Friday, January 4th, 2013

NARS Spring 2013 Color Collection

Fresh and fierce, strong and sexy; the Spring 2013 Color Collection introduces a vibrant, ‘90s-esque palette that sets the tone for a season of audaciously feminine looks. Created by Founder & Creative Director François Nars, the collection heralds spring’s arrival with shades ready to make a graphic statement.

Eyeshadow Duo ($34.00)

  • Mad Mad World Cyan and parakeet green
  • Bouthan Soft pink tulle and bright pink with gold shimmer

Single Eyeshadow ($24.00)

  • Persia Matte paprika

Soft Touch Shadow Pencil ($24.00)

  • Corcovado 24-karat gold (Limited Edition)

Blush ($28.00)

  • Seduction Sangria

Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil ($24.00)

  • Cythere Soft metallic rose (Limited Edition)

Lipstick ($24.00)

  • Dressed to Kill Fuchsia rose with gold shimmer

Nail Polish ($18.00)

  • Disco Inferno Iridescent silver green (Limited Edition)

Availability: January 15th @ NARS, February for Sephora, Nordstrom, and other counters

See more photos & swatches!

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102 thoughts on “NARS Spring 2013 Color Collection

  1. Disco Inferno looks pretty. ^_^

  2. sagrario

    I’m loving the colors but the model is sooooo skinny…wow…I’m paying attention more to her figure than the makeup

  3. nazih

    oooo seduction blush looks gorgeous!

  4. xamyx

    I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that this collection doesn’t really appeal to me… I’m not interested in any of the shadows, although I can see the appeal for many. Oh, well; that just leaves more to spend on what I still want from the core shadows. The blush looks promising, though, and the nail polish (it reminds me of a more complex version of Lancome Elfe, which I wore all the time many, many years ago).

  5. JoAnn

    As beautiful as this collection looks, I think the only things I really want are the pink eyeshadow duo, and the blush. The lipstick may end up a must-have- but I will await your swatches before deciding!

  6. Xero

    Yikes! That model looks like she’s starving!

    Also, why do they keep releasing Soft Touch Shadow Pencils, lol? Don’t they know how bad they are…?

  7. Lilly

    Christine, when I reading about this collection on Specktra, there was some debate as to whether Seduction blush was going to be a powder or a cream. The photos here look like powder.

    Do you know for sure? I love NARS blushes, and I will totally pick this up if it’s a powder. The color looks gorgeous!

    Thank you! :)

  8. Yellowlantern

    That nail polish looks interesting. I hope it’s not a brush stroke-y frosty thing and instead has a foiled finish.

  9. lulee

    i have no interest in that “matte paprika” shade, but ill be getting it for its name 😀

  10. …it totally doesn’t look like the model is wearing ANY of that. Maybe the lipstick. But seriously. How do you use promote that collection with raccoon eyes?

    • Virginia

      I agree that it’s hard to tell if she’s wearing any of the colors, but I do think she might be wearing the pink shadow duo, lipstick and blush. They could have done a better job at displaying the colors, for sure.

    • xamyx

      It looks like she may also be wearing the pink duo, and possibly the blush, just *really* blended out. She’s wearing alot of black liner, but I wouldn’t call it “racoon eyes”.

  11. Orlane

    Oh no, not another Shadow Pencil / F rating :(

    Otherwise, WOW! all these look really interesting and vibrant! I suspect man of these colors would look gorgeous on darker skin :).

    I’m intrigued by the nail polish nd the lipstick looks nice as well :). Can’t wait for the reviews :D.

  12. Roxana

    Man, NARS always pulls me back in. Doesn’t seem like they’ve raised prices yet, though – I’ve already noticed across-the-board upswings in price from a few brands, like MAC and Butter London, so hopefully NARS will back off that for a little while. The brand is already expensive enough!

  13. Oh my gosh.. that nail polish… I cannot WAIT to see the review

  14. Carrie

    Tempted by the eyeshadow and the po

  15. 18thCenturyFox

    Not a big fan of Stella and this promo is awful. It almost hits a pro- Ana note with me. She looks…the opposite of strong. MAC did the model of strength well.

