Monday, December 28th, 2009

New Year, New You with Clarisonic

Our Clarisonic giveaway from last week went so well, we wanted to offer up a few more Clarisonics for three lucky winners and their dearest friends.

What You’ll Win

THREE lucky winners will win a set of Clarisonics (yes — TWO Clarisonics) of their choice! You’ll get to choose the model and color — make it the perfect one for you!

Clarisonic has three versions available to choose from:

  • MIA Smaller, more compact than the originalm with one speed ($149) (my review)
  • Classic The original, two-speed cleansing system ($195) (my review)
  • PLUS Three speeds, plus a “body mode” and a brush for the body ($225) (it’s the only one I don’t have!)

Clarisonic also offers an excellent comparison chart for easy shopping between models.

How to Enter

Leave a comment on this post telling us how you’d like to start the new year, and who in your life would also benefit from starting the new year with a Clarisonic!


All entries must be submitted by January 4th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Please make sure to use a valid e-mail address when leaving your comment. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated once winners have been confirmed.

Again, lots of gratitude and thank yous to the lovely folks at Clarisonic for their generosity this holiday season!

Congratulations to Mandy, Sixx, and Joanne J.!

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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733 thoughts on “New Year, New You with Clarisonic

  1. Amanda

    I would like to start the new year rested and with a positive attitude about the possibilities to come. I believe my sister would benefit from a Clarisonic because she has some issues with acne as well as dry, dull looking skin.

  2. Heather

    I would like to start the new year with a more positive outlook on life! I know it sounds cheesy, but I want to try & be a happier person. Clarisionic would def help me with this, because it would make me happier with my skin! :)
    I would also like to give a little Clarisonic love to my sister. because I know that clear skin would definitely make her happier!!!

  3. Hi there! Happy New Year!

    I’d love to start the new year off with a new Clarisonic, one to use myself to simplify my routine, and one for my best friend–she’s a graduate student who would benefit from one too. She’s always so busy and barely has time because of two internships and her college work plus her job being a nanny.. A little luxury for her would be welcome in her life.

  4. Delia Lupan

    I want to start the new year by eating healthy and taking very good care of my skin!
    My husband would also benefit from Clarisonic!

  5. Grace

    Im starting the new year off by getting back onto a workout routine with my roommate, and hopefully not spending soo much money on shopping πŸ˜› Ive already got a head start on not spending.

    I think my roommate Tiffany would love a clarisonic. She introduced me to MAC right before Thanksgiving and theres been no looking back for me πŸ˜› She has been having some issues with her skin lately due to all sorts of stress/drama going on in her life right now. I think its would be nice to give her one so she can actually take a moment to relax :)

  6. Naomi

    I would like this new year to be all about being healthy for my family- eating better, working out, taking time for myself! The person I would share this with is my sister- she is a single mom, and works very hard for her and her daughter!

    Happy New Year everyone!

  7. I wanna start the New Year off successful, with poreless glowing skin, and slightly buzzed off of overpriced champagne in the presence of my best friends… My sister could use a Clarisonic too. Her I go through the same situations with our skin. Srsly tho everyone should have one. Make it a late Christmas present, Christine? ;] Hahahaha Happy New Year!!! Love, NikNasty :]

  8. Susan

    Id like to start the new year with a mindset and environment conducive to peace. Right now Im trying to organize to clear surface tops and have open spaces, going for a minimalistic vibe to relax and destress.

    My sister would benefit from starting the year with a Clarisonic. Id like to win this for her and my best friend, Dawn. Fran WONT spend time on herself with involved routines, so she needs something quick like the clarisonic. Dawn just needs to relearn how to take care of herself. Shes had a tough year and this would be a great pick me up for her!

  9. Bethany

    I will be starting the New Year in Seattle (rather than Brisbane, Australia) and would love to have a Clarisonic by my side to help transition from Brisbanes sweltering heat to Seattles cold, windy and rainy weather coupled with drying central heating.

    My sisters troublesome skin could also use a fresh start in the New Year with a Clarisonic, her skin is very rough and acne plagued.

