Saturday, January 19th, 2013

Estee Lauder Pure Color Stay-On Shadow Paints

Estée Lauder introduces the unparalleled texture, extreme performance and intense color in creme eyeshadow, Pure Color Stay-on Shadow Paints. Whether it is a bold, right off the runway flash of color or a soft, sophisticated wash of watercolor, this high style collection will drench eyes in a silky smooth buildable mousse creme and captivate with rich pigments to create eye-catching looks that last all day!

Pure Color Stay-on Shadow Paints include a range of long lasting hues in a creamy and richly pigmented formula that glides onto the lids with mousse-like softness. Worn alone or mixed to create infinite seductive and sophisticated looks, the truly versatile formula features buildable pigments that envelop lids for seamless, stunning depths of color.

With unbelievable 12-hour wear, the hybrid texture is comfortable, non-creasing and non-fading. Pure Color Stay-on Shadow Paints wrap lids in a smooth creme that glides on and blends easily for pure pigments and light reflecting pearls that stay shimmering all day and well into the night.

Infused with True Vision™ Technology – a unique concept of wrapping concentrated pigments into a crystalline laminate to create a multidimensional look – color is amplified and magnified with a glowing metallic finish. Mousse-like creme lays down a layer of pure pigments to recreate and redefine eyes, while prismatic light reflecting pearls add dazzle to each shade, for glimmering effects ranging from a subtle sheen to a dazzling shimmer finish.

Pure Color Stay-On Shadow Paint ($24.00)

  • Sinister
  • Neon Fuchsia
  • Bold Cobalt
  • Extreme Emerald
  • Chained
  • Cosmic
  • Pink Zinc
  • Halo
  • Steel

Availability: Now @ Nordstrom

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22 thoughts on “New Product Alert! Estee Lauder Pure Color Stay-On Shadow Paints

  1. margaret

    WOW! these look more than pigemented, also they seem like they are wetter than the Chanel illusion d’ombre… interesting

  2. Anya

    The consistency looks a lot like MAC Big Bounce shadows…

  3. Danielle

    That nude colored one has my name written all over it.

  4. These look fun! Can’t wait to see some reviews!

  5. Red Head

    The bottom 3 look stunning! I’m not a fan of green/blue/purple shadows but these look nice. Looking forward to a full review and swatches 😀

  6. That copper one looks so pretty!

  7. Bernice

    If anyone’s wondering, I saw them already at Murale in Oakridge Centre in Vancouver, Canada a couple of weeks ago :)

  8. xamyx

    The colors are pretty, but I just can’t bring myself to buy anything attatched to Estee Lauder. I’m honestly fed up with their marketing practices, and would rather spend my money on brands that allow the products to stand on their own, and there are many out there.

  9. Priscilla

    Ow my god! I love love love it :-).

  10. Jade

    Reading, I thought these may be like Paint Pots at first, but now I’m thinking Big Bounce Shadows… either way, will be interesting to see!

  11. sam

    These are sooo cool. The texture isn’t what I expected (thought it’d be close to their Double Wear Cream Shadows) but instead it’s so creamy and blendable. They dry down and don’t really budge that much. I wanted MAC’s Bouncy shadows to be like these.

  12. lily

    I saw this yesterday at the Estee Lauder counter at Bealls. The pots are so tiny that I first thought they were gel eye liners, but they carry the exact same amount of product (.17 oz I think) as their other cream shadows that look like they are way bigger but they arent. I swatched the champagne shade (I think its called pink zinc but I’m not sure) and its so creamy and gorgeous. You do need a brush to apply because the pots are too small for fingers but once I use up my current champagne cream shadows (Benefit and Origins) I am RUNNING to get this product!! And for those that said that they think its similar to the mac big bounce shadows, its not AT ALL. The mac big bounces go on cold and wet and crease like crazy. These Estee Lauder ones dry down nicely, are creamy and not cold/wet at all, and stay put. I swatched it on my hand and it stayed put through many hand washings!

