Sunday, October 7th, 2012

My Wedding Makeup

I actually didn’t know what I was going to do quite yet for my makeup until I tested out Guerlain Turandot Eyeshadow Palette (which I reviewed last month).  I loved the way it looked on me, and the colors were perfect for autumn.  I knew at once that it was a happy medium that used color and not just neutrals, but it wasn’t too bold or smoky, as our ceremony was being held in the late morning.  I went with a gold eyeliner on the bottom lash line, because it brightened up my eyes, so naturally, Honey was my go-to, as it was one of my all-time favorites.   With the warm-toned eyes, I knew I’d be going with corals, which I tend to like on myself.   I wore the same eyes and cheeks all day long, but for our evening reception, I changed the lips to Chanel Dragon and Bobbi Brown Naked Plum.

I won’t have my photos back for approximately a month, but when I have some to share, I will be sure to share a few. :)  These are the only photos I managed to take in the last few minutes before we had to leave to go to the ceremony location.  I spent a half hour on makeup, even if I used a truck-load of products!


I applied a layer of primer on from lash line to brow bone.  Then, I applied the lighter plum eyeshadow on the inner third of the lid, followed by the darker brown eyeshadow on the outer third of the lid.  I patted the gold eyeshadow directly on the center of the lid and pulled it outwards and inwards to blend with the other two colors.  I used separate MAC 239 eyeshadow brushes for those three colors.  I swept on the darker plum shade into the crease and diffused it upwards using Make Up For Ever’s #17S crease brush.  Next, I took the MAC 239 again with the gold eyeshadow and patted it on the inner tear duct and then pulled it upwards over the inner crease.  I lined the lower lashes with Honey eyeliner.  I filled in brows using Espresso eyeshadow and MAC’s 266 brush, then combed through them with a clean mascara spoolie and set with brow gel.  To finish the look, I heavily applied Eyes to Kill mascara (waterproof, of course) to upper and lower lashes.


I applied the moisturizing primer first, just prior to applying my eye makeup, so it would have a chance to sink in.  After fifteen minutes or so, I applied the Mineral Veil primer, and I let that sink in for five to ten minutes.  I used one pump of #02 and half a pump of #03, then mixed them between my fingers, and dotted it all over the face.  I used Hourglass #2 Foundation Brush to blend and diffuse the foundation on the face and down the neck.  I applied two pats of Cle de Peau’s Concealer on my under eye area and blended just over the bridge of my nose.  I then patted OCC’s Concealer over that.  I finished the under eye area by lightly tapping Terracotta Light Touch to brighten.  To add color to cheeks, I tapped Love Lust blush on apples and blended towards temples with MAC’s 116 brush.  I lightly contoured the hollows of my cheeks with MAC Sculpt and MAC’s 168 brush.  I lightly swept on Parure de Nuit as a highlighter on cheek bones with MAC’s 165 brush.  To set everything into place, I used MAC’s 184 brush and Pressed Meteorites.


I applied Gems lipstick onto lips with a lip brush.  I lightly patted Cle de Peau #2 on the center of the lower lips, then pressed lips together.  I finished by applying a full coat of Citrus and lightly pressing my lips together.

See more photos & swatches!

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1,048 thoughts on “My Wedding Makeup

  1. Lina

    Congratulations! You picked a great day to get married – Saturday was my parent’s 51st wedding anniversary. May your marriage be as long and happy!

  2. Doll

    You look beautiful, your skin is flawless and glowing!
    I wish you happiness for the future!

  3. Carla

    Congratulations! I like your make-up, it’s not the traditional neutral bride make-up but at the same time not too exaggerated, looks really nice on you. I wish you and your husband lots of happiness 😀

  4. Viv in the UK

    Congratulations to you both – you look even more beautiful than normal, if that’s possible!! I bet there will be a worldwide sell out of that Guerlain Turandot – wonder if I’m too late already :)

  5. You look gorgeous. Seriously, the make-up is perfect! And ehm, congratulations :-)

  6. Olivia Grace

    Awww I’m so happy for you! You look so beautiful as always Congrats :) Thinking I might need Turnadot, o liked it on your first review, but now I am in LOVE!!

  7. Sharon

    You look very beautiful Christine! Good luck from Holland!

  8. san

    Congrats Shaun and Christine…May you have a long and happy married life.I was onvacation and just saw this post now,when was the wedding ?Did i miss a post on your dress?Do share pics whn u get them.

  9. Kim

    Gorgeous! He must have melted when he saw you!

