Thursday, April 28th, 2011

NARS New Order Highlighting Blush
NARS New Order Highlighting Blush

NARS New Order Highlighting Blush

NARS New Order Blush ($27.00 for 0.16 oz.) is described as a “soft pink with gold and silver glitter.” It’s actually listed as a “Highlighting Blush Powder,” which is important to note because then the pigmentation level here will be “soft” as described, rather than the intense pigment expected of NARS’ blushes. When NARS says glitter, they really mean it–the glitter flecks here are large and in charge. I found them incredibly noticeable on my cheeks, and later on, I found glitter in my brows and on my chin.

While a couple particles escaping wouldn’t have been a major cause for concern, the way the glittery bits just laid on the skin wasn’t flattering. It was obvious and accentuated any roughness in the texture of your skin. Instead of the glowy, luminous sheen of Albatross (which is NARS only other Highlighting Blush Powder), we have chunky glitter doing the reflecting–less glow, more disco ball, I suppose! The color of the product is a soft, cool-toned pink, and I was able to get some color on cheeks, though I would expect those with dark skin tones to find it too light. I found the texture to be on the powdery side, too.

The Glossover


NARS New Order Blush Review, Photos, Swatches


The texture is a miss--a little powdery, traveling glitter--and make it less appealing. I don't think the chunky glitter really does a good job highlighting or adding sheen/glow to the skin, either; it just seems to sit there and look just like... glitter. The blush lacks refinement, and from NARS, it's something unexpected.











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NARS New Order Highlighting Blush
NARS New Order Highlighting Blush

NARS New Order Highlighting Blush
NARS New Order Highlighting Blush

NARS New Order Highlighting Blush
NARS New Order Highlighting Blush

NARS New Order Highlighting Blush
NARS New Order Highlighting Blush

NARS New Order Highlighting Blush
NARS New Order Highlighting Blush

NARS New Order Highlighting Blush
NARS New Order Highlighting Blush

NARS New Order Highlighting Blush
NARS New Order Highlighting Blush

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NARS, $27.

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For color, try Illamasqua Katie.

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68 thoughts on “NARS New Order Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Megan

    I seriously went through multiple mood swings in this post; I’m like “Oooh, the color’s so pretty in the pan! Want!” “Oh, I can see all that glitter and powderiness in the swatch, nevermind.” “It looks so pretty on her face, I want it!” “Oh, the close up shows the glitter. Pass.”

    • I’m so glad you could see it, LOL! I kept going to my boyfriend and was like, “CAN YOU SEE THESE CHUNKS OF GLITTER???”

      • Ana

        I went through several stages of like and dislike as I was reading too. Then I saw the big chunks of glitter on your face. Such a pretty color in the pan, though. =( I’ve got highlighting powder if I want THAT much shimmer. (Uh, wait. It isn’t even shimmer; it is CHUNKY GLITTER.)

    • Joanna

      Me too! It was an emotional roller coaster! Ha!

    • My reaction was more or less the same. It looks pretty and then not so pretty and then pretty and not so pretty… I’m in the beauty-purchase revolving door!

      • April

        That is how I feel….it looks great then looks not so great (like not so worth the price; might as well buy cover girl’s pink mineral highlight powder)! I can’t decide to splurge on it or not!

    • Priscilla

      I sorta hate it. Which is really rare for Nars blushes. They usually are so good. It’s too glittery and just so pale…

  2. Lisette

    Such a shame, because I was really looking forward to this due to the cool almost lavender-ish pink, which would definitely show up on my pale skin. I won’t be getting this though, because glitter in small doses is already a turn off for me, much less in huge chunks. I wish they would’ve just gone with a sheen or shimmer with this instead of the chunky glitter.

  3. Steph

    Oh yeah, that glitter is just looking all sorts of wrong. Too bad. Thanks for the review!

  4. Clarissa

    It looks a bit chunky like ‘Super Orgasm’! It’s quite disappointing because I looooove NARS and the actual shade of pink looks like I would like it! xx

  5. Rae

    Huh. Okay, do *not* love the sound of this one – so thank you for reviewing it! I love a good hilighter, but glitter’s definitely not my thing.

    P.S. Just wanted to say that I find the closer-up photo to be quite helpful (and hope to see it more in the future!) ^^

  6. Adria

    Whoa, that is a lot of glitter!

    It’s too bad, because the color itself is really natural on you, Christine.

