Monday, December 28th, 2009

New Year, New You with Clarisonic

Our Clarisonic giveaway from last week went so well, we wanted to offer up a few more Clarisonics for three lucky winners and their dearest friends.

What You’ll Win

THREE lucky winners will win a set of Clarisonics (yes — TWO Clarisonics) of their choice! You’ll get to choose the model and color — make it the perfect one for you!

Clarisonic has three versions available to choose from:

  • MIA Smaller, more compact than the originalm with one speed ($149) (my review)
  • Classic The original, two-speed cleansing system ($195) (my review)
  • PLUS Three speeds, plus a “body mode” and a brush for the body ($225) (it’s the only one I don’t have!)

Clarisonic also offers an excellent comparison chart for easy shopping between models.

How to Enter

Leave a comment on this post telling us how you’d like to start the new year, and who in your life would also benefit from starting the new year with a Clarisonic!


All entries must be submitted by January 4th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Please make sure to use a valid e-mail address when leaving your comment. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated once winners have been confirmed.

Again, lots of gratitude and thank yous to the lovely folks at Clarisonic for their generosity this holiday season!

Congratulations to Mandy, Sixx, and Joanne J.!

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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733 thoughts on “New Year, New You with Clarisonic

  1. evo

    i need to start a new workout routine and lose some weight. and not eating so much junk food!

  2. jerilyn

    I would like to start off the new year by focusing more on myself, something I haven’t really done this year! I would like to make more of an effort to go to my kickboxing classes & work out more at home. I’d also like to see old friends again more.

    I’d like to give a Clarisonic to my best friend Kristen, who is always there for me and who has also had a crazy stressful year like me!

  3. I want to start the new year with a new outlook and clear goals to do better in school and life! I would share my clairsonic with my darling sister who would really appreciate it!

  4. *neena*

    Thank you Temptalia and Clarisonic!

    I want to start my New Year off by focusing on my health and taking care of my body. I think my good friend Sej could use a Clarisonic too! She has a wedding coming up in May and this would be perfect for her to take care of her skin.

  5. I’d like to start the new year happy, healthy and with a new job! My sister Clara would benefit from a Clarisonic too!

  6. Krystle

    I’d like to start the New Year with a more positive attitude and more energy to exercise more and have more fun. My roommate and best friend could benefit from a Clarisonic in the New Year to keep her skin looking great.

  7. Esther

    i’m starting off the new year by eating healthier and exercising. And I’ll try not to be such a selfish person by asking my parents for money all the time..

    I think my brother would love a charisonic. I think his acne is holding him back from being the funny, confident guy he is.

  8. Maki

    As everyone knows a new year is around the corner. Its wonderful to start fresh and leave the past as the past.I wish for love,family,and health!
    As for who would benefit from a clarisonic, it would be my mother. An individual who focuses on others first then herself. I believe she should focus on her self first. It may sound a bit to selfish, but thats not the case.In other words i believe one should be satisfied with oneself in order to move along to help others. On the other hand everything we use and need involves money. So she would love the idea of winning a clarisonic! Who wouldnt? that will literally help her start fresh this new year!

  9. Evelyn

    Starting the new year off right with a strict spending limit! Time to use up all the makeup that I’ve splurged on throughout the year.

    My husband would benefit most from a new Clarisonic. He has always suffered from bad acne. He’s always looking for something new to help with his problem.

    Happy New Year!!

  10. Bobbiedoll03

    I’m starting the new year off by continuing what I already started in 2009 which is losing weight and getting my body in tip top shape. I am also starting the new year off with a plan to get out of some un-needed debt.

    My mom will benefit from the Clarisonic as she is always wanting to take care of herself but never has enough money.

  11. Crystal

    I want to start the new year by beginning to take good care of myself again. I’ve been intensely stressed and anxious for the past few years and it’s taken a toll on my health. I’m taking control again this year with great skin care, an effective workout that I’ll stick to, and a better diet. :)

    My sister would love a Clarisonic. She’s been going through a rough time lately with work, unstable living arrangements, and life in general, really. I’d like to brighten her day a little by surprising her with one of these.

