Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

NARS Christina Lipstick
NARS Christina Lipstick

NARS Christina Lipstick

NARS Christina Lipstick ($24.00 for 0.12 oz.) is described as a “shimmering golden raspberry.” It has a satin finish, so it’s supposed to be long-wearing, comfortable to wear, and moisturizing. It’s a pink-tinted red with golden shimmer and sheen. It yields opaque color coverage and a natural sheen. It’s a more frosted lipstick, but it didn’t feel clingy or drying, like some really frosty shades can be. NARS Petit Monstre is a less red, more orange variation. Bobbi Brown Raspberry Pink is much lighter in pink but has a similar golden shimmer.

Christina wore for five and a half hours, and it felt moisturizing; my lips still felt supple after I removed it. I didn’t have any feathering or bleeding issues with this shade, despite its deeper hue. It’s creamy enough to apply on the lips without dragging or pulling, but it doesn’t slip around afterward either. NARS lipsticks seem unscented and taste-free to me.

The Glossover



This shade should look gorgeous on any skin tone, from light to dark. It's rich and bold without being dark, heavy, or neon. It's also nice to see a golden sheen on a shade that's not full-on red or copper-red!











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NARS Christina Lipstick
NARS Christina Lipstick

NARS Christina Lipstick
NARS Christina Lipstick

NARS Christina Lipstick
NARS Christina Lipstick

NARS Christina Lipstick
NARS Christina Lipstick

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NARS, $24.00

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NARS Petit Monstre is a less red, more orange variation. Bobbi Brown Raspberry Pink is much lighter in pink but has a similar golden shimmer.

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60 thoughts on “NARS Christina Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Shelly

    Holy crap, I did not expect the color to look like that from the way it looks in the tube! Gorgeous!

  2. Ria

    Wow. That is BEYOND gorgeous. NARS really does know how to use gold. I love the sheen in this, the flecks in Torrid, and the frosty gold in Versailles. Amazing. NARS, you’ve done it again. Got to get my hands on this!!

  3. This looks a lot prettier on the lips than in the tube, pleasant surprise =)

  4. Cecilia

    looks so different from the tube when swatched. pretty.

  5. C Y

    The swatches look so different from the product in the tube!

  6. Chelsea

    I’ve owned this one forever and I don’t know that I’ve ever worn it! But now those pics are making me want to dig it out of my stash.

  7. Wow looks sure are deceiving haha…from the bullet I thought it would be a super frosty peach and them BAM the swatch is amazingly gorgeous.

  8. Sarah R

    Wow, to me it looks completely different on your lips than in the tube. Could just be my monitor, though. Its lovely!

  9. Ana G.

    When I saw it in the tube I did not expect this color…NICE!!!

  10. Ashley

    It looks so different from tube to your lips! I was expecting a bronze / orange color and it’s almost red! Looks good on though, I like the subtle glimmer.

  11. Anna

    It kind of reminds me of Chanel Prodigious. What do you think, Christine?

  12. Mrs Crna Gora

    I have a question and it may be off topic… How do you know what cheek color to pair with your lippies? I love this color but get stuck with coordinating my blush. I just bought guerlain gwen and gigolo and tried some of my current blushes with no luck. Could you suggest something pretty please:) I’m a little more yellow toned than you but lingerie depeau 03 is my perfect winter match. both shades are almost too cool toned for me so pink blushes with them made me look terrible and I oh so desperately want to make them work. They are so pretty:) I put fiord rouge d’or over gigolo and loved it! Thank you a ton Christine, it is truley appreciated

  13. Lulee

    what? how is that even possible… that color from that bullet? hahah at first i thought it was a mistake. i gotta check this one out in person

  14. Marie

    And this post just proves the importance of swatching! I thought it was a so-so color in the tube, but the color applied on is beautiful!

  15. Heather

    Wow – thanks for the review of this! I never would’ve even considered this shade, because it looks like such a light color in the tube! Now I want it!

  16. Kiah

    From my computer, it looks like it could be similar to MAC Oh Oh Oh. Is it?

  17. Merty

    Finally a lipstick with my name! Lol. I love the shade as well.

  18. Meera

    Is this shade similar to Nars Flair?

