Saturday, November 26th, 2011

NARS Damage Lipstick
NARS Damage Lipstick

NARS Damage Lipstick

NARS Damage Lipstick ($24.00 for 0.12 oz.) is described as a “sheer muted grape.” It’s a translucent raspberry pink with a subtle shine; it looks a bit like tinted lip balm than a lipstick, because it’s so weightless and merely tinted lips. The effect is very my-lips-but-better in the best way. There’s definitely a difference between my natural lip color and how they look with Damage on top, but it’s subtle and very natural. This would be an excellent every day shade as it is extremely wearable but it will also go well with many looks. MAC Laugh-a-lot is a bit less berry. MAC Capricious is a bit darker.

Damage is part of NARS’ Sheer Lipstick line-up, which is supposed to be sheer in color but long-lasting with shine and hydration. This shade wears three to four hours on me; it’s not the longest wearing lipstick on me, but it does outlast a lot of sheerer shades, as they often last two to three hours (and some even less). This lipstick was scent- and taste-free. I didn’t find it drying, and some NARS’ lipsticks can be, though this wasn’t particularly hydrating–kind of neutral.

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This is a great shade for everyday wear; it's something that will work with many looks, so you can keep in your makeup bag or use it when you're traveling. It's versatile and can be worn with minimal makeup or dramatic makeup.











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NARS Damage Lipstick
NARS Damage Lipstick

NARS Damage Lipstick
NARS Damage Lipstick

NARS Damage Lipstick
NARS Damage Lipstick

NARS Damage Lipstick
NARS Damage Lipstick

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NARS, $24.

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MAC Laugh-a-lot is a bit less berry. MAC Capricious is a bit darker.

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73 thoughts on “NARS Damage Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Nichole

    Too sheer for $24.

    • It’s supposed to be sheer – it’s called Sheer Lipstick, LOL!

      • Nichole

        I get it. It just costs too much. I can get the same effect for less.

        • That’s true with pretty much all products, though :) I just don’t think one should expect that a brand would say, “Well, our regular lipstick is $24, and this is sheer, so we’ll charge you $4.” It’s not just the pigmentation that determines price – it just might be what you prefer or don’t prefer to pay for.

        • Hannah

          I respectfully disagree. I will pay more for an effortless product, one that can be simply swept on with no fussing to get the desired look. To me, a product that does not require any work at all is the definition of luxury. Thus, I understand the value of sheer lipsticks such as these, and lines such as Burberry that specialize in seemingly “unpigmented” effortless products.

  2. Neha

    Awesome everyday shade…but I would still stick to MAC Capricious.
    BTW, What are you wearing on your cheeks? Your photos make me concentrate there more..simply glowing!

  3. I have Damage and it’s so pretty. Universally flattering and nice for winter, when I lean towards berry shades but sometimes I don’t want to go the whole-wine. :)

  4. Alicia

    I’m not a big lipstick fan but this is so pretty!

  5. Saffy

    Wow, Damage is beautiful, I really love it. (BTW Christine, your skin looks amazing in that photo!)

  6. Hannah

    Beautiful color on you! That’s an impressive wear time for a sheer product, I’ll have to check it out.

  7. Delenn

    I’ve got this lipstick and I like it.
    As you said it’s sheer but it really slightly colors lips, so that they look more beautiful.
    I use it when my eyes are more boldly colored.

  8. julie

    Ahhhhhh!!! I adore this color!! And I <3 sheer lipsticks! So pretty and i must have it! Too bad they don't sell it anywhere near my, oh i guess i have to fly to London then!

  9. Kelli

    That’s a really beautiful natural colour! It adds just enough colour to make it look good

  10. Ashley

    This looks like a great shade for someone who doesn’t wear lipstick that often and would want a lipstick that could be used as a stepping stone for getting into lipsticks, as it seems to be a nice balance between gloss and lipstick for coverage. If I choose to go the route of lipsticks this Christmas for presents, I might check this one out.

  11. Pawsha

    Very werable and nice!

