Friday, July 24th, 2009

NARS Cosmetics – Cream Eyeshadows (Singles) – Product Photos

Here are some close-up photos of several of NARS’ cream eyeshadows (singles, not duos).

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Anyone have any of these? What do you think?

NARS Cosmic Girl Cream Eyeshadow (Single)

NARS Pearl Beach Cream Eyeshadow (Single)

NARS Corfu Cream Eyeshadow (Single)

NARS Nomad Cream Eyeshadow (Single)

NARS Carioca Cream Eyeshadow (Single)

NARS Lido Cream Eyeshadow (Single)

NARS Mykonos Cream Eyeshadow (Single)

NARS Maracaibo Cream Eyeshadow (Single)

NARS Paper Tiger Cream Eyeshadow (Single)

NARS Savage Cream Eyeshadow (Single)

NARS Lili Marlene Cream Eyeshadow (Single)

NARS El Dorado Cream Eyeshadow (Single)

NARS Petula Cream Eyeshadow (Single)

NARS Decameron Cream Eyeshadow (Single)

NARS Zardoz Cream Eyeshadow (Single)

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24 thoughts on “NARS Cosmetics – Cream Eyeshadows (Singles) – Product Photos

  1. i have mykonos, maracaibo and savage – and the only one i use is savage because it is a gorgeous bronze that applies smoothly and is least likely to wear off with benefit creaseless cream under it. even then it wears off, but it makes a gorgeous bronze smokey eye. it also multitasks as a bronzer. the other two were harder to apply and faded way too fast (althouh maracaibo is gorgeous for the 10min it lasts for). i feel like the cream shadows can be substituted with the multiples, not sure what the difference between the two is other than color range.

    in general i love nars~ i’m really happy you’re doing more posts about them! can you do a review on their modern love palette?

  2. Diabla

    I hate them with passion. Those cream eyeshadows must be avoided unless you own too much money and want to do something else but simply burning it. I do own “Nomad”, the khaki one. It’s a gorgeous color, really and when I saw it at Sephora about 2 years ago, I fell in love both with the color and the texture (so incredibly comfy and pigmented)). That said, when I started to use it, I understood I had done nothing but wasting my money. And I payed like 24 euros for it (around 34$). What a shame.

    Basically, I’ve tried everything to make it work. In vain. With or without base, it creases and fade out. Fixed with transparent powder, it creases. Fixed with a khaki powder eyeshadow, it creases. And I don’t have oily lids at all (my skin is dry/dehydrated). So if I wear it, I can be assured that my make up is completely ruined after 10 minutes only. Cool! So consequently, it stays in my stash and I’m mad at myself for having wasted my money on such a pretentious brand. Don’t talk about Nars to me.

  3. Janelle

    I am in LOVE with Corfu, Savage and El Dorado as a one-swipe-and-you’re-done colour, and I also love Zardoz :)

  4. Petula, Pearl Beach, Zardoz & Cosmic Girl looks gorgeous, thanks for posting these Christine!

  5. Moni9ca

    I have mykonos and pearl beach. I always put a primer on before these because they crease like crazy.

  6. DJ

    I haven’t purchased a Nars single cream e/s but I have a duo and I love it. I have had the same creasing issue when I have tried the single cream shadows…and I love Nars.

  7. amy

    I have most of these with varied results -I hit pan on Cosmic Girl (I agree though that you have to wear a primer cause they do crease). I tend to use the darker ones as liners and I absolutely love Zardoz – I take it with me everywhere.

  8. AYHM

    Zardoz – I love it and I am able to multitask with it.

  9. lexisf09

    I like to thank you too for posting more about NARS – I am obsessed as well. I have been for quite sometime but because of the hefty price tag I have to be very selective of what I purchase. I do love my paris and hula hula duos (even though hula has heavy almost pole dancing-like glitter) and I am heart HEART heart my Modern Love Palette!

    I’m glad I read these reviews – if I ever do purchase a cream shadow it may just be corfu and I’ll stick to my benefit ones since those don’t budge for nothing!!

  10. I actually have quite a few and I LOVE them…I can understand how certain people would hate cream shadows especially if you have oily lids, but they show up amazingly on me and I always recieve NUMEROUS compliments when I wear them! Corfu, Nomad and Carioca are 3 of my abs. favs!

  11. alicia

    I love them. For a quick swipe of non-drying color, they’re great. They don’t stay on all day, but I don’t mind carrying it around for touch ups. How else would I use up a cream shadow? The shelf-life of creams is not like powder.

  12. Why is there a stand picture where NARS Petula Cream Eyeshadow (Single) should be? Am I the only one noticing this?

    Anywho, the swatches are really nice! I just can’t spent so much money on an item lol!