Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

NARS Kuala Lumpur Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Spring 2010:  Kuala Lumpur Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Kuala Lumpur Eyeshadow Duo ($32.00) is a newly-released eyeshadow duo from NARS Spring 2010 Collection.

On one side, it’s a melon-y peach kind of shade with a shimmery, slightly frosted finish–it would appear that this is just one of those shades for the spring season (like Benefit Nice Melons, MAC Flip, Urban Decay Muchness; or even MAC Melon Pigment).  The other side is a reddened burgundy with a softer frost finish and sheen.

I don’t love this eyeshadow duo, and I really thought I’d be all over it, given the way it looks.  However, this is an eyeshadow duo one really needs to use wet, because the color pay off is not up to my expectations for a brand like NARS when they’re used dry.  When used dry, particularly on the lid, they tend to look incredibly sheer and have a good deal of fall out (primarily of the shimmer).  I didn’t expect to have any fall out troubles with this, considering they’re pressed powder shadows with shimmer, rather than glittery bits!

The texture of Kuala Lumpur is very soft–the shadows are smooth and soft to the touch but powdery, and when swatched, they look nicer than it was when I attempted to use the colors dry in a look.  In order to make the look come together better, I ended up using the colors wet, which definitely helped quite a bit.  I didn’t love it even wet, though, because once it dries, it does fade back a bit.  It’s like, when you use the eyeshadow wet, it doesn’t remain looking like it does when wet, but it doesn’t completely become how it looks when dry.  Instead, it settles somewhere in between.  (You can see me wearing this duo in this look.)  I also found that when used dry, it just didn’t seem to apply evenly and I really had to pack on the color to get an even (though sheer) application.

For $32, I want an eyeshadow I can truly use wet or dry, not just wet.  I also don’t want to have to work too hard to make it work for me, either.  I can get down with having to experiment a bit for just the right application method when we’re talking about a $2 eyeshadow, but if you’re going to buy high-end, it should work right outta the compact, you know?

The good news, for those concerned with the $32 price tag, is you get plenty for your money.  The math works out to NARS eyeshadow duos being cheaper by the ounce than both MAC and Make Up For Ever.  But maybe you’re better off picking up a different duo…

Oh, p.s. if you dig these colors, you may find that layering them over a more metallic base will help enhance their colors.  Like say MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot.  I always find poor performing shadows seem to work better when layered over colored and shimmery/metallic bases.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 25/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation:  If you like your colors soft, I think you’ll still enjoy this new shade for spring.

Availability: BlueMercury

See photos & swatches!

NARS Kuala Lumpur Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Kuala Lumpur Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Kuala Lumpur Eyeshadow Duo
(Swatched dry.)

NARS Kuala Lumpur Eyeshadow Duo
(Swatched wet.)

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58 thoughts on “NARS Spring 2010: Kuala Lumpur Eyeshadow Duo

  1. That colour on the left looks like the Dior blush from the Spring collection!

  2. I’m glad you did a review on this because I totally had it on my “list of things to buy.” Partly because I thought the colours were great, partly because I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur and loved it (haha probably not the best reason to buy an e/s named after it, though, huh?) In any case, maybe I’ll reconsider this purchase now.

  3. I was thinking of picking this up, but it kinda reminds me too much of a few MAC shades I already have. Maybe Melon pigment and Trax eye shadow?

  4. amy

    I tried this duo on at a NARS event last weekend and I quite like it but I do agree that it is a bit sheer and light. The colours faded even with a base and the MA used it dry.

  5. Anitacska

    Thank you, I will now definitely NOT buy this, lol.

  6. Madalina

    i so agree with how they should work perfectly when they’re high end. i had a problem like that with a chanel quad once (the black, silver, pink and peach one with glitter) and the payoff was not nearly good enough and too much fall out:(

    • I can get down with having to work a bit or experiment with techniques/bases with drugstore brands (not that it they get off because of it), but hey, high-end is supposed to be quality, so it better be!

  7. Alexis

    I have been waiting for this duo because it’s been a while since I’ve been excited about a NARS collection. It works for me. I like it because I don’t quite own anything like it in my collection of duos. And personally, I love NARS. If I pat on dry I don’t get as much fallout as the Hula Hula duo, per se….

    • I was patting it on dry (I typically pat my eyeshadow on) and still got a ton of fallout :( When used wet, fallout was much improved, though.

      I am more often disappointed by NARS than I am impressed, unfortunately. I have always wanted to fall in love, but we never seem to get it right!

  8. Ryan

    They look sheer when swatched dry… For me it doesnt seem like nars is worth the money because of its quality. Am I the only one who feels that mac is way cheaper while also being better quality? idk I have never had nars other the a blush.