  10. Aisha

    id like to ring in this new year with a healthy diet and more kindness. your the best for doing this giveaway! :) im pretty sure my family will be happier if we start eating healthy and i influence other to do good too. πŸ˜€

  11. Kait

    My roommate and I would definitely benefit from having this new piece of skin hardware in our lives : )

  12. Leea

    I want to start the new year, 2010, by taking care of my diabetes. Im going to try to work hard to take care of it and check my sugar levels and try to lose some weight for the health part of it. (: (plus, what female doesnt want to be skinnier? haha).
    If I were to win, I would give the other Clarisonic to my friend, H. She has a lot of pimples, like me, and I think it would be a great gift for her since she is moving in a month. I think that taking care of her skin will boost her confidence and make herself believe that she really is beautiful.
    Happy (early) New Year! (:
    Lets make it a good one.

  13. CHeryl H.

    I want to start off the new year by taking good care of myself. It is a gift to me! I think taking care of your skin should be just as much a part of good health as eating right and getting some exercise. Clarisonic seems like a PERFECT way to take care of my skin and I believe my daughter who is now in her 20s should also start taking good care of her skin with Clarisonic.

  14. Lyndsay

    I would like to start this new year off finally getting my thyroid problem under control…sounds goofy, but it can be difficult dealing with. I still feel my husband would benefit from receiving a clarisonic. He has decent skin (probably better than mine..grumble) but he doesnt know how to manage a good routine and this would be something he could use while in the shower and wouldnt feel like he has to sit out by the sink and go through the routine I do.

  15. Tam

    I would like to start the new year happy, healthy and joyous! My friend/coworker Sara would benefit from a Clarisonics as well as me as she has skin issues that she is just starting to get under control. Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

  16. Nina

    I would love to start the New Year off being healthy and happy! I would give the other Clarisonic to my sister, she would love it.

  17. Yanbing

    Id like to start the New Year reflecting on 2009… overlooking the Pyramids in Egypt!

    My sister would benefit from the second Clarisonic! :)

  18. Sarah

    This Year I Want To Start New. I Let My Self Down In 2009 So IM Going To Take Care Of My Self. Im Going To To Begin By Being A Better Person, Treating People like They Deserve To, Then, Im Going To Lose Weight And After that I Would Want To Take Care Of Me Skin And I Think That The Clarisonic Is A Good Way To Do That, And They Are Not Availble In The Canadians Sephora.
    To Achive One Of My Goal, AmΓ©lie, A Girl That Inspires Me For Always Being Nice To Poeple, Will Help Me And I Think That To Thank Her Back A Clarisonic Would Be The Perfect Gift!

  19. Mandy

    Oh how I would LOVE to start the year with a Clarisonic!
    I would love to start the year with a beautiful skin, because my skin is very sensitive and especially with the harsh winter weather.
    It would be a complete indulgence to pamper my skin with the Clarisonic.
    Same goes for my sister, who has a troublesome skin as well. I wish I could give her gorgeous and soft skin! So my second Clarisonic I would give to her, also just because shes the best, always there for me! :-)

  20. Kelsey

    My skin went through a phase this year where it just wouldnt behave. I think my poor diet contributed to this, so Im going to eat healthier and drink more water this year! And hopefully be less stressed, because we all know how stress affects our skin… Hopefully the Clairsonic will help with this resolution of clearer skin!

  21. I would simply like to start as a better person to everyone and pursue this goal.

    I would give the second to my sister.

    Happy Holidays, Christine

  22. Leah

    I want to start the new year by eating healthier and exercising so I can drop a few pounds :) I would love for my mom to start her new year with the Clarisonic. It would greatly help with her anxiety about her aging skin.

  23. I would like to start the new year with a new outlook on life. I am unfortunately one of the recent graduates still looking for a job and, besides having a job for the new year would be awesome, would like to focus on more of the positive things in my life – like a clean face! πŸ˜‰ Life is to short to worry about all we dont have and not long enough to be thankful for all we do.
    One person who I know who would benefit from a Clarisonic is my fiancees mother. She has done so much for us and pampers herself so little, Im sure she would be amazed at the wonderful benefits of a super clean face!

  24. Cassie

    In this new year, I am really going to focus on getting my skin in top shape. I would really love to be able to give my mom a clarisonic. She really deserves to pamper herself!!