  10. san

    Oh i was so excited i forgot to add, you look gorgeous and amazingly RADIANT….your eyes are especially beautiful,if Shaun stared into your eyes during the vows, i wonder how he managed to lookaway..i’m still looking at ur eyes :-).

  11. Seagulls

    Blessings and best wishes to you both! You were such a beautiful bride!

  12. Joanna

    Congrats! Love hoe elegant this look is.

  13. my

    Wow! You look radiant, Christine! That gold eyeliner looks gorgeous on you! Congratulations to both of you! :)

  14. Kelly

    Congrats on the wedding! Thanks for posting the photos. I was a nervous wreak before mine and don’t think I would have been able to sit still long enough.

  15. Maribeth

    Congratulations to you & your new husband! Marriage is a wonderful place-so nice to have a partner on this journey called life. The best is yet to come! God Bless & nothing but happiness ahead!

  16. zoe

    always read – never comment… but had to say Congrats on you special day!!!!!! You look absolutely gorgeous! xo

  17. sugarbear

    You are a beautiful bride, indeed! makeup looks perfect, Congrats! :-)

  18. Much Congratulations and Blessings Christine!!! You looked perfect!!!

  19. Cathy

    You look stunning! Congratulations, can’t wait to see more photos :)

  20. Natalie

    Christine you look absolutely stunning! But I may sound idiotic here – I didn’t realize you were getting married so soon!! I even saw the picture of your cake (to die for!) and still didn’t realize it! My gosh, you ARE Wonder Woman! The blog didn’t even skip a beat at what I’m sure was one of the busiest days/weeks of your life!! So busy, and yet you still had time to document your exact makeup for us! Amazing. I have to ask…did Mellan get to wear a bowtie?! (I love dressing pets up for weddings haha!)

    I wish you & Shaun the absolute best of luck in every aspect of life. Congratulations!!

  21. Sophie

    Congratulations! i wish you all the best!!! can’t wait to see more pictures especially the dress…it must be very beautiful!

  22. Lauren

    You look absolutely stunning, Christine! Congratulations. :)

  23. Rachel

    You look stunning! :) Congratulations on your marriage!

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    Congratulations Christine & Shaun!
    You made such a stunning bride and I have only seen your makeup! You look gorgeous and you’re positively glowing with happiness, congratulations once again. I wish you all the best, with a joyful and prosperous life ahead for you and your family :)
    I can’t wait to see more wedding photos!

  25. Kurls

    Congratulations. You look absolutely gorgeous!

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  27. t_zwiggy

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  28. Amanda

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  29. This is the most intresting wedding make-up I’ve ever seen! You look amazing! So beautiful! Congratulations!)

  30. Renee Suhr

    Gratz! You look fantastic! What a great color combo. I myself am a fan of corals and I love how you integrated them into your fall wedding.

  31. Azaza

    You look absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to see the pictures. Congratulations to both of you ^_____^

  32. Joan

    So GORGEOUS. You’re beautiful inside and out. Congratulations! Here’s wishing you the very best that life has to offer!

  33. Omg I love it! christine you are going to be a beautiful bride! I’m serious I think itloks awesome! I kind of want to marry my husband allover again just so I could try this makeup look lol :-) best wishes!

  34. Misty

    Absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations! I wish you every happiness. Thank you so much for sharing. (We got married on Halloween, lol)!

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    You look amazing! Can’t wait to see more pics…

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    You looked perfect!!! Congratulations Christine!

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    Wow, you look beautiful! The makeup is great! Congratulations and love from Holland!

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    You look so beautiful! I hope your day was very special, and I wish you all the happiness in the world!

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    You look gorgeous as always, but more importantly you look happy. May you and your new husband share many more years of happiness. :)

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    Congratulations! I’m so excited and happy for you! I love the look you posted here! Your eyes are glowing and I love your lip color!

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    Your make-up is amazing! It brings out that happy “I’m getting married” glow. Congratulations and best wishes!

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    Congrats!! You look great. But why are you working?? You should be on a honeymoon?!!

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    Congratulations! I’m sure you two will be very happy together! Enjoy your big day!

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  48. You look gorgeous!! And congratulations – I’m very happy for you! You’re very generous to take the time to outline this look in such detail, because it’s a beautiful one that would work for many people for many occasions.

    And like so many others, now I think I need that palette, LOL!

  49. Hi Christine, Congratulations!!!! How wonderful! I am so happy for you! And you look gorgeous as always. Thank you for sharing this news with us, congratulations again.

