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Must-Have Eye Brushes
Must-Have Eye Brushes

It’s been a long time coming, so I’m so excited to share with you my favorite, must-have eye brushes! I’ve categorized them into a few different groupings, and when it comes to eye brushes, well, one can never have too many duplicates. Though you can definitely use one brush with multiple shades, if given the chance, I prefer to use one brush per color. I tried to include brushes that had high quality duplicates, too, so that you could see a few options for a given style (that is my must-have), because the shape tends to dictate whether a brush is one I’ll reach for often.

I would LOVE to hear about your must-have eye brushes, if you would be so kind as to share below!

Note, I have about 30 brush reviews I’ve yet to post, so some brushes mentioned here will eventually have fully fleshed out reviews, complete with individual photos. Stay tuned!

Blending Brushes

The classic may be MAC 217, but Hakuhodo J5523 is my new favorite–so much so that I bought a second one to add to my stash.

  1. Sephora Pro Blending Brush #27 ($20.00) is a soft, lightly fluffed-up brush that works well for blending powder products together, applying highlighters to the brow bone, or dusting a sheer color all-over the lid.
  2. MAC 217 ($24.00) is a long-time favorite for myself as well as readers as a go-to brush for blending eyeshadows together, softening edges, and applying brow bone highlighters. It’s a solid choice and readily accessible for most.
  3. Hakuhodo J5523 ($18.00) is incredibly soft, lightly fluffy, and a dream to use. It outshines both the brushes mentioned above, and even better? it’s the cheapest of the bunch.

Crease Brushes

If you’ve been a reader for awhile, you’ll know that I’ve often raved about MAC’s 226 brush, which was a limited edition medium-sized, tapered crease brush (I think I have four or five of them). So long 226, for I’ve found four replacements that I love even more (who knew!). Hakuhodo J142 wins this one for quality, shape/size, and price.

  1. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Tapered Blending Brush ($22.00) is a slightly shorter, nicely rounded and tapered brush that works well for depositing color into the crease and then blending and diffusing that color. It’s incredibly soft, works well, and is synthetic, so it’s what I usually reach for when I’m using liquid or cream products.
  2. Tom Ford Eyeshadow Blend (13) Brush ($55.00) is the perfect shape, density, size, and softness for depositing color into the crease with good color deposit and blends and softens the color easily. It’s a real workhorse of a brush for me. That being said…
  3. Hakuhodo J142 ($18.00) is a near-exact dupe of Tom Ford’s crease brush and a third of the cost–and because it’s nearly the same, this is my top pick. I reach for this one often, so I recently purchased a second one of these to have on-hand.
  4. Hakuhodo G5522 ($28.00) is slightly larger and a bit more tapered than the other three brushes, so it works well for really diffusing and softening color. I also like using it to lay down a mid-tone color that I’ll put in the crease first and really blend well past the crease before adding a darker color to define the crease (with a more precise brush).

Eyeshadow Brushes

Sorry, there’s only one that is the holy grail for me, and that’s MAC 239 ($25.00). It is the perfect brush for applying eyeshadow, and frankly, if I could only have one brush to do my eye makeup, I’d pick this. Over every single brush mentioned in this post. There’s a reason why I have six of them. (I’m pretty sure I have two more hiding from me.) I have tried two Hakuhodo brushes (J242 and J004) and neither are quite right to me–though I am still testing the J004 so we’ll see. The shape of the 239 is square-ish, and it’s quite dense but still has a slight fluffiness to it, so it blends out colors if desired. It deposits eyeshadow nicely onto the lid, and it can be swept on or patted and packed on.

Cream Eyeshadow Brushes

When it comes to cream (or liquid) eyeshadows and products, I like firmer, flatter brushes for application. My favorite is MAC 242, because it’s firm, flat, but not too big or too small, so it is good for laying down a lot of color at once, blending out edges, and is a versatile choice.

