Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Over & Under: Most Overrated & Underrated Lipgloss Formula

There are always products that receive endless raves, but they don’t always live up to our expectations or work out as well as they do for others.  Share your picks for most overrated and underrated LIPGLOSSES.  Don’t forget to share your whats and whys as to your choices!

  • Most Overrated: [answer]
  • Most Underrated: [answer]

My Picks

  • Most Overrated: MAC Lipglass — it feels less refined compared to other glosses on the market as formulas have been improved and redone in the past 5-10 years. It’s a good formula, but gloss doesn’t have to be as thick or as sticky to wear as well anymore.
  • Most Underrated: Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lipglosses–it’s like MAC Dazzleglass and Chanel Glossimers but better. So shimmery!

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41 thoughts on “Most Overrated & Underrated Lipgloss Formula

  1. sammanzella

    Most Overrated: Revlon Superlustrous glosses. I own the shade “Coral Reef” and have a hard time getting an opaque coat of color! The formula is far too sticky for my liking, as well.
    Most Underrated: Jemma Kidd’s lipglosses. I have “Diva” and it’s the perfect golden nude color: pretty, pigmented, and very comfortable to wear with a hint of golden shimmer. So lovely! It wears very well, too, and feels very lightweight on the lips. Love it!
    – Samantha

  2. Cat G

    I was going to write the same thing!
    Most Overrated: MAC Lipglasses. I still like them but I find myself wearing them less because of how sticky- thick they are. Especially if I’m going out with my friends to eat or have drinks, the stickyness is hard to ignore and if I eat it ends up coming off in an unsightly way.
    Most Underrated: Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lipglosses. They are just so so SO beautiful, a must have for anyone who wants ultra shimmery lipgloss, and overall the best quality in my opinion. Naked Plum is AMAZING. I’d say the next best lipgloss that deserves way more attention is Buxom’s.

  3. ZulaikhaMuddassir

    Under rated- bourjois, I’ve used 2 full tubes of them, they are so incredibly light,smooth and non sticky, great colour payoff but lasts only a few hrs. Ysl is great too.
    Overrated- haven’t come across any as such. You should post an overrated/underrated lipstick post too

  4. Yumi

    I hate lipgloss in general…learned that the hard way! I think it’s MAC Lipglass’s fault!

  5. xamyx

    Overrated: I agree-MAC Lipglass just feels really heavy on my lips. Lancome Juicy Tubes can be hit & miss; some are a bit heavy or sticky, while others are perfect.

    Underrated: L’Oreal-any of them. I personally don’t mind the scent (in fact, I kind of like it), and they feel really light. They’re not too sticky, but they’re not too slippery, either.

  6. freshpinklips

    Awe, I like MAC tinted lipglass. But I treat it like lip cream because of how thick it is like you said and not as a conventional lipgloss. If I start seeing it as lipgloss then yeah it’s easy to marginalize it compared to high end formula. lol

  7. Dominique33

    Most overrated : Givenchy glosses ( doesn’t wear long, price, sticky )
    Most Underrated : Nars glosses ( larger than life ),  mostly because the pencil is tiny. It wears long and colours are pretty, a bit sticky though. Price is the same as the Givenchy gloss but it is worth buying, Givenchy is not !

  8. StephanieT

    Most overrated: NARS because I cannot stand the smell/taste and I don’t really like how hard they are to apply.
    Most underrated: guerlain kiss kiss essence de gloss. I never anything about them but they’re amazing! Not sticky, smell good, good colour payoff and they’re not drying!

  9. Marina

    Most Overrated: I havent tried a lot of luxury glosses so I really dont have a huge problem with MAC. I dont think I can really nominate something for this category..,

    and Most Underrated: Lâncome Juicy Tube- I love these! The amount of product you get for your money is incredible and I find that they wear really well! The consistency is tacky but not MAC sticky at all. They come in a bunch of different colors and the majority of them are semi-sheer, though I have 1 thats really sheer and another thays semi-opaque.

  10. Liz9969

    Over- Make Up For Ever Lab Shine.  I don’t really like the formula.  The one I got in a gift set have strange colored glitter.
    Under- Revlon Colorburst Gloss.  I have two and I really like them.  The shimmer is nice without being overwhelming.  I also like L’oreal Infallible gloss.  It lasts long and the formula is nice.  