  12. Tina Marie

    i want to start off the new year by being healthier and happier. I’m already making changes to my diet, and changing my skincare routine would be a huge plus. i feel that if I look better, I’ll feel better about myself. I’m slowly building up some more self-confidence, and having clear skin would help that so much! My mom would benefit the most from the second clarisonic. She’s been super stressed lately, and having something that’s soothing and relaxing would be great for her. She works so hard to support my brother and me, and I think it’d be nice for her to just relax.

  13. Imelda

    I want to start the new year off with a glass of champagne with my dearest friends! I would definitely give the other Clarisonic to my sister- she has always been the best support system for other people, but she never gets to indulge for herself. I think she would love this!

  14. Rachel

    I would like to start the new year by shedding the 15 pounds I have put on recently. And after I purchase the Dior Spring 2010 Collection, I will stop spending so much money on make-up!!

    My boyfriend just got a TCA Peel and his new skin is resurfacing. He is actually still in the peeling process and it would be great for him to make the best of his new skin by presenting him with an awesome Clarisonic. He’s 28 and still suffering from deep acne scars [hence the painful peel] and I think this will bring him some optimism in regards to his healing.

  15. better grades, better health, better love. i think my teenage sister would benefit most from healthy skin for better confidence

  16. layla

    I am going to try to spend less money this new year (especially on cosmetics) so I would love to have a clarisonic to keep my skin bright even after those all night study sessions. I also want to be less sarcastic and more kind.

    I moved away from home last fall for my first year of college, and my best friend stayed home. I would love to give her a clarisonic, to remind her that I’m still her best friend and to help out her long running acne problem!

  17. Jackie

    This new year I want to ban the word diet from my life and focus on healthy balanced eating! Also, I have been planning a wedding and house hunting – talk about stress. I am looking forward to a less stressful 2010!

    I would love the chance to give my sister a Clarisonic! She is a dedicated mother and full time student and would never splurge for this!

  18. Nikki

    I would like to start off the new year by eating healthier, exercising more, and losing a few pounds. My sister would benefit from this giveaway b/c she is a mother of four with #5 on the way—therefore she spends no time on herself!

  19. Sabah

    I would really like to get the clarisonic for me & my mom, we’ve had a hard year in 2009 and cant afford amazing things like clarisonic, it would be an awesome start to the new year :)

  20. Juli

    I would like to start the new years.. Trying to be happier. I want to look, feel, and be healthier. And try to be a little bit more outgoing than my otherwise secluded self. I also want to spend more time with my family.

    I think my mom would really appreciate having these things because she loves luxury beauty items but with two new baby siblings she doesn’t have the finances for them and I think this would be a great gift to give her.

  21. Anna

    First and foremost I’d like to start off my new year with some much needed extra kg’s .. secondly I’d love to just quit shopping compulsively. ahahah

    Happy New Year everyone!

  22. Melissa M

    I’m going to be starting the New Year Wedding Planning…I’d LOVE to win one for my fiance. He has been battling acne issues for some time now and has yet to find a solution. I think that one of the Clarisonics would really help improve the condition of his skin. We’re getting married in the fall next year and I know how frustrated he is and wants to have clear skin for the event. This would be the best “pre-wedding” present for him…it will keep on giving (forever).

    Thanks for the chance to win Clarisonics & Christine!!!

  23. Debbie

    I’m starting off the new year by eating healthy, working out and spending more time with family.

    I think my mom would benefit from the clarisonic. She is very into skincare and looking young.

  24. sydney

    I would like to start this new year out eating better, i would give the second to my sister because she has problems with her skin but cant afford something like the clarisonic.

  25. Keke

    In 2010 I want to be more conscious about my spending and save up money for a puppy! I want to stay consistent with my exercising because I’m pretty health conscious and active, but sometimes school and life gets too hectic and I fall off. I would give the other Clarisonic to my mom because she loves having the latest and best beauty stuff!