  16. Dominique

    I love the duos and the entire collection, great colour combinations as always, it’s bold and vivid !

  17. 18thCenturyFox

    Considering my sister and I still struggle daily with our ED, I will on principle be skipping this collection and just sent an email to Nars with my two cents.

    • Julia

      Just because she is thin doesn’t mean she has an eating disorder. I think the angle just makes her torso look narrow compared to her head.

    • Anjee

      Because the ENTIRE beauty/fashion industry isn’t overflowing with potential triggers?

  18. Emma Lynn

    individually the items look pritty but nothing here to me says collection. it just looks like a bunch of random products throw together. i unberstand contrasting looks eta eta and i tend to favour that sort of look but this is just bits and bobs with no main lust after product….. oh well money saved x

  19. Love these colours! I hope that this brings Nars back into their groove.

    That said, I totally agree with those who want to feed that model a sandwich. Also, she’s been photographed so heavily that all of her looks way out of proportion and wrong. That sort of mindless stretching and tweaking of models so that they look like they’re made of putty is a pet peeve of mine. (Won’t stop me from purchasing the products, though.)

    • joyce

      I agree – Stella Tennant has always been extremely slender, but the angle & photoshopping make her look tiny! I wish NARS would ease up on the airbrushing; for instance, Bobbi Brown’s ads are also retouched but the models’ skin still looks real instead of plastic.

    • zainab

      Hey, it is Stella Tennant, I knew I recognised her.

  20. Abbey

    I’m pretty positive that lipstick and blush will be mine.

  21. Stephanie TP

    Definitely interested only in mad mad world and disco inferno!

  22. Are the shades that do not have “(Limited Edition)” written next to them being added into the permanent line?

  23. I’m looking forward to Persia!

  24. Uh oh. Soft Touch Shadow Pencil! I smell another “F” on the way…

  25. Amber R


  26. Miss J

    Oooh, I like the blush. I’m not sure about anything else, but if the quality is right, I will most likely end up with another NARS blush. Will you be reviewing this collection, Christine?

  27. Erika

    That polish reminds me of Knackered by Butter London! Yes and I agree about Stella, she’s always been skinny but yikes!

  28. Kathleen C.

    I’m definitely getting the pink eyeshadow duo, the blush and lipstick! It looks so pretty! Can’t wait to see your review Christine!

  29. I’m really loving this collection!!! Great pics!!!

  30. Hazel

    The model photo is very distracting. I’m looking at her dress and trying to figure out what happened to her right breast. I’m not looking at her makeup. That’s a bad thing for whomever designed this ad.

  31. joyce

    That lipstick looks great. The blush is pretty too, but I’ll wait to see swatches – I hope it has shimmer rather than glitter. The big sparkles put me off buying Undressed and Miss Liberty.

  32. Is it just me, or does it seem like the price point for NARS’ Eyeshadow Duos are a bit steep? I still purchase them, but it seems like $28 or $30 would be more in line with the rest of the brand.

    • For whatever reason, NARS has always felt slightly too expensive, but I don’t know if that’s just because NARS was the second brand I knew about, relative to MAC – so of course, NARS would seem over-priced compared to MAC (well, 6-8 years ago, at least!).

      • xamyx

        I’m just glad NARS doesn’t raise prices every year like many other brands. Also, a duo is less than buying 2 UD singles, just a bit more (for now, at least) than 2 MAC singles, and you really get a lot of product.

        Makeup prices are skyrocketing, too. I was just at Walgreen’s today, and CoverGirl is as expensive (or with some products more) than L’Oreal. When did that happen? I knew CG was creeping up, but wow…

  33. Oh wow, the eye shadow duo and the nail polish look so cool! Can’t wait for swatches!

  34. Ok, that blush is soooo gorgeous!!!! I need it!!!

  35. Liz

    Disco Inferno looks like Butter London Knackered. But hey, why not? NARS polishes have great formulas, and maybe it will look a little different in person. I’m nutzo about the pink eye shadow duo, but the rest looks pretty ‘leave it’ to me…

  36. Veronica

    The model is really slim, but on the other hand, I’m not really sure how any other body type could pull that dress off. It would be borderline vulgar on anybody with anything but a modest bustline. Even then, I wouldn’t be surprised if some photoshopping was required to make it ad friendly.