    I have to pass on this one because I have oily skin and large pores- it will be a NO-GO for me.

  7. Rachael

    Love the color. It’s a shame you gave it a bad rating. I will be skipping this. I hope that NYX comes out with a great dupe!!! I already have a fantastic dupe from NYX for Orgasm.

  8. Aww, shucks! I was looking forward to this one! I can handle little bits of glitter, but that’s too much.

  9. Jessi

    Ugh, the color is so pretty in the pan, too! Why do companies insist on believing that we want craft glitter pasted to our cheeks?! I love the color in the pan so I am definitely going to check out your dupe rec. Thanks so much for the review!

    • Sometimes you’ll see glitter in the pan, but it somehow gets lost between brush and your face, but not here, LOL!

      • Haha at it somehow getting lost! That ALWAYS happens. And then I get paranoid wondering where it went. I’m afraid the glitter is all gathering in some unflattering spot, like my nose or chin.

  10. Shelly

    What a shame!!! The color itself is gorgeous but I can’t stand enormous chunks of glitter in face products :(

  11. snm

    why does nars insist on putting those useless glitters in almost everyting? it’s is such a shame cuz i really loved the color.

  12. Amy M

    This is why I love you Christine! I would have totally purchased this, and then been ticked off about the disco face. You are the best! Thank you for all you do :)

  13. Rachael

    Personally I think this color would be great on my pale, cool skin, but it looks like I’m in the minority. How would you say this compares to NARS Angelika blush?

  14. Leenie

    That sucks, even a little glitter is too much, I don’t buy product with glitter

  15. Carrie Ann

    Too bad. It really does look like a pretty color.

  16. Maya

    This is probably for the best considering my NARS addiction is out of control lol

  17. Nat

    The color is so pretty, especially swatched on your skin. I actually love big chunky glitter in itself, but I can’t wear it because I don’t have the best skin. If I had perfect unreal skin, I would go for it and Super Orgasm as well–even in the day time because it’s so much fun.

  18. Pretty colour, but god I hate the glitter, I hardly ever use my Super Orgasm because of it. :(

  19. AnGeLwInGz

    I actually kinda like it haha

  20. Sarah M

    Hmmm… I don’t know how I feel about this blush. I love the colour and I love anything with sparkles in, but I’m not sure I want glitter all over my face!

  21. Marie

    Wow, when another well-known beauty blogger reviewed this last week, I didn’t even notice the glitter…she totally made me fall in love with it! But now I’m not so sure anymore… So thank you for not being afraid to criticize it!! And your attention to detail is excellent, as always. It’s good to know that we can trust you :) Admittedly, though, sometimes I do wonder if you’re just a *teeny bit* too picky; however, I would much rather have that than someone who slaps an “A+” on every product! As always, you’re the best :)

    • Rachael

      I always come back to Temptalia because she actually says what she does and doesn’t like. There are a few blogs I like to check out and they just love everything. No real opinion, which gets old. I can’t buy everything and I want to know if its really all that great. I always come back to Temptalia. :)

      • Carrie

        Same here! As with any review, you always have to filter it through your own likes and dislikes, but at least when you’re reading one of Temptalia’s reviews you know you’re getting a full picture – and thus the best base from which to form a judgement which I really appreciate since I want my purchases to be worth it!

        • It’s definitely important to me not to make excuses or invent ways for a product to work well, just because that’s what the buyer will do anyway – like with MAC’s Big Bounce Shadows, personally, I’d wear them as a base, where they perform just fine, so I’d still buy a few shades even if I wasn’t a beauty blogger and all that jazz, but that’s a call for each person to make!


  22. Ms. Jimmi

    More of a product for clubgoers.

  23. Lucie

    I was weirded out by the quality of this blush as well. NARS blushes are usually so well done…it doesn’t seem like any thought was put in to this one. I’m not afraid of glitter, and I still found this a chunky mess. Sad. :(

    • I don’t remember nearly as much glitter from Angelika or Super Orgasm being visible on the face as here. I was like, “WHOA!” And from a highlighter? I just think it’s even worse, since the whole point is to be glowy… but not glittering!

  24. Crystal

    I am a huge fan of Nars’ blushes, but the last three blushes they have released have been awful =/

  25. Karen

    NOOOO I was so excited for this…oh well maybe Carthage will be better and I can spend money on that instead.