  26. catrienna

    i am starting the new year by taking care of my daughter by myself without parents’ help. i would like her to be healthy and happy.

    i want to give a clarisonic to my mom, she deserves everything in my mind, and she doesnt really own a luxurious beauty product, :-(

  27. emma

    I’d like to start the new year by giving up smoking, and not worry so much!

  28. Shawnta

    I plan to start the new year off with optimism, discipline & determination. I have several goals in mind that I plan to reach and a couple of plans I plan to get off the ground. I plan to be all around healthier & this includes a great daily & weekly skin care regimen so the Clarisonic will come in handy for this. My best friend, Roxan, will also benefit from a new Clarisonic as she begins her new year with similar goals of her own. Thanks!
    [email protected]
    @SBailey7 – Twitter

  29. Proximity

    One of my New Year’s Resolutions will be to ALWAYS make the time for my skincare. It makes such a difference to my face, and when I get lazy, I always see the results. I don’t have a Clarisonic, but I always hear people rave about them, so I’d love to give one a try. The ‘body mode’ and body brush is especially interesting to me as I have dry skin bumps (KP) that I’ve never been able to banish. A mixture between gentle exfoliation and moisturization is the only way to make them improve, and I think the Clarisonic could be the solution I’ve been searching for for about 10 years now (wow, time goes fast, am I really 27 now?).

    I would give the other Clarisonic to my best friend Kaelin. It’s hard to find the right sort of gentle exfoliation and cleansing for her skin, and I’m almost positive that the Clarisonic would be the perfect solution for her, but it’s so far outside either of our budgets. I’d love to be able to give her such a fantastic gift, for all the support and love she always showers me with. I’d be lost without her.

  30. Michelle

    I want to start the New Year feeling happiness for all of the blessings I have! I want to focus on good health and enjoying life. My sister, Robyn, would also love to have a Clarasonic as we are both into skincare :)

  31. Star

    I’m starting off the new year by helping me sister prepare for her standardized exams so she can get into the private school of her dreams! Also getting a head start on coursework for next semester. I can already taste the success. We both have oily skin and some blackheads so the clarisonic would be a perfect addition to our skin routines.

  32. Kia

    I would like to start the new year with close family and friends around me. The other person who would benefit from having the other Clarisonic would be my husband. He has dry skin and he doesn’t take very good care of his face. This would make it much easier for him.

  33. Roberta

    I want to start the new year off by saving more money and keep saving more money throughout this year. If I was selected as the winner I’d give both Clarsonics to my fiance’s sisters. I already have one and they are teenagers who breakout frequently and I think they would really benefit from using one. I know they would never think to spend that kind of money on something for their skin, but I think it would defiantly help them out.

  34. Margaret

    i will start the new year with a new workout routine. i think my friend jen would love a new clarisonic for the new year since she’ll have a new baby.

  35. Brooke

    I’m going to start off 2010 by not being so stressed out all the time. Learning how to destress my life and not “sweat the small stuff” is going to be top priority.

    I would share my Clarisonic with my husband because I love him, he’s my best friend, and I share everything with him.

  36. Emmy

    I am starting the new year off by making taking care of myself a priority.

    I would give the Clarisonic to my sister, she is having drama with her skin all of a sudden and is freaking out about it. This is something that she would never splurge on for herself.

  37. i would loveee to start off the new year with a new job! i’m interviewing next week! and i think my mom would really love the clarisonic too. she didn’t get to enjoy christmas like everyone else because her mother is really sick :(


  38. AshleyD

    I want the new year to be about health, a new start, and spending more time with loved ones. My best friend, Tracey would benefit from the Clarisonic since it would be her first luxury item.

  39. Argeleen cruz

    I’d like to start the new year with healthier skin and body and so would my hard working mommy :)

  40. Amanda

    My sister is home ftom college for the holidays. She has been trying to workout to get in better shape, and i think that adding the clarisonic to her routine to also better her skin would be a great way to start off the new year!

    For myself, i also plan on working out a lot more to get into better shape. Also, i have had troublesomeskin and am always on the search for a skincare item that will make my skin clear and radient. It would be an awesome way to start out the new year with great skin, and a toned body.