  25. Lara

    Id like to start the new year with an open mind :) My friend Grace would benefit from this because she has really problematic skin.

  26. Viktoria

    I wanna start the new year by losing some weight and get clear skin. For the later clarasonic would be perfect. I would love to give one of these to my little sister aswell, just because I wanna show her how much she means to me and she is the only one that really share my passion for beauty.

  27. Lingping

    Wonderful contest :) thank you so much!

    I would like to start my new year as soon as possible, actually, as the last one has been somewhat stressful for personal reasons. I want to invite lots of friends to my new apartment, to spend what little money i have on fun cosmetics (lancΓ΄me; cant wait for that pop npetrol palette!), and enjoy life. Good skin would be a good start πŸ˜‰

    One of my best girlfriends could also use one. She is a very busy mother of two sweet little girls and has a stressful job, so a treat like a clarisonic would do her good :)

  28. Julia

    I would like to start the new year fresh and free of all the troubles. The person in my life that would benefit from starting the new year with a Clarisonic would be my best friend. She always had skin troubles with acne and big pores, and Im sure Clarisonic would help her with these problems.

    Happy new year everyone :)

  29. Sheba

    Id like to start the new year with a complete slow-down. Id like to stop going at full speed ahead and enjoy my time on earth with the ones I love a little more. My Mom (my best friend) could use a confidence booster for the new year!!

  30. Megan

    Id LOVE to be able to start the new year with clearer skin! Everything Ive heard about the Clarisonic makes it sound like the perfect solution for me but I just cant afford to purchase one right now. Times are tough, and all that jazz… though if I could drop the money Id do it in a heartbeat!

    My younger sister is still in college and faces a similar situation on money. So shed never be able to afford one for herself either, though I know shed love it!

  31. Annette D

    I would like to start the new year and new decade, a healthier version of my self. I would like to eat healthier foods and to get more exercise. I have been plagued with skin problems all of my life and Im sure that a Clarisonic would complete my New Years transformation, healthier on the inside as well as on the outside! I would love to give a Clarisonic to my wonderful, hardworking sister. She is a mother of two and the sole provider of her family. Besides working full time, she also just, in December, graduated with her Masters Degree, by going to school in the evenings. I cannot think of a more deserving person.

  32. Liliana

    I would like to start the new year with a healthy attitude and with continuing to work out and lose weight. My best friend Marie would benefit alot from a clarisonic. we both have issues with our skin!

  33. Jennifer D

    I would like to start off the new year with the ability to graduate. I am in my final year in university and I just need the ability and strength to finish off all my courses. I am really excited to be finally done school and earn my degree. I would also like to have a job once I graduate with a decent starting salary.

    My 19 year old brother would greatly benefit with a Clarisonic. He suffers from oily skin. Therefore he has a bunch of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. He woke up this morning with a whitehead on his ear. Very weird. He would love it if he can have clear skin for the new year. He is also going on job placement this summer for school. New workplace, new skin? That would be great for my brother. I nominate my brother for a Clarisonic because he really deserves it.

  34. Sara

    I would like to start off the New Year by learning to let go of things that are detrimental to my life, keep having an active lifestyle, and being less stubborn! :)

    My mom would definitely deserves the Clarisonic! Shes always been there for me even when times are tough and always puts everyone before herself. She could use some pampering!

  35. ALessa Ngo

    Id start the new year by send greetings to all of my friends and then, send all my supplements to universities. I wish that I can go to my favorite university and of course, I will use Clarisonics the first time to start the new year because they.

    may represent my luck if I can win them

  36. Nicole.

    Id like to start the new year off content. No huge, outrageous aspirations for myself. I just want to be content. Happy in my personal life, happy at work, etc.

    I would LIKE to win this so I can give one to my mom. Shes been wanting one for forever, wont splurge on herself, and I cant afford to get her one. :(

    Consider me entered. Good luck everyone! πŸ˜€

  37. Alex

    I would love to start it with being productive and disciplined enough to get somewhere in my research, and do what needs to be done. And Id love to share the prize with my best friend, Kristine.

  38. Lauren Brown

    Id like to start the new year with a much better skincare regimen- I really need to take the time to take care of my face and I feel like the Clarisonic could help :) My mom could also benefit from one- she has always taken great care of her skin but would never splurge on something like this.

