Friday, June 22nd, 2012

NARS Blush
NARS Blush

NARS Blushes — Preview Photos

I’m planning to review the majority NARS’ permanent blushes, which as you can see above, number at 27 (I know I am missing Zen). I also have cream blushes and bronzers in the works, too. :) But for now, enjoy some blush photos!

  • Row 1: Albatross, Amour, Angelika, Deep Throat, Desire, Dolce Vita, Douceur;
  • Row 2: Exhibit A, Gaiety, Gilda, Gina, Lovejoy, Luster, Madly;
  • Row 3: Mata Hari, Miss Liberty, New Order, Nico, Oasis, Orgasm, Sex Appeal;
  • Row 4: Silvana, Sin, Super Orgasm, Taj Mahal, Taos, Torrid

See more photos!

NARS Blush
NARS Blush

NARS Blush
NARS Blush

NARS Blush
NARS Blush

NARS Blush
NARS Blush

NARS Blush
NARS Blush

NARS Blush
NARS Blush

NARS Blush
NARS Blush

NARS Blush
NARS Blush

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83 thoughts on “NARS Blushes — Preview Photos

  1. Rachel

    The only Nars blush I have is Miss Liberty but I have enough Orgasm dupes to pretty much say I own that too!

  2. freyaw

    These photos are making me drool.

  3. xamyx

    Thank you for this. I’ve been considering a NARS blush for some time, but the Sephora’s near me have such limited range. Of course the *one* that tops my list is the one you don’t have, LOL, but maybe another will catch my eye, since “Zen” would be (for my purposes) primarily as contour.

  4. Kimberly Nguyen

    lol, I felt kinda bad voting for daily, I feel like we’re inflicting more work on you…even though you plan on reviewing them all anyways…wait…where am I going with this. Also…HOLY BLUSH it looks like so much more now that I can see them all together like that!

    •  @Kimberly Nguyen I meant to remove the poll before it posted :( I knew daily would be the most chosen (well, most likely), but I’m not able to do daily (I can’t test only NARS blush for 30 days straight!) and every time I’ve done a daily series – it hasn’t gone over well with readers. Readers seem to tire of it after three or four days! See: lip product seasons, Inglot eyeshadow series, MUFE series, LOL! 

      • jennyh

         @Christine (Temptalia) Awww… I liked the lip product seasons. 

      • xamyx

        @Christine (Temptalia) On the one hand, I can see where readers would tire of it after 3-4 days, but on the other, I (speaking only for myself) like to see a fluid run of products. However, I don’t blame you for not wanting to test *only* NARS blushes for nearly a month straight, as fabulous as they may be, LOL. At least for those of us who are already fans of the brand will know we have these reviews to look forward to for some time. I’m just curious to know if you’re planning on reviewing them in alphabetical order, or in order of “popularity”…

        •  @xamyx  My original plan was every 2-3 days, so that it won’t take forever (which is why weekly wouldn’t work – we’d be halfway through a year before I finished), but it won’t feel like one every day. I’m probably going to go with that :)  I know some will definitely suggest to review several at once, but I really like focusing on one, and then I don’t have to feel rushed to test say five fast enough to write up a post on them!
          I think it just ends up being too much of a good thing almost – or it starts to feel redundant, which can happen, since it is the same product. If a brand is consistent, it can definitely be like that – but it’s hard to know if a product is consistent until after you’ve tested!
          I typically review in alphabetical order, because it’s the easiest way to keep track of everything for me :) 

        • Kafka

           @Christine (Temptalia)  NARS is *never* too much of a good thing!! ;P  I kid, I kid.  Whatever you can manage will be great, though I must say I’m glad it won’t be just once a week.  If it’s in any way possible, could you occasionally do that thing which you do for similar MAC blushes where you have a photo of one blush on each cheek? Or a side-by-side swatch comparison?  It probably won’t be possible if you’re going in alphabetical order but some shades are similar enough in colour family (Gaiety -vs- Desire, for example, or Madly vs. Luster, Sylvana vs. Zen) that a comparison swatch would be really helpful.  But, if it screws up your order or testing method, no worries.  I know we’re all really grateful you’ll be reviewing the whole lot. I can’t wait! :)

        • Quinctia

           @Christine (Temptalia) Haha, I voted 3 days in what must’ve been the coupla seconds the poll was up–I think twice a week would actually work well, or however you post them, doing them the same days.  M-W-F or whatever.

