Friday, November 8th, 2013

Choose or Lose

How much do you like holiday palettes?

  • I like some of them! (51%, 1,721 Votes)
  • LOVE them! (39%, 1,328 Votes)
  • Total pass! (9%, 310 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,367

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26 thoughts on “How much do you like holiday palettes?

  1. It depends on the palette. I typically don’t care for palettes that have eyeshadows and face products all in one. If I want holiday palettes, I prefer just eye palettes, face palettes, etc.
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    • I’m definitely on the same page as you. As nice an idea as it is to have everything you need for a look in one sleek container, you never get a lot of variety from those face kits; and unless you LOVE everything in them, I don’t find it’s usually worth it. The only time I’ve broken that rule is this year with the Urban Decay Anarchy face case.

      I have picked up the NARS One Night Stand blush palette, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette, and I have my eye on the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette.

    • I really like the smaller palettes that you can take with you. I love Urban Decay palettes and have almost all of them. The downside is the only portable ones are the Naked palettes

  2. Lizzi

    I love them. Expect those mega sets, like the one from Sephora.

  3. Carrie

    Love the concept, but my collection is big enough that they have stopped being a great value to me. They do make good gifts though!

  4. JC

    I usually love, love, love them. I LOVE greens and golds and sparkly eyeshadows, and that’s what holiday eyeshadow palettes are all about. Festive, bold shades you can’t wear all year.

  5. loverain

    Christine which was your favorite holiday eye pallet? i am confused between choosing UD Vice 2 or Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things Palette. Both are gorgeous though

  6. xamyx

    I love them, but I don’t like the fact they all come out at once, LOL! There are just too many to choose from, and while on the one hand they’re an amazing opportunity to try new brands, I still find myself picking up sets from brands that have established themselves in my stash. For example, the Laura Mercier palette caught my eye, but since I made a conscious decision this year to only buy one, Kat von D Spellbinding won out. Urban Decay had the right idea to release Vice 2 in September, so that made the cut, as well.

  7. Sarah

    I LOVE holiday palettes. But I’m more into eyeshadow palettes or a face palette rather than all in one. I prefer the smaller palettes as opposed to the bigger ones, but they are such good value as well.

  8. With that Too Faced palette I can’t help but keep thinking that people will end up with bright purple eyeshadow in the bronzer and hot pink blush in the eyeshadow shades and that everything will get quite messy.
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  9. Lauren

    I love holiday kits. Of course it depends which one, but who doesn’t like a value if you happen to like most of the included products. I actually love combination palettes with eyeshadow and face but I refuse to buy the folded over style like that Too Faced palette because I know that eyeshadow and blush will mingle. But I usually pick up a few good holiday sets.

    This year, I have already bought: The Ulta Tarte jewelry box set, the Lorac Pro holiday kit (I was planning to buy the palette anyway but grabbed the set because it was a better deal), the Nars One Night Stand cheek palette, the Sephora Give Me Some Lips Set and the Sephora Give me More Lips Set.

  10. It doesn’t matter to me if a palette is from a holiday collection or not. If I like it, and it happens to be a Christmas palette, then okay. And if not, then that’s fine as well. I am just a palette lover, holiday edition or not :-)

  11. alyssa897

    I absolutely love holiday palettes. I love palettes in general, but holiday palettes are great because I feel like brands try to out do one another and there is usually just so much to love. Like XAMYX said, I don’t like how they all come out at once because I feel like I have to scramble to get them all! Although, many brands are releasing them in September and October so that’s better. I am definitely a collector when it comes to palettes, specifically holiday ones. I feel like other palettes are easier to pass up for me, but holiday palettes are usually more bang for your buck then palettes released throughout the year.

    So many holiday palettes are on my wish list this year. I picked up the Tarte Gorgeous Getaways and Too Faced Be Merry and Be Brights palettes from Ulta and I adore them so much. I am definitely going to get good use out of them. I also want Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things and Joy To The Girls. I know they are sort of similar, but I loved Too Faced. Is the UD Vice 2 palette considered a holiday palette? I don’t think so, but if it is, then add that to the list.

  12. Jan

    I am a color fanatic – have Pantone and other color system sets – so my eyes are attracted to the holiday palettes with lots of color options. However, I rarely find that those work well, especially on my skin color and texture. Every once in a blue moon, I’ll find a palette that works, but it is rare. I tend to lean more toward collections of travel size items, particularly skin care products.

  13. Ilovemakeup

    Got my Laura Mercier eye shadow palette at the VIB sale today!

  14. I buy them every year! I get sucked in because they look pretty and not necessarily because the product performs well LOL

  15. i’ve been restricting myself with them.. haha. my collection is getting so big that most of the shades, i don’t need. there’s usually only 1 or 2 eyeshadows or blushes that i want that i don’t have anything similar of… it just bums me out that so many of the holiday palettes have colors that are limited edition only for that palette. =/ boo!

  16. Christina

    I *wish* I liked palettes more that I do. I have several, and they seem great, but I get so dang overwhelmed! …and there always seems to be that one or two colors I will never use, or a color I wish it had. So, I usually prefer make-myself palette, like from MAC or Urban Decay, or I invest in several beautiful (usually high end) shadows that are single, that I know I will love.

  17. I love them when they are good quality but have been disappointed in the past with a few of them that I felt the pigmentation/quality was not as good as normal but yet the prices were up there. I feel like the holidays palettes should be something that would make a great gift & introduction to the brand not just something a big name brand slaps their name on because they think all the suckers out there will buy it even if it’s garbage compared to their normal products. I’m more likely to look for reviews & swatches now before I decide to buy.

  18. I LOVE Holiday palettes for the excitement and mix of great products (not to mention great price!) however I am not crazy about the palettes that have regular, full size products built in to the cardboard, rather than being detachable. I would hate to have to carry around a mixed-product board for the entire time it would take for me to use up, say, Benefit Hoola.. (years?!) Does that make sense?! I guess the OCD in me likes to seperate and organize my products and I have no idea where to put a box full of shadows, blushes, and lip gloss (girl problems:) :) however I still LOVE them and look forward to them every year!

  19. I love looking at the holiday palettes and I can get sucked in if any of the shades have festive names like Hot Cocoa or whatever. But when it comes down to actually buying one, most have them have a lot of shades that I would never wear.

  20. They’re just like regular palettes to me. Either the quality, uniqueness and value is there or it’s not. I don’t see them as special because of packaging or because they’re holiday special, they’re just LE palettes.

  21. I usually love holiday palettes. It’s a great way to try out the brand and various colors!

  22. Astrogherkin

    I said “total pass” because I feel like all Limited Edition and special holiday releases are attempts to create a sort of frenzy, and we end up spending a lot of money on things we never use later. OR if we fall in love with something that is limited edition, then when we run out of it, it’s gone forever. We can’t recommend it to friends later when “the promotion period” is over, either. It makes people feel like they have to get it or it’s a disaster. I think with a lot of big brands, the limited edition releases turn out to be of lower quality, as well, since they can count on the marketing frenzy to get the products off their shelves.

    Basically, I prefer to wait until a product survives the test of time, do a lot of research on it, be sure that it’s worth the money, then buy it at my own pace, with a clear head, and be totally satisfied with my purchase.