    Nothing here really stands out to me, except maybe the lip products, and I’ll have to wait to see how they look on. I like the blue/green eyeshadow duo, but I think I can dupe that with what I have.

  37. Hmm….not sure how I feel about this collection. That nail polish is really pretty but the other products are kind of just meh to me :/ That paprika-colored shadow would look fabulous on blue eyes though!

  38. abigailOD

    That Lipstick! =D

  39. Melody

    Liking the lips and cheek color. Is it just me or is the promo model’s pose a bit awkward? It’s just unexciting to me and doesn’t sell me on this collection.

  40. I’m in LOVE with this promo image! Maybe I’m the only one? LOL! I never click on a NARS post but I clicked on this one just to see if there were more photos :)

    On an unpopular side note: It’s interesting that people aren’t bothered by reading (or hindered by saying) things like, “she’s too skinny!” but if it was a larger model and people said, “she’s too fat” it would start a WAR! I don’t mean people should STOP saying what they think at all… I just find it interesting.

    • Jenny

      If I saw in a promo picture a large model, I would say “at last a real woman!”

      • That’s EXACTLY what I’m talking about! I understand where you’re coming from (I’ve said the SAME thing myself) but why can’t a skinny person be a “real woman” too?

        I get that it goes deeper than just that – there’s the fact that thin is an image that’s forced down readers’ throats and the question of how “real” models are after photo editing, etc.

        I know WHY people say it, I just think… isn’t it just the same thing in reverse? REAL women aren’t JUST curvy, they come in ALL shapes and sizes – each one unique, beautiful and worthy of attention.

        • Jenny

          Totally agree with you, real women (and men) are also skinny, and larger, everyone can be beautiful (on the inside and outside) no matter their weight; and the model in this promo I don´t think is as skinny as some other models I have seen in past collections. Also, is funny how a makeup collection gets more comments on how the model looks instead of the products lol

          Btw, I recently discovered your YT channel, damn, you´re a great makeup artist! I´m jealous of your skills (I suck at doing my eye makeup hahahaha)

      • madii

        Excuse me, but I am naturally very skinny and I am indeed a REAL woman!! FAT does not equal real, it equals unhealthy. It’s awful people think they have the right to say “she’s so skinny, eat a sandwich” well then I can say “she’s sooo fat, stop stuffing yourself!” Geez! People come in all shapes and sizes.

    • Lou

      Some of the makeup looks like it might be nice, but I find the promo picture off putting. I think maybe I don’t like it because it looks a bit 90’s? Anyway, I would never say to someone they are too skinny, it’s very offensive to people that are skinny when people assume they have an eating disorder. One of my friends is very thin, and people walk up to her in the street and tell her she should eat more, which is just so rude.

      This is a really complex issue, but it does remind me of Fotoshop by Adobéy

    • Veronica

      Personally, I don’t mind if women are exceptionally thin, since my roommate is a very slender woman, and I’ve been surprised on mroe than one occasion at how people find it acceptable to criticize her body right in front of her. Women should be allowed to be comfortable no matter what their shape is. On the other hand, that doesn’t change the fact that media portrayals of the ideal female body is overwhelmingly dominated by a body type that exists naturally in only 2% of the population…and that eating disorders have been increasingly on the rise in the past two decades. More what I suspect the “she’s too skinny!” mindset comes from is a backlash against a cultural dialogue that constantly undermines female self-confidence in order to drive sales. I’m not defending it, since the only purpose it serves in the end is to turn women against each other, but I understand how it starts.

      I’ll also tack on that I agree with somebody below that the ad is just poorly shot to begin with. The focus isn’t enough on her face and the makeup – it almost forces the focus on her body because the pose and outfit dominate so much of the frame.

