Monday, July 2nd, 2012

NARS Foreplay Palette for Sephora

A chic cheek palette featuring four dazzling shades based on the bestselling Orgasm blush.

The gorgeous afterglow of classic Orgasm is reinvented in this quad that combines Orgasm blush plus vivid shades of pink and peach and a shimmering gold to create your own signature glow.


  • Peach matte blush
  • Gold highlighter blush
  • Orgasm blush
  • Pink matte blush

Availability: $49 @ Sephora

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64 thoughts on “NARS Foreplay Palette for Sephora

  1. KK

    I’m so over the sexual innuendo names of Nars products. Enough already.

    • I so agree.  I think this product sells partly because of its name.  I bought alot of Nars products when it first came out….mainly the names were from famous movies.  The names are cute to a point, but the quality of the products must stand on its own and what fits in one’s collection.  Frankly, I think Nordstrom is coming up with a blusher compact.

  2. Moker

    When will you have a review of this up? 

  3. muslimahb

    Looking SO forward to this! The name’s typical of NARS..

  4. Looks lovely!Is this going to be available only in the US or worldwide?

  5. I love the idea of deconstructing the Orgasm blush into its elements, I can imagine this being very fun to play around with! As for the sexual connotations of the name… the overwhelming majority of their products have names that aren’t sexual at all, more of their shade names reference classic cinema than reference sex. But guess which ones get famous? 😉 And I don’t think it’s because these colors are so much better than the shades with tame names!

  6. I really like the idea, but of *course* it would be for Sephora. Which we don’t have here. Yay.

  7. Amandale

    Definitely getting this since i missed out on the Danmari (?) palette I believe it was called.  I wish they would re-release the other one too =(

    • Kafka

       @Amandale  Just an FYI, if you really want Danmari, they sell it often on eBay. :) Not always for outrageous prices, either. 

    • bhorton

       @Amandale Another FYI- If you had your heart set on Danmari I would check out the LE palette they are coming out with for Nordstrom- its just like the Danmari but with different shades. It looks great!

      • Maddie09

         @bhorton Where did you find info on the Nordstrom palette? I can’t seem to find anything online on it :(

      • Amandale

         @bhorton I heard its suppose to have Laguna, which is too light for me I’m afraid =

  8. LaurelWreath

    This palette looks nice, but I don’t think it’ll out-do the Danmari palette. 

  9. army_wife_in_alaska

    Beautiful :)

  10. I just laugh at the names (and try to guess where they’ll go next). I’m interested in seeing swatches of this — in the pan they don’t look like they’d look great with Orgasm, but who knows what the swatches will be like! 

  11. nacacijin

    Love Nars…but passing on this. The only color here I could see myself wearing is the gold shade. I can’t work these shades at all

    • Kafka

       @nacacijin  If you like the gold shade, you should look into Luster. It’s one of my favorite blushes from NARS. To me, it’s a medium-ish gold with a faint sheen; everyone else somehow seems to see apricot-gold (which just tells me that I have absolutely zero colour nuance. <grin>). Either way, it’s such an incredibly flattering colour across a wide variety of skin-tones. On my pale to medium olive skin, it gives a natural, subtle glow. Not a highlighter type of glow but more like “my skin but better.”  In fact, I’ve had both my mother and sister tell me that my foundation looks really good. LOL.  It has no glitter, it’s very soft, versatile and blendable, and it looks amazing on. Don’t be fooled by how nondescript it looks in the pan. If you look at places like Makeupalley, you’ll see tons of people saying how surprised they were by how great it looks *on* given how boring or uninteresting it looks. Hope that helps. :)

  12. yellowlantern

    Wow, another cheek palette from NARS featuring Orgasm. Consider my mind blown by the originality. 

  13. Kafka

    I was looking at this last night on the Sephora site and I just can’t figure it out. It doesn’t look like new blushes but merely a collection of existing shades that would go with Orgasm. It looks like Amour, Desire, than either the L/E San Francisco or Gold Member blush, then Orgasm.  But, if that’s the case, why not just state the colours/shades as they have done with the new L/E Nordstrom NARS palette??! So odd to me.  Regardless, I think I’ll pass on this as I have enough of the shades already.  

    • sonyafby

      @Kafka I thought the two matte shades were the pink and the peach colours that are in orgasm, plus it has the gold shimmer in orgasm… Like an orgasm break-it-down if that makes sense…

      • Marie

         @sonyafby  @Kafka That’s exactly what it is.

