Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Nordstrom Offers International Shipping!

I am so, so pleased to be able to announce that Nordstrom is now offering INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! International shipping is fulfilled by FiftyOne, and currently, they are shipping to the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

Nordstrom HEARS you!

This afternoon, @Nordstrom sent me a quick tweet thanking us for the post write-up, BUT also to clarify and address many of your concerns:

@temptalia Thx for your post re: Int’l Shopping! Want to clarify: Shipping fees vary by country & we will be adding more countries.

And also, just FYI, I know for some countries shipping starts off at some minimum rate and doesn’t go up significantly more thereafter. I also know that some countries have laws or restrictions on certain cosmetics or shipping of cosmetics and all sorts of crazy, complicated international laws that may make a retailer unable to ship you certain brands or products!  Nordstrom suggests customers head to their FAQ if they have questions, too.

But I think it’s really cool that Nordstrom is listening and reading what you are all saying!  :)

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54 thoughts on “Nordstrom Offers International Shipping!

  1. Me

    So sorry they don’t realise the potential gold mine in Australian and New Zealand. Oh well, their loss

  2. Madeleine

    haha.. How about Australi??

  3. Tekoa

    Horray! I just ordered the Lippmann 10th Aniversary set. Wouldn’t have been able to get it otherwise. On an odd note, I can order Chanel but not Bobbi Brown products. Apparently Canada doesn’t trust Bobbi Brown eyeshadow.

  4. JayDee

    i wouldn’t trust them either…. jerks lol

  5. About time they ship to Canada.. But its probably super duper expensive =(

  6. Whirl

    The hell they do.
    Delivery to Europe costs 50% of the purchase price!
    They can just as well cancel the whole stupid idea with prices like that.

  7. Wow! That’s awesome that Nordstrom offers International shipping!! So happy for you girls that live in the following countries that gets the oppertunity to shop on Nordstrom’s website!!

  8. Iya

    FINALLY :) :) :)

    would love it if Bath and Body Works follows

  9. Yea!!! Shipping & duty are expensive though. :(

  10. Not Australia? Boo…

  11. jennifer

    omg no international shipping to Hong kong… :(

  12. No no no no no no no no 😀

  13. elle

    I can’t believe they don’t go to Australia. They would get so much off me, a lot of US businesses would if they would just do shipping to Australia.

  14. Unfortunately the shipping is beyond expensive.

  15. Tasha Sari

    Yay they ship to Singapore! But and maccosmetics doesnt );

  16. Frieda

    Because they do it through another company (FiftyOne), it means they need to ship it to to that company first, and then FiftyOne distributes it and you pay for that shipping aswell. To me it seems a bit ridiculous and non environmentally friendly :S. ALSO, what happened to Australia :(

  17. coco72

    Oh yeah! Spain is in the list!

  18. Wow, 50% of the purchase price?!

  19. isis

    I cannot believe that they are not shipping to Australia! :(

  20. Vivi

    Great idea, but with costs like those .. mhm it’s not really worth it..

  21. Rita

    This would have saved my day, BUT
    1) the international shipping doesn’t seem to apply for 99% of makeup (read: no MAC!)
    2) they collect money for “VAT and Taxes”. In reality, (I hope this applies for most EU countries) you can order from US without any tax or VAT if the value of the package (item + postage) is under about 65 dollars, but they don’t seem to be aware of this…
    3) the shipping, of course, is VERY expensive. A test: a shu uemura compact mirror (15 dollars) would cost over 60 dollars delivered to Europe.
    The item prices themselves are really reasonable: f.ex. a holiday e/s palette is about 25 euros, and here in Europe it costs 42 euros (about 60 dollars).
    Bummer : (

  22. OMG I can’t breathe!!!
    Why o why do they do that when I’m starting project 10 pan??

  23. charlieee

    so excited when i read the title..but no australia :(

  24. sarah

    So freaking awesome that they deliver to Singapore. As of now, THANK GOD i have a friend in US who does all the purchasing for me. Love her to death.

    She can be found on ebay as ‘edmonton’. Great seller with 100% positive feedback, and her international shipping is SUPER CHEAP!!!

    check her out international ladies!!!!

    Sarah * living in Aussie & Singapore*

  25. martine storey

    Mac can not be shipped to the UK :-( Was testing to see if I could get the fall tred palette. Its VERY expensive generally.


  27. Alexandra

    i would love to order from Nordstrom but exactly how expensive is shipping? is it one price for all or is it based on weight?

  28. Roxanne

    Why o why must such great news be accompanied by such outlandish shipping fees?
    Also, I think it only counts for certain brands. For instance, I “pretended” I was going to order a MAC blush (stick with what you know, LOL) but at checkout it said: This item cannot be shipped to international addresses.

    So… what’s the deal, Nordstrom?

  29. Janice

    Agreed with the first comment, they’ve lost out on a lot by not offering to ship to Aussie and NZ.. I hope later they’ll realise it and start shipping.. like did.

  30. Roxanne

    Oh my god, I just tried to order NARS Orgasm: the blush costs about 17 euros (which isn’t a lot!) but the shipping, duty and VAT cost over 30 euros! Which I means I would have to pay over 50 euros for one blush!
    I don’t know about you girls, but I think that’s just a tad too pricey (compared to the price of the actual product).

  31. dudisea


  32. Yolanda

    Well done Nordstrom, you’ve picked every country that doesn’t even include the one with the best economy during the global financial crisis (Australia). Great market research done there, I think I’ll take my money elsewhere and spend it here and stimulate the economy even more!

  33. Anitacska

    Yes, but £30+ shipping + tax on £30 worth of order??? Ridiculous. I think I’ll stick with eBay.

  34. Val

    Shipping prices = ridunkulous.


  35. Inês

    Portugal!!! 😀

  36. Inês

    I’m sad again :( 43€ shipping for a 10€ compact mirror!

  37. Katia

    That’s fantastic news!
    All my 3 “countries” ( where I’m from, where I’ll relocate, where I’m currently living) are listed!
    Yippie! :)

  38. Yeah but when you check their website, you realize that most of beauty/cosmetics products can’t be shipped internationally (make up at least). Also, I made a simulation order to know about shipping costs and they might be kidding. I added one tube of hand cream to my basket and they ask more than 35€ (52$) to ship a little tube of cream to France? Who are they kidding!

  39. no Malaysia?? BUMMER!

  40. Siledhel

    Awww.. come on.. no Mexico??
    We are just a bridge away!

  41. Erica

    They don´t ship to Brazil either…. :(

  42. oh wow, that’s cool! :)

  43. Alexandra

    i only really wanted to buy the Armani Eyes to kill mascara but i don’t think i will be doing it for around £30 postage! Somebody please help me find somewhere that ships it to the UK. And yes i have checked the uk armani website but it’s not on there.

    • roberta

      hi, try To phoné armani counter in selfridges trafford centre in manchester, i guess I saw it there

  44. Lucie

    OMG OMG OMG! My purse will be in a HUGE pain!!

  45. Andrea

    No Brazil……………

  46. Mamainak

    I was a bit disappointed today when I went to order (mock order, just to see the shipping price to UK) MAC’s Plushlash and it said that this product is not available for shipping to selected country (UK)…Just a glitch in the beginning?

  47. Kell

    I was excited to read that they are shipping internationally… and I put something in my cart, item was $40, shipping was $30!!! YEAH RIGHT.

  48. Penni

    Nordstrom launched support for Australia today! Also, all MAC products are probably restricted for sale internationally due to their tight licensing and distribution rules.