    • I haven’t found many NARS products that have lived up to the hype for me. At least with the duos, the price for these is less than you’d pay for the MAC equivalent, surprisingly :)

      It is cool that you can use NARS wet or dry, though. I’m not a huge fan of using eyeshadows wet, just because it’s like, “Oh, pretty!” but then it dries in thirty seconds and auto-fades.

  9. Kristina

    I love this duo, From reading the description on the NARS web site, this was supposed to be a sheer wash a colour so I expected that. It’s true that Vibrancy in the pan doesn’t always translate to vibrancy on the lid, but when that was the desired look for the collection I think it does a bang up job.

    Sheer shadows are hard to do well, so many of them are chalky or hard to blend. I found this lived up to other great sheers like Dior, YSL and Armani.

  10. Thank you so much for this review. Very timely! I just saw this duo in the Sephora cat last night and was very tempted. I hate fall out and sheerness though, so total pass. TY for saving my $$

  11. I think you convinced me to not buy this duo! i’ve been lemming it for a while. But now, you just saved my money!! Thanks <3

  12. Kuala Lumpur??thats where I come from!!!

  13. yajaira

    Looks gorgeous

  14. Christa

    I picked up this duo last week and I’m really pleased. I’m quite fair so maybe the colours show up nicely on me because of that? I thought it was quite nice to work with and I only had minimal fallout. I used MAC Bare Study paint as a base for reference.

  15. Nicole

    Thank you for this honest review! I have a really hard time resisting NARS. But now I can save a little money!! I haven’t heard good things about the new Orgasm Illuminator either.

    Also, I heard NARS is discontinuing the Sugarland duo…? I can’t decide if I want it, but I guess I need to decide QUICKLY! Haha.

  16. Girlygirl70

    Thats really unfortunate because the colors are gorgeous! I want to be able to use it dry OR wet too, especially for the price!
    Thanks Christine!

  17. graychic

    swatched dry, these put me in mind of Lancome color design singles in either exhibition or mannequin and gaze

  18. Jennifer D

    the purple looks alot like benefit’s i canne and i will

  19. It looks very sheer not to mention similar to the Chanel quad. Glad I didn’t spring for this.

  20. Julie

    Yeah, that swatch is really disappointing ): Why NARS!? I really wanted that!

  21. Liz

    This look absolutely goegeous Christine. I have to stop coming here, everything looks fabulous and you never failed me Christine. I see the benefit sugarbomb look on you and I ran out to get it,and it was beautiful…..same goes with bb shimmer brick. Keep up the amazing work. love ya

  22. Steph

    thats soo sad about the payoff as soon as the picture loaded i was drooling !! i love how they look wet but ur right shouldnt be so hard to use at that price !! thanks again Christine for being such an Avid Blogger and keeping us up to date ! Really appreciate what you do !!

  23. Tricia

    Is it just me, or does that melon swatch remind anyone else of MAC Nymphette lipglass? :o)

  24. Hilana

    Ohhhh…. I LOVE it!!! I am such a sucker for these colours! And it suits me really, really well!
    Awesome! :) I want it! :)

  25. Hi there! I live in Kuala Lumpur and when I read your post, I just HAD to comment! It’s funny that NARS has named one of its products ‘Kuala Lumpur’ as we don’t have NARS anywhere in Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia for that matter! Btw, does anyone know if one can purchase NARS in Bangkok?

  26. That’s such a shame about the fall out and the sheer application. The colors are gorgeous. :(

  27. Well, Kuala Lumpur definitely looks better when used wet.

    P.s I am from Kuala Lumpur….and would love to have this duo 😉

  28. Usha

    Oh I think I am buying this regardless – to have an eyeshadow named after the place I was born and brought up in just to cute to pass by – pity about the colour payoff though – tsk tsk Nars you should know better!!

  29. Kitty Kris

    I really wanted this duo but so disappointed after your review now :( And they are such pretty colours…

  30. Peach

    why B-??
    I love it
    the pink thing is so prettyyy

  31. civa

    the color on the left is too gorgeous!
    Even though it doesn’t seem very pigmented(in nars standard), I love the blurry “halo” effect(if that make sense) it has in the dry swatch.
    I can see it wouldn’t be too much of a problem to blend that color.
    It seems similar to MAC melon pigment, but I think melon has a bit more gold tone. Maybe expensive pink could be a close dupe color wise?

  32. Maple

    after reading your review, I’ve second thoughts on purchasing this shadow. I thought of buying it just bcos I’m from Kuala Lumpur. It is true that this eyeshadow is not available in Kuala Lumpur if anybody is interested 😛