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Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes ($7.99 for 25 or $0.32 each) are pre-soaked cloths that are designed to remove makeup, including waterproof mascara. Neutrogena says there’s no need to rinse after using one of these to remove your makeup. This kind of product is great for on-the-go removal (say at the gym), overnight bags/weekend trips (where you may not want to use liquid makeup remover or have it clogging up space in your quart-sized carry-on liquids’ bag!), or if you’re someone who isn’t so good at removing makeup before going to bed.

Generally, I use a liquid makeup remover to take off my makeup at night, because I usually enjoy my night time skin care routine, so it’s not a chore for me. However, I always pack wipes with me when I travel on short trips, whether by plane or car. I also use makeup wipes for spot makeup removal and if I’m wearing a really strong lip color, then I’ll use one to remove the majority of makeup and finish with a regular cleanser.

There are a lot of times where I will do several swatches in a row–say blush–and a wipe is easy and fuss-free to just remove the area I applied blush in. This keeps the rest of my face looking the same, and then I can just reapply foundation and then the blush on top. Neutrogena’s Towelettes do an excellent job at removing makeup and leaving the surface mostly matte and ready for the next swatch. The towelette is soft to the touch, and it’s thick enough to hold plenty of moisture (the cleanser) and stretches easily without tearing. I love that my skin doesn’t feel dry or tight after using it.

What’s shown in photos is technically a refill package, and you are expected to purchase your first batch of wipes in a plastic container ($8.99 for 25 plus the case). If you don’t use wipes often, you’ll want the case or to store these in a zip-top plastic bag to ensure they stay moist. I usually don’t have issues with the refill packaging staying sealed (it is adhesive), but over time, the adhesive can weaken. One thing I like to do is to store them upside down, because this helps to ensure the wipe that’s next in line to be used is very moist. If you do have a wipe that’s dried out or not as moist as it should be, you can add a little bit of your favorite cleanser or even just water to rejuvenate it a bit! ┬áThese are also heavily scented with a fresh, clean floral-like scent.

I really like these, and if you aren’t someone who uses wipes often, they’re a good, easy-to-find, budget-friendly option. I don’t buy these regularly, just because I like MAC’s Wipes better for my purposes (removing swatches usually), and I go through them frequently, so I buy the Bulk Wipes ($28.00 for 100 or $0.28 each). I prefer MAC Wipes for removing swatches, because they are more moisturizing, and when you’re removing makeup from the same patch of skin 10-20 times over a couple of hours, regular wipes often leave the area dry, scaly, and irritated. But what’s funny is that MAC Wipes do leave behind a slightly slick feeling after use–not really oily or slick per se, but what keeps my arm hydrated during a major swatch session is a noticeable feeling on the face, which you may or may not appreciate. I also can’t use MAC Wipes on the eyes (and they’re not recommended for use on the eye area last I checked!) without the skin feeling like it’s on fire.

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46 thoughts on “Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes Review & Photos

  1. Dana

    I have recently been using this and I do have to say I like them, I’ve also been trying out the ELF wipes which are great as well, especially for the value. The Neutrogena wipes sure are soaked! I just ordered the MAC Wipes cant wait to try them as well! Thanks Christine for another great and on point review!

  2. Jeniy

    I really like these wipes, the smell is good but j

  3. I’m not a big fan of these, and do NOT get the off-brand version. Yuck. I’ve found some nice makeup wipes that are similar, but cost a lot less at Forever 21.

  4. Gretchen

    I love these as well as their eye makeup remover pads.

  5. Mallory

    Thanks for reviewing these! I fall into the category of “not good at washing makeup off before bed” and makeup wipes have been a recently found saving grace. I’ve been using wal-mart’s off brand though- which, while they remove makeup pretty well, have been a little drying, even on my oily skin. I’ll have to give these a shot! Good tip about storing them upside down and rejuvenating them with water.

  6. samantha

    I like these wipes because they don’t irritate my eyes like 99% of other wipes do. I only use these to remove eye makeup or to remove fallout after shadow application, but they work great. MAC wipes have a funky smell that I can’t get past.

  7. Gina

    Thanks for pointing out that the MAC wipes aren’t supposed to be used on eyes! I was thinking of giving them a shot, but when I use makeup removing wipes, it’s generally all over my face. You just saved me some money!

  8. These are definitely not for oily skin. I prefer the ponds clean sweep wipes for my oily skin. :)

  9. Michelle

    I absolutely love this wipes. Such a great beauty staple. Have been using them for years to remove my makeup each night before cleansing and putting on face cream. They do a really good jobs taking off waterproof mascara and I haven’t had a problem with them drying out too much (even without the dispenser).