  39. eryn

    I am hoping to enter the new year with a new outlook. I have suffered a dramatic life change by becoming a stay at home mom almost 3 years ago. I am going to try to put my best foot forward this year and develop a life outside the home.

    As for the person I think who deserves a Clairsonic the most- still my mom. She has struggled with skin difficulties and after some treatments and medications is on a good path. She has really started taking care of her skin and this would be a wonderful addition to her new regime.

  40. marta

    I want to start the new year with my family and friends and just starting off with good happy memories from last year and the new year. I think that my mom would benefit from the clarisonic because she likes playing around with new products even though she wouldnt spend more than 10 dollars on a single product :P.

  41. kobri

    I plan on ringing in the new year with a bunch of my friends, one of whom, my friend Kelly would be receiving the other clarisonic!

  42. Kam

    I would like to start 2010 focusing more on myself by eating healthier, and taking care of my skin. I have had acne prone skin ever since highschool, and its been a cycle of good and bad days. I would love to win the Clarisonic to help take care of my skin and I would love to share one with my cousin who has skin issues as well. This is a great contest- thanks Temptalia!!

  43. samantha

    Id like to start the new year with a healthier lifestyle (I was just diagnosed with diabetes).

  44. I would like to start the new year out by setting attainable goals and working hard to reach them. My husband would benefit by having a clarisonic because it will encourage him to care for his skin better.

  45. Natalia

    I would like to start the new year with a great night out with my friends and boy! My bestie anna would LOVE this!

  46. lisa

    I would like to start of the new year getting rid of bad habits and the person id like to win it is my mom because she has done everything for me and i feel as tho no one deserves it more than she does i would like to win the clarisonic plus!

  47. Jen

    I would like to start the new year losing 10 pounds and spending more time with family and friends.
    My friend Dawn would benefit from a Clarisonic as she has been wanting one forever but cant afford one on her budget as a stay at home Mom:)

  48. Ebru

    I would like to start a fresh, positive new year! I am not going to let anything put me down and have a positive attitude for the new year. Clarisonic will keep my skin and my bFFs skin fresh and glowing! We both need it :)

    Happy new year Christine and thanks again for the giveaway to you and Clarisonic :)

  49. Anika

    hello everyone.

    I will start my new year together with my little sister who lives 500km away from me. I really wish to make my sister a really big delight with this thing.

    Sorry for my english I’m from Germany

    Bye Anika

  50. Stephanie

    Im starting out this new year as freshly married! I want to focus more on being generous to others instead of spoiling myself. I would give the clarisonic to my mother – She works super hard every day and never pampers herself, so I know she would absolutely adore a clarisonic!

  51. For my New Years Resolution, Im going to exercise more to get in shape, eat healthier so that I dont eat too much junk food, help around the house more for my mom so that she doesnt get too frustrated, and to have clear gorgeous skin so that I dont have to worry about flaws. The person in my life that shares the same goal as me is my mom since she too wants to exercise to lose weight and to have a great New Year.

  52. Luciana Lima

    I was to start the New Year with new, clear skin, and so does my boyfriend!

  53. KY

    I would like to start the new year with a positive attitude, being less critical of others, and enjoy little things in life.

    My bf of 8 years would really benefit from Clarisonic since his skin is so bad.

    I would really love the Classic and the Plus.

  54. Sandy

    I want to start 2010 with a positive attitude and to look forward to what life gives me! It would be fun to try out a Clarisonic, and Id like to give one to my BF, who has adult acne, because I think it might be very beneficial.

  55. Elizabeth

    I would love to start off the year with a fresh face and new confidence. My skin has been breaking out lately and I cant seem to find the right products to get it under control. I would love to try the Clarisonic, Ive heard so many good things about it and I know my skin will thank me! If I win I would give the other one to my mother, she would just be over the moon if she received one! Thank you!

  56. christy crumley

    I want to start the year off with the clarisonic because I think it will help with the texture of my skin. My pores need some love. My friend, Pam needs to start the year off with a clarisonic becuase I believe it would do wonders for her acne prone skin. You cant just use the creams. You first and most importantly need to cleanse the skin!

