Friday, January 13th, 2012

NARS Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturizer for Spring 2012

Per WWD, Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30/PA+++ will be available in nine shades and retail for $42. It will launch exclusively to Nordstrom first, debuting February 1st, and then and NARS’ Bleecker Street store on February 15th. The range will rolled out nationally and globally in full come March.

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66 thoughts on “NARS Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturizer for Spring 2012

  1. They’ve been talking about this at NARS since I started in December. I’m really excited to see try this!! I’m not a tinted moisturizer fan, but I’ve been told this is unlike the ones that are on the market, in that it provides more coverage. Can’t wait to see the swatches!!

  2. I can never tell the difference between “radiance” and “an oil slick on your face.” The model on the far left looks fine, but I cannot tell from the advertisement if it will turn my face into a slip ‘n slide.

    • Dinitchka

      I agree. I think the finish is beautiful but with my oily skin, I’d look a hot mess. I defo will be skipping this product!

      • Erica

        This product really isn’t oily, the “radiance” is similar to that of their Sheer Glow Foundation. I have very oily skin so I understand, this tinted moisturizer works fine on me!

  3. maritza

    crap! I love NARS and I prefer to use tinted moisturizer rather than foundation. uh oh.. i’m in trouble at $42 a bottle

  4. Lirael

    Thank goodness one brand at least has realised that it is not the case, all of a sudden that when someone swaps a foundation for a tinted moisturiser they aren’t also swaping NC10-100/NW10-100 skin for light/dark skin.

  5. Aysha

    The packaging reminds me of the Smashbox tinted moisturizer

    • MakeupMaven22

      I completely agree with you! I love the SB tinted moisturizer and I can’t wait to try the Bars version!

  6. Roo

    Always interested in new tinted moisturizers and I’m optimistic about the shade range. Any body know the ingredients or at least the sunscreen active?

  7. Oooooo, very excited to try these out!

  8. I’m still waiting for a company to show love to us snow white pale girls!!! All these shades are WAY dark!

    • gina

      true that true that Im pale myself and have a hard time 42.00 to be wasted is not for me

      • Lark

        Sephora stores do sampling. Any Nars counter should be glad to make you a sample too, it’s pretty standard for foundations. Just ask nicely.

        I want to know ingredients. My lines and wrinkles disappeared with Hyluronic acid and I am Not Giving It Up!

    • Marie

      I wouldn’t worry about that. This is NARS; they offer face products for the very pale to the very dark. The promo picture only shows 6 shades when there are 9 in total. Plus, look at the promo pictures for the new line of concealers: the lightest shade Chantilly appaerared way darker than it is in reality.
      My main concern is that the palest tinted moisturizer would be too yellow.

    • Lauren

      I am a snow white as well and I work for NARS so I have tried the tinted moisturizer already…. it is not to dark at all! I was surprised also. It is a nice color, give good coverage, and also isn’t oily! I usually go towards matte foundations because I am oily but the technology NARS has is amazing! As for the comment asking about the SPF ingredient… NARS doesn’t use any kind of MICA of reflective properties in their products for their SPF like most brands… this is why they are the number one brand used now in print and fashion shows because you don’t give that white face look in pictures. I don’t know what they put in here yet for the protection though.

  9. Makaegan

    The same price as their foundation..? I’d rather just mix my Sheer Glow with my moisturizer. Or better yet just stick to my $15 BB cream if I want lighter coverage. $42 is just too much for a tinted moisturizer

  10. AcademicGurl

    I hope these aren’t as yellow as the other NARS foundations.

    • Nancy

      Agreed! I hate NARS foundations just because the entire color range is way too yellow for my skintone..such a shame..

  11. $42 dollars! No thank you…

  12. Kin

    Hopefully Nars will not forget about us darker skinned women of color and have shades for us too.

    • Marie

      The promo picture seems to indicate so. And Nars is one of the rare brands that offer face products for a wide variety of skintones.
      If they don’t, then I’d be *very* surprised.

  13. Tempest Paige

    I wish they included the black woman in the ad more, instead of just shoving her into a corner. :(

    • Tiffani

      She was used alone and fullfaced in one of Nars’ first ad campaigns. Don’t make it a race thing. Francois Nars was the first makeup artist to create a foundation shade for Naomi Campbell.

    • Toni

      exactly. Then again Nars isnt know for diverse posters anyway. EL is better in that dept. Yet, People still wonder why EL companies get most of the love

      • JSwi

        Simply, EL has all the money to position their brands wherever they want them seen. It’s no wonder, it’s quite obvious.

  14. YellowLantern

    The higher SPF is nice but personally I wouldn’t pay $42 for a tinted moisturizer.

  15. Jody

    Lame, I bought the Gilt voucher and have not used it yet and that expires the day before this launches online. :(

  16. Kaylyn

    Yay! Excited!

  17. !!!

    Okay, so this isn’t relevant to the product, but – different skintones! Different ethnicities! Everything is wonderful and nothing hurts! 😀

  18. Vick

    Praise Minaj a tinted moisturizer in dark shades! Please NARS don’t mess this up.

  19. gina

    what about large pores and radiance? How do you hear and learn about these new products before they launch or can be sold I want this but now I have to wait till FEB.? boo hoo hoooo

  20. Keen Janine

    I’m so excited! Finally! I cannont wait to see reviews.