  1. Tom Ford Eyeshadow Brush ($55.00) is a larger, slightly fluffy, flat eyeshadow brush with a tapered edge. It’s nice for applying eyeshadow all-over the lid, so I like it a lot for creams (but it does work well with powders). The fluffy edge makes this brush work for blending the edges of cream eyeshadow, too, so you can that diffused, softened edge.
  2. MAC 242 ($25.00) is a smaller, flat and firm brush with a slightly domed edge. It’s great for applying cream products to the inner corner of the lid, and it also works well for packing out any eyeshadow (powder or cream) and helps minimize fall out.
  3. MAC 252 ($32.00) is a large, flat brush with a slightly domed/rounded edge. It’s excellent for applying cream eyeshadow all over the lid and still having enough edge to blend out the edges. It’s not as fluffy as the Tom Ford brush but is similar in size.
  4. MAC 249 ($27.00) is a firm, flat brush that gives the most streak-free finish even with more emollient products. I, of course, just learned it has been discontinued when attempting to find the current price on. I guess I’ll have to go about finding a dupe for it now!
  5. Hakuhodo J242 ($17.00) is similar in shape to the MAC 242, but it is softer and a bit fluffier, so it doesn’t pack on color as intensely, but it is softer to use on the lid and blends out color even better. It also does a nice job of applying cream products with minimal streaks.  This brush also works well for applying powder eyeshadow, but I find it a little too narrow personally so I don’t often use it for powder.

Detail Brushes

These are smaller, more precise brushes that I don’t reach for as often as the brushes above, but they’re ones used enough that they’re still worth mentioning. These may also be helpful for someone with less lid space or who needs smaller brushes for their eyes.  MAC 266 is the only one I use every day from this grouping, as the others tend to be used if the application calls for it.

  1. MAC 266 ($20.00) is my go-to for filling in my brows, which I fill in with powder eyeshadow. It has a nice slanted edge, is firm enough to apply thin, precise lines, but has enough thickness that it can gently soften those lines as necessary.
  2. Hakuhodo G5513 ($16.00) is a small, flat, dome-shaped brush that works well for patting, packing, or sweeping eyeshadow onto very small areas. It is similar to Tom Ford Eyeliner & Definer (15) Brush but is slightly bigger.
  3. Tom Ford Eyeliner & Definer (15) Brush ($50.00) is a small, flat, dome-shaped brush for very, very precise eyeshadow application. I also like using it to pat on eyeshadow on the lower lash line or for blending out very small areas.
  4. MAC 208 ($20.00) is similar in shape and style to the 266, it’s just thinner. It’s great for applying cream, gel, and liquid eyeliner.
  5. MAC 228 ($24.00) is a small, dome-edged brush that’s lightly fluffy. It is a lot like the 239, just much, much smaller, so it works in a similar way: for applying eyeshadow, can blend out if necessary, and can be used in a sweeping or patting motion.

See more photos!

Must-Have Blending Brushes
Must-Have Blending Brushes: Sephora Pro Blending, MAC 217, Hakuhodo J5523

Must-Have Blending Brushes
Must-Have Blending Brushes: Sephora Pro Blending, MAC 217, Hakuhodo J5523

Must-Have Crease Brushes
Must-Have Crease Brushes: OCC Tapered Blending, Tom Ford Eyeshadow Blend, Hakuhodo J142, Hakuhodo G5522

Must-Have Crease Brushes
Must-Have Crease Brushes: OCC Tapered Blending, Tom Ford Eyeshadow Blend, Hakuhodo J142, Hakuhodo G5522

Must-Have Eyeshadow Brushes
Must-Have Eyeshadow Brushes: MAC 239 x6

Must-Have Cream Eyeshadow Brushes
Must-Have Cream Eyeshadow Brushes: Tom Ford Eyeshadow, MAC 242, MAC 252, MAC 249, Hakuhodo J242

Must-Have Cream Eyeshadow Brushes
Must-Have Cream Eyeshadow Brushes: Hakuhodo J242, MAC 249, MAC 252, MAC 242, Tom Ford Eyeshadow

Must-Have Detail Brushes
Must-Have Detail Brushes: MAC 266, Hakuhodo G5513, Tom Ford Eyeliner & Definer, MAC 208, MAC 228

Must-Have Detail Brushes
Must-Have Detail Brushes: MAC 266, Hakuhodo G5513, Tom Ford Eyeliner & Definer, MAC 208, MAC 213

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101 thoughts on “Must-Have Makeup Brushes for Applying Eyeshadow, Blending, Crease, Details

  1. Blending brush: MAC 217 or 224. I also really like the Real Techniques brush that comes in the Travel set – it’s on the firm side so works well if I need “heavy duty” blending

    Crease brush: nothing is better than the 2 POSH crease brushes I got in a set (one is smaller and the other larger); I also like the tapered end of a Stila double sided brush I have (I think it’s meant for liner but mine is a bit too fluffy for that but it’s great for subtle crease definition

    Eye shadow brush: again, Sonia Kashuk. I think I prefer this brush (white handle but no number) to my MAC 239!