  10. Sara

    I find this particular wipe leaves a greasy residue on my skin despite what the packaging says. Also, I find that this doesn’t do any better of a job than Target brand wipes, which are in the 3$ range. Not saying that they are bad, because they do the job, but 9$ is rather expensive for what they are in my opinion.

  11. Megan

    I’ve been using these for a long time. I love them. They work so well, are gentle on the skin and smell nice. I like the lavender ones too.

  12. Wenz

    I used to like these until I found the Kirkland brand @ Costco. Better price but also I love that one side of the wipe is texturized and they’re pretty moist too.

    • I haven’t used those in a long time – the last time I did, I remember not liking the texture of the wipes (felt rough). I wonder if they’ve improved :)

      • beachgal

        Rough can be good unless using them like you need to over and over again in same day. A bit of texture to a wipe will help getting into the nooks and crannies and loosen dirt in pores – if we are talking about the right kind of roughness that is.

  13. GUSnail

    I also used to fall into the not “good at washing makeup off before bed” category until I found these wipes. I use them every night. they are so quick and easy and take off eye makeup pretty well and I can do it while my kids are brushing their teeth at night. I usually follow up with a toner and then my eye cream and night cream. I’ve found this routine to be much more important now that I’m in my 30’s.

  14. Michele

    I love these. I can use them on my waterline with no problems and they take EVERYTHING off for me.

  15. Hi Christine!

    Since you bring up the point of certain wipes being more suitable for “major swatch sessions,” have you found the equivalent for removing lipsticks?? Or do you just use the wipes? I can’t bear the feeling of dry, irritated lips (when you try on like 7 lipsticks in a row). As of now, I reapply my lip balm in-between lipsticks…but just wondering if you’ve found a remover that lessens the need! Thnx.

    • I use MAC Wipes for all swatch removals :) You’re only going to be able to swatch so many lip products in a row, and then you have to take a break and give your lips time to recover. I can usually manage 10-15 per stint, and then I have to wait an hour or two before doing more – but it depends, some products are more drying than others!

  16. Tina

    As a note, Neutrogena sells /the/ best drugstore available, oil-free makeup remover I’ve found. I have very oily skin, and my makeup is /on/ once it’s on, and it takes it off very easily. 10 dollars for a 5.5 oz bottle, without all the additional waste of the wipes. Those are so wasteful.

  17. Would you say these are okay for oily skin?

  18. Teri Vogelsberg

    I really like these. A lot! Almost better then the MAC wipes. I stock up all the time. Good for use on a makeup job.

  19. Betsy Rojas

    I picked these up at our local wholesale club and love them…I have sensitive eyes and these do a fantastic job of removing all eye makeup without any irritation. I also love the Walmart Equate wipes, which are much cheaper..both are wonderful…

  20. Jessica

    I use these and I LOVE them! I am too lazy to look for cotton balls and then put liquid on them, these are fast and I love that they are soft and work great

  21. Eileen

    I use these and have very sensitive skin. But I find if I wear too much eye makeup, especially on my lower lids, these wipes will irritate the crap out of my eyes. I also wear contacts.

    They do an excellent job of getting your face clean though. :)

  22. TygerKitty

    These are the only makeup remover cloths I use – I love em!

  23. Kaykyn

    I have used Thea for years and loved them! Thanks for the review Christine!

  24. Nancy

    My mother and sister have always used these wipes, but they make my eyes burn! I’m a big fan of Garnier’s makeup removing wipes; they smell lovely and don’t sting! :)

  25. Sherry

    I have been using these to remove my make-for quite some time and they work great..I get them at BJ’s to save money..The Ponds wipes are a little less greasy and fragrant…I think I like the Ponds a little better because they don’t make your eyes water..both are excellent on the waterproof make-up..

  26. Chi_Diva

    I love these wipes. In the past few months, I have been on a search for a good make up remover. The container is easily kept on my sink and now it is routine for me go for them after my contact removal. There are 2 big pluses, 1. they don’t irritate my eyes and 2. they are extra soaked.

  27. LindseyD

    I actually use these as my main wipes. I think I got a bad batch of the MAC ones once in HS and after that I just couldn’t stand them lol Also, as for the price difference, unlike the MAC ones these actually get coupons and whatnot, so their price can go below the bulk MAC wipe price.

  28. Jessica

    Really good cleansing wipes for the money are the walmart ones, Equate Facial Cleansing Towelettes. You can get a 2 refill packs with 60 wipes each for around $6. Since I wear Revlon colorstay foundation, it usually takes about 3 wipes to get really clean, but 2 would work fine if you plan to follow with a facial cleanser.