  41. cloudburst

    I would like to start the new year by focusing on the positive, and finding some fresh inspiration at school! Then I’d like to find a great new place to live in the spring that dosen’t break my budget.

    My sister could totally use a Clarisonic, as I’ve noticed she’s been experiencing some texture issues lately. She’s so low maintenance, it would make a big difference in her routine!

  42. Shefali

    I’m starting off my new year by making a better me – healthier body, healthier skin, and healthier attitude. I also want to work harder to make money instead of spending it, LOL! Hence, I’ve started a private practice as of January 4 that I’m really excited about.

    My best friend would benefit from a Clarisonic. She’s had a tough year this year and has gotten bad news every month about something, including the fact that she won’t be able to have children after trying to get pregnant for 3 years. I think she could use all the indulgence she can get right now, especially in terms of self-care. She would be so happy to get this as a little gift!

  43. Step

    I’d like to start the New Year healthy because I have a cold now and I don’t want to jinx 2010 by starting off sick! My mom would benefit from a clarisonic because sometimes her skin acts up when it gets really hot or really cold out, so now would be a good time!

  44. Melinda

    I would love to try this Product will it help with diminishing scars ? Please Enter Me <3 oxox Bluefairy0173 Melinda

  45. Megan

    I would love to start off this new year with more patience toward the big goals I have in life–good things come to those who wait:) My Mom and I will definitely benefit from the Clarisonic!

  46. Anja

    I would like to start the new year by watching my budget and spending a little less money on frivolous things. I think my mother could use a clarisonic. She is always looking out for other people and neglecting her own self, an expensive skincare item is something she would never buy, but would probably enjoy.

  47. Michelle

    This New Year will bring a challenge to me as I await test results to find out if I’ll be having open heart surgery – again. Having been put on a regime of medications, my skin has really taken a hit, so having a Clarisonic skin cleansing system would really help me not only look better, but feel better too! My daughter, Katherine, would be my choice for winning the second Clarisonic, as she has been so supportive and helpful while I’ve been going through this ordeal. She deserves to have beautiful skin, and it would be wonderful for her to “win” one of these fantastic skin cleansing systems!

  48. Jenni

    I’m starting the new year off by making a commitment to eat healthy and workout more often!! Not to lose weight but to be healthy. Good skin is nothing if you’re unhealthy, right? :) Oh and more patience in the new year as well :)

    I think my sister would really benefit from this product. She is a college student and breaks out when she’s stressed over midterms and finals. I’ll be a med school student next fall and I’m sure I’ll be in the same situation!!

    Thanks Christine, and Happy New Year~!! <3

  49. Lysa

    I want to start the new year with a better attitude, focusing on my emotional and physical health. I also want to focus more on skincare and less on (buying more and more) makeup.

    I would love to introduce my mother to Clarisonic. She is very self-conscious about her skin and obsessed with skincare. She’s always done so much for me, and I’ve love a way to give back that she’d really appreciate.

  50. I want to get back into running so I can keep in shape. My brother would love a clarisonic and start the year with clear skin!

  51. I would like to start the new year with realistic goals for my spiritual and physical well-being. I think that my mom would benefit from a Clarisonic because she has always had to deal with forms of acne even as an adult which is no fun.

  52. Julianna

    Would LOVE to win a clarisonic for my best friend because her skin has been crazy lately from stress (recently moved & finished school). Not only that, who WOULDN’T want a clarisonic???

    2010 will be the year of trying new things! Instead of going to the same restaurants & going out to the same places, my boyfriend & I are vowing to try new & exciting things!

  53. Paloma

    I’m starting the new year by attempting to move myself and my daughter into a different place, probably a 2 BR apartment….my roommates are nuts and I can’t take it anymore.

    My mother would probably get the second clarisonic…..she deserves it for all the help when I needed a place to stay until I moved out and stuff.

  54. Sara

    I plan on actually using all of this wonderful makeup that I have hoarded over the past year. I would give my mother the other one since she would never splurge on herself even though she totally deserves it!