  19. Christina is nice on Christine!

  20. Rachel

    Wow, was NOT expecting it to swatch like that.
    Now I want it, gah.

  21. Oh, god, what?! Lipsticks like this always throw me. (And then give me insane lipstick cravings, of course!)

  22. Daniela

    Okay, I did not expect that LOL it’s very pretty, and it looks stunning on you :)

  23. My first thought was that this was a dupe for Dior Nocturne. And, at least, on my monitor it looks like it could be a more shimmered version.

  24. Christine, does this compare at all to Dior Nocturne? Nocturne seems slightly darker and redder, but perhaps close enough to warrant not owning both? 😛

  25. helen

    Wow, the difference between the colour of the tube of lipstick and the swatches (on my computer) are not even close in colour comparison. Lovely colour on you but i prefer the colour of the (tube of) lipstick (which leans towards corally-peach). Strange…

    • helen

      And i just read all the comments before my own. I see that we are all saying the same thing. The value of a swatch. Thanks Christine for all your hard work.

  26. Michelle

    That’s a great color on you! They named it wrong :)

  27. Are you sure the pic of it in the tube is the same lipstick, LOL? It looks orange in the first pics, but so much more red in swatches!

    • Yep! It’s just the outer layer or the way the lipstick is cured or whatever they call it – but basically, as soon as you apply it, you can already see the tip of the lipstick look more like the swatch vs. the exterior of the lipstick.

  28. Carmen Estrada

    Really pretty! It reminded me a little of Dior Nocturne, Am I wrong? How would you compare it?

  29. Maggie

    Wow!!! That’s gorgeous! I would not have guessed that tube would have swatched like that. I just might give this a try….

  30. Harshleen

    What a gorgeous shade! Looks great on you Christine.

  31. Leenie

    I love the color I have to check this one out.

  32. leti

    LOL…..at first, I thought you were talking in third person.

  33. I don’t know if I love this because of the color or because my name’s Christina! :)

  34. artemis

    lol, it’s red :)) i expected a weird mustard color :)) i like it

  35. Josiane

    It kinda remind me of mac baron rose

  36. O.O That is NOT what I expected it to look like! It is so beautiful on the lips! Thanks for the gorgeous swatches! <3

  37. Melissa F

    Christina is my favorite NARS lipstick because it truly is moisturizing. It’s not overly golden or copper for my tanned skin. This will always be a staple in my lipstick collection.

  38. Lauren

    Oh my gosh, I think I just found a new love. I literally just threw my favorite lipstick out the other day because it didnt smell to hot, and this is basically the exact same thing! Totally buying it!

  39. Wow, it’s gorgeous on you!

  40. Carrie

    Count me in the crowd of stunned by the actual color of the product! Stunning 😀

  41. This is my favorite kind of shade and I can pretend it’s named after me! MUST HAVE.

  42. I’m gonna have to give this shade a second look next time I’m at Sephora. I think I passed it over due to looking so orange in the tube.

  43. dom

    OH wow, do mine eyes deceive me? I thought it was going to be a burnt gold color from the first photo and suddenly a beautiful, wearable everyday red appears!

  44. Veronica

    And thus NARS exemplifies to us the importance of swatching, haha!

    That’s a really fantastic color. It reminds me of Covergirl’s Soulmate, which is my current grab-and-go lipstick. 😀 I’ll have to give it a go next time I head out to Sephora.

  45. Michelle

    This is one of my favorite Nars lipsticks!

  46. divinem (Melissa)

    WOW! I am shocked at how beautiful this shade is! It looks nothing like what’s in the tube. A must have for me.

    Christine, I love your weekly Love & Lipgloss Newsletter. It’s great for catching things (like this) that I missed through the week. Thank you for all your hard work!

  47. Kendall

    How does this compare to MAC rose pigment in terms of color?

  48. This suits you really great! I will get my hands on this, for sure, though NARS lipsticks feel a bit drying to me. The colour ist just great.
    I bought Shiseido RD305 which is raspberry-red without shimmer, wonder if they are similar, since NARS is owned by Shiseido.BB Raspberry Pink is also one of the sahdes I used to wear, but it’s not that pigmented.

    Thank you!