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NARS G-Spot Multiple
NARS G-Spot Multiple

NARS Holiday 2011: G-Spot Multiple

If you weren’t impressed by racy names like Orgasm and Deep Throat, NARS G-Spot Multiple ($39.00 for 0.50 oz.) aims to work that much harder to make you blush–both literally and figuratively. NARS describes this shade as a “rich, gold-infused rose.” The Multiple formula is a cream formula that can be used on eyes, lips, and cheeks with a “sheer, natural finish.” The sheerer color payoff makes it “mistake-proof” and “quick and easy to apply,” according to the brand. It’s new for holiday but will join the permanent range.

For swatches, I did a heavier, layered swatch to show the actual color, but it would take several pats or swipes of color to achieve that kind of payoff (though it’s possible–options are always good!), along with a quick tap of product that was then blended out. The subtler color is more of a rosy plum with very little gold shimmer or sheen. In the heavier swatch, there is more noticeable god shimmer, but it was still rather downplayed. It was rosy with only a hint of plum in the heavier swatch. On cheeks, it yielded soft, natural color in a reddish-plum hue.

It applies easily enough with enough creaminess in the consistency for effortless blending but not so much slip that it sits on the skin and doesn’t dry down to a powdery finish. When I tested out this particular Multiple, it wore for six hours on my normal-to-dry skin type as a blush. I’m not keen on this on the lips, as I found it quite drying and uncomfortable to wear. My lips were painfully dehydrated after four hours, at which point I had to apply something else. I tested it alone on the eye lid, and it creased after four hours. It’s best used as a blusher, though it is marketed as a multi-tasking product (hence the name!).

The Glossover



I imagine a lot of people love Multiples as blushes/bronzers, but they are multi-tasking products - and they are under-performing on lips! It's one of the drier lip products I've used in the past year. It performs best as a blush (but doesn't last long).











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NARS G-Spot Multiple
NARS G-Spot Multiple

NARS G-Spot Multiple
NARS G-Spot Multiple

NARS G-Spot Multiple
NARS G-Spot Multiple

NARS G-Spot Multiple
NARS G-Spot Multiple

NARS G-Spot Multiple
NARS G-Spot Multiple

NARS G-Spot Multiple
NARS Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush on tops of cheeks, G-Spot Multiple on cheeks

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NARS, $39.

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Urban Decay Fetish looks similar when applied subtly.

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70 thoughts on “NARS G-Spot Multiple Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. The shade is gorgeous, I’m really into these colour blushes recently. I wouldn’t it buy it though because I hate products with risque names – it’s like the kid in the playground who’s learnt a bad word and says it to seem cool, it just screams ‘trying too hard’ in my opinion.

    Also don’t you find there are few products that actually work as ‘multiple-use’? I’ve tried a lot and so far the only one that works spectacularly on both cheeks and lips is my Beaute Liqui-gel Stain, I love that to pieces!

    Thanks for the review,

    • Liz

      Totally agree about the name – it’s gimmicky and silly.

      Other products that I found that work well on lips and cheeks include the BECCA cream blushes, their beach tints and the Givenchy sparkling hydra something something balm, I occasionally just use regular lipsticks as blushes and usually don’t have issues with that. To be quite frank I never use powder blush anymore, it just doesn’t look half as nice as a cream product.

      • I just love cream blushes at the moment, I have a few powders I will always love but cream/liquid blushes are gradually taking over.
        Thanks for the recs, I’ve never tried my Becca cream blush on lips, so I’ll give it a go. And the sparkling hydra something balm sounds cool :p.

  2. Jamie

    The names of these are totally unappealing to me.

  3. Lisa

    Ugh… I hate NARS names. It reminds me of frat-boy like immaturity.

    Orgasm, Deep Throat, G-spot. Seriously?

    Pretty color though!

  4. Shilpa

    for the first time, i want a product because of its name…

  5. Gosh why do they name it G-Spot?! are they sunning out of the name? Thanks for the swatch tho

  6. baby in a corner

    Does this sit in pores at all? some of the other multiples do on me.

  7. Crissy

    Wow, I didn’t mind Orgasm and Deep Throat, but G-Spot? That’s too gross!

  8. Hend

    Not impressed with the name or the color!!

  9. I love the NARS Multiple in Mauvi, but this looks super pretty too

  10. Lauren

    I prefer Urban Decay’s creme blushes much more, not to mention that they are cheaper (I don’t know if that is the case though if you look at a dollar to product size ratio). The color is really too sheer for me to ever consider it.

  11. Devi

    I’m 19 and I had to go search up that term. -.- I always knew it wasn’t something that should be said during polite conversation, but still I should have probably known what this meant. -.-

    Wish that it performed well on the eyes and lips though, because I would have totally loved to get it for the name.

