Friday, June 13th, 2008

When I first heard about Neutrogena’s skinID, I got very, very excited.  I have suffered mild to moderate acne for many years, and it has worsened since owning a puppy (something about dogs…). Despite washing my hands too often, avoiding touching my face, and all the other tricks of the trade–it still plagues me a bit.  I’ve never tried ProActive, though I have been tempted, but this is something I can’t wait to try.  Neutrogena makes a host of good products, and they are one of the drugstore brands that I trust.  You’ll definitely hear from me about this in the future!

In a clinical trial testing 500 people with different skin, acne and lifestyles, 100% of people using skin iD got clearer, healthier-looking skin. skin iD is currently the only non-prescription acne solution on the market that has conducted a double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial — the “gold standard” in testing methodology. This clinical trial demonstrated skin iD’s power to work significantly better than the top selling acne regimen in treating 16 different signs of acne.

skin iD was developed by Neutrogena Dermatologics with a group of leading dermatologists, scientists and market researchers, charged to create a customized skin-clearing solution specifically designed to treat acne on a case-by-case basis without a prescription.  skin iD is comprised of a skin evaluation, an exclusive product line and a comprehensive Web site to treat each individual’s acne needs.

Exclusively available on, and showcased through a series of infomercials, skin iD is the first proposition of its kind on the market. “We wanted to create a highly effective acne solution to meet the needs of individuals who are not satisfied with their existing acne regimen,” states Jim Colleran, President, Neutrogena Corporation. “skin iD was developed with an innovative one-on-one approach. We determined that offering consumers access to skin iD through a dedicated Web site or by phone would allow for the dialogue necessary to evaluate their unique skincare needs and provide a personalized regimen.”

skin iD utilizes a breakthrough skin and lifestyle evaluation tool, which contains a patent-pending algorithm that provides a personalized skincare regimen based on the specific skincare needs of each individual consumer.  skin iD is formulated with two leading acne-fighting medicines, Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide, included in more than 25 customized acne skincare regimens that cleanse, treat and protect for significantly improved skin.

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58 thoughts on “Neutrogena skinID – Customized Acne Care For You

  1. Fie

    Ah I wished they were available here. I’m in dire need of good acne care products. My acne has been under controlled recently due to my birth control pills. Although my skin doesn’t break out as often now, I would like to prevent this from happening.

    Haha the fact is that I scar easily and it takes a looooong time for my scars to fade.

    • What BCP are you taking? I wish mine did a better job of that, but these ones don’t make me a crazy psycho emotional bitch, so I’m stickin’ with them.

      I scar easily EVERYWHERE and it sucks :( I feel you!

      • Fie

        I’m on Loette :) I just recently started 4 months ago and so far it’s working fine for me.

        BCPs are kinda like a half-taboo half-good thing here. So the use of it isn’t really widespread. :/ We don’t have proper sex education here.

        • It’s too bad to hear that, Fie :( I think BCP should be FREE. It should be as easy to get as condoms (at least, condoms are easy to get here in the US!).

  2. Shefali

    I’m interested in checking this out too. Small bit of trivia: Katharine McPhee is going to be the spokesmodel for this line…

  3. Oh man, this got me all excited. I love Neutrogena recently. I use it every day. So a special line by them would be awesome. But their site is so horrible to navigate!! It drops all your information you enter and forgets it when you register.

    And you can’t just see the products! You can only see the ones they suggest to you after you take the quiz (That it forgot you did!) ARG!

    Also, it looks like it’s only by subscription over the internet. You can’t just go to the store and smell it or try it. :( Damn them for looking appealing and then making it too difficult to buy!!

    • I know, it does suck that you can’t go to the store and try it, but I think it might also be the fact that there seems to be a whole SLEW of products. But maybe if it’s really popular, you’ll see a whole shelf dedicated to it, lol!

    • It remembers your evaluation if you click the thing that says ‘save for later’ in the lower left corner. Then you can come back to it later. :) i just wish that it woul tell you how much it costs!

  4. Rachel

    I’ve been reading your blog obsessively (although never commented) and have to say I truly enjoy it 😀 Keep it up!!