  55. Zoe

    i would like to start the new year by getting better grades in school, or at least trying a bit harder

    i think my best friend would benefit the most from a Clarisonic because she has problems with her skin, like lots of acne and oilyness

  56. I would like to start the new year off with a healthy back! I hurt my back at the end of November and this Wednesday is my first day back, so I hope everything goes well! I think my best friend K would benefit from a Clarisonic – she’s had long-standing issues with acne and dry skin, and is skeptical about exfoliation, but finds my current Clarisonic fascinating. She’s a total tech person so I think she’d enjoy the gadget nature of the brush really interesting!

  57. Annie

    I would love the start the new year with a healthier lifestyle. For me that would mean, eating healthy food, exercising, and if i were to win the clarisonic, then that would help me keep my skin as clean and healthy as the rest of me! The second Clarisonic would go to my mom because she works so hard for me and my family and she deserves to have something nice too.

  58. i would of course benfit from one of these. my skin is awful, and frankly, im sick of it. also, my bestfrien would benefit from one of these! we are both beauty gurus on youtube and need to look good for those cameras! haha much love, emily(:

  59. Alicia

    Haha. If it’s not too selfish, I think I would benefit most from the Clarisonic. I’m a teacher and could use all the refreshment I can get.

  60. Jillian

    I wanna start the year off by being more organized. My mom would definitely benefit from a clarisonic. She’s a single mom so she works really hard to take such good care of me, so i think she should take more care of herself and she’d really enjoy this. :]

  61. Audrey

    I want to start the new year off feeling hopeful and confident. Will work to keep that a priority. Clarisonic would be great for my son as he’s been having some little breakouts. Happy new year!

  62. Staci

    I’d like to start the new year by concentrating on eating better & exercising more for health reasons rather than vanity. My boyfriend would benefit from starting the new year with a Clarisonic because he’s into skincare as much as I am!

  63. Angelique

    Who wouldn’t want to start the new year with flawless, smooth and glowing skin! Well, I don’t know about you, but I want that!!

    For the rest, I want to start the new year with all the people I love, and it seems like that’s going to happen! So i’m a very lucky girl!

  64. Amanda

    I plan on starting 2010 positively, which includes eating healthier, exercising more regularly, and working on improving my overall mood. I recently gained 30 pounds and on my small frame, it looks more like 50. I never realized the toll weight gain can have on a person: physically and mentally. My skin has worsened and I don’t feel like myself anymore. This needs to change in 2010, I want to be back to my old, positive self.

    I’d also like to give the other Clarisonic to my younger sister. She is a beautiful person- inside and outside. She is starting college next year but has major confidence problems due to acne. I want her to be able to start her new school feeling confident and happy.

  65. Carolyn

    I’d love to start the year off with a positive outlook. That’s it. I just know that my mom would benefit from the Clarisonic because it would motivate her to take care of her skin. She’s aware that there are products out there to help with her rosacea, but she still uses a facecloth and soap. :(

  66. Angelique

    Who wouldn’t want to start the new year with flawless, smooth and glowing skin! Well, I don’t know about you, but I want that!!

    For the rest, I want to start the new year with all the people I love, and it seems like that’s going to happen! So i’m a very lucky girl!

    My best friend would love the Clarisonic either, she’s just as addicted to beauty as I am!!

  67. Darby

    I would like to start the New Year with a more positive outlook, I’d like to start seeing the good in every situation. My mom could benefit from a Clarisonic because she’s always so busy and deserves a way to take time for herself.

  68. Great giveaway. i’ll try this. :)

    I would like to start the year by being doing the things in my to- do list. i have this manana attitude that I have to get rid off or somehow lessen because it gets the things that are at the top of my list undone.

    Even before the new year started, I managed to do my top 5 priorities for the day: deposit money in the bank; memorize lines; walk the dogs; cook dinner; memorize lines some more.

    I want to keep on doing the things that I need to prioritize and what better way to start the new year by prioritizing my new year’s resolution list!

    And I will give the other Clarisonic to my mom.The one who would always say that she’ll go for a facial but would end up still working or cleaning the house. the one who would want to go to a spa but would end up tired and just sleeping at home. She needs a big break from all her tough jobs and duties and for being a supermom so keeping handy a Clarisonic will make her feel and look good right in the comfort of her own home without having to drive out and get stressed even more from driving just to be relaxed.