  57. Colleen

    i would like to start the new year by losing the rest of my weight that i have been working on. Those last 10 pounds are the hardest!! My mom would benefit from having a clarasoic because she needs a spa day but shes just too busy to go. Having a spa in her home would be just the thing she needs!!!!!!

  58. Dbb

    id like to start the new year with more positive thoughts. it has been a stressful year with a family member diagnosed with breast cancer. :( If I win Id like to scrub away negative thoughts with either the clairsonic plus or classic :-)

  59. Cristina

    Yay first comment! :) me and my mom would both benefit from this. I have acne and a lot of acne scarring on my cheeks because of the whole hormone and teenage thing. And my mom has been getting red bumps (but not acne) on her face and cant get rid of it. She would love this and it would make her and me so happy! Thank you for the chance Temptalia!!!

  60. Sixx

    Id love to start off the new year wearing less foundation- in other words, obtain new, improved skin! I am a makeup junkie and my biggest obsession is trying to create flawless skin. My biggest problem are my huge pores. I just recently heard about the Clarisonic and I am really eager to try it as I hear it helps reduce pores. My younger 17 year old sister would also definitely benefit from starting the new year w/a Clarisonic. Her biggest insecurity is her skin and Ive seen her try many many products (including the popular ones from TV ads) to try to clear up her acne. Shes been wearing cover-up to school since she was 14, I wish she didnt feel like she has to wear so much makeup to school already. I hope the Clarisonic is the solution for her!

  61. Erin

    My sister and I are due for a major overhaul. She is just finishing up her graduate school program and I, a mother of two under 4 years old is undertaking a strenuous nursing program. Quite simply, we do not have the extra cash to fork over for such luxuries. Beauty purchases have been set aside in lieu of other financial obligations. We very much appreciate the opportunity to win such an invaluable tool! Thank you!

  62. Heatherette87

    Id like to start the new year by going back to school. My husband would definately enjoy a clarisonic.

  63. Hannah

    id like to start off the new year by focusing on the present and stop thinking so much aboout the past. my mom would most benefit from having a clarisonic because she never takes off her makeup thoroughly, so her skin would be healthier.
    :) nice post

  64. Heather

    I would love to win a set of Clarisonics for my mother and myself! My mom never treats herself to anything and has spent her whole adult life taking care of everybody else but herself…so I would love for her (more than myself) to win the Clarisonic! I have struggled with skin problems (i.e. breakouts and dry patches) for a long time. My skin is very tempermentle. Starting the New Year off with a Clarisonic would be awesome for my mother and I!

  65. Liz

    Id like to start the New Year with clean, healthy skin (aka using the Clarisonic!) Ive struggled with acne for much of my life so far, and Id love to have a year where I didnt have to worry about my skin!

    I think my boyfriend would also benefit from using a Clarisonic. He has very sensitive skin that hates being shaved! He has a professional job where he has to shave daily. His skin gets ripped up so easily and that is why I think a Clarisonic would really help him out!

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Thanks Christine!

  66. My sister has bad skin, shes had since she was young. Doesnt have the money or insurance for a dermatalogist. Shes tried just about everything. This would be perfect her!

  67. H.

    to have my family and friends healthy and happy, as there have way too many losses in 2009. that, and a lot of cocktails during new years with the girls. i think my mother definitely deserves a clarisonic, as she works too hard and doesnt leave enoug time for herself!



  68. My sister has bad skin, shes had since she was young. Doesnt have the money or insurance for a dermatalogist. Shes tried just about everything. This would be perfect for her!

  69. Sara

    I want to start new. I am a senior in college so I want to have a good finishing year and get a job :)
    clarisonic will help make me have good skin, make me more confident and I would give the other one to my mom who has worked hard in 2009 !!!

  70. Brooke

    Id like to win these bad boys for me and my best friend! Were making a lot of beauty related resolution and these will help with the better skin part!!!

  71. Lina

    I would like to start off the New Year by finding a job, and paving the way for clear skin!!!
    My best friend B, would also benefit from starting a new year with a clarisonic since she is a skincare fanatic like myself, and this has been on our wishlist since forever!
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway and have a Happy New Year temptalia!

