Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

I’m a first time New York Fashion Week goer!  I’m definitely not a pro, and of course, I’m a little nervous about it all.  I am thankful I attended San Francisco Fashion Week this past August, even though I’m fully aware of how very different the two are–but it does give me some idea of what to expect as a baseline.  I am a planner, first and foremost; I even enjoy the planning that goes into things.  Unfortunately, getting a firm schedule is a nightmare, and I only have a few things carved in stone at this point.  So since I can’t exactly force my schedule to come together yet, I can at least plan the other details about my visit!

WEATHER poses a significant “problem” for me, as I have been a California girl for just over fifteen years now.  My teeth chatter as if hypothermia were imminent at about 50 degrees, let alone at 20.  As a result, I am honestly more anxious about facing the brutal east coast weather than the designers and tents!

Goal #1: I decided I needed to purchase the following items to hope to cope with the low temps:  wool coat, boots, gloves, and long underwear.

  • Result: Considering winter is still in full swing, it did not occur to me that winter wear is already on the outs!  Alas, I could not find a single pair of boots in my size that did not offend my [limited] sense of fashion.  Instead, I bought a pair of black Alfani loafers, which I fully intend to break in over the next week.  Pray they don’t kill my feet.  I bought two black wool coats, but one fits me much better than the other one.  The only problem is there is belt sewn from the back that gets tied in the front that just looks awful!  I’m hoping my mother can unsewn the sucker so I can rejoice in my lovely new coat!  Better I take it to her than try to DIY it myself!
  • Pending: I’m hoping to save some money and get gloves and long underwear (I don’t care if it’s not sexy nor high fashion, nobody will know!) from my mom.

Goal #2: I will double and triple check that I have these warming items with me at all times:  thick socks, sweater, and a scarf.  If I could wear a hat without looking like a robber, I would!

BUSY BUSY is the very nature of Fashion Week, so I need to make sure I take adequate precautions to prevent dehydration, starvation, and overall exhaustion.

Goal #3: I will bring at least one bottle of water with me in my bag (Evian is sponsoring FW, so I expect to get more water there!) for emergencies.  I will also keep a bag of Goldfish crackers for snacking and a makeshift lunch–plus some sugary sweets for quick boosts of energy.

LOOKING GOOD while attending is always desirable, and to do this, I have to make sure I take the right kind of makeup with me.

Goal #4: I don’t intend to check any bags, so I have to be conscious of how many liquid products I take with me–this means light on the glosses, lipsticks, and creams.  Good news, though, because MAC recently launched an extended accessories line, which includes many empty containers, perfect for travel.  I also want to make sure that I do not take too much makeup, for fear of breakage or it being lost/stolen.

  • Eyes:  Two quads–one with neutral colors (Ricepaper, Goldmine, Rye, and Bronze); one with darker colors (Carbon, Vex, Cranberry, Velvet Moss); Feline kohl power; Blacktrack fluidline; Plushlash mascara; sample of mixing medium; Gold Dusk pigment
  • Lips: One nude, pink, and red lipstick (Cherish, Mari-sheeno, and Queen’s Sin); one nude, pink, and red gloss (Trifle, Bait, Red Romp); Pink Treat cremestick liner
  • Face:  Studio Fix Fluid in NC30; Dior SkinShimmer in Amber Diamond; Sculpt sculpting powder; Margin and Don’t Be Shy blushes; Daisydust beauty powder; sample of Moisturelush; travel size cleanser
  • Brushes:  219, 239, 249 for eyes; 129, 182 x2, 194 for face

DON’T FALL BEHIND in school, as I will for sure be missing one day of classes.  Since I’ll be busy the whole weekend, I need to make sure I manage to keep up with the reading for my classes upon my return.

Goal #5: Print out all the cases I need to read for my classes for week and read them on the plane ride to/from NYC.  MUST. READ.  I used go on weekend trips all the time during undergrad, and I would always bring some school-related reading… but would never do it.  I must use all my will power to not fall into that bad habit!

