Friday, February 6th, 2009


SOO, a little late night browsing has led me to find that Nordstrom has MAC Hello Kitty Onlineicon. Just click on “what’s new” to see HK. The downside? It’s just on preorder.

For those of you who do not want to deal with the fiasco of Barbie Loves MAC in 2007… I fully suggest you march your butt over and preorder now. (Background: Barbie launched around 1AM EST and sold out within hours of going up; notifications didn’t hit email boxes until 10AM!) You can reserve what you want now, and you won’t have to worry so much about staying up all night waiting for Hello Kitty to go live on :) Nordstrom’s showing an expected ship date of February 10th, which is when it’s supposed to launch online.

I hope this helps some of you! And maybe ease your worries of what you want being sold out :)

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91 thoughts on “ Doing Pre-Sales for MAC Hello Kitty

  1. when you preorder do you have to pay on the spot or do you wait til you recieve your products. =)

  2. kristie

    lol welcome back christine =) We can now leave comments! I pre-ordered HK yesterday and MA says they’ve been getting soo many calls. It’s a pretty large launch seems like. What are you getting?

    • OMG, I was so sad. I thought something I said turned everyone off, LOL!

      I already picked up my HK from the unveiling event – one of everything, but it was for y’all to see and y’know 😉 Right? Of course!

  3. Thank you for this! I ordered a nail polish and a lipstick. $8 dollars for shipping is kinda steep tho! But I figure it would be the same in gas driving an hour out to the mall anyway.

  4. I got my loot. I’m good to go. LoL. I passed up the accessories, but I got Popster, Tahitian Sand, Most Popular, and Fun & Games. Thanks Christine for the swatches! It made my choices way easier than I initially thought.

  5. vicki

    Thanks to your swatches I narrowed down my list dramatically and just did my pre-order!GAHHH! I’m excited. Now back to studying:(

  6. I preordered the Lucky Tom quad, Cute-ster and the brush set today – I can’t wait! Though… not so sure about the quad now. But the packaging is just so cute! *sigh*

  7. Lisa

    I just went to Nordstrom to place my order in person. I tried on both of the lip conditioners too and they are both so AWESOME! I ordered Big Bow and Most Popular too. They’re holding it for me ’til I pick it up next week! I’m super excited :)

  8. Clarisse

    Loooved it. I only said that I would get the brush set but seeing all the swatches of the palettes made me want to get them more…and I did. Hahaha.

  9. Erica

    Wierd…it doesn’t seem that the Nordie’s site is selling the Fashion Mews purple/lilac l/s? Anyone else notice this?

    • A few brought it to my attention! The only thing I could say is that they made an error and didn’t put it up or it’ll be put up in the next few days. What I would recommend doing is calling them, so you can find out what’s going on!

  10. jessica

    I was wondering…if something I want gets sold out, couldn’t I just wait till they get their stock in again? I really don’t want to pay any shipping fees.

  11. Shanel

    i went to the unveilin’ party but im still goin to pre’order some more stuff that later interest me!

  12. Annie

    hmm.. does placing a preorder on ensure that i will get everything i order?

  13. Manda

    I placed my order!! :) I’m trying not to think about how much I just spent though. I got Fashion Mews so maybe if it isn’t there now, it’s sold out in pre orders? Not sure..

  14. Speaking of pre-order, my boyfriend called a MAC Pro store in NYC and he called to pre-order my things, and they were actually going to give it to him all yesterday, and said he can pick it up today….So i’m a bit confused, LOL.

    • Oh, that’s awesome! Some PRO stores release collections a week early, but I know some other readers tried and said that the PRO stores were told by NY no early launching.

      • Yeah, I figured they were told no early launching, from what I read, but whatever. I’ll let you guys know if my boyfriend actually gets to pick it up. :] too bad i wont see it until sunday…or valentines day :'[

  15. Manda

    hahah Angie, that’s awesome! Let me know if you get it hahaha

  16. Erin

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this!!!!!!!!
    I am going to be out of the country when this collection hits stores, so my only shot was ordering online on Tuesday, but I know it would sell out before I could get to it. But I just pre-ordered all of my stuff from Nordstrom. I really appreciate you posting this, you just saved me getting up massively early on Tuesday and stressing about the whole thing!!!!!