  72. Nyree Matthews

    Sweet deal a choice of three! What great way to celebrate the new year for me and my bestie!!! We can start the new year off with glowing skin!!!

  73. Eunice

    a nice hot dinner and a great movie with my family :) like every year~

    my sister, Emily, would definitely benefit from starting a new year with a clarisonic! (because that’s just awesome)

  74. Megan

    I would like to start the new year with clear skin! I hate battleing acne and combination skin! My sister would also benefit from this too- she never has time to get facials or any time for herself!

    Thanks clarisonic! So generous!

  75. AnGeLwInGz

    I will be starting the New year with a new medical assistant job at a hospital the first week of January. My sister-in-law just became a new mom. We both have troublesome skin and would benefit from a clarisonic.

  76. Clara

    Id like to start the new year with making sure I get more sleep. I will also buy less makeup! I gotta start using up all the crap Ive accumulated! πŸ˜€ My boyfriend would definitely benefit from the Clarisonic too. Thanks!

  77. jillian

    Im starting off the new year clean as a whistle. Im detoxing my body, cleaning out my closet and cleaning house. Theres no better way to start a new year than with a clean slate! One of my good friends is getting married in July and Im positive that shed love and benefit from a Clarisonic as well. Every bride wants to have radiant, glowy skin and Im this will help her get that. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  78. Anna

    Id love to start the new year by receiving an acceptance letter by the university I want to go to! (theyre supposed to reply by the end of December but I havent received anything from them yet)
    If I won Id give the second clarisonic to one of my best friends who has really bad acne, so this would help a lot!

  79. Shelby

    Id like to start the new year as a nonsmoker – again. I quit for 3 1/2 years, but this past semester of nursing school kind of threw me over the edge. :(

    Id love to give one of these to my mom; shed love it!

  80. Michelle

    I would really love to start the new year with gorgeous, clean, glowy skin (courtesy of the Clarisonic I am praying to win!!). I have a good friend getting married in March, and after a record-breaking cold December here in Austin, Texas, I know her complexion could use some help in preparing for the big day. :) Thank you!

  81. Rebecca

    I would like to new year, refreshed an renewed. This year has been pretty difficult emotionally. I would like to begin the new year without the baggage of disappointment, anger, and hurt.

    My sister would benefit from the Clarisonic. She has very bad acne that has decreased her confidence and self-esteem. Starting the new year with a Clarisonic will enable her to be free and happy. She will be confident and have less excuse to stay in the house to avoid people seeing her. A Clarisonic will rejuvenate her attitude and heighten her spirits.

  82. Kell

    How I would like to start the New Year – Happy and hopeful… Been a long journey health-wise, and it’s also been a long journey for my significant other! Pampering yourself really can lift your spirits; I would LOVE a Clarisonic, and I know he would, too.

  83. Irene

    I’d like to start the new year with realistic resolutions that mean more to others than just me. I want to become closer to my family and schedule time to volunteer.

    My sister could really use a clean start and a pick me up this year. She has overcome so much and we are finally closer, she deserves a boost to start her new year right. Our skin will love this!

  84. amy

    I would like to start the new year by getting my dream job in the field I want. I also nominate my mom for the Clarosonic contest because she lives for skin care but would never dream to drop the cash for this item.

  85. i would like to start my new year right by adhering to my goal of being a wise spender, no more impulsive purchases!

    i believe my sister will love this. she saw mine before and would love to own one.

  86. I’d like to start off the year by taking care of myself, especially my skin. As a nursing student who is working part time, I am constantly under a lot of stress and constantly exposed to microbes in the hospital. If I take good care of myself, then I could give the best care to my patient too.

    I would like to share the Clarisonic with my boyfriend. He is the most selfless man Ive known I always tell him the importance of taking care of his skin and of his health.

  87. Annie

    I want to start the new year by trying to be able to relax and take care of myself. I am always so stressed out that I need to give myself some time off.

    My mom would love a Clarisonic. She started to take care of her skin, and it would do her good!

  88. Carolyn

    I want to start off the new year healthy and happy in every way. I’m working 25 hours a week, taking 27 hours of school, and working to change my eating and exercise habits. I’ll be seeing my long distance boyfriend in January for the first time in 7 months, so I’m looking to start off the new year right-hopefully with beautiful skin, too!