      • Miss J

         @Christine (Temptalia) Maybe 2-3 a week, like one at the beginning of the week, one in the middle of the week, and then one at the end of the week? I’m good with whateva ya do, but just a suggestion! :)

  5. DesireeJones

    Amour, oasis, orgasm, sex appeal, deep throat, madly and gilda… are just gorgeous those colors popped out at me as soon as i saw the photos.. I’ve heard great things about their blushes but the price is what stops me from buying any of them but I might have to treat myself one day and jus give in 

    • RedMermaid

       @DesireeJones It put me off for a while too, but honestly they’re such high quality that they really do last. Totally worth every penny! I have Orgasm and love how much you can layer it, I even use it a little more concentrated in my crease to pull a look together.

    • xamyx

      @DesireeJones Honestly, for how long they last, the price really isn’t that high. You can also try ebay and find one at a decent price. I have Albatross & Nico, both of which I’ve had for several months. I use one or the other regularly, but if you look at the pan, they look like they’ve barely been swatched. If you find a shade that suits you, I would suggest the investment, even if it means holding off on buying something else for a month or so.

    • Miss J

       @DesireeJones It’s tough to drop $28 on a blush; I totally get that. I felt the same way at first…you just look at it like it’s one product and it looks so small that $28 just seems hard to hand over without flinching, lol. They really do last a long time, though. I’ve had my DT since 2009 or 2010. I use that one all the time, and I just barely have a dent in it! If you find a color you really love, go for it! I highly recommend Gilda, and I think it would look beautiful on you, too. It’s one of my top picks. If you hit up a Sephora, ask them if they can scrape some product off into a container for you t sample some of the shades. It’s a great way to get to try multiple shades and get a feel for which one you want to splurge most on. :)

  6. How funny that the one you don’t have is Zen! It’s actually not funny at all to anyone but me…and it’s really, actually, not that amusing. Um…
    I have gone through 2 Orgasms and have contemplated other colors but just haven’t pulled the trigger. I just love Orgasm so much, it suits most of my needs. Until I found Zen in my mom’s stash. She said I could have hers but I thought, nah…I don’t need it or I’ll just go buy my own. I didn’t realize at the time it wasn’t in the permanent collection but did find a few online/ A year went buy and I was still thinking about it, still hadn’t purchased it. The next time I went to visit Mom, I gushed and gushed but still refused to accept hers. When I got home and unpacked, I found she had slipped it into my make up case and I have enjoyed it so much the last 6 months. It’s a lovely, lovely color…
    See? Not funny. Just, you know, funny…that of all the colors you do have, the one you don’t have is the one one I do have. 
    I’m done now 😀

  7. JoeyCui

    Christine, do you know if Nars is planning to release another blush palette? That would be amazing! Thanks for your amazing work!

  8. LaceyWoolston

    Wow, swoon. So many blushes.

  9. Blush stash jealousy! I’m glad you’re photographing them, though, because almost every Nars counter near me has terrible lighting. Even swatching them on my hand, I can’t get a great idea of the colour.
    Deep Throat is my favourite natural blush ever- I prefer it to Orgasm, which is a little too orange on me. I’m interested in trying out some of their brighter blushes now, too. I’m wearing Torrid, which I just picked up yesterday and I’m surprised by how flattering it is. Not overwhelming at all.

