Thursday, April 28th, 2011

NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio
NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio

NARS Summer 2011: Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio

NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio ($45.00 for 0.17 oz.) has launched an Alpes-Maritimes inspired (and limited edition) trio featuring shades of icy sea form, silver grewen, and icy turquoise. Something that readers complained about before was the composition of NARS’ trios–a gradual fading of light to dark with each section a different size, but here, we have three separate pans with each being the same size. I definitely hope to see this design going forward–I think it is more practical.

Cap Ferrat is my favorite NARS trio to date (I know, there have only been three, including this one), but I think it’s much more in line with NARS’ typical textures. The lightest shade is a very pale, green-tinted silvery white with this very subtle undertone of yellow; it is a little sheer, so it’s not perfect, but it applies smoothly. The middle shade is a seafoam green with a teal pull and a frosted finish with excellent pigmentation and soft, smooth texture. The darkest shade is a vibrant, sea and sky mix of blue with a subtle silvery shimmer and sheen. Like the middle shade, it has beautiful color payoff that’s true-to-pan and a very smooth feel.

One thing I don’t love about the trios is the way they’re priced–usually, the more products in it, the more of a “value” it becomes. Instead, NARS singles are $328.57/oz., duos are $235.71/oz., while the trios are $264.71/oz. NARS’ eyeshadows are supposed to be long-wearing and crease-resistant. When I wear them alone, I tend to get around six hours of wear before there is a faint amount of creasing, so it’s pretty good and isn’t a huge mess, but I’d recommend a primer for all-day wear (especially for those with oilier lids).

The Glossover


NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio Review, Photos, Swatches

If we excluded the lightest shade, the trio would earn a full 10 on both product and pigment, but the sheerness of the first shade resulted in the drop (as the score is averaged out). It's a very summer-esque trio channeling ocean blues, and if it's in your budget, definitely something to consider.











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NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio
NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio

NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio
NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio

NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio
NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio

NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio
NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio

NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio
NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio

NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio
NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio

NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio
NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio

NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio
NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase Cap Ferrat? How much is it?

NARS, $45.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

The lightest green shade is lesss yellow than NARS Wicked Eyeshadow Duo--almost like a lighter NARS Habanera, while the seafoam green is bluer-based and has a frost finish compared to NARS Misfit, yet it is greener and darker than Persepolis. The darker blue shade initially seems similar to South Pacific, but it's bluer and richer.

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44 thoughts on “NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I keep trying to talk myself out of this because $45 is a hefty price for 3 eyeshadows (especially since my boyfriend is all, “HEY! THAT DUMB NAKED PALETTE WAS $44, YOU CAN’T SPEND $45 ON 3 EYESHADOWS!!”), but the colors are so pretty…
    I’ll probably secretly buy this online and the BF will be none the wiser.

    • Hahaha, my boyfriend is the same way! Except I have to go in store to buy the things because I’m always afraid he’ll be home when the package comes. Good thing I have him around though, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have enough money to pay our bills, heh.

    • @ Maya: Haha, I like this! I always hide my purchases from the boyfriend. The colors are pretty, but I own too many blues to buy this.

      • Catherine

        My boyfriend just gave up a long time ago on controling myself on the makeup. He know just roll his eyes :)

        • Michelle

          So does mine…he just keeps reminding me that I’m naturally beautiful… or maybe he just doesn’t want to see me buying anything new that I don’t realy need! lol

    • Steph

      My boyfriend used to criticize me all the time for makeup. Then I pointed out how much he spends on video games and cigarettes (which make him happy), and that makeup makes me happy. End of discussion!

    • cloudburst

      Ugh, my boyfriend is the same way. Whatever, our finances are pretty separate so he can just deal with it. I love NARS and somehow will always find a way to fit it in!

  2. Amy

    Thanks for the swatches, Christine! I just wanted to say that I would personally find it more helpful if you include dupes from other brands as well (e.g. the middle color looks a bit to me like UD’s Aquarius, but what do I know, I’m definitely no guru), since I find NARS to be a bit pricey. I’m not sure if in this case, you couldn’t think of others, or you left them out. Just some friendly CC :). Other than that, keep up the great work!

  3. Rachael

    Along with the Carthage lippie, this is pretty tempting. I love the NARS velvet matte packaging. I want all my packaging like that.

  4. I just got mine in the mail – and it is gorgeous. Haven’t had a chance to play yet!

  5. Shilpa

    will this be available @ sephora??

  6. Ayr

    This is so pretty. I could never afford it though!

  7. Thank you for the review and lovely swatches! I am getting this next week when it is available in Space NK. :)

  8. Dara

    Oooh those swatches are gorgeous! The colors sort of remind me of the colors in the Wet n Wild Pride palette.

  9. Jill

    I just love the beige and green shades–not crazy about the blue, it seems really electric. Might be fun as a liner though!! I may get this just for the other two, though, I really love them.