SET UP A NYC GET-TOGETHER for my very lovely Temptalia readers in the area!  Now, I know I asked about interest in a SF PRO meet up, but I didn’t know I’d be heading to NYC.  Since I’m not exactly a jetsetter, I think it’d be great to take it as an opportunity to meet any interested readers while I was out there.  Since my schedule is still up in the air, I can’t give you details, other than it will either be February 2nd or 3rd (and probably during the day).  I apologize for how last-minute it is and will be, but hopefully a few of us can gab and talk shop for a bit.

Now it’s your turn to help me! Am I missing something that I totally need to make sure I bring with me (either to NYC or to FW)?  Advice for facing the cold, harsh winter of the east coast?

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42 thoughts on “New York Fashion Week Fall 2008 – Time To Gear Up!

  1. Kristin

    Depending on how long you will be outside for, they have for us New Englanders (MA/NH here) this great product called hand warmers! They are usually sold in convenience stores/CVS/etc. I don’t know how hard they are to find in CA though. Here is the website.

    my sister who is a marching band in high school lives by them for outdoor parades!

    And unfortunately, i will miss you in NY by 1 week :-( I’m in NH for law school and have my moot court competition in NYC the following weekend!

    • Thanks for the heads up! I’ll have to see if I can track them down here :) I don’t intend to spend much time outside (I honestly probably couldn’t handle it), but I know I will be doing at least some walking outdoors to and from places!

  2. Danapottet

    Hello! Well, your list is pretty good! I live in NYC and would be honored to meet you! While you are here, you might want to hop over to the new MAC Pro store on 22nd and 5th ave. It is HUGE and everyone is so friendly! It is fun to play with pro items, like paint sticks etc. Thanks so much for this amazing website! If you need any more help concerning NYC feel free to email me!

    • :) Yay! I was thinking of trying to do a meet up there, thanks for the address. I know they recently moved and I’ve heard it isn’t easy to find, lol.

  3. Hi love! So glad you’re coming to Fashion Week this season, I’m looking forward to meeting you! This will be my 4th season so I can tell you from experience, bring band-aids, protein bars (my favorite: Zone), Advil, Purell, hand cream, and BIG SUNGLASSES (the cold wind will make your eyes tear and mess up your makeup, so you need to protect your eyes! plus they look good). See you at the Tents! XO – Kristen (Beauty Addict)

    • Hey Kristen! I can’t wait to meet you! :) Thank you SO much for the advice! Especially the sunglasses bit, because I wasn’t necessarily going to bring those.

  4. Lindsay

    Small thing of kleenex, cold makes my nose run..And a really good moisturizer. Have fun!!

  5. Lindsay

    Also a really good lip balm. And those hand warmers are super toasty! I would look into them.

  6. tricia

    there is a huge sale on right now. and for shoes u can check out steve and, they also have huge sale going on now.

    • Hey Tricia! Since I need these ASAP, I can’t buy it online, I need time to break them in and I hateee returning things from online, lol. Thanks though!

  7. tricia

    take an umbrella with you

  8. Carrie

    I second the sunglasses. Somehow dust is always blowing into my eyes in the city. why??? anyways, I have a whole new appreciation for the fad of celebs wearing big sunglasses.

    also the lip balm and tons of moisturizer! if 50 degree “winters” make your skin dry…get ready! 😛

    • lol! I will most definitely be bringing those along then! Gosh, my bag is getting fuller and fuller.

      Oh, my skin doesn’t get dry from the winter here for the most part, actually!

  9. JessicaDarling

    hey there
    definitely bring some of that dream cream or hand lotion with you, cracked knuckle skin will be sooo painful otherwise!

  10. Tekoa

    *points and giggles at the fragile southerner* Oh, ermm…right. I shouldn’t laugh at the temperature sensitive Americans. My bad. *looks innocent*

    Get mittens. I prefer down filled ones, or ones made out of leather (we call them shucks). Or at the very least a pair of light gloves. Hopefully your coat has a hood since you aren’t a hat gall. Maybe a head band?

