Friday, April 11th, 2014

Choose or Lose

How necessary is concealer?

  • It's an absolute! (54%, 1,988 Votes)
  • Only if I really need extra coverage on a specific area! (31%, 1,145 Votes)
  • As long as I have time, I use it! (10%, 381 Votes)
  • Never! (4%, 131 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,653

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50 thoughts on “How necessary is concealer?

  1. tracy

    to clarify i chose never based on laziness and lack of concealer skill :)

  2. Donna

    I have the dark circles from hell due to sinus problems, I need concealer!

  3. I only wear concealer! So very important 😀

  4. Rad

    I rarely use foundation but I do use concealer regularly. It’s great for covering dark circles and little blemishes here and there which is sooo good because I don’t need to bother with a whole foundation routine. I don’t have time for that!
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  5. For me, it’s an absolute. I reply on it more than anything else. I have dark undereye circles and concealer is what helps.
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  6. When I go for a quick natural look, I think it’s OK for red spots to be visible through foundation.
    When I go for full makeup, I will cover up eveything. Very happy I found a perfect match in Hard Candy glamouflage medium light :)

  7. I think concealer is more necessary than foundation for me. I really just use it under my eyes and around my chin if I need extra coverage.

  8. For me I only use it if I really need extra coverage on a certain area. But it may not be an absolute product for me because I’ve never found a concealer I love. Every one I’ve used has been fine, but nothing has really blown me away.

  9. kurohana

    concealer is must for me only when it comes to my dark circles and eye bags but when it comes to zits i dont slather on concealer i let them breath and treat them with a spot treatment through out the day

  10. I always need it for my undereye circles (I have a sleep disorder) and for any particularly angry-looking pimples! Though I always feel like trying to conceal zits is a lost cause. Still, I try.

  11. CatherineM

    Concealer is the one makeup item I cannot live without (mascara being a very close second). If I have no time, I’d rather skip foundation than concealer. The effect of well matched and blended concealer is much better than that of hurriedly slapped on foundation, especially if you suffer from dark circles or have any spots.

  12. Kica

    Because of my year ’round sinus issues it’s necessary whenever I wear makeup to coverup under eye circles and upper lip ( from more than frequent nose blowing….tmi??? lol)hyperpigmentation. When I’m not wearing mu and just running errands I usually don’t bother *shrug*.

  13. Mari

    I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis, so I wear concealer everyday on my dark circles and nose.

  14. Karla

    I have to say if I do my make up, I always use concealer. All females in my family have very dark under eye circles because we are of Croatian decent. Plus cystic acne has left me with wonderful red marks on my cheeks I like to at least minimize.

    • Wow! Synchronicity! My family always wondered where my different looks came from as I had such dark circles and differences from my sister and both parents, minus my mom’s eye color, but, as of about two weeks ago, new pictures of ancestors were found and there was the Croatian team with a woman who had the same odd coloring and dark circles just like me! Positive: We have yummy food! 😉

  15. For my under eye area It is totally a “must have”.

  16. Because of my all year long sinus issues I have to use it whenever I wear makeup. I have dark under eye circles and above my upper lip hyper-pigmentation since I more than frequently blow my nose (tmi…lol).

  17. Veronica

    It’s the only true must-have in my wardrobe due to my dark circles, to the extent that I’d call myself a concealer junkie. Quite often, I’ll skip foundation all together, as I have good skin and often like the dimensions of my natural face, only touching up with concealer around the eyes and nose.

    My two current favorite concealers are MAC Pro Longwear (cream) and Maybelline FITMe (liquid). I really want to try Smashbox, IT Cosmetics, and Amazing Cosmetics, and Estee Lauder’s concealers when I use up what I have.

  18. I saw this just as I placed my Cle de Peau concealer order (which should tell you that I think it’s a necessity for me!). My first tube lasted me a few years and it really is the best concealer, so the splurge is worth it for me. As a busy student with a few jobs as well, I have to at least LOOK like I get some sleep!

    • You know, if you use it, love it, wear it every day, and go through it? I think it’s worth it. Base products like that go a long way, I think :)

  19. It’s the most important part of my makeup routine!

  20. I love/need it for under my eyes, and 9 times out of 10 I’ll actually end up just dotting it on the spots on my face I want to hide instead of foundation. I prefer it that way, so my natural skin shines through.
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  21. If I have time I’ll go all out with it. But most days I pass because if I put on concealer I’ll want to contour, highlight and everything else lol
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  22. I am so pale and have such dark circles that if nothing else, I need concealer under my eyes. Honestly, if someone were ever to come out with a “night time” version of a concealer (eye cream and concealer in one, approved to wear to sleep), I’d be the first person to buy it!

    • Hi Mariella! Have you ever tried mixing a good concealer with an eye cream? Or perhaps brightening pigments into the eye cream to reflect light and hide shadows? It’s just an idea.

      • Nope…I do eye cream first (for daytime, it’s usually the Clarins one with SPF that has been pulled from the market now because it has to be tested to verify its SPF claims and I am almost out of it) – sometimes with a more moisturizing eye cream under it and then a separate concealer. I was mostly joking that I’d love a “sleep concealer” so that even in the middle of the night or when I wake in the morning, my dark circles would be covered!