    • Kafka

       @Kate MacDonald  I completely agree with you about the lighting. Iffy, inaccurate or varying lighting in most blog swatches and terribly indoor lighting at Sephora (and other places) have made it a real difficulty to accurately know what colours will suit one. Or what the blush looks like in general! 
            Take Torrid, which you mentioned and which I love too.  It seems to be a colour which is impossible for most blog swatches to convey properly. Out of maybe 30 blogs, I have only seen it *ONCE* photographed the way it appears in my hand. Even within the same blog, the colour can be off from photo to photo depending on the lighting. I think Christine has the most accurate photographs of all, so I’m hoping her swatches and reviews will bring some attention to under-appreciated colours like Torrid, Luster, Cactus Flower, etc.      

  10. yellowlantern

    I always love it when you review permanent items! And wow, practically the whole line!
    I’m not as crazy for LE items/reviews as I resent feeling rushed to purchase something by an item’s limited availability so I rarely bother with LE stuff as a result.

  11. The only blushes I own:  Nars, Tom Ford, Tarte Amazonian Clay, and a few of the good ones from MAC.  I love Nars for their quality and impressive shade range.  I’m excited and look forward to the individual reviews :)  Nars blushes I have:  Sin, Douceur, Dolca Vita, Angelika, and I used to have Orgasm, but I gave it away (too boring on me). Oh and a cream blusher which I can’t recall the name..  Right now I am looking at Desire versus Gaiety and leaning towards Desire as a good medium tone pink to work with a typical bubblegum pink lippie.

  12. Bliss

    Nars blushes are pricey but are soooo worth it to me.  I have yet to find a blush with the level of pigmentation and blendability that these have. They just fuse to my skin and look so natural. I started collecting about 2 years ago and couldn’t stop.  I’d LOVE to have the entire collection and thanks so much for reviewing them! So far I have the colors: Sin, Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Albatross, Desire, Madly, Angelika, Mata Hari, and Gaeity.  Taj Mahal is next on my list. :p

  13. Gina

    Oh my god Christine, you are amazing!!! It’s so hard to find good photos/reviews of NARS’ permanent blushes, and lately I’m trying to get into the brand. Your reviews will make it so much easier! I really appreciate this!

  14. Holly Tubergen

    Are Orgasm and Super Orgasm mislabeled? Maybe it’s just the photos but I thought Super Orgasm was the darker of the two.

  15. Honestly, I think Nars blushes are good–but I think the majority of them are just way too sparkly and don’t work well with my large pores. Also, I’ve tried so many other blushes that have a much better (in my opinion of course) texture than the Nars ones.

  16. Miss J


    • Kafka

      @Miss J, Heh! Our NARS blush addiction is going to get *so* much worse once Christine starts reviewing things! Can you imagine *finally* having accurate photos and colour assessments of the full line, from powder to cream to bronzers???!!  The gems we will discover? I’m at 11 blushes and counting, just after having muddled through in the dark on my own. By the time Christine finishes, I may have to get a separate room for the blushes to live in!  😉 

      • jennyh

        @Kafka OMG I know what you mean. I only get to see what NARS blushes really look like by going into Sephora and there the lighting is terrible. I got Lovejoy and it was way too dark for me. That made me really gunshy about trying another color, so I am really excited to see these swatches.

        • Miss J

           @jenmhilton  @Kafka Did Lovejoy make you look like you had roasacea/a rash, too? That one was the first NARS blush to just look like hell on me.

        • Kafka

           @jenmhilton  @Kafka  LOL. It took so much time, research and Googling for me to *guess* that *maybe* Lovejoy was too dark for me. It really took @Miss J to help me out in a blush post here about a month ago. Otherwise, I had no real way of knowing. Certainly not from online swatches or… ugh, Sephora lighting.  Don’t forget that Sephora rarely carries all 28 powder blushes (or the 7 or 8 cream blushes, all the bronzers or Multiples, etc.) either!  The closest Sephora to me only has 8-10 of the powder blushes and 2 cream blushes, so it’s even harder to know what will work best for one. At one point, I was emailing Christine once a week begging to know what she thought and if she had any insight. LOL. (Poor Christine has the patience of Job and the politeness of Miss Manners!)  Thank God for these upcoming reviews!

