Friday, July 24th, 2009

Gold Member, Penny Lane, Cactus Flower, Constantinople

NARS Cosmetics – Cream Blushes – Swatches

To complement the product photos, here are the swatches for some of NARS’ cream blushes! :)

Where to Buy:

Cactus Flower, Constantinople, Gueule de Nuit, Montenegro

Montenegro, Lokoum, Turkish Red

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70 thoughts on “NARS Cosmetics – Cream Blushes – Swatches

  1. lexisf09

    Hi there,
    I am still thinking about going back to get Montenegro – I have a warm golden complexion so this comes out as a very nice berry color on me which looks great with Fast Ride. I think I’m the only one here that likes the new Fast Ride lip color! =)

    • Macaddict

      I like Fast Ride too! 😛
      I like the fact that it’s sheer which makes it easy for daywear and for work. I have lots of dark berry and purple l/s shades but none is sheer so I am excited about it!

    • On my lips, Fast Ride just settles too much, but a lot of dark sheers do that. I find it hard to pay $24 for that color pay off, though :(

  2. montenegro WILL be mine one day!!!!!!

  3. lexisf09

    oh man – i moved on from hoarding eye shadows to now wanting to hoard all these lovely cream blush shades! =(

  4. daphne

    Cactus Flower is just *dreamy* – but what I’d really die for is a lipstick in that color. Ooooh. Hey Christine, know of anything close? I know it’s right up your alley for lips 😉

  5. Nicole13

    I was just getting ready to order Becca cream blush…now I’m just going to cop Nars when I go to Sephora today. These rea great.

  6. Nicole

    i love Montenegro.. i may need to go get this one lol

  7. Redhead (hi)

    They’re so shimmery… I wish they had more *creamy* creme blushes. The whole point of wearing a cream blush is to look dewy and natural, and shimmer is definitely neither, ya know?

    • lexisf09

      i agree – often times I avoid the glitter for fear that in combination of shimmery/glittery eyeshadow will make me look like i’m on my way to the Hustler club…

      I was thinking about going back to the Tarte cheek stains in the push-up pop like stick…love those! Those look very natural on me.

    • I’d love to see a mix myself!

  8. Cactus Flower is so pretty!

  9. shontay

    I’ve been wanting at least one of these for a while. I never seem to get to it, though. My lemmings came back with the new collection b/c montenegro was a part of it. It’s so gorgeous.


    Thanks for the swatches Christine!


  11. SnickerDoodle

    cactus flower is SO pretty!!

  12. charmaine

    I’ve got penny lane & cactus flower
    and still eager to try Gueule de Nuit

  13. Ziya

    I think Costa Chic would be the closest dupe of Cactus flower as a lippie…maybe add a tiny smidgen of venetian l/g or any red on top to give it a pinkier look.

  14. Macaddict

    For NARS cream blushes, I have Montenegro (which I was told was LE), Goldmember (which I use as a highlighter) and Cactus Flower. Love NARS blushes! I have Lokoum and Turkish Red on my list

    • Is Cactus Flower really as amazing as it seems?

      • Macaddict

        Totally!!! I believe it suits both warm and paler skin tones. You’ll have to try it for yourself.
        I am ashamed to say that I have SO MUCH m/u that I can barely keep track of it (even with lists)…
        Anyhow, for the NARS summer 2009 collection, as for many m/u collections, many companies showcase some permanent products along with the LE items: products that they feel goes well with the LE colors/products!
        They had Cactus Flower bluah on the display alongside the summer stuff. I fell in love with it (all over again!) and bought it, forgetting that I already had itat home! I returned it the next day when I realized my mistake! Same thing happens with MAC and their permanent products! I am so used to buy LE stuff and use them that I often forget all about the perm ones…Before I go shopping for m/u, I always have to do an inventory of my stash.
        Am I the only one like that? Does anyone else has same problem?

  15. Sunny

    MUST have Cactus Flower!

  16. Wow, Cactus Flower is sooooo pretty! So is Constantinople!

  17. Janelle

    These are so gorgeous. Such a pity I havent mastered blush yet -_-

  18. freewing

    Penny Lane n Cactus Flower are sooo pretty~

  19. cmferrets

    wow i love cream blushes, exspecially the benefit ones. how do these compare to benefit?

    • Veronica

      IMO, Benefit’s is much more sheer and NARS’s is more pigmented. And I think NARS has a lot more to choose from, though there isn’t really an orangey coralish cream blush from NARS yet..hmm.

    • I haven’t really tried many of Benefit’s cream blushes, so I can’t compare!

  20. Hannah

    I have to have Montenegro!!

  21. Nicole

    Interested in Cactus Flower (: So pretty!
    How are the textures of these?

  22. betterthanmink

    Is there a dupe out there anywhere for Gueule de Nuit? It’s been discontinued! :(

  23. Charlotte

    So I ended up getting Penny Lane and Cactus Flower and am now tempted my either Constantinople or Montenegro but as a cool toned PPP I’m worried they’ll either turn orange or look sily. Thought?

  24. Alex

    Do you think cactus flower would be too dark for someone with very pale skin??

  25. Shasa

    I am so upset! I want Turkish Red sooo bad but I can’t find it ANYWHERE! I have been looking for a red cream blush for a while, because that is the blush shade that seems to flatter me the most!! Do you know of any other red cream blushes, Christine? Thank you!

  26. Zahra

    Is penny lane anything like MAC’s lillicent? i’m looking for a dupe! any suggestions?

  27. JasmineSmith

    These all look so pretty! :) Not sure which one I should check out for my dark skin tone. 

  28. Miss J

    Do you think Constantinople would be similar to Outlaw?