    I’d like to give the other Clarisonic to my sister. She has a lot of trouble with keeping her skin clear, and would love something new to try.

  89. Annette

    I would like to start the new year more organized and with a new Clarisonic of course. :) I would give the second one to my mother, she has been wanting a Clarisonic since they first came out.

  90. faith24

    i would like to make a resolution to exercise more and read more books :). I am hoping to share one of Clarisonics with a dear friend who is going through a divorce process- these holidays were especially tough for her!

  91. Melody

    I want to start the new year with a positive attitude! I
    still think that my boyfriend will enjoy having this. :)

  92. Gina

    Happy New Year! I would like to start the year off healthy and in control. I really let my health and self esteem go down the drain this year. I only use natural products now so the clarisonic would really help me with deep cleaning. My brother would also benefit from one because he is having the worst year ever. This would probably help cheer him up and give him the confidence to find a job. Thanks!

  93. Jamillah

    I am starting the new year off by just taking the time to relax and get healthier. I already started plotting a schedule for the first week of doing my exercise routine, eating right, taking my vitamins, and getting all of my sleep.

    I think my BFF Angie would benefit from the extra set of Clarisonic. She is a busy working mom of two who rarely do stuff for herself. It would be nice to give her one to show how much I appreciate our 20+ friendship. We go back since grade school.

  94. Pinky

    I would like to start the new year off with pretty skin! I started on medication to get my acne under control and I think the Clarisonic would help too. My mom would love one as well :)

  95. happybadfish

    Yay Clarisonic!!!
    I am starting the new year with a course on methodology in imaging of MRI’s. Yippeeeee (not). I also work full time, so this should be interesting for me, not the best at managing my time.
    I would share the prize with my beeeeautiful sister. She is amazing. She just had her second baby, and I have moved away, so I hardly ever get to see her and the kids. Maybe twice a year.

  96. This year I have two major goals – (1) Lose the weight I put on in 2009 after dealing with a sad breakup, and the “I’m a mom” attitude that I got into… not taking time to myself at all. (2) Get out of credit card debt. I don’t have a lot, but I bought myself some big ticket items, that now need to be paid off.

    The person that would benefit the most from Clarisonic would be my friend Jen. She is the one that got me interested in nail polish, and really, taking care of myself again. She has her own beauty blog, which finally inspired me to start my own. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out, who married her high school sweetheart, and is just a glowing ball of sunshine and love. I would love to give her something this amazing, as a huge thank you for all that she’s done for me emotionally, and physically, and just because she’s one of those people that deserves to be thanked in a special way.

  97. HC

    I would love to start the new year off by eating better! And my mom should win the Clarisonic. I recently bought her some Shu Uemura clensing oil b/c she’s been washing her face with soap. Sad!!

  98. KyaLyn

    I’m starting the new year with a clean house. My hubby and I spent last weekend doing most of the cleaning and will finish it up Thursday.

    My sister could use a Clarisonic, after all her daily activities, it would make washing her face a spa-like time to relax and enjoy.

  99. I can’t wait for 2010! I’m moving back home with my family, keeping myself on track with school/work and trying to maintain my social life! :)I would love a Clarisonic by my side – so would my friend Marissa, we’ve heard nothing but great things about them! Thanks Christine!

  100. Denise

    I’m starting off the new year off by setting a more realistic approach to weight loss. I know, I know CLICHE, but i have to do it. I just want to be healthier, and feel better about myself, but not beat myself up if i’m not losing weight as quickly as i’d like. I really feel 2010 will be different, and the start to a healthier life :)

    I would share the clarisonic with my good friend Shanna who is getting married in 2010. For Christmas she asked me to be her maid of honor! We have been friends for quite some time now, and I think a bride to be would benefit greatly from clear skin! It would just be a nice treat as we begin the stressful, yet exciting wedding planning time!

    • Mora

      i should start the new year with a more easy-going attitude. and be less concerning about things they are not worth concerning.

      the clarisonic i would share with my friend nicole. we see us every day and were close. she has some issues with her skin and really would benefit from a clarisonic.