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NARS Celebrate Soft Touch Shadow Pencil
NARS Celebrate Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

NARS Spring 2011: Celebrate

NARS Celebrate Soft Touch Shadow Pencil ($24.00 for 0.14 oz.) is described as a “parrot green” by NARS. The Soft Touch Shadow Pencils are supposed to be “smooth, creamy, and long-wearing.” They are touted as the “ideal base for layering with powder eyeshadow to increase color intensity.” It’s a multi-tasking pencil that can be used to “Shade the lid, line, or highlight the eye.”

Celebrate is a bright, chartreuse green with a strong yellow base. It applied semi-opaque but glided on easily. The problem with this shade was its complete inability to not crease. I tried it alone, and it creased within minutes. I layered eyeshadow on top (Giorgio Armani Transluminence palette–the teal–I just used whatever I had nearest to me), and it still creased in less than an hour. It’s not even a little creasing–it’s painful to see. Not to be daunted, I also tried it over NARS’ Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base with the same eyeshadow layered on top, and I still had the same results (a veritable creasing bonanza).

my thoughts on the formula: More often than not, the Soft Touch Shadow Pencils are a bust for me–they crease alone but also when layered with powder–and Celebrate continues to show that NARS’ Soft Touch Shadow Pencils really can be hit or miss.

The Glossover



I'm not even sure what you can really use this with or for, if it's going to crease with two additional helpers (a base and shadow to set). It migrates on the lower lash line, too, so it's not something one could line with, either. Five points for the glide and color pay off!
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See more photos & swatches!

NARS Celebrate Soft Touch Shadow Pencil
NARS Celebrate Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

NARS CelebrateSoft Touch Shadow Pencil
NARS Celebrate Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

NARS Celebrate Soft Touch Shadow Pencil
NARS Celebrate Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

NARS Celebrate Soft Touch Shadow Pencil
NARS Celebrate Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, after 15 minutes

NARS Celebrate Soft Touch Shadow Pencil
NARS Celebrate layered over NARS’ Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base + teal eyeshadow on top, after 1 hour

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase Celebrate? How much is it?

NARS, $24.00.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

NYX's Lime is the closest pencil shadow I can think of, but a better color dupe is MAC True Chartreuse Pigment.

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148 thoughts on “NARS Celebrate Soft Touch Shadow Pencil Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. courtneyseaa

    Oh my goodness, sooo gross hahaha. So disappointing from NARS!!

  2. I’m shocked that 14 people chose ‘loving it’ xD

  3. Jessica

    Wow. That looks really bad. I can’t understand that NARS is even selling such a bad quality product. It will only destroy there reputation.

    This is the first F rating you ever gave, isn’t it?

  4. Hend

    Both of the color and the quality are horrible !
    what a disappointment !

  5. This is a DISASTER!

  6. Phew! That crease is offensive! Sad, I thought that color would have been fun.

  7. Holly

    Wow. That’s embarrassing.

    Boo to you, NARS.

  8. Natsume

    Wow. That’s terrible..

  9. Tiffany S.


  10. Steph

    I love that you posted the pics of how terribly it creases, it helps to see it as well as read it!

  11. callie

    I love the color…but that creasing is scary.

  12. Sheena F

    They should seriously do something about the formula. Right now, NYX is kicking their ass in terms of product value. I would really like to “love” these shadow pencils out. And based on your last review, for a brand that makes such an awesome shadow base (yes, I am a NARS Smudgeproof Shadow Base convert!), why the underwhelming quality?

    Not hating…just hoping NARS would take notice and make some improvements to the formula.

  13. Luiza

    That’s very disappointing. Lemme say something, I have two CoverGirl Smoky ShadowBlast and they do the exact same thing!! I just looked here to see your review on CG Smoky ShadowBlast but you don’t apply it on the eye. But the real problem is not right after applying it, like this NARS shadow pencil, but after some time. The first time it happened, it occurred me that I should have spread the eyeshadow, because I applied too much trying to get a nice look to my new year party. But last monday I used it again, spread with my finger but the same thing happen. It’s very disappointing to look in the mirror and see that the make up you did is a total fail, and you had no idea before you look in the mirror… lol

  14. Luiza

    Oh, BTW, just to add something to my previous comment about CG Smoky ShadowBlast: I used primer potion from Urban Decay both times, and the in 1st time I used a eyeshadow from a Brazilian Brand before the CG shadow.

  15. Stef

    Eee! That’s baad!!

  16. Mariella

    Holy smokes – what a MESS!!! I just got my first 2 UD shadow pencils and I’m loving them and plan to get more. Heck, you can get better results (they still crease on me but at least they’re cheap) with NYX pencils. Shame on you, NARS!

  17. Blue

    Isn’t this the fourth or so time you’ve ever given an F before?

  18. Brenda

    Oh wow. I just bought it when I saw the color (absolute green lover here) before I got the chance to read any reviews. This is really saddening….

  19. Karuda

    I did use this as a upper lid liner and it worked quite well! (ie no creasing or smudging…) I wouldn’t have bought the product if I’ve read this beforehand… but oh well.

  20. Cords

    that looks like an infection lmfao

  21. rachel

    so i looked this up after i bought it.. worst product ever! i was jabbing my eye trying to get it to go on.. i can’t even get it to go on my lid at all. so angry. swatches beautifully on the hand- i’d have to hold my eyelid taught and jab my eye like crazy to even get this to work. so angry….!!!