  29. Jean

    would you recommend these for people with dry skin? I have dry sensitive skin and was wondering if these would dry me out. or what would be some other makeup removing wipes that you can use for eyes for dry skin ladies?

  30. O

    I love these! I found a box of 4 packs of 25 + 2 travel packs of 7 for only $15 at Costco and it pretty much made my day. At that price, they’re cheaper (~13 cents each) than any other wipe I know of!

  31. beachgal

    I like these, but I prefer the ones from Ole Hendricksen. I always keep a product like this in a zipper bag next to my bed in a well organized bin I have for remotes, Nook, glass nail file and things I want easy to find next to me in bed. I am like you, I enjoy my skin care routine and I don’t even put on a lot of makeup most days – sometimes non but brows. However I use my day routine skin care that needs to come off for the night routine. If I am not feeling well (am disabled) or really sleepy suddenly, I will grab one of these and wipe off my face, eyes, neck. I keep an eye cream and a night cream in my bedside table so those are always right there if needed to follow up with. These and the personal wipes have been a real plus for me in my life. I am given large, plush wipes, heated in a microwave first when I am in the hospital now. So there is no need to wait for someone to bring me a pan of luke warm water and expect me to brush my teeth and wash my face and certain body parts (and rinse) all in the same bucket of water. Similar type of products(but not as plush) can be found at the drugstore and in places like WalMart. I keep those type of wipes in my bathroom. They come in handy! Seems I am getting more like my mom as I get older. These would have been things she would have had on hand to use if she were still here today!

  32. beachgal

    I keep hearing these are the best from many women. I used a couple other brands before tying these. My only complaint is I get some that are dried out and not as wet as they should be (even sealed completely). Also, these leave a little bit of tackiness on my skin. I do have a little spray bottle of WEN Replenishing Mist next to my bed and I spray that on which helps neutralize any tackiness. The price of these and other drugstore ones I like compared to my fav which is by Ole Hendricksen. WORST I have tried were by Philosophy – they really burned my eyes which is odd as Purity cleanser does not burn my eyes.

  33. Lark

    I find the Neutrogena are fine. MAC wipes were a Thing of Beauty but… what a bad pun!… The packaging factory was in Japan down the road from that nuclear reactor. They changed them! Not an improvement either. I’ve always used them on eyes, no problem. But now they’re smaller and don’t smell so nice.
    The huge bargain is the Walgreens wipes. Most house brands do not impress but Walgreens are exact clones of
    Neutrogena and much cheaper.
    I’ve been using a lot of Revlon Color Stay foundation because they make it light enough, but it don’t wash off! It stays, and stays, and stays….. Good wipes really remove it!
    Another recommendation from a guest MUA here is unscented baby wipes. If these don’t work for you it’s a thought; I’m on a High/Low kick- mostly Low, so I’m trying out drugstore goods. Since my dermatologist turned me on to Magic Moisturizer cheap I’m trying this stuff out. Some of it’s great!

  34. I too like Neutrogena wipes and I’m not a fan of MAC wipes because of the slick feeling it leaves behind. And yes if you get too close to the eye it burns. I have also tried Target brand wipes and they are very similar to Neutrogena and even less expensive. I keep them in my purse and by my bed for late nights and I’m too tired for a full cleansing routine.

  35. megan

    Thanks for the review. Though I’ve been using these for the last year and really enjoy them, their alot better than the WalMart brand I was using. I usually don’t wash my face at night unless I put on more than usual, so these are perfect!

  36. Cristina

    I’ve ben using these for a couple years. I really like them for removing face makeup, but i cant really use them for my eyes because I feel they’re too scratchy for that delicate area. I use the waterproof eye makeup remover from sephora to remove eyeshadow, liner and mascara. I always rinse my face after using these because I have oily skin and don’t like leaving the residue on my face overnight.

    Also, where di you get them for $7.99??? That’s almost twice as much as I pay for them at Walmart in South Florida! They’re usually $4.50 but sometimes they go on sale for $4. They’re not $7.99 anywhere in SoFl, not even at Ulta or Bed Bath & Beyond, where cosmetics tend to be more expensive.

  37. Megan

    The scent of these wipes is way too strong for me. I prefer the CVS version of these.

  38. Beckie

    I love these, their all I use. I’ve probably gone through 20+ packages of these. Can’t find anything better and bought the MAC 100 pack once and got an allergic reaction on my eye and face. What a waste of money that was! Didn’t even know about Back to MAC then, so it just went into the garbage

  39. Hannah

    I’ve found these work better then the sephora brand makeup remover wipes. Also Costco carries the Neutrogena Wipes in bulk. It’s a steal when you buy them that way :)