  12. Carrie Ann

    Ooh, pretty! I don’t like dark lipsticks and I like the NARS formula, so I think I’ll put this on my list.

  13. t_zwiggy

    I love nars’ sheer lipsticks and this shade is absolutely gorgeous!

  14. Grace

    This has been my holy grail lipstick for years. Definitely try this out if you are pale with darker hair!

  15. Nadia

    I really like this Christine! Unfortunately my lips are darker than yours so it would probably look different on me.
    I was wondering though how similar it is to Korres Mango Butter lipstick in Natural Pink, it is one of my favorite everyday shades and they do look alike a lot!! Which one is sheerer?

  16. artemis

    looks very pretty

  17. This is so pretty! I might just have to save up for this one!

  18. Mariella

    I love this colour but that’s not surprising since Laugh a Lot is one of my all-time favourite lipsticks and Capricious isn’t far behind!

  19. Shilpa

    this is one of my go to shades! love it, thx for the review!

  20. liz

    definetly looks more plum on me than you!

  21. Casey

    Its a beautiful shade, but for that price, I would rather have something a bit more full coverage

  22. Veronica

    Very pretty effect! I like how it smooths out the shape of the lips, too. I prefer my lipsticks opaque, so I’ll probably pass – but I think this would be a great color for somebody who prefers a more “natural” look.

  23. I have never tried NARS products before but this lipstick is might take a crack at. Even though the cost may be high, a good sheer lipstick is hard to come by. Plus, that shade looks amazing on you!

  24. Annika

    Prettiest lipstick ever! Too bad we don’t have NARS where I live :( (Or Bobbi Brown, which could possibly have the closest dupe.)

  25. Jenny Jacobs

    I had wanted Damage for awhile, but it was out of stock in Sephora and Bloomingdales, so I decided to look for a dupe and I found a pretty good one! It’s from Sephora’s own line and it’s called Lip Attitude – Glamour in Dreaming Plum 11 (Item # 1043496). On me it’s really close to Damage and it’s half the price! I love it.

  26. Salvinia

    Oh! I really want this but it’s SO expensive! It’s like Dolce Vita’s cooler-toned sister, and that’s pretty much my favorite lipstick ever.

  27. Thank you so much for this review, Christine! I have been hunting for a great everyday MLBB shade and this is IT! I bought it today at Sephora and I’m so happy with it. Had you not reviewed it, who knows when (and if!) I would have found it! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  28. Laura

    Love it! It looks like a perfect day time lipstick for me. Will have to put it on my christmas wish list!

  29. Anna

    This color is absolutely stunning on you! Although I prefer the Nars semi matte formula to their sheer formula, I must say this lipstick caught my eye. Thanks for the review. :)

  30. Vix

    Damage has been my go-to shade for the past few years. I love it! It’s sheer but you can build it some more. I have fair, cool toned skin. It worked well with both my natural color (dark strawberry blonde) and current color (dark rich brown). The makeup is beautiful on you Christine!

  31. CiCi

    Christine, is this lipstick warm or cool toned? Do you think it would look good on warm and neutral skin tones? Cool tones usually look awful on me =(

  32. C

    its very pretty, but there are a lot of cheaper plain lip balms that will achieve this colour or pretty similar; like a lot of commenters have stated.

    i believe in paying more for a lipstick that makes a bit of an effort at being pigmented, or one that stands out and is a little different. thats why ive no problem spending £15 on a strange colour from illamasqua, but id never pay similar for this nars one!

    very grateful for the review and chance to see a swatch though, as I wouldve been mislead with other online images of it in the tube.

    • Just make sure to read product descriptions – the lipstick formula is called “Sheer Lipstick” and it’s described as sheer! I haven’t found a lip balm that tints this well myself, so I’d love to hear dupes!

  33. kengie

    hi, i always read your reviews and i always wonder how you take care of your lips? they’re so nice and hydrated, no matter what kind of lipstick you try on. could you do a post on lip care? thanks 😀

  34. Alison

    Stunning on you!