Monday, May 9th, 2011

NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil
NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil ($24.00 for 0.14 oz.) is described as “majestic and modern citrus gold glitter, can be swiped on lids and blended with a fingertip.” Although I haven’t had good experiences with NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencils, I still held out hope, but Queen also disappointed. Despite NARS saying it can be applied to the lid and blended with a fingertip, it only lasts for a half hour or so, and even then, I’m not exactly sure what look NARS was going for.

Queen contains chartreuse glittery bits suspended in a colorless base–there is no color whatsoever, just glitter. It’s not a very densely-packed glitter, either, because it applies sheer and doesn’t seem to be buildable at all. The glitter is large and chunky, and though it didn’t feel quite like sandpaper, it wasn’t soft or smooth when used against the lid. I could definitely feel the grit and unevenness of the glitter as I attempted to apply it on my lid (I applied it directly, using the pencil against the lid).

When I used my fingertips to “blend,” I ended up with half the glitter on my finger with the rest on the lid. Just like several other shades I’ve tried, it creases within an hour (faster, too, but I just took a photo after an hour). The glitter migrated into the crease and collected with its friends. There was even some that had traveled beneath my lower lash line.

I attempted to apply it over an eyeshadow look to add glitter, but it made the look crease, and even before it creased, the glitter didn’t seem to apply evenly or smoothly at all. I also applied it over a clear eyeshadow base, and I still experienced the same creasing and migration of the glitter as without a base. When applied to the lower lash line, it travels down to cheeks and with the sheerness of the product (you can’t get a really dense, rich line of glitter), it just doesn’t apply well.

The Glossover



It doesn't work alone, over a base, over eyeshadow, and if you apply eyeshadow over it, you end up covering a lot of the color of the glitter. You'd be better off applying glitter eyeliner (many are colored glitter suspended in a clear base) and applying that onto the lid, because at least it'll adhere for more than an hour.
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NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil
NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil
NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil
NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil
NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil
NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil
NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil
NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil – 1 hour later

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NARS, $24.

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Consider Urban Decay Mullet Glitter Eyeliner.

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137 thoughts on “NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. lily

    Where’s the product?! Seriously… a few specks of glitters does not equal a product.

  2. baby in a corner

    This is like a pound shop (dollar store) product that i used to buy when i was a kid!

    • lily

      It really does!

    • Ari

      Likewise! In theory, they were available in bright red, blue, green and yellow. In practice, it was a scatter of silvery glitter chunks, every – single – time. But being eight years old, I loved them. :)

  3. Diana

    “The glitter migrated into the crease and collected with its friends”. That seriously made me LOL. I can just hear the frustration.

  4. Violeta

    $24!!! Thanks for the review Christine. This product shouldnt even exist.

  5. nez

    This is an absolute WTF product…

  6. Yup ,that looks every bit as horrifying as I was afraid it would. I was actually looking forward to reading your review just to see how bad it really was 😀

    PS- Is there a typo in “The Glossover”? It looks like you gave the product a 10/10 rating.

  7. Alyssa

    I think it’s a total waste of time to even make a product like this, much less release it to the public.

  8. Katie

    NARS actually disappoints me quite a bit. Some of their products are worse than drugstore and twice the cost.

  9. Nichole

    It’s amazing NARS can produce fantastic blushes, a great eye shadow base but then come out with this crap. It’s like they are two different companies.

  10. Vvn

    does NARS not even test their own products out?! *sigh*

  11. Elizabeth

    HAHA!! This product is funny.

  12. Amanda R

    Insulting. I expect much more from a company like NARS. I typically like most of their offerings, but $24 for a product that doesn’t even work half as well as something I could buy at a dollar store is highway robbery! As always, thank you for your honesty, Christine!

  13. Oh my, seems like a rather disappointing product indeed.

  14. sam

    fail. nars has been dropping the ball lately with these

  15. Even the shot of your eye looks like it’s angry to even be trying such a terrible product. Too bad, it’s pretty in theory (if it looked anything like the product photo when you use it)

  16. What on earth is that supposed to be? It reminds me of those glitter glue things from arts and crafts projects as a kid 😛

  17. Marie

    I’m a huge Nars fan, but I cannot understand how they can think it’s a good idea to put a product like that on the market. It’s just awful, and ends up giving bad publicity to the brand as a whole.
    I never liked the soft touch shadow pencils (their worst product imho), but this one is just mediocre.

  18. skybluesky


  19. jasmine

    eww so disgusting. how can they put this product out there what kind of people are working for nars these days??

  20. Mo

    That’s terrible. Nars should know better.

  21. What. The. #$%@. Are you serious? This is the most ridiculous product I have perhaps ever seen. What were they thinking?!

  22. Leenie

    At first sight the pencil looks pretty, but after seeing those pictures, what a disappointment.

  23. I saw it and went oooh that’s a pretty colour and then read the review and saw swatches… hahahahaha terrible. Seems like both NARS and MAC are both having dumb moments with cream eye shadows!

  24. Pawsha

    It looks like you have pepper on your eyelid. I can’t believe they put this out.

