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NARS Laguna The Multiple
NARS Laguna The Multiple

NARS Laguna The Multiple

NARS Laguna The Multiple ($39.00 for 0.50 oz.) is described as a “brown with golden shimmer.” Multiples are a cream-to-powder product that is touted as “all-in-one” and multi-purpose.  It can be used on eyes, lips, and cheeks.  It’s a warm bronze-brown with golden shimmer-sheen.  The color is buildable, so the level of opacity you want depends on how much product you apply or how much you blend it out.  It’s less warm-toned compared to theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer. It’s less red-toned compared to MAC Gilty.

As with most Multiples, Laguna works best as cheeks/face, because it’s very drying on the lips.  It just has this uncomfortably dry feeling when applied to lips that continues and leaves lips parched after an hour or two of wear (it doesn’t even wear well or long!).  On the brow bone, it’s more practical, but on the lid itself, I wasn’t able to get it to stay longer than a few hours before there was noticeable creasing.  Applied to cheeks, Laguna wore for four and a half hours.  By five hours, it looked a bit faded and patchy.

The texture of Laguna is creamy but there’s a dryness to it, which I found difficult to blend over foundation.  It’s easier to apply and blend over bare skin, but I’m not blessed with beautiful skin so it’s not a product I could use without foundation.  You can layer foundation over it, but it makes the routine slightly more complicated and precision will count, so you don’t layer so much that you cover up the bronzer!

I wish I liked Multiples better, but I don’t find they’re nearly as multi-talented as they claim to be!  I’m always a bit disappointed in the wear (four to five hours isn’t good!).  I get better wear out of NARS’ powder blushes!  Laguna may not work for all skin tones; I found it looked a little dirty on me–you might need to have some natural redness or pinkness in your undertones so it brings out the golden hues of the color.

Do you love Multiples? What are your tried and true tips for making them work?

The Glossover



The dry texture works against this product, because it makes it harder to blend out (which is an absolute must when this is used as a blush/bronzer!) and yields an unpleasant experience when worn on lips.











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NARS Laguna The Multiple
NARS Laguna The Multiple

NARS Laguna The Multiple
NARS Laguna The Multiple

NARS Laguna The Multiple
NARS Laguna The Multiple

NARS Laguna The Multiple
NARS Laguna The Multiple

NARS Laguna The Multiple
NARS Laguna The Multiple

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Sephora, $39.

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It's less warm-toned compared to theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer. It's less red-toned compared to MAC Gilty.

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48 thoughts on “NARS Laguna The Multiple Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. selina

    100% agreed, swapped mine away on mua just a few weeks ago. do not understand the hype over the multiples :( never had one i enjoyed using at all. thank you for being honest as usual x

  2. divinem (Melissa)

    OH, YUK! I could tell before looking at the swatches it was going to be problematic.

  3. fabiola

    Wow! You look really beautiful, I never knew this nars multiples look so stunning. I had the multiple in orgasm, and returned it because I have mac springsheen blush and I think it is a lot similar, and even better that the popular nars orgasm, today I tried nars super orgasm in sephora, and it also is almost the same, but this one is amazing on you.

  4. Brittany

    Oooh wow, yea I can see on your cheeks where the product wouldn’t allow you to blend properly. I’ve never tried the multiples on my cheeks, only on my lips. One wasn’t drying but the rest felt the exact same way. Bummer!

    • Which one wasn’t drying? :) So crazy that you say you’ve never tried them on cheeks! I think most of us automatically think to use these on the cheeks first!

  5. it looks kinda dirty/patchy/not very nice! I’ve never really fancied these tbh. love your lip colour though :)

  6. Steph

    You look great. Product looks like shimmery muck.

  7. Lesley

    I’ve had the exact same results–difficulty blending over foundation, drying on lips, creasing on lids. It’s really a shame, because I like the concept/colours!

  8. Maybe someone can help!!!
    You know how it was mentioned that laguna may not suit everyone….. Well I have laguna powder blush and feel it looks muddy on my skin!!!
    I’m nw35 btw! Is this normal?!?
    I thought I would be dark enough to pull it off!

  9. Lucie

    I guess I’m alone in loving the multiples (though not so much laguna, too frosty for a bronzer!) just because despite the limited wear time their wicked easy to reapply. Wish they would come out with more interesting/less frosty shades though!