  50. Rachael

    I had no idea you actually got married. Congratulations! Your makeup looks beautiful and I’m sure were stunning. You should have Shaun reveal his pre-wedding guy routine. haha!

  51. Wow! I love your make up! its not the usual bridal make up. I love the gold eyeliner! Best wishes!

  52. Leticia

    Congratulations Christine, Shaun and Mellan!!! May you share a life full of love, happiness, health and blessings :) !!
    Wow, you sure know how to keep secrets – I can imagine you may have been tempted to post on last Friday’s Free for Haul: Weekend plans – attend my wedding :)!!
    When I saw your post, I thought it was a “rehearsal look” (hee hee), not the actual Wedding Day´s makeup! You really could not have picked a better look – everything is so perfectly coordinated and highlights your natural beauty. You look absolutely radiant; your happiness inside just shows through and makes you glow :)!
    I agree with everyone that has commented how amazing it is that you keep on blogging even on your big day…you are simply the best! A big hug to you and congratulations once again (belated – sorry about that)!!

  53. Cindy

    Congratulations! You look great, as always 😉

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    You look stunning. Congratulations!

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    Congratulations! Hope it was a gorgeous day for you & your new DH!

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    Congratulations! Mazal Tov! Lots of happiness, good health and love. Doing your own makeup for your wedding is a huge thing even though you’re definitely the best pro ever! I loved the simplicity and the harmony of the colors, very pure and classy at the same time. Can’t wait to see more pictures!

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    Congrats Christine, you look fabulous. :)


    You looked amazing! I wish you the best!

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    Congratulations Christine! You look stunning!

  64. My God how amazing you look here and how gorgeous is that blush!! As a bridal-make-up-artist-to-be, I think that blush is a must for my kit!
    Do you think I really should get that when Tom Ford collection comes to my town in a few days?

    By the way, wish you the most of happiness and the best years of your life with Shaun!

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    Congratulations, Christine! Your wedding makeup was absolutely gorgeous. Love the Guerlain palette and Honey on the eyes!

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    Wow!! It’s amazing how you manage to pull off all of the colors on your eyes… It looks amazing!
    You’re so beautiful and talented! Hope you had a great wedding day and that you had fun :)

  71. Laura

    You look gorgeous in your wedding look! Congratulations! May you be as happy as you are now for the rest of your life and marriage together!

    Viva gli sposi! (Hooray for the newlyweds!)

  72. elsa

    stunning simply stunnig. Congratulations, to a long, happy and healthy marriage.

  73. You look glowy and gorgeous and perfect. Congratulations, I hope it was a beautiful day that you can look back on joyfully.It speaks to your drive that we didn’t see an interruption in posts – take some time and enjoy time with your new husband! <3 I promise, we'll still love you.

  74. Millie

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Wish you and the hubby a lifetime of happiness (and beauty)!

  75. J.C.

    AMAZING! Congratulations to you and Shaun and Mellan!! Many blessed years to your family ahead!

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    (now I need to buy everything you used 😉 )

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    Congratulations on your wedding, you look drop-dead gorgeous, and your makeup was perfect, it really suited you!!

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    Lovely look

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  85. Christine:
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  86. Cay

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    You look amazing and your choice of eye make up is lovely.
    To a future of love!

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    You look gorgeous and pretty happy!
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    Lots of love,


  96. Kesley

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  97. kat

    OH JEEZ I’m so embarrassed. Please delete that comment! I apologize, I need to read more carefully. Congratulations on your wedding!! I LOVE an autumn wedding. You honestly looked amazing. Your whole look was great, including the earrings; they framed your face. I work in fashion and got too excited posting the previous comment. Serves me right!
    Still a dedicated reader :)

    • Not to worry, Kat! :) I had my hair in front of me, and they hid any stud earrings, which is why I went with ones that dangled so you could sometimes see them :) These were also pearls given to me by my mom – all the jewelry I wore were representative of different generations of my family and Shaun’s family. I only wore these for about half the time, since I was given earrings to wear during the Vietnamese ceremony.

  98. Sandy

    Congratulations Christine!! I wish you eternal love and hapiness! You look beautiful.

  99. As everyone said, you look stunning. You look so lovely yet still like yourself. Congratulations to you and Shaun! PS – I’m truly amazed at your ability to keep the blog posts coming despite it being YOUR WEDDING and all! :)

  100. Therese

    Wow, you look absolutely fab Christine! Many congrats to you and Shaun, here’s to many happy years :)