  25. Wow… just… wow… and $24? Extra wow for that.

  26. Kayla

    This is quite literally the worst product I’ve ever seen.

  27. courtney

    this is HORRIBLE!

  28. Kim

    Why would I spend $24 to look like I have a million black heads when I can produce them for free?

    • Alicia

      Haha, I was thinking the same thing. Blackheads or eyebrow stubble. Not a good look either way.

  29. Marian

    That’s horrible! lol

  30. what is the purpose… of this… product :/

  31. NARS is my favorite brand, but when I saw this I really had no idea what the heck they were thinking!

  32. Nessa

    Just looking at it I had high hopes. But comes out with no color pay off and a few specs of glitter,and it doesn’t even last either to top it off, what a shame. Xoxo

  33. Gill

    Good god. That is truly hideous.

  34. Ashley Avocado

    hahah i can’t really help but laugh because this just seems so… silly 😛

  35. imagine the brainstorm for this product!! O___o
    “Oh! Let’s make a glitter stick!” “fantastic!” “oh, but it has to be sheer and chunky as hell and nothing you can’t get in a glitter pot anyway!” “let’s make it chartreuse, since Celebrate was that colour, surely they’re going to wear fantastically together”

  36. lena

    Dear NARS,
    Pleae stop trying to make Soft Touch Shadow pencils happen. They are not going to happen!!

    • Emily O.

      Maybe if someone had mailed Francois a copy of Mean Girls to his tropical isle we wouldn’t all be pointing and laughing :)

  37. Ellie

    I can’t believe that out of the handful of “F”s you have given, Nars has gotten two! I have oily skin so I don’t think I’ll ever try the soft touch pencils, even the ones that you’ve given higher “marks”. I don’t know how they could allow these products to go to market.

  38. Katie

    Wow. Is it possible to give an F-? I knew it would be bad after reading the review and seeing the F grade…but the pictures blew me away O_O

  39. Megan

    It’s horrible…

  40. Dayna

    Um… Why did they even release this? Lols no point

  41. I just…what the actual F? I knew from the get-go that a glittery Soft Touch pencil would be a steaming pile, but this is ridiculous. I want to know how NARS let such a terrible product into the world.

  42. Sarah M

    I had such high expectations because the colour just looks so beautiful but it is possibly the worst thing I’ve ever seen; makeup-wise! Sooo disappointed NARS. :-(

  43. Nicole

    In the pencil it looks amazing…but sadly you are so right. It is so disappointing and horrible on the eye. Lameeee.

  44. That’s totally disappointing. The concept of doing chartreuse with glitter would be pretty if it was more like the UD ShadowSticks.

  45. BeckBeck

    The pencil’s one saving grace is how darned cool it looks in the first photo, when it hasn’t been used yet. Other than that, I could smell the fail from a mile away…

  46. AnGeLwInGz


  47. Becca

    that’s disgusting!!!!!!!!!! it looks like you have that fruit (which I can’t seem to remember the name of right now) smeared all ove your eyelids.. not impressed NARS, but I’m not surprised either :(

  48. NikNasty

    Eewwwwww it looks like a nasty greasy eyelid covered in dirt hahahaha omgggggg… I love NARS sooooo much… So glad I’ve never bought one of these damn things before hahahaha that shut does not look “majestic” or “modern” at all hahahaha

  49. romina

    wow! who ever ok this product should be fired!

  50. wallflower

    OMG. it’ a joke, right?! wait! maybe i’ve found a purpose: it’s the perfect birthday present for someone you don’t like! 😀

  51. tawny

    i can’t get over how ridiculous this is. LOL. and i agree with other posters, some nars products totally miss the mark.

  52. kiwi

    it looks like eye lice! :C

  53. Mariella

    Oh dear….it looks like you’ve got some sort of skin disease or like someone threw pond scum on your eye. What a dreadful product…and yet in the pencil, it looks so interesting and unlike anything I’ve seen before!

  54. Hannah

    What is NARS thinking? This is just embarrassing to them as a company. I hate to think about people actually buying and trying to use this.

  55. it’s so depressing that these soft touch shadow pencils are so horrible. I got the hollywood land one in a box set and I hate how sticky it is on the eyes. I use it underneath pigments to help them stick, but other than that, these products have no decent use.

    the urban decay 24/7 shadow pencils are so much better

    • Mariella

      I agree – the UD pencils are so great (though my Rehab is sliding itself out of the plastic “tube”…I gently push it back in but will probably return it next time I go to Sephora)

  56. rowan

    wtf? that is bizarre!

  57. justine

    the crazy part to me is that they actually sent you this product for review – you’d think that after the magic of getting this product produced and having it slip by their quality control people in the first place, they would be ashamed of it and not send it out to honest bloggers and youtubers like yourself. nuts!
    huge fail!

  58. Mai

    This is so atrocious! Who was it that okay’d this product because it looks so worthless! Awful awful

  59. jenny

    Huh, somebody accidentally clicked “loving it”

  60. jenn

    YIKES!!! Very disappointing!

  61. Michelle

    Oh wow. What, seriously? This product just boggles my mind.
    I had this gold glitter glue pen I used for crafts when I was 6 that looks like would’ve worked on my eyes better than this.

