Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

NARS Storm Bird Nail Lacquer
NARS Storm Bird Nail Lacquer

NARS Fall 2012: Storm Bird Nail Lacquer

NARS Storm Bird Nail Lacquer ($18.00 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as “moody gray.” It’s a medium-dark blue-toned gray with a cream finish. Deborah Lippmann Stormy Weather is darker, less blue-tinted. Zoya Kelly is a smidgen darker, almost purple-tinged.  I think this shade is named perfectly; it’s such a stormy kind of color.  What makes it stand out is that it isn’t super dark, like a lot of grays can be.

It was completely opaque after applying two coats.  The consistency had a nice balance; it wasn’t too thick or too thin, so it applied fluidly without bubbling or pooling along the sides.  I think NARS has become one of the more consistent high-end producers of polishes–and I love that they still give you a full 0.50 fl oz. This is pretty much the typical nail polish size, but some high-end brands have cut the size down to 0.30 to 0.40 fl. oz.  The handle isn’t as comfortable or as natural to hold, because it’s rather wide and square.  I have larger hands/longer fingers, but it doesn’t feel right to hold.

The Glossover


Storm Bird

I think this shade is named perfectly; it's such a stormy kind of color. What makes it stand out is that it isn't super dark, like a lot of grays can be.











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See more photos & swatches!

NARS Storm Bird Nail Lacquer
NARS Storm Bird Nail Lacquer

NARS Storm Bird Nail Lacquer
NARS Storm Bird Nail Lacquer

NARS Storm Bird Nail Lacquer
NARS Storm Bird Nail Lacquer

NARS Storm Bird Nail Lacquer
NARS Storm Bird Nail Lacquer

NARS Storm Bird Nail Lacquer
NARS Storm Bird Nail Lacquer

NARS Storm Bird Nail Lacquer
NARS Storm Bird Nail Lacquer

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NARS, $18.00.

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Deborah Lippmann Stormy Weather is darker, less blue-tinted. Zoya Kelly is a smidgen darker, almost purple-tinged.

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25 thoughts on “NARS Storm Bird Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Oh man, it’s as pretty as I thought. Nooooo.

  2. Alison Cole

    Storm bird! What a beautiful name. 

  3. Interesting grey!  I saw this last night on Nars Canada website and I was tempted..  but I’ll stick to Dior Gris Montaigne ’cause my makeup budget is crazy and I’ve already got lots of wants for fall and it is only JULY!  *gasp* 

  4. Colour is not my cup of tea, but I really like the description of it (moody grey). And it compliments your skin tone very nicely.

  5. mfelp678

    how would a nail polish bottle get 5/5 for packaging?

  6. Jen16

    Is this color similar to China Glaze in “Recycle”?

  7. Dominique33

    I love Nars nail polishes ( wear long, very classy packaging, great colours ) but this one is too dark for me, I thought it would be softer ( reminds me of Galion in fact ).

    • Kafka

       @Dominique33  I was concerned about the similarities to Galion, too.  In the end, I went ahead and ordered it in the hope that it would be like the lovechild of Galion and Full Metal Jacket (medium grey but blue-ish and metallic). Storm Bird does seem to be that intermediary, middling colour.  Looking at Christine’s swatches of Galion, Storm Bird looks much lighter. No black or navy tinges: http://www.temptalia.com/nars-galion-nail-lacquer-review-photos-swatches  (In case anyone is interested, here are Christine’s swatches of Full Metal Jacket: http://www.temptalia.com/nars-vintage-nail-polish-review-photos-swatches )

  8. Kafka

    YAYYYY, I did well! I can’t wait for this to arrive today.  I was scared to order it sight and swatch unseen because my mother had looked at it at Nordstrom and said it was sooooo dark, it looked blackish. Which, obviously, is not correct at all. (Mommy, we need to have a chat about your colour nuances!) I was also concerned it might be too close to NARS Gallion. But I went ahead on the off-chance that it might be like the lovechild of Gallion and one of my favorite NARS nail varnishes of all time: Full Metal Jacket.  (Gawd, I lurrrrvvvvve Full Metal Jacket!!) And YES, that lovechild combo looks to be the case!       
           I really adore NARS’ polishes; they don’t chip on me unlike some high-end polishes (Chanel, I’m looking at you), they last a super long time, they never crackle (like Illamasqua has on occasion) and they are a breeze to put on. IMO, I think only YSL makes polishes that are (almost) as good. Out of all the NARS ones I have (which is a very embarassing number by my standards), only Night Porter is nightmare to work with. Took me 4 tries to just get a decent look! Four! On-wiped off, on-wiped off, on-starting over from scratch, etc. So sad, as I’m a complete sucker for dark-greeny-blacks, but I’ve never dared work with it again. Fortunately, that’s been the one, rare exception.
        BTW, I disagree a little on the issue of dark greys being super common. In my experience, I really don’t think they are; light to medium greys, yes, but I haven’t found dark ones to be a dime a dozen.  Sorry for the longer than usual, rambling comment but I’m so excited over this review and to get my new grey baby later today! <does a happy jig around her desk>  And.. er…. I may need to switch to Decaf already….

  9. StephanieT

    This is my number one choice for the NARS fall collection! I’m so excited !!

  10. amalia22e

    Pleease, I am beggin ya Nars, make the square a cover, not the actual cap!!!  This one looks beautiful and I love their polishes :) 

    •  @amalia22e I can’t understand why everyone b*tches about Dior’s cap that comes off.  I love that and hate a square cap for painting nails.

  11. Oh my God. This is GORGEOUS! I’ve held off on buying NARS nail polishes because the price makes me cringe, but between the colors they had out for summer and these fall ones…I’m so tempted. 

  12. maureenmojen

    god it is the perfect stormy gray. I am definitely buying this.

  13. Gorgeous! I love the blue undertones in this — it really takes the shade from “generic grey” to “stormy.”

  14. Aesthete Beauty News

    I love this!

  15. It’s really rare that I see a nail polish that’s an actual color (not my usual light pinks/nudes) that I really want, but I LOVE this! Also, may I just say, you have lovely nails :)

  16. Wow that is probably the deepest, richest, loveliest grey polish I’ve seen. It really is like a storm!! 

  17. marseni

    Any idea how this compares to “You don’t know Jacques”?

  18. I love that shade of grey. It’s beautiful.

  19. Pretty! Love the way it looks in the bottle and on your nails!

  20. Kafka

    I just wanted to report that I love this nail varnish. It’s considerably more grey-grey than the heavily blue-tinged grey I see in the swatches; the blue hint is definitely there but just not as strongly as the photos. (Those colour differences are undoubtedly a monitor issue).  It’s a milder and slightly (just slightly) softer grey on my nails.  I would have been happy with either version, though I think the way it turned out is perhaps a wee bit less edgy and a wee bit more every day, if that makes sense.  Still, it’s been 3 days and every time I catch sight of my fingers, I’m impressed by the chic-ness of the grey.  And, as you reported, it’s an absolute breeze to put on, texturally. 

  21. Ginger

    I just tried this polish on at Sephora alongside Sephora by OPI Break a Leg-warmer and Nails Inc. Thames. No one could tell the difference, except maybe that Thames was a hair lighter, so I would suggest them as dupes. Formulas are all great and opaque in one coat. The NARS was shinier by itself, but a topcoat would level them out. I ended up saving money and gettingthe SOPI. I love my Orgasm polish and wanted it to have a matching bottle next to it, but I will habe to wait for a more unique color.