    Cream eye shadow brush: a “concealer/cream shadow brush” with a white handle that I got from Sonia Kashuk a few years ago; I got another one recently but it doesn’t seem as nice

    Detail brush: for smudging, a Quo (Canadian brand) smudger brush; for other detail work, again it would be the Posh crease brush – the smaller one. It’s perfect for applying a brightening shade at the inner corners and for getting just a small amount of shadow under my lower lashes. I’ve been wanting the MAC 213 but the counters near me (in The Bay stores) don’t have that one and I’ve not been to a free standing MAC store in quite a while but will get one when I’m next there.

    • I have good things about Quo, though I haven’t tried anything myself!

      Is the Sonia Kashuk brush you like for eyeshadow part of the permanent range or part of a LE set?

      I’d love to find alternatives to the 239, just to have them available, but I haven’t found any suitable ones yet!

      • It’s part of the permanent range and it’s either the small or medium sized eye shadow brush. It has a white handle and, as with the cream shadow brush, I purchased another one a few months ago and it’s not quite as good (the new ones have a flat end on the handle and a bit of a black tip; the “original” ones have a tip that tapers to a point and no black at the tip). Quo’s brushes are hit and miss – some are great (the smudger and their bent shadow brush), while others are not any good at all.

  2. I’m so glad you posted a review on brushes! I’m always looking for a great eyeshadow brush. I always use the same 2 that I bought years ago from EcoTools and they’re getting old and don’t pack on as much shadow as it used too however, whenever I go and buy another shadow brush, I always go back to the EcoTools. I definitely going to try the Hakuhodo one. Thanks!

  3. Svea

    Hey Christine!

    These are all expensive brushes…do you use or have ever tested Sigma brushes, Sonia Kashuk brushes, and those from Coastal Scents? If yes, what do you think of them? Any good dupes for your MAC, Tom Ford, Hakujodo brushes? Thanks! :)

    • Hi Svea,

      I did an extensive review of Sigma brushes a few years ago, but I no longer work with or use Sigma as a brand as a result of those reviews. If you’re looking for Sigma reviews, I suggest checking out xSparkage – I love her and she does a lot of Sigma brush reviews :) I have used some Sonia Kashuk brushes, just none have made my favorites list yet. I’m not a huge fan of synthetic brushes for eye makeup except for creams at times. For more affordable brushes, I do recommend Sonia Kashuk and Real Techniques overall – as well as EcoTools :)

  4. Karla

    Hi Christine , I’m just starting my brush collection and I’m planning to get the Mac 239 for apply eyeshadow, the 217 for blending and the 208 to use on my brows, for the crease and outer v I already have one that came in a Lancôme gift and its surprisingly good so I won’t have to spend on that kind of brush for now :)

  5. I am gonna bookmark this post .. wanting to try Hakuhodo brushes// :)

  6. CatG

    I’m getting the Mac 239 brush for Christmas, beyond excited!! I also use my 266 for my eyebrows, it’s perfect for filling them in!

  7. Emi

    I have a different eyeshadow style than you do – I have hooded eyes, so I rarely use a crease shade, my go-to is either a smoky eye or a wash of color. The 239 is my favorite laydown brush, it’s a great size and shape. For blending & highlighting, I like the Laura Mercier finishing eye brush & a Smashbox brush that I think I got from a palette. One of my most-used brushes is the Hakuhodo G5515, I really need a second one! It’s the tiniest pencil brush ever, and I usually use it to apply eyeshadow as liner both on my upper & lower lashlines, it gives a softer/more diffused look than a liner brush.

  8. I definitely need to check out some Hakuhodo brushes immediately! They’re so affordable and seem better than MAC which I love. Can’t wait for more brush reviews/posts like this! Thank you!

    • For eye brushes, they’re surprisingly far more affordable (at least, relative to MAC) than you’d think. You can definitely get some really lovely brushes for under $30 as long as you don’t have to have the orange/red handle!

  9. Megan

    This series is amazing! It’s obvious you put a ton of work into these posts. Thank you!! I really like Hakuhodo brushes. I got the 7 brush kit as a present, and I honestly don’t even use my other brushes any more.

  10. Thank you for this timely and helpful review! I have this weekend discovered that I really do need a good blending brush, as the ‘free’ one in my UD Naked 2 Palette just doesn’t cut it. MAC 217 will be mine next time I pass the store!