  62. amy miranda

    Hello, May I ask you what camera is being used to take these beautiful and so gorgeous photos? please advise as I am about to buy an slr and I want to get advice from you. Thank you temptalia..

  63. Jan

    Can this be layered over eyeshadow or eyeliner?

    • I tried it over eyeshadow, and it made all of my eyeshadow crease! As eyeliner, it migrates and moves around quite a bit, and since you can’t get an opaque line, it looks really odd since it’s just these random bits of glitter.

  64. Anya

    There are no words to describe this failure.

  65. AshD

    This must be the WORST product I have ever seen – and they charge $24 for it?! how is it possible to charge $24 for something that is nothing. like a poster said above – “where’s the product?”

    • AshD

      In fact, after seeing several of these terrible NARS products on your site (I believe there are a couple of others you gave Fs I saw in the past), I’m not even going to tempted to consider buying NARS anything. I was always turned off by the immature, vulgar names they choose for several of their products, but this is just icing on the cake…good riddance though, one less brand to tempt me to spend money 😉

  66. Elle

    I’m dying reading this. It looks like a little kid stuck his finger in a jar of glitter and just pressed it onto your eyelid.

  67. Monika

    I don’t even understand what this is supposed to achieve. I remember one girl at Sephora was looking at the Celebrate soft touch pencil (the highlighter green pencil from the spring collection) most likely because of the color, and I just said to her, “I don’t know if you’re going to want that. They crease terribly and don’t do what they’re supposed to do at all.” She looked really happy that someone was honest with her about such an expensive product.

    I love NARS a lot. I love the multiples, many of their eyeshadows, the copacabana illuminator, the laguna bronzer, and of course, their awesome blushes (even ones that aren’t supposed to work on my skintone in theory). It really irritates me that they’re still making these terrible shadow pencils, especially considering that brands like Urban Decay and NYX have pencils that are infinitely better in almost every way.

  68. LOL. Thats like the kind of glitter we got at crafts stores..maybe i can buy it for my kid brother so he can decorate his cards with it.!

  69. Cori

    I don’t even know why they put this product on the market! :(

  70. Madelynn

    How do these shadow sticks pass Nars’ standards? I just don’t understand.

  71. Evelyn

    wow that is awful!

  72. Ayr

    This is absolutely hilarious.

  73. Pariah

    this is really too bad, because it is a really pretty looking pencil.

  74. Shelby

    How embarrassing! I mean, I usually find Nars to be overpriced for their quality, but this is pathetic!

  75. Brianne

    Oh my, what was NARS thinking with this one??

  76. Kathy

    NARS, hate to break it to you, but April Fools was over a month ago!

  77. Love11Ca

    Really NARS? Really?

  78. Annie

    This made lol. That is all.

  79. Gosh that’s disappointing. It looks completely unusable!

  80. Steph

    Wow that is just absurd. At least with the other shadow pencils the performance depends on skin type and they can work as a base for some(I know I’ve seen a few people comment that NARS’ soft touch pencils work for them so it’s a bit more YMMV) but I absolutely cannot understand how they ever released this. Even given NARS’ apparent obsession with chunky glitter in their products, this is just something else.

  81. Melissa

    WOW!!! What the heck!!!

  82. My reaction:
    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha what the heck is this?

  83. This pencil seemed so nice on the product picture (kind of like Sisley Phyto Kohl Star Pencils), but seriously, I can’t believe they expect you to pay $24 for a bit of glitter.

  84. OMG Queen looks like a disaster! I am confused what the idea was behind this product. O.o

  85. Carrie

    Your eye looks so sad, almost like it was pleading with the product to work. I saw the pencil photo & almost squeaked with excitement. Then saw the review, I’m so bummed!

  86. t_zwiggy

    7 people pushed the wrong button! How anyone can love this is beyond me lol

  87. Hiromi

    it’s really amazing how nars can be such TOTAL hits and TOTAL misses

  88. Nadia

    Wow, this product (and I use the term loosely) is an insult to makeup!

  89. Grace Chin

    this is worse than MAC’s Big ‘Flop’ hahahhahaha.. thought tht was worse enough!

  90. Vick

    this looks stupid

  91. Jennifer

    Wtf? Is all I can say. I don’t even GET this. Haha. How could this get through product testing? Horrible!

  92. Destiny

    Wow! NARS is really trying to sell this product for $24?! That’s crazy. Drug store products are better than this.

  93. Selenite

    What the……..what on earth were they thinking?! Isn’t NARS supposed to be a highly talented pro-mua? Why are they releasing such horrible crap? NYX and Urban Decay make better pencils.

  94. frida

    it looks so cool ! to bad that it sucks ..

  95. Fernanda S.

    Is it serious? It´s a total fail! You should send it back to NARS and tell them that they sold a product that does´t do at all what it promisses. So sad… Good that I read your review, if I had saw it anywhere, just because of how it looks, I´d have bought it.

  96. Ruby

    LOL HILARIOUS!!! how did this product even get approved and manufactured?????????