      • “the only purpose it serves in the end is to turn women against each other”

        I love that statement, and though I’m NOT a woman (so I can’t really say I can empathize), I believe there is SO much truth in that! Well said and very much what I was thinking but couldn’t put into the right words! :)

    • Miss J

      Thought provoking…haha. When I read “too skinny” comments, I guess I try not to assume people mean it as a criticism. You are right, though, I think… If someone said a model was too big/fat, I don’t think many people would take it as a concern for the health of the model.

      I do get bothered by the “eat a sandwhich” type comments. I was friends with a girl when I was growing up who was very bony and skinny. That girl could EAT. I mean, damn. It didn’t matter, though, she was always very lanky looking. As for someone with bulimia or anorexia (or another ED), it’s a a little more complex than just eating a sandwhich. Equally, it’s fucked to tell someone bigger to “eat a salad.” At the age of 6/7, I started looking puffy. Doctors just thought it was a growth spurt, but then I got into my teens and I was bigger than every girl in my class. It just seemed wrong to me because I ate like everyone else and was in various activities. I kept being told to eat less, workout more. Nothing I did helped. I was treated like I was a liar and stupid. I had to be doing something wrong. After being told it was something wrong I was doing over and over, I felt crazy, and I ended up with very unhealthy behaviors to loose weight. None of which worked. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20s that doctors found out that I had insulin resistance and hypothyroidism. Trying to balance food, exercise, and meds is a constant struggle.

      We are ALL real women and men. We all deserve dignity and respect.

  41. HeavenGlam

    NARS products are a bit sub-par for the price. I do love their blushes though. The blush in this collection is gorgeous.

  42. Sabriel

    All around me are familiar faces,
    Worn out places,
    Worn out faces.

    Bright and early for the daily races,
    Going nowhere,
    Going nowhere….

  43. Sabriel

    On a more serious note, it would be awesome if we could stick to criticizing the advertizing, instead of the model herself.

  44. AZSunshine

    I find myself interested in the blush, lipstick and polish. I won’t be purchasing till I see in store and a few reviews. But I’m really liking the color of the blush.

  45. Rachael

    Persia looks like the stand out product for me. Can’t wait to see swatches.

    The models face is so strong in the promo, I didn’t even notice the dress till after I read some comments about it.

  46. Shepherdess

    Christine, do you know if the items not listed as limited edition will become part of their permenant range?

    Oh another..ooh that blush! Sangria will be getting some good ole’ lovin’ from me this spring!! :o)

  47. bobbie

    I want that lipstick and blush!!

  48. heather

    I thought persia was a blush. I would love to see it as a blush

  49. Kami

    Can’t wait to see Cythere swatched but the rest doesn’t impress me.

  50. Mietta

    Loving the blush, will be very interested to see what it swatches like. The eyeshadows look lovely as well. That model though and that dress…hideous!!! She is so thin and looks like they stuck her head on a different body. Not only that, but that dress makes her look even more contorted than she is already positioned. I would’ve thought that with a ‘funky’ haircut they could afford to just have a close up of her makeup and her hair with no body. After all, we’re not buying the dress from NARS…

    • Susan

      I have to say that I’m not happy about this ad. Stella Tenant is a great model and has always been thin but this dress and shot make her look like a refugee who has been rescued and buffed and shined. Skin stretched over bone is really not something I find to be beautiful. Think I’m going to skip the whole collection in silent protest. Well, almost silent. Glad to see I’m not alone in my reaction to the ad. I know my thoughts are not new ones but even after all these years I’m not comfortable with pictures like this one.

    • Christy

      I agree with you. The model is way to thin. I would like to see a more “healthier” version in their campaign ads. …and one with more skin tone…rather than pale to fit our more diverse community of makeup buyers.

      • Mietta

        For sure. I mean, I agree with other comments saying that there ARE slim people out there who ARE healthy. I think I’m even one of them! But the fact is – we’ve had the skinniness shoved down our throats for so long that it almost is insulting these days to still be shown what ‘true beauty’ looks like. Another problem I have is that, why do we have these beautiful thin people (who may or may NOT be naturally thin) in these contorted positions? Why can’t she be smiling and happy? In a less ‘interesting’ dress?