  11. What fabulous post dear :) and Christine , you are OUR Inspiration , OUR Guide , one who loves our pocket and tries hard to make us shop wisely not to forget , save our soooooo many $$ , why wouldnt we share our fav honey ?
    you know I can go on and on and on in praising you but I truly feel bad when readers take inspiration from you and dont share their thoughts … it is seriously bad ….
    I know you are earning from this but the time and energy it takes is something which we all can never imagine … the amount of time you spend on your chair typing and taking pics is something beyond imagination sweetie …

    now my fav are :

    packing on lids – MAC 239 and all thanks to my mentor , girls spend so much money on collecting small small brushes and then one fine day their realize they need MAC 239 …
    thanks to my mentor , I picked 239 first then random brushes like Shiseido , Sephora and what not .. but MAC 239 for me in anyyyy case … I have 2 and am happy with both of them

    blending in crease – again thanks to my mentor , I picked MAC 226 when it released back in 2009 , I was shifting to India and my package arrived late and was misplaced but lovelyyyyyyy and awesomeee service at NORDIES , my friend was able to find it and sent it across …
    MAC 226 for me followed by Jane Iredale blending brush … FABULOUSSSSS it is

    detailing brush – MAC 219 for me or Essence of beauty small dome brush … both are great

    and thank you for doing this post Christine

  12. I absolutely love the MAC 239 & I cannot be without it.

  13. Malia

    Such an awesome and thorough post! I have almost nothing to add, but hourglass and illamasqua brushes are synthetics I’ve found nice for cream shadows. Trish mcevoy makes one and I’d like it more if it weren’t so large. :)

    • I love the aesthetic of the Hourglass brushes, but I haven’t tried any of the eye brushes I don’t think! I think I’ve only tried one or two Illamasqua brushes.

      What are your faves from those ranges?

  14. Jen

    Thank you times a million for writing these makeup brush articles!! I finally know what eye brushes to buy. I love RT face brushes but people aren’t impressed with their eye brushes. Will you be reviewing Sigma eye brushes in the future!

    • Hey Jen!

      I don’t review Sigma brushes any more due to a sort of… falling out? you could say with the brand after I did a very, very extensive review of their brushes a few years ago. However, I recommend checking out xSparkage (on YouTube, she also has a blog) – I know she covers Sigma brushes regularly, including some of the newer ones.

  15. stacey

    I own the expensive brushes…but havent bought any Hakuhodo yet because I need to touch them before I will buy it. I own this painter’s brush which I bought at Michaels. Loew Cornell is the brand They do have a smaller size but doesnt sell at Michaels which It looks exactly like MAC 239 (3/8)- called Maxine Mop and they have different sizes. Try Amazon. The brush is the fraction of the prices. This makeup artist who is related to Elisa and who has YouTube videos recommended them. I cannot remember his name…but he is really goofy and fun to watch.

    • I actually had that as my first brush ever, the Loew Cornell MAC 239 dupe… my only issue with is it’s really quite scratchy :( I still have the two I originally had, but I can’t use them for how scratchy they are.

      I wonder if they offer a different material now or if maybe they just get more straw-like with age.

  16. Liz K

    Hi Christine,
    Have you tested/tried Shu Uemura eyeshadow brush Natural #10 (for e/s application) ? It is my favorite eyeshadow brush by far, and my favorite brush in general. Every time I use it, I love it more. And I have had it over a year…maybe 2.
    BTW, like you, I have fallen in love with many Haku brushes this year. So great to see your brush reviews, as I have been a bit brush obsessed! I am going to check out and consider the Tom Ford brushes you mentioned…
    PS I don’t work for Shu, I swear lol. …you’ve got to try it :-)

  17. Sabrina

    Thanks for this review. I have to pick up the MAC 239. Most of my collection consists of Sigma brushes and I love them.

  18. Thanks Christine for doing this…I’ve been wanting to try hakuhodo brushes but I don’t really know where to start and what to get…after reading this, I think I’ll be able to get a couple to try these great brushes. Thank you so much for the recommendation!

  19. Melissa

    The way to go is with Sigma or Sedona Lace brushes.

  20. OMG!!! I was just searching for this yest in your blog! the timing couldn’t be better.bookmarking both the posts!!!! :-)

  21. Thank you! I’ve been thinking I need a few more eye brushes now… this is so helpful! :) I’m branching out from using only one colour on my lid, and finding I don’t have the tools I really want to do things!