    I just wanted to recommend DDF’s Blemish Foaming Cleanser and Benzoyl Peroxide Spot Treatment. This has cleared up my skin in the year and a half that I’ve been using it. My skin is practically clear now, of course still with the random pimple every so often.. But I’d definitely recommend it to you if you want to try something new? It’s at Sephora, kinda expensive but def. worth it. I use it with the Ultra Light Moisturizing Dew which is super light yet still refreshingly hydrating. Okay, just had to recommend it incase you wanted to try it in place of the Neutrogena since it has had such positive effects on my sensitive-acne prone skin! 😀

    once again, thanks for writing such good entries everyday!

  5. Irene

    I’m going to suggest dropping dairy for 2 weeks – I’ve been battling acne for years and I never wanted to go as far as trying out Accutane. Only recently did a facialist who isn’t my regular eye brow waxer asked me about my diet since she saw how bad my skin was. She suggested it and I took it with a grain of salt. I called my derm and he felt like an idiot b/c I can’t have gluten there is a possibility that I also can’t have dairy – 4 days after I stopped my intake of dairy, I had no pimples. My buddy, IC (ice cream), have had many fights and are now in counseling.

    Having said that, I still think a great regimen is also so very helpful as Neutrogena (and Dan Kern) really helped more than anything else I’ve tried so I can’t WAIT to try this out!!!!!

  6. Mae

    I ordered it…My skin doesnt take well to cleansing products and usually breaks out. Ive heard that your skin becomes addicted to Proactive to where it depends on it (and its price tag) to keep looking great and I just suck when it comes to keeping up with it. My skin isnt BAD (ive seen worse) but it needs a little help.
    So I ordered it, hopefully my skin doesnt get addicted to it and doesnt break out from it. I’ll letcha know for sure.

  7. malan

    for whoever orders this product would you mind writing a review after using it? thanks : )

  8. I will like to bye your product
    but since i do not have a cerdit card
    how will i piad?

  9. Sammie

    Had trouble taking the survey. Ended up trying to finish it 7 or 8 times online and then had to call in and go through it all over again on the phone — twice! Placed the order and then got double charged. Then I was called because of my card card was in a decline state. I was told that it was my banks fault. I buy online all the time and never see the so-called “authorization hold” that they claimed that it was. Really hope the products are better than the service and their crappy website. expected more from a company like nutrogena

  10. Emma

    Last night I saw the informercial for it staying up till 2am which is ironic because losing sleep just causes me to breakout more but ANYWAY I did the survey today to see how everything on the site worked, then I came back to it to tell my mom I wanted to try it. Even though I signed up with my email and everything, it hadn’t saved my answers anywhere. I wrote them down but you can’t go order the numbers you need, which is really stupid because I took it again, put ALL the answers exactly as I had them the first time, and I got a completely different combination. So far I’ve taken the survey four times with all the same answers and have gotten three different combinations.
    Oh well! I have no idea what I’ll use next. I heard somewhere that systems don’t work and the best thing you can really do is wash your face in the morning with a foaming cleanser, then at night, put on a salysilic acid cleanser and a spot treatment, and once you keep it up for three weeks it should work.
    One can only hope!

  11. Trish

    Does anyone know why I can’t order? I’ve tried calling the number and it says I’m not in the area. I live in Alaska and also noticed when I went to order, AK wasn’t even on the list. Also, Hawaii is not on the dropdown list of states. Does anyone know another number I could try besides the 1-866-742-0201 number?

    • That sucks, Trisha! It may not be available in AK then.

    • Lani - Also in Alaska

      Well I think I may have an explination as to why they don’t ship to Alaska and Hawaii, as well as why when we try to call the 1-866 number it says it’s not available in our area or some trash like that may be because Alaska and Hawaii are not concluded in the contiguous United States. My dad is in the armed forces and when he was assigned here to Alaska, he told me the military considers it an “Overseas” assignment. So that means, apparently, we ARE apart of FIFTY United States, but since we’re not physically united to the rest of the states, they don’t want to take the extra money from us to ship products over here or the time…Yet we’ll give lower 48 oil and good fish and crab, but it would just kill them to ship a flipin’ acne treatment to us.
      Funny thing, I sent them an e-mail asking them why they won’t ship here a long time ago, and guess what, no response yet. I guess that address doesn’t work in our area either?