        • jennyh

          Yes, it was not a good shade for me. 

      • Miss J

        My coffin will be overflowing with blushes…I won’t need them then, but dammit, I paid for them and they are coming with me!

        • Kafka

          @Miss J –  I laughed *so* loudly and so hard at this, I woke up The Hairy German and got the stink-eye.  NARS blushes should have the motto: Veni, Vidi, Vici.  (“I came, I saw, I conquered.”)  Or perhaps it should be, “blushes to the death”…  <grin>

  17. Cat G

    “I’m planning to review the majority NARS’ permanent blushes…”
    THANK YOU!!! This is what I need, I always look at them but there’s so many I get overwhelmed!!

  18. moena

    So excited and happy that you’re doing this, Christine! I was just getting into NARS blushes (had been turned off since my first attempt, Orgasm, didn’t seem so special to me) and would love to hear your feedback on each shade. :)

    • Kafka

       @moena  I don’t blame you for being put off NARS blushes altogether after Orgasm! I own 11 NARS blushes and Orgasm may be the one I like the *least,* if you don’t count Super Orgasm which I got as part of something else and which is *so* bad, I don’t even consider it as blush. (A glitter bomb, pure and simple. It may actually be the worst product ever made by them, imo.) But, with those 2 exceptions, NARS blushes are still my absolute favorite blushes in the world.  Out of the 11  (Cactus Flower, Lokoum, Angelika, Desire, Torrid, Laguna, Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Mounia (just ordered), Copacabana, & Luster), 9 are absolutely wonderful in their own way. Lokoum, imo, is what Orgasm should have been; Luster is the perfect gold-peach which leaves a lovely sheer sheen; Cactus Flower may be my favorite blush colour *ever;* Laguna is the perfect contourer; Torrid is the ideal peach; Copacabana for highlighting, Desire for a warm pink….   Really the best blushes I’ve ever used — to the point that I’ve ended up with a serious addiction to them.  I  hope Christine’s reviews will make you consider giving the line another shot. :)

      • hwendy

         @Kafka  @moena
         I tried Orgasm years ago for the first time and ever since, lots of sales try to sell it to me. I just never really like it even though i don’t dislike it. I think it is famous because of its name and peach/pink is an easy colour for most of skin tones but nothing that special about it.
        but I absolutely love many others from NARS!. really, they are my favorite.
        and Cactus Flowder really is such a beautiful colour. I don’t have it cos it is cream base but now i think maybe i should give it a try too. 😛
        this NARS blushes review is going to be v dangerous for everybody s pocket !

  19. I need a bucket for all of my drool. Oops.
    Seriously though, can’t wait to see these! I have Deep Throat and adore it. I’m sure I’ll pick up another one after I start seeing the reviews! 

  20. jennyh

    Are you planning on getting Zen for review? 

  21. Kafka

    The only way to really demonstrate my feelings about the upcoming reviews is this: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  22. hwendy

    I have Albatross (for highlighting), Deep Throat(coral peach pink), Exhibit A (red), Nico (natural for blending), Sin (plum), Taj Mahal (orange) and I think they all are the best compare to the other blushes I have from different brands but in similar colours group.
    and I thought i had enough blushes already(I don’t even wear blush that often)
    but after seeing your photos, now I feel I need gilda or Torrid, dolce vita, and taos too! 😛

  23. Maya

    Thank you sooo much for doing this.  NARS blushes are the only ones I own.  What great quality and beautiful shades.  I’m looking into buying Gilda next!  This series will be nice for the shades not available at Sephora (and therefore not ones I cannot easily access to swatch in person).

  24. Katherine

    Oh this completely thrills me!

  25. budgieee86

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I’ve been waiting forever for these!! Thank you so much Christine!! Can you please review some of the Lancome Rouge in Love lipsticks? I got a sample and am blown away by the quality. They are pricey so reading reviews before buying would be so helpful!!

  26. gallardoangel

    please do review on all of the blushes!! =)))) This is what we all need!!! =)))

  27. jeanthony

    This is long overdue, so excited to see what you say about them!