  13. Sandra JT

    The texture of these are really nice. Very smooth, very creamy, plenty of time to blend them out. I got a chance to try them out at my local counter. I wasnt sold on the shades, though. Not so sure I’ll be buying any of these. That being said, they’ve definitely got a much better formula than anything I’ve tried from MAC in the past 10 years.

  14. Lark

    I keep seeing Lauder with new products that look like MAC migrating over. It may not be exactly paint pots, but that product has been left languishing while a new type gets tested in drug stores and then lands at Lauder? I’ve seen too much Holiday modeled on MAC and ideas lifted wholesale. It’s a bad business model because its grandmas make up.
    I keep seeing MAC jars that scream came off a MAC factory line but got Lauder labels stuck on.
    I worked at Lauder and was recruited at MAC. Didn’t take the gig, but I know both lines. Looks like one cannibalizing another.

    • Ruca

      These are actually nothing like Paint Pots; totally different texture. I do understand what you’re saying, though, and sympathize with your position. I just don’t really agree.

      Have you seen the new line of Pro Longwear Paint Pots MAC is about to release? I believe they come out in February. There are 10 colors, if I’m not mistaken. I wouldn’t say MAC is letting their product languishing, per se. Not with the plans to extend the product in, what they consider to be, an improved form.

      As for EL being “grandma’s makeup,” I know for a fact that corporate has been trying for several decades to appeal to a younger crowd. Until recently, they have failed miserably at this. I suppose a little borrowing here and there from one line to another is serving the company quite well considering they are the #1 cosmetic company in the world. Whether one likes MAC, EL, or both is really just personal preference at this point.

    • Lorraine ER

      Didn’t Estee Lauder company buy MAC? I thought they were MAC’s new(ish) parent company…

      • Ruca


        For the sake of accuracy, I took this info from Wikipedia (their fact checkers are busier than Democrat fact checkers in a presidential race):

        “Makeup Artist Cosmetics was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo in 1984. The first U.S M·A·C store opened in 1991, in New York. . . . Estée Lauder Companies acquired controlling interest of M·A·C in 1996, then completed their acquisition of the company in 1998. Original founder Frank Angelo died in 1997 due to complications during surgery.”

        I find it interesting that so many people complain MAC was better before Estee Lauder’s takeover since the US stores were only non-EL for a few short years before the company was bought out. Also, the founder of MAC, who supposedly made MAC unique, died a year before EL has full possession. JMO…

        MAC was originated specifically for Professional MUAs, and I feel their pro products and much of their permanent lines are still full of fantastic products for a Pro MUA. Whether or not others are pleased with their LE collections or products that seem to resemble Estee Lauder’s products (e.g., Extra Dimension vs Gelee Powder) is irrelevant to me when I need replacement pans for my palettes. I was also that nerd who wore EL lipsticks when I was 15, so that line has never been “grandma’s” makeup to me. Estee Lauder was just a housewife going around the department stores trying to sell them a face cream she had made at home when one of the retailers decided to give her a chance. I respect that, regardless of how huge the company has become. Mrs. Lauder only died a few years ago, and her daughter runs that gig now. Isn’t that the American Dream? 😉

  15. Celia

    Does anyone know for sure which color the model is wearing in the promo pic? The steel grey colour? Is it steele or sinister? each swatch or pic i’ve seen makes me think something different! When i check out the nordstrom website, sinister looks black and steele seems like a lighter silver color. Then on other sites sinister seems blue!
    Any help very much appreciated!

  16. Ruca

    A friend of mine manages an Estee Lauder counter. She swatched every one of these colors, and I can’t even express how amazing each one is. She told me the green and blue are the most pigmented, smooth, and incredible of the lot, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the purple, too. These colors are absolutely gorgeous.

    And yes, the green is stunning! I’m not even into green that much.

  17. I know I should not be worried, but I’m afraid that these will be like the Big Bounce eyeshadows from MAC.