Sunday, April 27th, 2008

With Naughty Nauticals only four days away (!), I was inspired to hunt around for some sailor-esque outfits and ideas (and I really wanted an excuse to window shop). Do you ever do theme makeup and then make your outfit correspond? The theme of Naughty Nauticals is obviously nautical, so lots of blues and the like, so would you also opt for an outfit in the same vein?icon I know that I’m particularly excited over the new pigments Bell Bottom Blue & Mutiny, so you can expect to see some blues from me in the future!

So, what are you planning to get in your Naughty Nauticals haul? What are you “for sure” getting, and what will you have to see before you decide?

I’ll be for sure getting all of the pigments (well, not Lovely Lily–have that already)!

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38 thoughts on “Naughty Nauticals, MAC, and Window Shopping Fun

  1. cloudburst

    Good morning! I for sure will be picking up Bell Bottom Blue pigment, my probablys are Mutiny pigment, Shore leave e/s, Illegal Cargo e/s.

  2. Mari

    Hola! I am def. going home w/ Mutiny pigment and illegal cargo! Does anyone know if pandimonium and charred are similar??

  3. Sarah

    Woah woah!

    I love fashion almost as much as I love makeup, and I have to say a huge thanks for you putting these outfits together. I’m definitely getting those shorts. That top is so cute, too. Sigh.

    I’m actually not excited for Naughty Nauticals at all. I’m going to pass on it.

    I’m going to Japan in 4 weeks, anyway, so I need to stop spending all my money here. Then I can just spend it there (haha).

  4. jenn

    I am definitley getting Mutiny pigment, Illegal Cargo e/s & Love Knot l/g. I am undecided on about 5 or 6 other things.

  5. Susanne

    I want pigment Mutiny, Bell Bottom Blue and Lovely Lily, nail lacquer Shirelle, Lustreglasses Ensign and Hey Sailor.

  6. Tina

    That outfit is adorable! I really don’t match my make-up with my outfits because I usually just go with a clean, neutral look. If not, I’ll contrast the color of my clothes with an eyeshadow, but I’ll sheer it out. (I don’t like wearing bold eye make-up out if I don’t need to.)

    As for Naughty Nauticals, I’m definitely getting Buoy-o-buoy l/s and Bateaux l/g. I like all of the lipglasses except for Love Knot, so we’ll see about that. Mutiny looks GORGEOUS, but it won’t look gorgeous on me, lol.

  7. I’m not getting anything (I don’t think so anyway) I prefer the greens of cool heat and I need to save money for holidays abroad this summer anyway!

  8. Christine B

    The only things I’m for sure getting are Mutiny (so pretty!) and Ensign because I love the name (makes me think of Star Trek lol) and it looks really pretty in the swatches I’ve seen so far. Everything else I’m waiting until I see it in person and you put your swatches up. I seriously won’t buy anything from a new collection till I’ve seen your review and swatches =)

    And I really love that Metallic Poet Blouse you posted. Super cute. I may have to go look for it at my mall.

  9. I’m totally the girl who likes to match clothes & make up. I’m getting my make up done for the event next weekend here, & I plan on buying Mutiny, Lovely Lily, Port Red, Submarine, Pandamonium, maybe Illegal Cargo. I like the glosses too but I’m more in love with Dazzleglass glosses right now so I think I’ll wait & see what they look like in person. I want to match my outfit too so I might have to go check out those links cause those clothes are cute!

  10. Lenore

    Oh my gosh..I’m so excited. Do you ever get that excited feeling where you can’t sleep sometimes? Well, it’s not that bad yet, but I’m looking forward to Naughty Nauticals so much. I’ve always been a fan of all things nautical, and this adds an extra element of fun.
    I’m planning to get: party mate, love knot, hey sailor definitely. But I’ll also take a look at all the pigments. Chances are I’ll be getting lark about and mutiny for sure, but one can’t be too too sure, since others can be eyecatching too. I also want to see port red and ensign.
    Yeah this may be the largest MAC haul I’ve ever planned, since I’m not a complete MAC devotee, but blues are just so fun.

  11. Theresa

    I’m always thinking of the colours that go with my outfits or what look i should go with my clothes. Believe you me when i say i do it ALL THE TIME!

    And was I excited to see my fave clothing store (TOPSHOP) stocked with a range of nautical inspired clothing and accessories to match!!!

  12. Karen

    I want to get all 3 new pigments… not too excited about the eyeshadows and lippies.

  13. Jenny

    I was surprisingly happy with this collection! I went to the Pro store in Las Vegas and bought Mutiny pigment, Bell Bottom Blue pigment, Illegal Cargo e/s, Meet the Fleet e/s and Pandamonium e/s.

  14. Laura

    I think I definitely want Ensign l/g, Port Red l/s, Illegal Cargo e/s, both nails and possibly all pigments but I’m not sure about Lark About!

  15. Ariele

    I loveloveLOVE those Steve Madden peep toes! So cute, I may need to make a stop at the mall tonight :)

    As for what I’m getting from the collection… nearly all of it, I think. Definitely all of the pigments, most of the shadows… &I’m still debating the lip products. None of them look entirely original, but they look like my kind of lip colors, so. We’ll see 😉

  16. dee

    For sure for sure I’m getting Submarine eyeshadow. Depending on which I prefer I may get either or both of Pandemonium or Meet the Fleet. No lipsticks, no lipglasses. I have to consistently remind myself I’m actually kinda poor.

  17. Vivien

    I’m getting..
    Party Mate l/s
    Submarine e/s
    Pandamonium e/s
    Meet The Fleet e/s
    Mutiny PM
    Bell Bottom Blue PM
    Smoothblue Liner

    ..thinking about Illegal Cargo! Thank God for birthdays and the money that comes with ’em!!!

  18. lucyzombie

    so far i have ordered
    bell bottom blue piggie
    buoy o buoy lipstick
    illegal cargo eyeshadow.

    i think me and my mate are doin swapsies of pigment samples. she’s getting mutiny i think. i hope. i’d like submarine and pandamonium too. i was gonna get the blue eyeliner, but i got the blue/black heatherette eyeliner, and i have 2 blue liquid liners. don’t think i need anymore? especially considering i’m broke!

    god.the things i’ll do for mac. i’m currrently attempting to find posessions to sell on ebay! im going to be left with a bed in my room surrounded my a mountain of mac and one mirror.
    oh well.
    i’ll be happy.