  10. Maureen

    I love thickly and smudgingly lining my eyes with bright powder using my 219 blush. This palette would be perrrfffeecctt <3

  11. Trish

    I love these colors and this is the first NARS shadow trio I’ve purchased (I passed on the epic fail that was the Calanque trio). Bought this sucker from NARS at a 17% discount. That made the price not hurt as much.

  12. The colours in this one are just stunning. I already have a lot of teals and blues, but I’m still tempted by this. Sigh…

  13. Anna H.

    could you please do a look with this trio?
    what blush? Gloss?

  14. Jazz

    its pretty but 45 is a bit much for 3 shadows. Maybe it can be my reward lol

  15. Deb

    Gorgeous! But I have too many similar colors to invest in this. Thanks for reviewing!

  16. Christina

    Christine do you think this is a trio that warmer tones can wear?

  17. Macaddict

    I bought it at The Bay 2 weeks ago!! I love it! The palest color makes for a great highlighter. It just reminds me so much of the ocean…
    The NARS sales person put in my bag and charged me – although I had told her that I did not want it – the blush New Order. At the time, there was not even a New Order blush as a demo but, based on the coolness of the color, I knew that it would not be a good fit for me.
    Anyhow, when I got home and opened my bag, there it was! Needless to say, I returned it unopened the very next day and, based on your review Christine, BOY am I glad!
    I have been finding that the latest NARS blushes are disappointing: not pigmented and full of glitter!
    I miss the very colorful and decently pigmented ones.
    Also, the pale green eyeliner that comes with the collection, I also bought based on the enthusiasm of the same sales person (BIG mistake) as there was not a demo available yet for it. She just showed me the pen and told me that it looked very pigmented (NOT!!!). Barely any color only glitter!!!
    Here goes $30 somewhat dollars and I can’t return this one because I had to use it once to know…
    I will never buy again before being able to swatch.
    Wow! What a long post!lol :-)

    • They definitely hit the nail on the head with the color scheme — so ocean-like!

      Hopefully we’ll see something more pigmented in the fall? It does seem like it’s been a minute since we’ve seen a really intense blush.

      LOL, yeah, I got a review on the pencil coming up, too… I know exactly what you mean!

    • NeenaJ

      Hey Macaddict, I think you could call ahead to the store and ask to speak to the SA’s manager. Explain that you purchased the pencil based on the SA’s claim and you had to take her word for it since they did not provide you a demo. Be sure to tell them about the blush incident too. I would be highly surprised if they wouldn’t allow you to return both items.

    • Roo

      The Bay is very good about returns. You shouldn’t have any problem at all. It sounds like you had a very over-pushy sales person and they might try to make you feel guilty about returning it or make it seem like they’re making a special exception for you but you can definitely return it if you’re not happy with it.

    • evo

      Is it already available @ the bay? I passed by the counter today and I didn’t see it. There was no SA there either :(

      • Macaddict

        The Bay usually gets the NARS collections even before Holt Renfrew (The locations where there is a NARS counter of course cuz not all of them do!)
        What I do, when I know a collections is upcoming, I call or stop by the counter (and they know me), and I will leave my name and phone # for them to call me and let me know they just received it. I get a call the same day of the release. They will do this since it pretty much garantees them sales! :-)

  18. Shelby

    Love the colors. But I cannot justify the price for three shadows that wouldn’t get every-day use :/

  19. It’s beautiful, I wish we had NARS in Germany.

  20. Lara

    Love the colors!

  21. Ivory

    I think the colors are a bit too gaudy. I prefer something more subdued. And for the price tag, I will pass.

  22. leesie

    Oh, my God. *gasp* So pretty.
    I’m going to play with this some at Sephora…and probably wind up justifying buying it. I know I’d use it, since my favorite shadow colors are blues, teals, and greens. I’m even okay with the lightest shade being less pigmented than it could be, as I’ve been needing a new shade to use on the inner corners with my teal looks.
    …Why did I even click to see this review? Now I really want this. XD

  23. Maeve

    Christine, some one used your swatch image to post a review on sephora about this eyeshadows. I just thought you should know.

  24. Edelmc

    Hi Christine. Do you think the darker 2 colours look like surreal or aquadisiac and freshwater from mac? I am tempted by this quad but not sure if it’s too similar to what I have…

  25. Jennifer

    Hey Christine: Someone stole your swatches for NARS Cap Ferrat on Sephora. Her name is katiebella0x and it is the ONLY picture review for this product. This is the same person that stole your images of MUFE’s liquid eyeliner! This is the link if you need it;jsessionid=MKZVNZSCLNMMECV0KQNQX0Q?id=P284300&categoryId=C10476.

  26. I wonder how dupable this palette would be with the MAC Graphic Garden palette?
    The green and the blue of this palette seem to be almost dead ringers to Wild Wisteria and Botanical Blue.
    Anyone care to compare?