finger in it FOREVER because i didn’t know .. guess this… IT SHARPENS.. like a PENCIL…SAY WHA? I just figured it was a name lmao. I just now learned it and went to go try it in my Sephora sharpener. I’m so happy now I don’t have to dig my pinky nail to get some eyeshadow out. THANKS CHRISTINE!

  46. Janora

    My lancome sharpener works on everything! From these to regular pencils to MUFE pencils!

  47. Bri

    :0 Ohh I need to get yogurt now! I can’t believe I don’t have that one.

  48. Hannah

    Want a more inexpensive sharpener? Get the WetnWild Double Sharpener. They have these sticks, Idol Eyes Creme Eye shadow Sticks and they are a bit shorter then NYX jumbo pencils, but there the sime width as them so they fit perfectly in the sharpener. Plus they have a regular eyeliner side as well, and it’s only 99 cents

  49. kayleigh83

    I think any double sided makeup pencil sharpener should work. I have a double sided one from the Body Shop (one standard size hole and one large one) and the larger side sharpens my Jumbo Eye Pencils perfectly!

  50. Elizabeth Rokita

    i think im going to have to pick up yogurt and oyster

  51. Jay

    I bought one of these in Black Bean a few months ago for a cosplay convention, needing a matte black product I could apply to my lips for photographs but not wanting to spend more than $5 for a product I’d only need for a few hours. I know that’s not the way this is supposed to be worn, but I couldn’t find any other opaque black lip-suitable products and it did the job just fine (used a black eyeliner to keep it from smudging beyond my lips)! If anybody was curious, it actually lasted quite some time, as I used a balm overtop. Was pleasantly surprised to find when I got home from the con that I could melt it into a pot and use it for its original purpose, ha; experienced minor creasing from that, but kept it as a costume product.