        • Haha! I’m sorry your beloved cream is being pulled. Have you looked into the ingredients to find something similar or scour the internet for backups? From allergies I have had severe dark circles all of my life so I empathize with you. I hope you find something even better to replace it, Mariella. I really do. <3

    • Brenda

      I have found if I apply a decent sunscreen (w/zinc in it) under my eyes, before a primer and concealer it seems to help to lighten the area a bit. (super tired momma here – I have tried everything to hide my circles! I even try almond oil on them at night)

  23. While I think concealer is an absolute cosmetic must have, if it isn’t completely necessary for me to use, I’d rather skip it because that makes one less product to clean of my face. Extremely dark circles, shadows, some area around the mouth the nose… These places can make me look tired and worn out so that’s when and where I like to use it. A flawless finish makes me feel better about how everything comes together on my face. Plus, it’s an excellent primer. I guess it really just depends on my mood and how I’m seeing things. :)

  24. I’m 48, and thankfully, do not have any dark circles under my eyes (yet). I do, however, have lines. I keep wanting to like concealer, thinking it will brighten my face, in general, but every time I try it, I just think it makes me look older. Full coverage foundation works just fine for me.

  25. Magdalena

    I wear concealer on a daily basis because I just cover trouble spots and redness, so my daily makeup routine consists on concealer, setting powder, mascara, a little blush and lipgloss, very natural but looks flawless!

  26. Brenda

    With a 2 year old and #2 on the way – it’s a must for my tired, sunken looking eye sockets!! I won’t leave the house without at least a light layer under my eyes, even if I have nothing else on my face!!!

  27. Hawin

    To me, using concealer is the same as ironing your clothes. Without it, I can put as many makeup on as I would want to, but my spots/dark circle will get all the attention. It looks way more neat and flawless.

  28. Karen

    As a year round allergy and sinus sufferer I have dark circles that stretch up to the inner eye along the sides of my nose. Just recently the darkness occasionally has now crept up to the lid so that I literally look like I have two black eyes as if I’d been punched. I don’t think there’s a foundation out there that can deal with that.

  29. Because of my extremely dark undereye circles, I consider concealer the most important part of my makeup routine. It’s also a necessity for the occasional breakout.

  30. Sarah

    I am blessed with good skin so I only use concealer if I have time or to do a contour which is almost next to never.

  31. StrangeOne

    My dark circles are so bad that concealers that match my skin tone turn grey after an hour or so (and all the creamy famous ones get in my lines like you wouldn’t believe). I’d rather put on a corrector than a concealer.

  32. The place I most often use it is on my undereye area – that’s the area with the biggest annoyances for me in terms of blue shadows! Otherwise, I really only use concealer if I have a lot of time to prepare, or a particularly spectacular pimple.
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  33. LU

    So I actually don’t wear makeup everyday, but when I do, I always cover my dark circles, and if I have more time I’ll brighten the really dark areas of my face rather than put more foundation there. My nars radiant creamy concealer is such a great product.

  34. Absolutely necessary for me. I wish it wasn’t. OTL

    Lately, I’ve been wearing concealer every time I go out. I need it to cover acne scars and redness.

    On workdays, it’s one of the major steps I take during my makeup routine after my foundation. It takes so much of my time that I only do a quick swipe of 1-2 eyeshadows on my lids + mascara to finish the look.

  35. Melissa

    I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis so instead I use concealer to cover up some redness and the occasional spot. So in place of foundation, definitely!!

  36. kjh

    wouldn’t consider stepping out the back door to the mailbox without it. that’s five feet. if it wears off, people tell me i look tired or sick. people i don’t know. BAD! allergies are so bad right now, as many have attested. don’t always conceal the zits (yeah, at 65, imagine?) lots of this stuff inherited from my father…his coloring covered the undereye circles better, and he looked quite good. no concealer = no plans to leave the house, no face-to-face interaction, skincare only. the pups don’t even run + hide. i scare myself without concealer. seriously…any mirrors make me run for it. currently using the it corrector + also like erase paste. allergies are sinking + blackening so badly that i might try cle de peau or eve pearl salmon. i needed concealer in the fourth grade, by my old pix!

    • I hear ya!! Concealer ranks right up there with clothing when it comes to what to wear before I step outside!! My hereditary dark circles make me look like I’m auditioning for a part in The Walking Dead, and not as one of the living!!

  37. Only necessary when I don’t want people to ask me “what happened?” or “are you sick?” lol!
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  38. For me.. it is not absolutely necessary but at times when I have to click pictures for blog! :)

  39. With my under eye circles it is non negotiable. My favs are
    Bobbi brown corrector
    Balm timebalm
    Laura mercier secret concealer — love hate relationship

    Ones I have tried and disliked
    Amazing cosmetics
    Hard candy glamoflauge
    Nyx concealer sticks in the blue swivel stick packaging

    I bought the creme de la creme cle du peau before my brothers wedding but only got the chance to use it once bc I asked my fiancé to keep it in his pocket that night and at the end of the night it was gone. :(

  40. Alison

    I think day-to-day, if I only use a few products, concealer will generally be one of the ones I reach for. That said, I have a Wayne Goss approach to any product. “It’s only makeup”!

  41. faerieevenstar

    I used to use it a lot as a teen to cover spots, and I’m sure I clogged pores and made the spots worse ultimately. I then went through a phase where I was sure I needed a brightening concealer under my eyes every day.

    Since then I’ve stepped back and thought hard about my skin, and I think, on the whole, my skin is very clear, and if I do get blemishes, they get worse if I pile on concealer, foundation, powder, so I try, depending on where I’m going, to leave spots uncovered as they end up looking dry, flaky and weird anyway (my skin tends to be very dry). I also do not need under eye concealer (I’m only 30, and it was about 8 years ago a MUA convinced me I needed the stuff!).

    As a result I think my skin looks better more of the time by just learning to live with small blemishes instead of caking them in concealer. As a result, I hardly ever use my concealer and have had the same pot for years now! I think less is often more for my skin, at least, and I’ve really toned down how much I use of everything on my face (but never the eyeshadow, I cannot tone down my eye make-up ever because it’s so much fun!)