  22. Jill

    My favorite eye brushes are super cheap – my Eco Tools deluxe travel eye kit and my Elf “c” eyeshadow brush. I would love to invest in some better brushes (Hakuhodo, Mac, Wayne Goss) but I will always love especially Eco Tools :)

  23. My favorite eye brush is by Sonia Kashuk – it is a detail brush. It is not quite pointy but not quite a dome either. It has a handle made to look like bamboo. I bought it three years ago in a Limited Edition set that was on clearance at Target. I have never been able to find a brush like it to replace it. I think I look funny with pencil liner on, so I use this brush to line my eyes, especially my lower lash line. I don’t know what I will do when it finally falls to pieces!

  24. Aaaaahh, this is pure makeup brush pr0n! I love that you have a picture of all your 239s, it really is the ultimate eyeshadow brush!

    I don’t think it’s possible to go wrong with any of Hakuhodo’s crease brushes, I have most of them and really like every single one. My favorites are J142, J146 and Kokutan Eyeshadow Brush T. G5527 and G5524 are also great, they are both pointed and dense and on the larger size.

    My absolute favorite crease brush is Suqqu M. I can use it with basically every eyeshadow and it is also nice to blend with as you go.

    I couldn’t live without Hakuhodo J242G for detail work on the outer part on my lid. It’s the perfect shape and size an packs on color perfectly.

    I have never been able to work with those angled eyeliner brushes everyone seems to swear by, I need a square and flat brush for my upper lash line. Paula Dorf Eye Definer Brush is great for this purpose.

    Some other favorites are Hakuhodo J4006 Duo Fibre Fan Lash Brush (no more clumps and spider lashes), Hakuhodo B533 (pencil brush), MAC 227 (nice to clean up around the eye and tone down shadows if they are too dark or too high on the brow bone).

  25. Thanks so much for this post, Christine. I’ve been looking for ways to expand my brush collection. Very helpful.

  26. MakeupTray

    Hi Christine,
    I remember reading your must have brushes before. You loved the Makeup Forever brush. Do you still recommend that one?

  27. Elle

    Have you ever tried Bobbie Brown brushes? Her crease brush is my absolute favorite thing in the word. It’s round and it look too large, but I swear it’s the best thing you’ll ever use! Also, I miss Benefit’s old brushes. There standard brush was very much like MAC 239, but just a bit larger. I still have mine, but the wood handle is chipping! Also, where’s the best place to buy Hakuhodo?

    • Hey Elle!

      I have a few Bobbi Brown brushes here and there, but none of them have made it into my favorites. I do keep her blush brush out since I go through blush brushes quickly sometimes!

      I bought all of mine on their website, since you can only get them at trade shows or if you’re local to LA they have a showroom you can stop by appointment.

  28. Christine, I am so thankful for all you put into this and the other post! I’ve bookmarked both :) I’m curious if you’ll ever be reviewing Wayne Goss’s new brush collection? I am super curious about them, but I’m not sure when they’ll be back in stock. Also, I must say, I miss you like crazy on YouTube :( Any chance you’ll come back anytime? This would be a perfect video for you to put up (hint hint) :)
    Thanks so much!!!

    • Hey Danielle!

      Sorry, I don’t have any of Wayne Gosses brushes! No YouTube in the immediate future – takes about 8 hours to do one video, and I can do a LOT more that needs to be done on the blog in that time so it doesn’t make sense to put the energy into YT when there is so much to do on the blog first!

  29. MJ

    I just purchased a 5 piece Real Techniques eye kit and I love the accent brush in there – it’s perfect for placing colour just underneath my bottom lash line because it has such a small brush head. I love it already!

  30. Bribri

    Just in time for IMATS, so Thank you, I’m definitely gonna pick up some hakuhodo brushes.

  31. Hey Christine, thanks for sharing your favorites! You should try Le Metier de Beaute Eye Shadow Brush. I also like the Eye Crease Brush, but the Eye Shadow Brush is even better than 239!

  32. Alison

    Oh, you’re the BEST, Temptalia!

  33. slick

    I was loyal to the 239 for years (I have 3!) until I found the Royal & Langnickel SILK Pro Eye Fluff Brush #465. My eyes are similar in size and shape to yours Christine (*1/2 Viet fist bump* lol) and I usually do a smokey gradient for my everyday look. This brush is slightly larger and a bit more fluffy than the 239 (which also makes it slightly less dense), but similar in shape. It allows me to pat on my lid color a bit quicker and it has better blending capabilities than the 239. Plus, it retails for $13 :)

    I’ve been overall impressed with the Royal & Langnickel SILK Pro line (also LOVE #420 and #445 eye brushes) but there are some duds in the line for sure. Price is very reasonable though!