    • BeautyPopC

       @Liz9969 Totally agree – the Revlon Colourburst glosses are gorgeous, and I love the application. Just wish they had more colours :(

  11. Julesmond

    Most Overrated: NARS lipgloss. Love the shades, hate the smell with a passion!
    Most Underrated: Smashbox Limitless lip gloss. These are sticky, long-staying glosses with ultra pretty shimmer.

    • Shannon

       I agree about the smell of NARS lip glosses. I love some of the colors only own 3 because of the awful smell. NARS needs to use to scent of their lipsticks (which resembles honeysuckle to me)  with the lip gloss formula.

  12. I think the Mac Lipglasses would be my choice too but I’ll dd NYX Megashine. They’re not bad, but they’re not the fantastic things some people make them out to be. They often have a nasty medicinal scent that won’t go away, and they can be pretty sticky.
    For underrated, I’ll pick TooFaced. I don’t hear much about them, but the finishes on their lip glosses have always been super gorgeous – lovely, luminous shimmer for the shimmery ones, and a very nice shine on the non-shimmery ones.

  13. I really do like MAC Lipglasses. I do notice that certain ones last longer such as Prrrr, Lovechild, and Viva Glam VI. I cannot stand the clear MAC lipglass though–in the squeeze tube. I took it back when I did a back to Mac. It was one of my six empties. (Only almost full)
    As far as over-rated goes, I don’t spend more than the price of a MAC one for a lipgloss–so I really cannot answer that one.

  14. jdr77

    Most Overrated: Lancome Juicy Tubes. Sticky, not pigmented, not moisturizing.
    Most Underrated: Lipstick Queen Big Bang and Lorac Lips With Benefits. Both are non-sticky, pigmented, and moisturizing. BIg Bang is unscented,gives a “3D” effect to the lips, and makes them look glamourous. Lips with Benefits are more of a liquid lipstick-type formula and have the best long-wear of a liquid formula (lipstick or gloss) I have seen; also, it tastes (smells?) of creme brulee. Yum. 

    • BeautyPopC

      Oh! I so agree with you! The Lipstick Queen Big Bang tubes are gorgeous. So rich, glossy and apply so nicely!

  15. Over-rated- MAC Lipglass, anything MAC
    Under-rated- I like Dolce N Gabanna- because it is not sticky, feels good on the lips even though there is not much to it.  Burberry feels good on the lips- also not sticky,

  16. NellRamey

    Overrated: MAC Lipglass and Lancome Juicy Tubes are both stuck in the past as far as forumlas.

    Underrated: Revlon Superlustrous Gloss is better than many prestige brands in my opinion.

  17. Melody

    I would actually say that MAC lipglass or dazzleglass is underrated.  Probably not the most underrated.  But I don’t find it overly sticky and the stickiness there is keeps it from wearing off quickly, which is a major problem I have with non-sticky formulas.  But where lipglass really wins me over is the shade range and uniqueness. 
    Most underrated to me is probably either Hard Candy or Milani.  They have lovely shades and good formulas for a fraction of the price of other brands.
    I’d say most luxury lip glosses are overrated because they don’t perform noticeably better than cheap glosses and don’t even always have unique shades.  Obviously there are exceptions like Chanel glossimers.

  18. BeautyPopC

    Most overrated: I think MAC or Napoleon. Find them sticky and not worth the money. Napoleon in particular as the brushes they come with are horrible, and splay everywhere immediately.
    Underrated: Korres cherry glosses, Revlon Colourburst glosses, Lipstick Queen (glosses, lipstick.. need more awareness in general!) and lesser known Aussie brands like Australis or Face of Australia. Gorgeous pigmentation and smoothness.

  19. Gina

    Overrated: Lancome’s Juicy Tubes. Most of them are so sheer that they’re virtually clear, and the ones that do have some color take effort to get even. The consistency gets really thin and sticky after a while, and they ALL have different fragrances, which I HATE–some smell fine, some smell really good, and others smell vile. You never know what you’re getting.
    Underrated: YSL’s Pure Glosses! I feel like their Golden Glosses get all the attention, and I like them, but I find the shimmer a bit gritty. The Pure Glosses are way more opaque, and SUPER moisturizing. My favorite gloss formula is actually MAC’s Lipglass, but YSL Pure Gloss is a close second.