  28. Pomegrante

    I’m so excited about this omg.

  29. Cait

    /pets screen  T_T

  30. Angie

    Just seeing all these made my nips perky. LOL

  31. Tatyana G

    This makes me so excited for the review.  I own a couple of their blushes and have a few more on my wishlist.  The review of these will be so helpful.

  32. Ashley Sarah

    I’m excited to see the reviews.

  33. LuceLuLys

    I think I just jizzed my pants…

  34. Marian57

    NARS blush is simply the best!

  35. studiomakeupacademy

    I won’t be able to sleep tonight visions of Nars blush will be dancing through my head!

  36. I really love NARS blushes. The Danmari palette made me sooo happy. I can’t wait to see the rest of the blushes!

  37. Celeste Cirinna

    Beautiful colors!

  38. CatherineM

    That’s great- I have been thinking about getting one or two, since people always rave so much about them. I curious about what you have to say about them.

  39. uniqlos

    My favorites are Oasis and Orgasm. The first time I used Orgasm, I was such a noob lol I swished my huge Mac 180 brush into the thing and swiped all over my cheeks and assumed that’s how it was supposed to look, haha. In the middle of the day my mom asked me if I was having an allergic reaction to something. It’s really a blush you have to be patient with, haha. I still really like it, but perhaps not as much as Oasis, which is vying for HG status with MAC Mocha (along with probably MAC Blushbaby, which I just bought but haven’t tested yet). Oasis is such a lovely color. I still reread the old Temptalia review because it makes me so happy to look at it! Haha.

  40. Kenderasia

    ohhhhh yes please! I love nars blushes, now I have “only” 7

  41. S

    I can’t wait for this 😀 I have eight of these but every time I see them I want a couple more smh

  42. Abra

    This is an awesome idea! I’m glad you’re reviewing the NARS blushes since I think sometimes they’re overhyped and I know your reviews will set the record straight.

  43. Paddychat

    I love Nars blushes, and so I can’t help collecting it :
    Albatross, Orgasm, Amour, Désire, Exhibit A, Liberté, Douceur…

  44. Alison Cole

    Its fantastic that you’re reviewing these shades! Since the NARS range is such a cult favourite (I’ll admit, the shades are impressive) and there’s so much interest in them, it’ll be great to get good swatches. I’m looking forward to seeing Dolce Vita and Sin myself. 

    • Monica

      Hi Alison! I got Sin today, let me tell you it looks like nothing much in the pan but in person OMG, it is a plum colour with the most gorgeous pinky goldeny sheen, and is super pigmented!
      Me loooves!!!

  45. Hannah

    Thank you, Christine! I cannot wait to see these reviews. I think reviews of brands permanent lines are particularly useful, because can readers purchase them at any time, they are the products that made a brand famous, and I find many brand’s permanent ranges to be more consistent and better quality than LE products.

  46. Azaza

    I cant wait to see all the reviews since I am planning on buying some more NARS blushes/highlighters :)

  47. Ana G

    These reviews are going to be great, since we don’t have Nars here and I have to order online! Can’t wait to see these!! :-)

  48. reena

    cant wait!

  49. anamaryv

    Omg! They are all beautiful! Can’t wait!

  50. Adriana K

    I want your Nars blush collection so badly! 😛

  51. Ughhhhh!!!  That collection is beyond!!!  Can’t wait for the individual posts so I can see what needs to be added to my collection!

  52. kimWendyy


  53. Lisa

    This post actually breaks my heart!!  Nars blushes are some of the most beautiful blushes I’ve ever seen, but they break me out so bad!!  I’ve never heard of anyone having that issue, but every time I use mine I start to break out on both sides of my face.  I also break out with the cream illuminators, too.  No idea what ingredient is causing it.  The weird thing is other Nars face products like their foundations, tinted moisturizer, powders, etc. don’t affect me in the same way.  I still fawn all over them every time I go to Sephora or Nordstrom, but I just can’t use them. :'(