  21. As excited as I am about this release, I am not thrilled at the marketing. To me, this seems to take airbrushing and photo editing to a new level. The middle model’s neck doesn’t look like it could support her head, and the model on the right…I’m not even sure where to begin with this.

  22. I just hope they include a dark color with red undertones. Too many companies presume brown women only have yellow undertones. NARS is pretty good about providing foundations with both undertones so I hope they continue the trend with the tinted moisturizers.

  23. Hi Christine! Really OT but do you think Viva Glam Gaga III is similar to MAC Diva?

  24. lafemmetopaz

    Well I know I will be trying this. Love that that Alek Wek(at least it looks like her) is featured in the ad. Smart marketing, if they have TM for her ebony skin, they are covering all of these bases.

  25. LadyMartin

    I wonder if they actually have a shade for that dark model? Since there are no other very dark options (from anyone, at any price) I would be willing to spend $42.

    • Marie

      They probably do. This is Nars; they’ve always offered foundations for a wide range of skintones, from the very pale (Siberia) to the very dark (Khartoum).

    • Brands like Clinique, Face Atelier, Make Up For Ever, BECCA, Fashion Fair, and even MAC has foundation shades that would match very dark skin.

  26. brenda

    very first thought – Holy, photoshopped. Wouldn’t buy just because of that. How can I possibly know what the product will make my skin look like with an ad like that?

  27. The models look haphazardly shopped in together, plus the expensiveness (at that price, it should come with a towel)… dislike.

  28. Alisa

    this looks pretty..I’ve been thinking about getting into tinted moisturizers for this summer and seeing how that goes, we move from Germany to Hawaii at the end of this year so with the climate change maybe a tinted moisturizer would be a good thing..beach, sun etc..I tried to use the foundation matrix and I gotta say that was way over my head. Are there any previous posts comparing tinted moistrizers? The brands they sell at our px are clinique, estee lauder, and lancome, I would def like to see how brands compare since I know clinique has made one and you have done a review on Lancomes aqua anycase this one by nars looks beautiful, i look forward to seeing swatches and any guidence in this area would be great :)

  29. Jazz

    *Adds to birthday wishlist*

  30. nana k

    dying for TMs for super pale skin! I hope one of the shades is like their Siberia or lighter. I’m willing to pay $42 if it’s good quality!

  31. shameca

    I can’t wait to see swatches. MAC discontinued my shade in there tinted moisturizer.

  32. Toni

    Why would TM cost as much if not more than foundation? You’re literally paying for more water

  33. Saffy

    I’m really excited to try these! I hope the shade range is wide enough, most TMs are too dark/pink for my skin.

  34. I CANNOT wait! I love tinted moisturizers

  35. AmyD

    i love tinted moisturizers! christine, are you planning to test these?

  36. Violet

    The model with the darker skin has a lovely complexion, absolutely gorgeous.

    I’m not too keen on this, I like my Skin Base just fine.

  37. Lark

    Look how much they Photoshopped out of that girls neck!! It’s freaky looking. The metallic looking shiny skin is cool, but anatomical deformities do not look good enlarged and put on a wall at the mall.

  38. Ester

    $42? :( That just seems outrageous. I really love NARS products, but that’s just too much for me, personally.

  39. JSwi

    $42 is the same price as a Laura Mercier TInted Moisturizer yet nobody complains about that. Clients hand over money without thinking twice. This product is amazing and let’s face it, you get what you pay for, quality! NARS TM is oil-free, paraben free, and synthetic fragrance free. It’s got an SPF 30 and don’t worry ladies, Pure Radience does not mean your face is going to look like you just wiped KFC fried chicken fingers all over your face. It’s a very natural, luminous glow to the skin so it looks young and healthy. Give it a shot, you might be quite surprised!

    P.S.- Every brand in cosmetics photoshops/airbrushes their images. Do you honestly think any of the mascara ads are actually real?

  40. Sara

    I went to nordstroms today to get something from mac and stopped by nars and the lady asked me if I wanted to try this because there launching it Feb 1st. and omg I must say its amazing I had this all day and I loved it. Im going back to get it when it comes out

  41. RB

    I got a sample from Nordstrom today. The lady also said there was something in it that would lighten dark spots….that’s a good justification of the price IMO.

  42. Matildaben

    I got a sample from Nordstrom in Alaska (described as “light”) and it looks good on my NC-25 skin, although when the full range comes out I’d also like to try the next lighter shade. It has more coverage than Laura Mercier oil-free TM and feels great on and has a nice soft glowy look. It doesn’t seem oily at all, although I haven’t worn it all day yet so I can’t speak to wear time. So far I am very happy with it and may buy a bottle. Between this, the makeup removing water, and the upcoming eyeshadows, NARS is going to get a lot of business from me next month!

  43. Monique

    I can’t wait to try it! Nordstrom, here I comeeeeee!

  44. I just received a sample of this from Nordstrom in the shade Alaska. This is by far the best tinted moisturizer I’ve ever tried! It leaves a really pretty satin finish, and gives a perfect amount of coverage. My skin did not oily or shimmery..just healthy and radiant.

  45. anna3

    Will the foundation matrix be updating to include Nars Tinted Moisturizer?  In not..anyone have an idea what would be a good match/shade for NC43. Cheers

  46. CMG

    I love this stuff!!! It has become my new staple!