    • Franchesca

      Also in Alaska…I’ve had the same problem. I also sent an email and the reply is posted below. BOO!

      Dear Franchesca,

      Thank you for your inquiry with regards to Product questions,

      As of today we cannot accept orders from Alaska. However, if you have relatives in other states in the US, they can order on your behalf and ship the product to you. I will admit that it is not an ideal solution, but it would at least enable you to receive the product.

      If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at 1.866.742.0201. Thank you for visiting



      Your skiniD™ Customer Care Expert

  12. Ashley

    I took the quiz, bought the product, and used it as directed for a week. There is a cleanser, an acne treatment, and skin wipes. The cleanser and wipes were great the but the acne treatment part of it made my face feel really stiff and very uncomfortable. I talked to their “derm expert” and she told me to use it once a day instead of twice a day. Well, a few days later, ALL of the products were burning my face and making it extremely dry. I ended up returning the product and cancelling my AUTO-rebill thing. Very disappointed.

  13. Tiffi

    I brought Skin ID last month and it cost me 50 bucks with standard shipping and handling. It was a HUGE waste of money. It did not help my acne any more then any over the counter product does. The questions they ask you to “specialize” your product aren’t all that special. Basically they just want to know your basic skin type and you can find a product for your basic skin type at the local drug store.

  14. Kathryn

    I bought my skin iD about 2 months ago from their website after taking the quiz, and I’ve been using it ever since! It works great for me! It didn’t dry my skin out at all, or make it oily. It cleared up my face in just two weeks, and now all I have is scars, I get them easily :/ But anyways, this product worked great for me! Thanks :)

  15. Jenny

    I have been using skin ID for 3 weeks now, and I have never EVER broken out so bad in my life. The pimples are hard and puss filled (sorry that’s so gross) and they won’t go away. I called to cancel right away and went back to using natural products from which restored my skin almost to the way it was, with still a few leftover hard ones from skin ID. I think there is too much peroxide in their regimen or something, my face looked and felt horrible. I hope other people have better luck!

    My skin: T-zone oiliness with occasional breakouts

    • I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had such a bad experience with this product, Jenny! :( I’m glad Lush has restored your skin, though.

    • Claire

      Maybe the reason why you were breaking out was because of your sensitivity to un-natural products, like neutrogena? Just a guess, but since it sounds like you’ve been using natural products for a while, and you switched suddenly to neutrogena, it may be a legit answer.

  16. Miranda

    I haven’t tried the Skin iD system, but I’ve been trying to do research for it. I have really sensitive skin and everything I have tried in the past never seems to work, so I was kind of hoping that Skin iD would hold some hope. But, from what I’ve read, most people don’t seem to like it at all. Does anyone have any recommendations for me??

  17. Kaleigh

    I just ordered the skiniD kit and I really hope it works. I was so bummed when my eighteenth birthday last week was plagued with cystic acne on my chin and forehead. It hurt so bad that I couldn’t even kiss my boyfriend goodnight. Now thats MISERABLE!
    My face has, it seems like, billions of scars from this sort of acne that I have had since third grade. Luckily, it is only on my face; but it is easy to tell when someone is distracted by your huge cysts on your face when you are trying to have a conversation.
    I am starting my second semester of college for cosmetology, so if this regime doesn’t work out, I’ll be on the lookout for other ideas. I’m glad it had the 60day money back offer, because forty dollars seems like it is quite expensive for skincare.
    I’ll keep my posts updated, hoping my shipment will be here either tomorrow or monday.

    Good Riddens!


  18. Susan

    I ordered Skin I.D. after using proactiv. I’ve never had a problem with proactiv but I wanted to try something new and it looked oh-so-cool. I don’t have horrible acne- just one or two on my chin. I do get blackheads easily so I was hoping this would help. I’ve been using it for three days now and for the first time in my entire life I have little bumps all over my cheeks, a place I NEVER get acne. My face is NOT smooth anymore, just little bumps everywhere. And it itches! Anyone else have this problem???