    • Louise

      Lucie I also love the multiples! I haven’t tried this one but it mustn’t have blended out well. I have Luxor, Orgasm and Malibu and I love them all. I like to apply with my fingers so I can blend it out and build up the product.

      • Chelsea

        I just got Orgasm and I love it! I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. I look “fresh” apparently. I love my multiple!

  10. Venice

    Hi christine! What eyeshadow and lipstick are you wearing here?

  11. Aleena

    What are you wearing on your lips it’s beautiful!

  12. Emily

    Love your lips in that picture? What are you wearing?

  13. I have been using this since it came out and I love it! I am very fair skinned, so other bronze-y Multiples did not work for me. This is a great color and easy to use.

  14. Julia

    Eh, I was never interested in the Multiples to begin with. I do quite like the powder bronzer version of Laguna, but NARS bronzers contain corn starch, which gives me cystic acne.

    Think I’ll just stick to using the NYC blushable creme sticks!

  15. Jillian

    I really appreciate how honest and *technical* you are, Christine! I had the same results with the one multiple I bought, and would never bother again. Unfortunately, I also bought the Illuminator in Orgasm and didn’t return it quickly enough. That product is even worse! I break it out once a month and try to make it work, but it just never does- it has such an odd finish. The only reason I haven’t thrown it away is because its such a pretty tube 😛

    • I haven’t tried the Illuminators myself, but if they’re just as bad, then boo!! :(

      Thank you!!

      • Maya

        Oh the Copacabana Illuminator is fantastic though! By far my favorite highlighter, and for some reason I seem to collect those the most lately. Every time I try a new one, I end up going back to Copacabana.

  16. Miss J

    I agree Multiples aren’t as much of multi-tasking wonders as claimed. I don’t hate them, but for what I use them for, the price is just too much to justify buying…

  17. Heather

    Side note. What are you wearing on your lips!?

  18. The color seems super similar to Betty Lou-Manizer. Honestly I don’t find cream products any easier to apply than powder, especially if they don’t apply well. It just seems really uneven :/

  19. Multiples have never particularly appealed to me, but this looks so pretty! I’ve never tried one so I might have to give one a go x

  20. artemis

    too bad it’s not good…
    ‘I’m not blessed with beautiful skin so it’s not a product I could use without foundation.’?????? omg, i wish i had your skin!

  21. Y

    whats on your lips?

  22. I agree with your C- rating. I never liked Laguna anyways and this multiple doesnt do any justice. I am a fan of bronzers and own a lot of them but this was one product from Nars that really failed for me.SOmehow it looks as if you have been solar attacked.LOL

  23. Ava

    Christine, you look very pretty with Laguna! I do have to agree with you with the limited use the “multiples” have. The person who worked at Sephora recommended I buy “g-spot”. It’s a beautiful color but after a while, I just wasn’t “crazy” about it. It’s definitely just limited for cheeks and also difficult to apply, if you’re not an expert. Needless to say, it went back. Oh!! and if Laguna doesn’t fit your skin tone, I would recommend “Casino”.

    And $39 is alot of money!

  24. coco

    I have the multiple in Copacabana & Orgasm; I wear them for daytime for the beach or laying out when I dont want to wear a lot of makeup. I agree, they don’t wear long….I either use my fingers or 188 brush. I really wanted to love Laguna…but I swear it makes my face look dirty too…I use my MAC Surf Baby bronzer stick instead :)

  25. Mia

    What foundation are you wearing here? Overall, your look is fab, but I understand how you feel about the multiples…I feel the same.

  26. MSPMSP

    Oh my, so sorry for bringing this topic back up, back i just really had to ask.. I’ve been hearing about Nars Laguna for quite some time now, actually..both Nars Laguna and Nars Orgasm. Just wondering, do you think they’d go well if used together? I’m half chinese and half Filipina so my skin tone is a bit on the yellow side, geez i wish i could give you a code for my skin tone just like the rest of your readers but up to this day..i really haven’t figured out what my actual skin tone code is. Really hope you’d respond to this Ms.Christine, been planning on purchasing Orgasm for months now, and then i heard about Laguna then got confused all the more. By the way, i think this make-up worked pretty well on you, not dirty looking at all!

  27. MSPMSP

    By the way, on my previous comment.. i meant Nars Laguna as in the powder, not this Multiple one. Goodness, i don’t think i could ever figure out how to use that Multiple version for Laguna, it looks too complicated, especially with your honest description on how difficult it is to blend over foundation. Thanks for this Ms.Christine, looking forward to your reply :)