  12. I definitely want to try a Multiple, but I’m going to look for another shade.

  13. Its a beautiful shade!! I wish we could get NARS in India!!

  14. Jill

    I think the color is lovely, but am I the only prude who can’t stand these names?

    • Lark

      NO! I’m no prude and I talk about these things freely, but Orgasm is silly and funny. Deep Throat? That’s just hard work, not a pretty flush of color. That one and G Spot I’d take the labels off of before leaving them on my dressing table! I have children visit. I’m sure their mothers don’t buy these at all.

      Has it occurred to Mr. Nars that most women live in families? They have kids? They hide the pot and the porn? If I had kids and my sixteen year old daughter came home with any of these I’d have a coronary!

      Orgasm put Nars on the map. That one was quite enough with the prurient names. Deep Throat is extra offensive; Nothing but work for the ladies there.

  15. HAHAH, what a name… Anyway, am I the only one who can’t see the full face photo??

  16. NARS names are so funny to me, but you know, in Italy we’re less prude than in the US (generally speaking, obviously): if you follow international news you all know we’ve to deal with sexual language almost everyday. XD

    Anyway. It’s a nice colour, it’s a shame we don’t have Nars here because I’d love to see it with my very own eyes.

    • Liz

      Well, I’m European too, from Germany to be exact and I could be wrong but I think we’re considered among the least prude people. Regardless I find the name stupid. Not offensive (sex and the human body are natural in my opinion, so I don’t think children need to be “protected” or stuff like that) just gimmicky and stupid. If a company wants to sell a product to me they should create a kick-ass product and not an oh-so-scandalous name. I just think it’s a stupid marketing-campaign. Not that it doesn’t work, I just like the product to be the focus of attention, not the gimmicky name.

  17. Tiffany

    Gorgeous colour, the name doesn’t bother me. It’s just sex, which isn’t bad or dirty :)

  18. Magdalena

    i like the names personally, they’re all connected with nice things i dont get why ppl get mad 😉

  19. BrittneyBehlar

    Your make up is gorgeous! What do you have on? especially your eyes and lips :)

  20. Ariana

    Love nars blushes and their names, I <3 it! :)!!

  21. Ru

    This is a spot on review of the multiple product itself. I thought I was crazy or not using it right because there are so many rave reviews about this product. But as pretty as the colors are and as great as the concept is, the product does not perform. You are right that it doesn’t stay on cheeks for very long. I find myself reapplying twice in a 8 hour period. As on the lips, it is dry. I use balm first, then the multiple, then a moisturizing gloss. Again, it needs to re-applied in a few hours. I’m disappointed in NARS that they would charge so much for a low performing product.

  22. Kristi

    Some women clearly don’t care for the g-spot. Get a grip, ladies! They are racy and fun, not perverted. When we are little girls, society and our parents make us feel like we need to stay girls forever. I hope most grown women don’t find an issue with it just because of it’s name. Is this a an issue mostly in America? I think so. It’s not like everyone you know is going to go through your makeup bag.

    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion :) Please keep the commentary clean and considerate towards each other. Thanks!

    • Liz

      I’m perfectly comfortable with my sexuality but that’s not the issue. It’s just a stupid cheap marketing campaign – they capitalize on people thinking the names are scandalous and extravagant when they’re not. They’re just parts of the body, bodily functions ect. I’m European engaged to an American so I feel I can compare both sides. Overall Americans seem a lot more prude then your average Euro, but I doubt Europeans will find these product names appealing for the very reason that it’ll look like the company is trying too hard and be gimmicky.

    • Sylvia

      Actually I don’t think anyone said it was perverted, just cheap. I wouldn’t buy a product with such a name, because I just don’t like it. Not because I would blush everytime I see the name. And Im european, from the netherlands, we’re not prude at all. 😉 xx

  23. Carrie Ann

    Gorgeous color. I have a couple of NARS Multiples and they are fabulous as blushes. I’ve never tried them on my lips, though. I just wish they were less expensive.

  24. boops

    I think its a beautiful color-I love Multiples-the name doesn’t matter much to me-who cares what they call it as long as it looks good-no one I know goes around saying I have Orgasm on my face-so really people don’t be so serious about a name given to a makeup item. I’ve been waiting for a color like this one in a Multiple and I just ordered it. YAY.

  25. I love this! I have several multiples and find them really easy to use and they last forever! I don’t see them as an actual multiple use product though as I agree they don’t really work on eyes or lips.

  26. Mar

    Love the color. I love the name – it’s what made me look at the review in the first place. I honestly don’t understand why so many are outraged about it, I guess it has to do with American sensitivities – it’s part of our bodies and should never be deemed “gross” IMO. People got over Orgasm and Deep Throat, I’m sure they’ll adjust to this one. I’ve considered the Multiple Orgasm (get it?) but I have oily skin and don’t want to exasperate it.