  19. SkiniD personalized acne treatment, Not a chance! If the recommended products don’t work the sales agents tell you to retake the evaluation in case you got the wrong products! If it’s too drying they tell you to cut back on the ‘acne treatment’ as its too strong.

    And to go from bad to worse it seems like now the SkinID 60-day money-back guarantee doesn’t apply beyond the first refill kit. And did you know that even if you do return the first or second kit for a refund it can take up-to 30 business days after they receive it before they will even issue a refund.

    The other regular Neutrogena acne products (@$18.99) are just as good as SkiniD(@$39.90+shipping) at with a new ‘brand’
    See: Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Complete Acne Therapy System

  20. Nicky

    I love skinID! I have dry skin and moderate acne. My regimen consists of the salicylic acid cream cleanser, the benzoyl peroxide acne treatment, and the salicylic acid moisturizer. I have tried every drugstore acne treatment imaginable, none of which ever worked for me. Three months ago, I was standing in front of the mirror one night and I just couldn’t take anymore. I went to my computer, ordered skinID, and have been happy ever since. I have absolutely no complaints and I love the fact that you can change the shipment schedule. My initial $50 ($39.90 + shipping) purchase lasted two and a half months which is amazing in itself. As with every product, I don’t know if it’ll work for everyone, but I think the fact that it’s customized for each skin-type definitely boosts the odds. Hope this helps!

  21. lisa

    Do not buy. It is a scam. You can get the same products at any drugstore. They all contain benzoyl peroxide. Also they automatically ship you new product and then you can’t return it because it is after 60 days. I have never heard if a product that you can not return unopened. It is a complete SCAM.

    • Laura

      I agree with lisa completely. It is a total scam. I just got billed for my auto-refill yesterday and noticed today. I called customer service and canceled my “subscription”. The auto-refill thing is completely ridiculous. I am very upset that it has cost me so much money. I will never again use Neutrogena.

      • Brandon

        I agree with a few people above. SCAM. The product worked for me.. but they billed me for a shipment that I -DID NOT WANT AND TRIED TO CANCEL AHEAD OF TIME- and customer service is repeatedly stone walling me.

        I called to cancel my subscription/get a refund for their “mistake”.. stone walled again. Pathetic customer service and basically a scamjob. I have to cancel my card now or they’ll just keep charging me.

        • Victoria

          I also agree. First of all, I hated the original product. It made me break out badly and I had little bumps everywhere. Then, they autofill the same products (no where did I notice that my order would be placed repeatedly) and you can’t return the refill! When I called to cancel and complain, they asked me why I didn’t call earlier and they said the auto refill notice is posted in several places on the website. NO REFUND GIVEN!! Very disappointed in this product and the customer service. DO NOT ORDER!

  22. Alicyn

    For years, I was skeptical about trying Proactiv, mainly due to the price and my overall skepticism about infomercials. I figured, if it’s that cheap, it can’t be good, so I always spent money on more expensive kits (Murad, Lush, the list goes on and on) … One day, I caved and bought their 3pc kit. I thought it was a scam due to how mild this stuff was, but after even a day, I saw dramatic results. I suffer from moderate to severe acne, depending on what time of month it is or my stress/anxiety levels, but this stuff is a lifesaver. During that time of the month, I’ve only had 1-2 pimples each cycle, and most of the time, my skin is clear. I was honestly surprised when I saw that there were no Proactiv reviews in your blog, yet I wasn’t surprised at all, because it’s usually the last thing any of us acne sufferers reach for. I wish I purchased this sooner. Thanks for your site, I really dig the looks, reviews and how you do product swatches. A lot of brand sites have crappy swatches that aren’t even true-to-colour, so I often stop here before purchasing or swapping for something on MUA.