      • Kafka

         @sonyafby  @Kafka  You may be right, Sonya.  And your explanation of the break-down makes total sense. :) It’s just confusing to me because of *how* close the blushes are to NARS’ existing shades. Virtually identical from what I’m seeing to things like Amour or Desire, etc.  The only one that looks like it may be new is the gold one which looks like a powder version of Gold Member, unless it’s Luster that my monitor has just skewed a bit in goldness. Still, I can’t imagine that NARS would create 3 brand new blushes that are so close to their existing ones *JUST* for Sephora. It seems very unlikely, so I hope Christine reviews this to do a comparison. 

      •  @sonyafby  @Kafka I got that impression as well as Orgasm base is actual a shade between the peach and pink shade bu lighter.

    • Kafka

       @Christine (Temptalia)  Can you guess at how long this will be available? Based on prior sorts of things, do you estimate a few months, longer, permanently?  Also, do you have any plans to review it at some point? No problem if you have too much else on your plate, but it would be nice to know how similar some of these colours are to existing NARS blushes and how long I have to decide whether it’s worth getting.  

      •  @Kafka Which palette? Sephora or Nordstrom?  Probably not either since I’m busy reviewing their existing blushes and I think the Nordstrom palette just contains ones already released?

  14. I like the idea of these NARS blush palettes but wouldn’t shimmer get into the matte shades in there and uh make them not matte? Because I hate when that happens in my mac eyeshadow palettes :(

  15. I’d rather the palette from Nordstrom

  16. Nordstrom palette?  I was just on their site and I don’t see it??  Could someone help?  Thanks :)

  17. adrianavmv

    Are those 2 blushes new? Is that highlither Albatross? 

    • Marie

       @adrianavmv Those 3 colors are “new” in a way. They’re componants of the original Orgasm shade. Mix them up and you get an Orgasm-like shade.

  18. Quinctia

    I don’t own any Nars.  Which would be better, this one or the Nordstrom one?  Can’t decide, won’t buy both.  (Might not buy either, but I’m thinking…)

    • Miss J

       @Quinctia I’d go for the Nordstrom palette. I believe it has Albatross (Highlighter), Laguna (Bronzer), Orgasm, Luster, Angelika, and Gaiety for blushes. 

    • bhorton

      @Quinctia the Nordstrom one!

    • Kafka

       @Quinctia I have to echo @Miss J and say the Nordstrom one. It has some lovely, lovely shades. Luster is absolutely one of my favorite blushes. To me, it’s a soft medium gold with a sheen but everyone else seems to think or call it apricot-gold. Laguna is the perfect contourer/bronzer with a matte look that isn’t orange-y or really a bronzer at all; just a perfect light brown that works on pale to medium to olive skin.  Angelika and Albatross you’ve seen in the recent reviews, and there are photos of Christine wearing Gaiety (I think during one of the MAC collections, if you want to do a search). Orgasm is a bit of a dud, imo, but you’re stuck with it no matter which collection you go for.  Hope that helps. :)

  19. Susannah Kent

    Uhhh must have!

  20. JoJo Badazz

    Just ordered it!!

  21. Denise Sheffield

    I ordered this yesterday! Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  22. Kim Jensen

    i just ordered it too because i still have major regrets not getting the danmari one when it was available

  23. Ashley Carter

    Post is meaningless without swatches :(

  24. Hao Zhen

    omgomgomg what a name lol so creative and beautiful omgomg

  25. Y

    adjective goes before a noun  i.e Matte pink blush 

    • anne12112

      @Y uses the same description (i.e. “Peach Matte Blush”), which is entirely correct. And FYI, “pink” is an adjective when describing blush!

  26. Keshia W

    I know it’s available online but when is it available in stores?

  27. this is really nice!  does anyone know if it has a mirror?

    • JMARIE1104

      yes it does. I have seen two reviews on it on youtube. Just type in “Nars Foreplay palette” in the search bar. Hope this helps :)

  28. meemah

    this looks good! I have a couple of nars items (lipgloss and multiple) and this looks like a great deal for 4 colors!

  29. Monique Mosley

    Anybody seen any swatches online?

  30. icedcaramellatte

    I’m debating this one and the Nordstrom palette.

  31. GG_3189

    @RynroseG hell yes!! That thing is workin!!

  32. Brjsmom

    Got the Nordstrom palette and love it!