    • My blood is naturally thinner, and I have circulation problems, which is why I’m always so cold! I’ll definitely be bringing gloves, but I’m not sure how good they’ll be (I wear them sometimes here, and my hands just turn to ice!)

      Thanks for the tips, Tekoa!

      • Tekoa

        Oooo…I hope I didn’t offend you. Compared to my Canadian brethern I’m also temperature sensitive. That’s why I say mittens. Whenever I wear gloved my fingers get icy.

  11. Tiffany

    So excited for you! I just got from NYC on Friday (first time there). It was pretty cold since I’m from southern Cali. Bring leggings to wear under your pants, skirts, etc. You will need head cover, try a cute beret.

    For the hand warmers mentioned, I used them and they work wonders. You could get them at a Big 5, maybe at sports authority.

    Your skin will get dry. Remember to moisterize. I used vaseline at night on my eyes so that make-up application ran smoother since the NYC weather dries you up =)

    Have fun, and can’t wait to see your experience!

    • Awesome :) I hope you had a good time there! Yep, I’m hoping to wear long underwear underneath my pants (but if those don’t work out, leggings).

      Thanks for the suggestions!

  12. Adina

    I am a native NY’er too.

    My advice is to do some research on public transportation. is great if you will be using the train/buses and taxi cabs that nyc has to offer.

    Also, if you can get your hands on a pair of arctic 180 ear muffs get them! They will save you in the colder temps.

    Have fun!

    • I think my mom said she’d kill me if I used the subway (I’ve lived a very spoiled life – I’ve yet to take a public bus/train… anywhere… ever; I just took my first subway ride a year or so ago in DC!). I think I’ll be going the taxi route. Thanks for the site!

  13. Stephanie

    The first time is always the best! I remembered my first I went to NY fashion week, it was so exciting and overwhelming at the same time, but you get this certain high, it’s like a drug (if you are a true fashion lover). My next adventure is fashion week in paris next year! Anyway, wow I’d be freaking out right now (cause thats usually my luck)! but, don’t worry it will all come together. alot of good advice above. thick moisturizer with sunscreen, high spf lip balm, gloves, coat, headband that can covers the ears also, warm coat. If you plan to be outside alot be sure you use chapstick, moisturizer and sunscreen. winds are sometimes 0 degrees there.

    • Ohh, good luck in Paris, that’s so awesome :) You are so lucky, too!!

      Looks like I need to ask mom if she can dig up a pair of ear muffs somewhere. I remember I had some cute red ones, but hm, I’m sure they’re way out of style, LOL.

  14. Erin

    You need a scarf/ pashmina wrap.

  15. Tanya

    no gold fish, bring bars like someone else suggested and nuts, good healthy nuts not coated in a bunch of salt or sugar. The kind you get in the bulk bin at the health food store…and since your a low carb/high protein girl (I remember that right from another post right?) you will be getting good stuff that will keep you going all day. Nuts are a bit high in fat but worth it for the energy and lasting full feeling they give you.

    • lol, I’ll try to go for bars! I realyl, really can’t stand them, though :( Maybe I can opt for the chocolate covered nuts or something. I’m not on any particular diet at the moment – used to be low carb a few years ago, though.

  16. n.fiona

    ugg boots help a lot. even in california, they wear them right. so you can’t go wrong with uggs. they’re the most comfortable and your feet, legs feel so warm! i’m just reiterating some points. leggings also will work. chapstick always helps. and yes christine! you lived a pampered life. take the subway. it really is an experience. have fun.

    ps. see how people care about you so much!! your fans love you!

  17. Kirsten

    seems like everything has been covered, hope you have fun in nyc! i live in maryland and the weather is freezing right now.. 15-20 degrees lately :(

  18. Carrie

    I would love to try to meet up with folks at the nyc pro store. I’ll be there on the 2nd (early afternoon most likely) whether we do a meetup or not!

  19. I love your article. I am in the fashion industry as well . Trips and fashion shows are always a lot of fun and excitements. Keep us posted about your experience and your trip to NY!