  23. Alexandria

    I really want to try skinid, but people keep saying its a scam.
    I have done their evaluation 4 times, and have gotten the same answers.
    I have a list of the products and descriptions, and I want to go to the store to see if they have cheaper alternitaves that will work just as good or even better..
    They don’t ship out the product in hawaii which makes me very mad. Last time I checked, Hawaii was part of the fricken U.S
    so whatever…

    Wish me luck…

  24. Sarah

    I’ve been using SkinID for about 5 months now and I love it! I live in Texas and depending on the time of the year my face is either very dry or very oily. Before SkinID my face was always broken out, either with blackheads, whitehead or pimples and I also have sensitive skin. It was never very extreme but I just wanted my skin to be clear for more than a day or two without breaking out again. I know people have said it’s the same thing as products in stores but it really isn’t. Over the years I have tried Clearasil, Clean & Clear, Dove, regular Neutrogena, Olay, Clinique and Obagi(which was very expensive and only made my skin very dry) and nothing worked for me.

    I decieded to give SkinID a chance. Within a week my skin started clearing up. It did dry my skin up and burn a little but that only lasted for about a week.. Within about 3 weeks my skin was clear and soft. I also wasn’t breaking out which was a shock to me as it has been a very long time since I have seen my skin completely clear. The only negative I would say about SkinID is the auto refill they do every 60 days, which I did not know about. I still had some left over from the first time I ordered and was not expecting to get another order and be charged again (barely had enough in my bank account to cover the charges so I was pretty angry). I cancelled my subscription after that because I didn’t want them to send me another. I just reordered and you can now pick how many days until the next auto refill (30-90 days) but you can’t opt out of the option, I’ll probably end up having to cancel subscription again.

  25. Lo

    Look at the ingredients of the SkinID products and then compare them to already existing Neutrogena products on the shelves at your local store! The ones I came across already are around, just not packaged all prettily. You can take the test, see what they suggest, and pick up a version of that at the store. See how that works before buying the kit.

    What they suggested for me won’t work, I know that when just looking at it. They wanted me to use medicated moisturizer as well as the acne treatment. My skin just can’t handle all of that benzoyl peroxide. It’s too dry.

  26. taylor

    i really want to give this product a try, but alot of people are saying its bad. ive already tried proactiv and it worked at first but after a couple weeks i think my skin actucally got worse. does anyone think this is good stuff?

  27. Sally

    I actually LOVE these products! I don’t use all three products everyday, something that took some experimenting to figure out, since my skin was getting sensitive to the products, but once you figure out how much and how often, its great! I find that if I’m breaking out, I start to use the extra products, and my face clears up much quicker than it would using Neutrogena’s regular products(which I always used). I did call them up to tell them to quit sending a new kit every month, since I don’t use that much product every month, and they slowed it down for me and told me when I could expect the next shipment. I’m currently on my third set, I’ve been using it since late March, and I still have one set left to open. They will be sending another one in February. They told me that I could call anytime to have it slowed down more if needed.

    Overall, its my holy grail for skin care. Seriously!

  28. mona

    Is there really NO WAY to get it shipped to alaska? What kind of joke is this?!

  29. Ink

    I used skiniD and it made my acne worse. I used it for over a month hoping I would adjust to it, but it seemed to level out at just making my face break out regularly. When returning the product, I found I had problems with getting in contact with the skiniD customer care. Also, when you order one kit, you sign up for a membership where you are automatically billed and sent another kit every so often. They allow you to adjust the time between billings, which is nice, but when it comes to canceling membership, they make it difficult. You can’t cancel it online, you have to call and wait on hold, or email them and wait. If you’re making plans of canceling membership, I would recommend you start early and extend your next billing date.

  30. i emailed skin id personaly to ask why they do not deliever to hawaii & ive done it a few times over the past 2/3 months and yet anyone has written me back ive called them on there website number and it does not accept hawaii calls



  32. christine4361

    The product didnt work for my daughter… that doesnt mean it’s a bad product. The problem I had was getting a hold of customer service to cancel it. I kept trying several times and would get busy signals which a customer service rep there named Kirbi said no one had complained about that but me. She cancelled the subscription and would not give me credit for a shipment I just received even after I offered to ship back…. she basically said I could but it was a waste of my time. She was trying to get me upset so she could hang up on me. She wouldnt let you finish a sentence… very rude! I will never buy a product from that company again. Don’t auto pay for any product with this company… you wont be able to reach them to cancel and they will call you a liar… try to get you irate so they can hang up on you and they will not credit you.