    I was able to check out Hakuhodo brushes in person before, and they are all truly amazing in design and quality. Some real craftmanship right there. I kind of don’t want to go down that route….because my wallet would cry!!!

  34. I have a kryolan brush which I think is quite similar to the MAC 239. I’ve never compared the two side by side though. It’s indispensable in my kit! I would love to check out the 239 though, from the sounds of it the 239 is superior – the kryolan is a bit too scratchy for blending.

  35. Olivia

    I LOVE YOU CHRISTINE. I saw this the other day and bookmarked it. I know what I’m buying with Christmas money now. MAC 239 (which I’ve wanted forever, will finally pull the trigger), Hakuhodo J5523, Hakuhodu J142.

  36. Quinctia

    I have noticed that I must apply on a much finer level of detail than the vast majority, because I tend to use domed crease brushes like the OCC one you recommended for basic application.

    So, my must-have, out of the norm recommendation is way out of left field, but there’s a two pack of crease brushes you can find at CVS, branded as Essence of Beauty. According to the website, they’re 5.99. One’s like that OCC one, maybe slightly shorter brush head. However, the other one is the tiniest, baby, fine crease brush and I love it for my crease, inner corner, all that fun stuff, because I’m using a normal crease brush for all over stuff.

    In terms of bristle quality, I like it just fine, I’ve had the same one for probably close to two years now, and there’s been no shedding, the ferrule’s still holding tight. Only downside is, since they’re a cheap brush set, I’ve seen varying cut quality, so I’d suggest only buying them in store, so you can get a set where the taper is nice.

    • As long as you’ve found brushes that work with your style, it’s all good :)

      That’s the one thing that I think is interesting about brushes – favorites are really dependent on the size of your feature as well as your style of application!

  37. Ana

    I just bought the Chanel #19 tapered crease brush and I’m obsessed with it , I use it with the mac 217 and it makes it look like I know what I’m doing 😉

  38. Michelle

    The brush you have pictured below the 208, and noted as the 213 in the caption, is actually the 228 brush.

  39. Rachel Liane

    I wanted to thank you a lot for this post. I have now bought literally all of the brushes you mention in each category as the “best.” =) Not to say my brush collection was lacking before, but now it has been upgraded.

  40. Lisa

    Senna mini feather 19 brush is a must-have. You won’t be disappointed. There is no other like it.

  41. Lisa

    Senna mini feather 19

  42. Ghettoe

    Just ordered some hakuhodo eye brushes. My eco tools ones, I love but because they’re synthetic, I find them not picking up eyeshadow well. I initially thought it was because my Tom Ford quads were utter crap, but I find the eye brushes, too stiff and dense to pick up powder well. I noticed this when I was moving and had packed my brushes. I had an interview and put on eyeshadow with my fingers and over applied like crazy. I was stunned and wondered, since when were these so pigmented?!!

  43. Teresa

    Wow, thank you so much for this!! I’m new to makeup and this really helped me out!! You have a lot of brushes!!

  44. Lily

    I love the Mac 217 and 239. They are a must have for me! Great brushes to try from this post. Thanks!

  45. Erica

    I have all the MAC and Hakuhodo brushes you recommended and then some. I find Hakuhodo – particularly the J Series – much more affordable and far superior to most Mac brushes. I’m lusting after some Suqqu brushes, but that is a birthday/holiday treat sometime in the future. I also love the Real Technique brushes. Perfectly happy with my current brush collection.

    • Yes, Hakuhodo isn’t too bad for eye brushes (in terms of $) if you go with some of the other series (not the S one), though the face brushes have a larger difference in pricing compared to MAC (but I think they are worth it!).

  46. Tracy

    Sephora Pro Blending Brush #27-This has become my HG for packing and blending out color in the outer V. I have monolids and most brushes are too large and I end up with too much shadow. This brush is the perfect size and shape. I have about 5 of them now.

    Sephora Pro Flawless Aibrush #56 – This is intended for use with foundation but it has become by go to blush brush. It’s has the right about of density to brush on color and then blend it out.

  47. I cannot find the MAC 266 Anywhere!!! Would love to get my hands on this brush

  48. annavictorious

    I recently purchased a Sigma Beauty E10 brush, and it’s genius for working gel liner into the lash line. It was under $15.