  69. claudia

    I’d like to start the New Year full of hopes, positive thinking and taking good care of myself ! My aunt would benefit from a Clarisonic, she’s got super oily, tired looking skin !

  70. Marilyn

    I’d like to start the new year with a clean room, and less stuff that I don’t use (give away old clothes, etc). I’d give the other clarisonic to my mom, because she deserves to be pampered and is looking for something to help rejuvenate her skin. Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. monica

    I would love to win a clarisonic!! I would love to start the new year with a big surprise! I am flying out to visit my family, and I am surprising them!!
    I would of course share this prize with my sister.

  72. SxD

    I hope to start the new year with more patience and positive thinking, especially in these trying times. I’d love to get the Clarisonic for my husband who works so hard for us in these tough economical times.

  73. Sadly, my face is at war with me do to a combination of hormonal imbalance, stress and bad genes. I have been eying the Clarisonic at Ulta for a few weeks now. I WOULD BE OVER THE MOON TO HAVE ONE! It could help me get rid of that post-makeup funk as well as give me a natural way to ex foliate (who wants more chemicals on their face?).
    I hope I win!

  74. tousledkitten

    I’d like to start the new year being kinder to myself. I cut everyone else slack but me. My fiancé could really benefit from a Clarisonic. I wish I could afford to get him one but I can’t We both have skin nightmares with yucky dry peeling.

  75. Jodie

    i think i would like to start the new year with a healthy attitude, i need to take better care of myself go back to the gym get back onto my regime of healthy eating and exercise. to take better care of my skin i figure the better shape your skin is the better your makeup looks :)

    i think my sister would benefit from clarisonic as she has occasionats where she has really bad breakouts which take a long time for her to get rid of. she does everything for everyone whether it be friends, family or coworkers and this consumes all of her time and doesnt give her time to spend looking after herself

  76. Sarah T

    I’d like to start the new year by finally doing those things forever on my ‘to do’ list. My Mom would benefit from a Clarisonic because I keep trying to get her into skincare and a fun gadget might do it 😉

  77. I’d like to start the new year happy and healthy and without this winter cold I’ve picked up! My good friend who will remain anonymous would probably benefit from a Clarisonic as she’s confessed to sometimes not removing her makeup, so needs a good deep cleanse!

  78. I would like to start the New Year with a burst of motivation and a positive frame of mind in order to accomplish and create as much as possible.
    My girlfriend would benefit from the clarisonic because she has some problems with her skin and could really do with some pampering.

  79. Inky

    oh my gosh what a great opportunity! I would like to start my new year with a happy attitude and by enjoying the day with my husband. My sister-in-law would most benefit from a Clarisonic as she works so hard to take care of her family before she takes care of herself – something like this would be such a wonderful gift for her.

  80. Angela

    I would like to start the new year on a road to a better me. I am very overweight and therefore I do not have as much confidence as I once did. I am moving back home from college because I was just not happy there. I am going to take this new year as time to get my life back on track and find my passion while getting the new confidence that I deserve!
    I think that my mother would benefit from starting the new year with the Clarisonic because she has been through a lot this year and it is starting to show. My grandfather passed away this summer and my mother has been really down in the dumps. Her skin is losing that natural radiance it had before all this happened and the Clarisonic can help her get back to her radiant self!

  81. I nominate my mother! She would love one of these, and I couldn’t give her much for Christmas :(

  82. rasilla

    Id like to start off the year, remembering that no matter what, things will look up. Id like to share with my friend Ree as she has had some issues in her life that she recently was able to share with me.

  83. Martine

    I’ll probably start the new year with more enthousiasm on my studies 😉 If I should win the Clarisonic Set, one will be for myself and the other one for my best friend :-)

  84. Nicole

    Personal growth is important to me at any time of year, and I plan to work on my emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. My friend and co-worker Jennifer could benefit from a new beauty tool, as she has been stressed lately, and she deserves to take care of herself.