  51. The blush, velvet gloss lip pencil and lipstick all sound lovely.

  52. Kat

    Looks like I’ll be visiting the NARS store on Melrose (Los Angeles,CA) next weekend!

  53. ProperIntro

    just excited for the lipstick

  54. Jenny

    Here we go again with a soft touch pencil from Nars lol I only like the lipstick from this collection, and maybe the blush…

  55. Peggy

    I must have that blush!!

  56. zainab

    The nail polish looks cool (almost good enough to make me wear nail polish), and I’m tempted by the single eye shadow. I don’t mind how the model looks (the image is a bit unusual, enough to make me click this post, so from NARS’ perspective the image works), but WHY isn’t she wearing any of the cosmetics? There’s sexy spiky hair and what looks like an entire black eyeliner, but no blush etc.

  57. Terri

    The collection looks interesting but I have a hard time getting past that dress!!! Not the model, but the dress. It looks very uncomfortable to have your breast squished like that, with one going one way and one the other. Plus, the right one looks like it’s gonna have a wardrobe malfunction at any moment!!!

    The model is beautiful, but that dress? Awful. Very distracting.

  58. Stacey

    64 Crayola Crayons….do anyone remember those? Do they still sell 64? That’s what these colors remind me of?

  59. tyler

    The nail polish, mad mad world duo, blush and single eyeshadow will be mine!
    Anyone else glad this is available before those giltcity codes expire?

  60. Choi

    … I like that dress! What’s the brand name of that dress?

  61. Franseca

    I hope the blush is as amazing as it looks.

  62. Carrie

    The moment I saw this, I just had a feeling that there was going to be a shadow pencil and I wanted to laugh my pants off when I saw it in the list.

  63. Jill

    The nail polish looks interesting, but kinda like a dupe for Nails Inc- Swiss Cottage. The promo pic looks hideous!

  64. The nail polish looks interesting, but really NARS? Another Soft Touch pencil? When will they learn!?

    Also, I don’t know if it’s the crazy dress or crazy photoshop, but the models body looks… odd?

  65. Julene McDonald

    The lipstick and lip pencil looks quite lovely. The polish looks interesting, but I fear it’ll be all brush-stroky instead of looking like glorious duo-chrome foil.

    With all the talk and bad reviews of the soft touch, I’m compelled to go try one. And yes, I was one of those children who touched the stove after mom said not to because it’s hot and will burn… just to satisfy the curiosity of what would happen when I touch something that burns. Only once though. lol

  66. Tea Matesic Bugarin (RedHead)

    That Paprika e/s looks awesome. And the blush! Man, you US gals get to play with all the fun stuff!

  67. 18thCenturyFox

    Yeah I don’t think that was necessary. For what it’s worth , I never thought skinny automatically equals unhealthy. HOWever that picture looks like a photoshop Fail, and I’ve seen many pictures of Stella Tennant over the years and that picture doesn’t look “right”. By the way, you cannot look at a big girl and know how healthy she is. I don’t endorse hurtful body shaming comments of ANY kind, but being called fat is not the same as being told to eat a sandwich. That’s a false equivalency and denies that there is thin privilege. Again, I don’t believe in making body shaming comments of any kind, but that photo seems.. Not right.

    • Vitória

      I agree with you, of course there is thin privilege but as a rather thin person I think people do underestimate how hurtful the whole “she looks anorexic” and “eat a **** cheeseburger” thing is, because they’re calling you unattractive AND sick at the same time, which is IMO just as bad as being called fat.

      All in all, it’s a crappy ad because we can barely see the makeup, the dress is hideous, the pose is awkward and the lovely Stella Tennant (check her out sans photoshop: looks photoshopped to death here.

  68. Diana

    Fat, skinny, dress, model, photoshop. Personally I started reading the comments because I was interested on everyone’s take on the upcoming launch. I thought that’s what this was for. Looking forward to the swatches and review.

  69. Cait

    Such bold shades and yet the model is fairly plain faced. Weird. I like the look of the lipstick though, and hoping it turns out gorgeous. :3