    • YAY! I am so glad this is going to work out so well for you, Erin! It makes me sad that some people won’t get what they want, so I hope this method is easier for some :)

  17. Erin

    I forgot to mention what I preordered LOL…
    I ordered:
    Both eye quads
    All 6 Lipglasses
    Big Bow l/s
    Fun and Games Blush
    and 3 of the Glitter Liners (I skipped get Kitty Power)

  18. meagan

    Thanks for the heads up Christine! I ordered Popster, Tippy, Most Popular, Sweet Strawberry, and On the Prowl. So glad I don’t have to worry about getting to a store or counter on Thursday! :)

  19. lmnmakeup

    I was going to post about this yesterday around 3pm but I couldn’t because there was a fatal error of some sort. At least you found out about it sooner than later. : )

  20. Emily

    Thanks for posting this, I just pre-ordered too many HK items! I had no idea the barbie stuff sold out so fast on

  21. Jen

    Fashion Mews is back. Sucks cause I had to make 2 orders (at least I got free shipping on the first).

  22. jen

    so my friend is going to the mac store to pick up the hk collection and she claims that shes so positive it came out earlier and that the internet lied about the release date (lol). i already know it comes out the 12th so can you please reply to my comment saying it only comes out the 12 so that i can prove her wrong? thank you so much christine!

    • Hey Jen!

      SO, some stores had unveiling parties on the 3rd, and you were able to purchase HK then. But only if you were invited and showed up at the event itself, so like… the 4th? you couldn’t buy anything!

      The national launch date is the 12th.

  23. yari

    Im not sure if it is all NYC stores, but in the one around my house they started selling the collection yesterday….to everyone, I actually went today and bought a couple of things, I guess maybe Feb. 12 is not for every store.

  24. KatoAto

    Got Big Bow, Cute-ster, Sweet Strawberry, and She Loves Candy.

    Your pics saved me immense amounts of time in narrowing down what I wanted.

    Thanks Christine!

  25. Kat

    Thank You! I’ve been slightly panicky about getting everything on my list, but I’ve just pre-ordered the whole thing except for one item!
    This is basically the best day ever…I just got accepted into college and I ordered Hello Kitty stuff!

    • Was it Fashion Mews you missed out on?

      I’m really glad you were able to get just about everything!!

      What college? (You don’t have to share, though!) Congrats!!

      • Kat

        Yep, I’m missing Fashion Mews. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it, but I got everything I was really excited for, so I’m happy!
        I’m going to Columbia College Chicago. It’s an art school in the middle of the city. Thanks for the congratulations, I’m very excited :)

        • What kind of art are you focusing on? Or what will you be?

          I can’t believe how popular Fashion Mews is!

          • Kat

            I’m actually going to major in journalism. A lot of what I liked about the school is a more creative approach to the media. It also gives me a chance to explore other things like fashion design and makeup artistry (!!!), so it’s a really great opportunity.

            I know! I think I’m going march over to MAC really early to pick it up on the twelfth.

  26. i’ve placed my orders too!. can’t wait to recieve them.

  27. Samantha

    Hi Christine,

    Would you be able to tell me the ingredients for the MAC beauty powder and beauty powder blushes? I want to pre-order from Nordstrom, but I would like to check out the ingredients first.

    Also, the Hello Kitty swatches were great and very helpful.

    Thank you :)

    • I don’t have them on me at the moment, but I’ll try to check for you. You might try emailing MAC Customer Service, or even Nordstrom, to ask though. It might be faster than waiting for me!

      • Samantha

        Hi Christine,

        I e-mailed MAC already, but they have not responded yet. I contacted Nordstrom on live chat, but they couldn’t answer my question. Hopefully MAC will respond soon though. Thanks for your help and response :)

  28. Daniela

    I wish I could pre-order there D: . Unfortunately, they don’t ship to Europe and when the collections starts here, I won’t be able to order as I’m out of town by then…

  29. yari

    No, just a regular freestanding store, I think it’s all NYC stores…but for sure know about at least two NYC stores that released it on the 5th

  30. amy

    Im so glad I could preorder I still want the brush set and I didn’t notice the pigmets/ glitters but I thought I saw milk I pre ordered mimmi l/g fresh brew l/s tahitian sands and vestral white nail polish with the 3 day shipping I want soo much more

  31. Brittnie

    Got both the beauty powders and Too Dolly. Thank you for posting this! I was worried about a Barbie Loves MAC repeat.