  85. Michelle

    I want to start the year well rested. I work full time and go to school full time so I don’t get much rest while school is in session. I think my boyfriend would benefit from the gentle exfoliation you get with a Clarisonic.

  86. Sadhna

    I would like to start the New year with all the healthy stuff…healthy diet, healthy skin, regular exercise routine…Clarisonic would help me achieve a part of it….i’d like to give the other one to my sweet sweet granny who loves to have healthy skin

  87. Jenny

    Hopefully I’ll be starting the new year prepared for the next term! I would love to be more easy going and cheerful this year =)

    My sister would also benefit from the system because she always gets such bad skin problems: acne, redness, you name it.

  88. Angela Bailey

    I would like to start the new year off by taking better care of myself inside and out, losing weight, lowering my cholesterol, and keeping moisturized, healthy skin. If I won I would share this with my mom who has had a rough 2009. This might give her something to look forward too.

  89. Corinne Ellis

    im hoping to start off the new year more healthy, especially drinking NO soda! mom my would benefit from a clarisonic because her skin has been having some issues from aging lately

  90. javy

    I would like to start the new year with a better, and well balanced life. One of my resolutions for the new year is to take better care of my skin, especially now that I’m getting older. Having a clarisonic would be a fantastic addition to my skincare regimen since its such a wonderful product. I’d also love to win this giveaway so that I can win one for my mother so that she can take better care of her skin as well. She never splurges on herself and nor can afford such a product, so this would be a wonderful gift for her and I’m sure that she would be super greatful to receive it.

  91. Sophie

    I want to start the new year with a new look. There’s been some hardships those past years, so I want to start anew and fresh, leaving all things to the past so I can move on. My sister would benefit form Clarisonic, because she has a very beautiful fair skin tone, but acne and blemishes are keeping that away.

  92. Jodi B

    As a busy mom of 2, this would help me begin to feel more like a beautiful woman not just a frumpy mom!!

  93. martan

    I would love to start the New Year with a positive attitude towerd everything.
    It is been a rough year for us so I hope the new one will be better.
    Also what is better of a beautiful sking with the help of Clarisonic?

  94. Brandi

    I would like to start the new year off living a healthier lifestyle and being more considarate of the enviroment around me, I would like to try and be more positive about things to come as well.
    My grandma would benifit from a Clarisonic because she is very interested in her skin care and keeping her skin looking healthy and fresh.

  95. allie

    i’d like to start the new year with friends and family! i want to have a fresh new year and the clarisonic would really help.

    my mom would benefit from the clarisonic as well! her 50th birthday is at the end of this month and i’d love to give her a gift that she’d truly appreciate. my mom has amazing skin and truly takes care of it, she’d LOVE the clarisonic to keep her youthful skin!

  96. Gina

    This new year I want to continue to be healthy inside and out, I have been religiously taking better care of my skin since summer and I hope to do a lot more since I am in my mid 20s now. I would love to share this with my mom, I can see the stress on her face and would love for her to have a Clarisonic. Thank you Temptalia and Clarisonic for another wonderful giveaway!

  97. Shannon

    I would LOVE this product so much. Not for me, but for my sister. She is a newly 19 year old mom, and she can’t afford anything like this. She get’s really bad acne, and I would just love to be able to help her!!! Thank you!!

  98. Paisley

    This is an amazing opportunity to restart the year fresh! I would love this product for myself and to share with my incredible mother. I believe she should have a fresh start after the year. It would be nice to give my mother something I could not otherwise afford, being a teenager without income. Thanks for giving us the chance!

  99. I’d like to start the new year by being a more healthy person and making more time for my loved ones, especially my Grandma!!
    My fiance would love the clairsonic!! He is trying to take better care of his skin since being with me and I think it would make his grooming time more fun!!

  100. Rene

    I would really like to start 2010 fresh and new. I want this year to be positive and happy, with no worries! If I won 2 clarisonics, I would give one to my mom because I think she deserves it. She never really does a whole lot for herself so she would love it! I would also benefit from this as well, my skin keeps getting worse and I want to be able to love my skin this year! :)