  26. Melissa

    That reminds me when I got the NYX Cream Blush Boho Chic, which has a pretty color but I cannot use ever, because it has chunks of silver glitter, totally ridiculous and ruins the pretty color of the blush!
    Christine, did you ever review Nars Albatross? I just bought that online and I’m all anxious waiting the postman hahaha.

  27. I bought this one too – because I’m a NARS junkie and LOVE his blushes. I totally agree with your review – just too much glitter. Too bad, because the color is gorgeous.

  28. Ayr

    I really dislike the name of this.

  29. Jill

    It reminds me of Nars Baby Girl eyeshadow. I recently bought that online. The color looked awesome online, but when I put it on, it had big chunks of glitter. It was a shame. Otherwise the color is really, really pretty. The glitter in Baby Girl had major fallout, too.

  30. Eek! My wallet thanks you for confirming my fears about this one. I really have so many light pink blushes and highlighters that there’s no reason I should want more, but I was tempted by this one… Until I saw the glitterbomb effect. Not what one wants in a blush.

  31. Shimmer is one thing..chunks of glitter is another. Thanks for the review!

  32. tawny

    what is it with nars and glitter? their brand is aimed at women in their 20s 30s so why would they want chunks of glitter on their face? pass.

  33. Kim

    This is why I always come to Temptalia before purchasing a beauty item. I’ve read two other blog reviews for this that praised it to high heavens and I told myself to be patient before buying it for your review. They failed to mention any glitter/powdery-ness so I really appreciate that you provide us with honest reviews rather than distorted ones. :)

    • I’m surprised others didn’t find the glitter as prominent as I did – it was just like, “BLAMMO!” I don’t obsess over my pores or their size, but glitter does nothing for ’em!

  34. Quinctia

    To me, the funniest thing about heavy glitter in products like blush is…if I, say, wanted to go all out with glitter, this actually wouldn’t be glittery enough. I’d actually go with a separate glitter application that I could be more precise with.

  35. ellie

    I was really waiting for you to review this. Thanks a lot Christine. I’ve been thinking if i should get this blush instead of dior’s rose diamond shimmer powder. I thought new order blush could be a cheaper alternative but based on your swatches although the color is so nice the glitter is just obvious!

  36. ellie

    Your camera is awesome by the way. You really make good photo swatches.

  37. Hend

    The color is sooooo pretty ! but I wish it was less glittery !

  38. Queentut

    Thanks for the “heads-up” on the glitter. I absolutely love Nars and purchased the Super Orgasm only to find that the glitter makes it unwearable for me. This is a gorgeous color, so maybe they will tone it down in the future.

  39. Paula

    What a shame. It is such a pretty color in the pan and I LOVE the name due to the band, New Order. Oh well. Money better spent elsewhere.

  40. Mary

    Oh my goodness, it looks so pretty in the pan and on you in the first picture it looks gorgeous, but the up close photo shows all the glitter in it and that ruins it for me. I don’t mind some sparkle, shimmer, or even a little glitter, but this one is just to much for me. It’s such a shame too, cause I think the color is amazing.

  41. Saffy

    I like it actually, I think I’ll test it out at Sephora. The colour is pretty and I love glitter, so I can’t say I have a problem with the glitter being obvious!

  42. patty

    Try the jones roth ny 3 n1 stick bronzer.
    it’s perfect!
    it gives you just the right glow.
    right above your cheek bones,it makes them pop.
    it fab!

  43. Ernestine Manning

    I wore it today and liked it. I am very fair skinned though, but I didn’t find it too glittery. I used a Mac 131 brush, which is not my normal blush brush which would be too dense.

  44. If it had finer shimmer, it’d be great…. I hate glitter in blushes.

  45. Emily

    I like the idea of the cool pink + gold sheen, but if you can see the glitter thru the pics, then it might be too much. lol

  46. Becca

    :( it’s a gorgous colour, but does not look flattering on skin… oh well, just a save :)

  47. parisvioleta

    OMG It looks great on you

  48. Maureen

    I bought this and I actually liked it. The “shimmer” could have been more finely milled but otherwise the color pay off (on my whiter than white skin, I match Siberia in the Nars Sheer foundation line) was good.

  49. Thanks for the tip. Saw it at the store today but wasn’t sure. Looked so pretty in the pan but on the checks It felt like a overdose of glitter galore. Thanks for sharing!