  32. Onjel

    I’m so worried about not being able to get what I want… i did preorder a few things from nordstrom though so now I just have to worry about the vanity case…I’m a huge hello kitty fan and want it but I’m going to be stuck on a plane for like 10 hours when it launches and i miss the midnight mark in both time zones! I’ll stay positive though.

    • Hey Onjel! I’m going to cross my fingers you can get it. Maybe you have a friend who could pop an order in for you? Or do you have a Nordstrom locally? You can always preorder in-store, and then pick it up at your leisure!

  33. Janice

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! I have been drooling over this MAC Hello Kitty products since I was unlucky to be able to go for the preview. You are my hero!

  34. vina

    If anyone is from NYC, its available in the stores now.

  35. Laura

    Awww, no Fashion Mews? That’s what I wanted most.
    Does anyone think Nordstrom will get more stock in?
    And can I ask how ordering goes on with the MAC website? Should I be online right at midnight the day HK comes out? Do they sell out fast?
    This is my first time buying from such a sought-after collection so I need the low-down on how to get the products I want :)


  36. Andrea D.

    Hi Everyone,

    I pre-ordered on the 8th of Feb from Nordstrom and let me tell you I am not happy right now. Only half of my products shipped and when I called customer service they told me point blank that they had oversold the stock from their website for the Hello Kitty collection. This was my first time ordering from them and right now if you go on their web site they have all Hello Kitty items available even though its on back order. She told my they where trying to fix the website but I dont believe it. They just want your money. Because I payed with a debit card the money is frozen so I cant get that back and they may or may not get the items according to the person I talked to. So if they sell out of what I wanted I’m screwed. She said they were calling stores to get stock for the people who pre-ordered and ship it that way. I wonder if people who purchased directly from the Mac website have run into this problem.

    • Nordstrom has excellent customer service, so if you are unhappy, you should ask to talk to a manager on the phone!

      I know many others who had only partial orders filled later found out that they were just shipping from 2 locations, but I hadn’t heard anyone not having their items.

  37. Andrea D.


    I never said I had a problem with Nordstrom customer service. I have a problem with the store or rather their website. The rep.on the phone was nice but at the end of the day what can she do? This falls at Nordstrom’s feet. What is the point in pre-ordering if you just end up on a waiting list while others can go to the store and purchase.
    Maybe I was wrong in assuming that if I pre-ordered than that would guarantee my shipment and it doesn’t, according to the person I spoke with. I will try what you suggested and call and ask for a manager but I hate getting the run around on the phone.
    The only reason I posted was to see if others where experiencing this same problem and to see if they where told the same thing that I was.

    • I just meant that customer service should be able to explain better than backordered or they should offer you a refund or immediately track down the product in-store, because pre-order means you’re ordering in advance, to secure your stock. It’s definitely an issue with Nordstrom, and you shouldn’t have to wonder whether you’re going to get your items or not! I didn’t think you had an issue with their customer service! Sorry for not being clear!

  38. Andrea D.


    Sorry if I was snappy, just frustrated. Nordstrom e-mailed me today and said that the items I was waiting for which were:
    Big Bow and Cute-ster lipstick
    Sweet Strawberry lip Glass
    Milk Pigment
    Beauty Powder-Tahitian Sand
    Beauty Blush-Fun and Games

    They are not available even though I pre-ordered. The other items I ordered are on their way but this was the first Mac Collection besides the Barbie loves Mac which I totally missed out on because it sold out so fast in my area that I really wanted and had been watching out for. I’m still going to check stores in my area for it. Thanks for the swatches early on. It was a very big help.

  39. Miko

    I also pre-ordered a ton of items from Nordstroms & I had a terrible experience. Everything came very late, and in 2 seperate shipments b/c some items were still backordered. My fresh brew lipstick came broken & I had to send it back. Theyre supposed to be sending me a new one but it still hasn’t arrived. And they are very slow updating the order status online. I also ordered several items on the MAC website on Feb 10, and they were soooo much better. Everything came in promptly like it was supposed to. I always thought Nordstroms is a great dept store, but they are apparently horrible about pre-orders online.

  40. Andrea D.


    My sister found some of the items at a Mac Store for me. They didn’t have Cute-ster though. I am happy with the products I did get though. Still not sure if I will pre-order again.