    NARS and Illamasqua, bucking the naming trends in cosmetics.

    • Thank you! I totally agree–treating words like orgasm and g-spot as though they are dirty really does women a disservice. And as you mentioned, Illamasqua has some that seem a bit more risque.

      Except that I think they could have come up with a better phrase than Super Orgasm, it’s just not a big deal.

  27. Lol! As if I didn’t already get weird looks from guys when discussing ‘Nars Orgasm’ and ‘deep throat’.
    G-spot kind of pushed it one step too far.

    That aside, as far as the product itself I’m not really sold. It just seems like there are other cheaper products which look the same.

  28. Lucie

    Love nars multiples even if they don’t really work as a multiple-purpose product! Wish they would come out with more unique colours tho, a true plum would be nice.

  29. Rachel

    I’ve never been fond of NARS name, and ended up selling all of my NARS products, but G-spot? wth! ughh this is just too much

  30. MissMercurial

    Nars, Nars, Nars…when will you learn that flash and tackiness aren’t what most of us are looking for? Just keep making good stuff like your Mash nail polish and it’ll all flow naturally from there, believe me.

  31. Layla

    I always use my multiple as a blush only, since I (like many others) have better lip products to use on lips haha :)
    Christine, if you were to give a grading on this product as a blush only, what would it be? would help me make the decision of whether to spend $39 on it or not :)

    • B or so, because it has weak staying power.

      • christina

        christine, what cream blush (most preferably in stick form for ease of application) do you recommend the most? Another question. I recently tried the Tarte Amazonian clay (powder) blushes. They disappear on me within an hour, even the very red and plum ones. This has never happened to me. I would like to know if any of you, especially you, Christine, tried them, and if yes what your experience was!

  32. Valley

    I like the names but the products themselves are lame and overrated. They are too sheer/light. Perhaps they only work on really fair-skinned women?

  33. artemis

    i like the name :)) tho

  34. I just bought one of each (Orgasm, Super Orgasm–really? They couldn’t find a better name?, and Gspot) all in different forms (Multiple, Blush and Illuminator–thank you Sephora F&F lol). I have the polish in Orgasm (and really, who doesn’t want their nails to enjoy sex too?) and love it, and have been dying to try all these.

    Thanks for the review–it looks so pretty! I wasn’t sure how multi it was, but sometimes good in a pinch, toss in your purse kindof thing.

  35. Dot

    Hey Christine, could you recommend a good dupe for this colour in a blush, in any formula (cream or powder) and in any brand, that would wear all day? I’m not keen to pay the money for something that doesn’t really work, especially if the blush aspect doesn’t wear very well. But the colour itself is *exactly* what I’m after….

  36. Daniela

    Oh Nars, your names make me laugh lol

  37. Beth

    I actually like the names that Nars gives there products. It’s like saying any woman can be absolutely fabulous. In many of the interviews where Karl Nars; the founder of Nars, can be quoted saying that the reason he named the blush “Orgasm” to begin with was because he wanted to recreate the flushed glow a woman has after a good romp! :) He wasn’t trying to be gross…I think he was paying women a compliment for our natural beauty. We are all gorgeous, beautiful and even seductive beings. We just have to learn to embrace it! <3

  38. Courtney

    based on the review it appears as if they designed the product after they thought of the name.

    • Courtney

      and not only that but orgasm and deep throat are kind of like… “known colors” that they have in multiple product categories. same with albatross, which is i think a BEAUTIFUL and accurate name to describe the color. but now it’s getting to be too much. the color looks nice but it doesn’t looks like something that is even worthy of the name g-spot! if you’re going to use the name of the only part of the body whose sole purpose is pleasure… then it better be a damn (hope damn is allowed) good color!

  39. f

    are u wearing gspot on the lips? or what lip color are u wearing?

  40. Stopped buying Nars a long long long time ago. And not because of the names. The creme products go rancid on me…even if I use it a few times. One thing had to do with the products. Second reason is that I found other companies more attractive and better.

  41. Amy

    I don’t think anybody here is saying they don’t like the name because they think, “EW, SEX, BAD!” They are clearly saying it because it’s such a try-hard name and a way to get cheap shock out of people. So, stop telling us to get a grip; you’re not pioneers because you’re women and you’re not ashamed of sex. Chances are, neither are the women here who don’t like the name of the product.

  42. I was excited to get this when I saw this launching with the NARS Holiday collection, but I’m glad it’s permanent so there’s no rush. I’d much rather buy some of the holiday sets a lot of brands are coming out with now. Such great value in those!

  43. I love this!! It looks like such a good product! Do you know how long it lasts on your cheeks?

  44. ra

    Hi Christine,
    The lipstick you are wearing in these pictures, it is something I am looking for. Do you remember the which lipstick it is by any chance? Thanks.