  20. I usually cheap out on lipgloss and have only the odd luxury gloss because no matter the formula, it just doesn’t seem to have lasting power on me and I am constantly reapplying.  However, I do notice the better glosses tend to have a thinner and less noticeable texture.  Lancome juicy tubes comes to mind for seriously overrated because I had a couple at one point and there was absolutely nothing impressive about them without much colour nor staying power.  I’ve been tempted to try Tom Ford and eyeballed Illamasqua recently as well, but I usually only use a very small touch of gloss and again I run into my brain and justification and they are awfully expensive for me to purchase and then turn around and wear lipstick instead for it’s staying power.  I own about half a dozen MAC lipglosses which I have acquired over time, and I find them typically average..neither under or over and a bit goopy for the most part.  I have one lipgloss by Nars in the Larger Than Life formula which I quite like because of the high pigmentation and relatively good staying power.  I’ve been tempted to purchase the ‘born this way’  a lovely lavender shade in the same formula so I would probably list this as underrated and definitely one of the better products that I own.

    • casey23

       @wwendalynne I agree, I never understood the hype about Lancome’s Juicy Tubes as well!! It was just a simple lipgloss/glass something like that and it was very sticky (as much as I remember) 

  21. Shannon

    You must have read my mind, Christine.
    Overrated: MAC
    Underrated: Bobbi Brown Lipglosses (all). I love Bobbi Brown’s lipglosses) are amazing. Bobbi has a good formula and color selection. 

  22. moena

    Overrated: Lancome Juicy Tubes
    Underrated: Tarte Maracuja Gloss

  23. StephD

    Overrated: Lancome’s Juicy Tubes and MAC lipglass. I honestly don’t see the value for money they should bring
    Underrated: Korres Cherry Gloss – Awesome product !!! I only wish they come in more colors. 

  24. Steph

    It’s funny to see so many people have posted exactly what I would say, that MAC Lipglasses and Lancome Juicy Tubes are overrated, and Korres cherry gloss and Revlon Colorburst are underrated (though I think the Revlon is actually rather popular, so maybe it’s not that underrated).  I guess it must be a pretty common opinion!

  25. PositivelyNice

    Overrated: M.A.C Lipglasses
    Too drying.
    Underrated: e.l.f Tube Glosses.

  26. KaseyCannuck

    Most Overrated: Most lipglosses are gone in 60 seconds, or pretty close to it on me. The worst offenders are MAC Lipglass with Lancome Juicy Tubes coming a close second.

    Most Underrated: I have a few Pur Minerals glosses which I find stay on forever. The consistency is somewhat thick, but I put on the barest layer which lasts and lasts, with great colour payoff. It is somewhat sticky, but that seems to be the case with most lipglosses.

  27. queen_frostine

    Overrated:  Chanel Glossimers.  I bought my first one ever a few weeks ago after stumbling upon one at TJ Maxx of all places, and couldn’t resist the opportunity to try one at a discounted price (I think I paid $19 for it).  After wearing it for a week, I can’t for the life of me understand what all the fuss is about.  I don’t hate it, I just don’t know that it’s worth the $29 price point.  Or even  the $19 I paid for it,  It’s just OK.  There are better, cheaper sparkly lipglosses out there.
    Underrated: Revlon Colorburst.  They’re nonsticky, feel great and pack plenty of pigment.   My only complaint with them is that the color range is pretty limited.  I also quite like Buxom’s lip polish.  I don’t know that it does any plumping like it claims to, but they have a great color range of pretty shimmers and I loooove the cool minty tingle.  It’s like a breath mint for my lips!

  28. Adelita

    • Most Overrated: 
    » Agreed. MAC Lipglass & Lancôme Juicy Tube. You all know why.
    • Most Underrated:
    » Benefit Ultra Shines Lip Shine & Essence Stay With Me Long-Lasting Lipgloss.
    MOISTURIZING!!! And it’s me saying —the girl with super sensitive and very prone to chapping & bleeding (yes, as in bleed with blood, not lipgloss–bleeding) lips—

  29. simone lymbery

    underrated: Chamomile and Calendula lip balm from Nivea the are good value for money, they dont feel like you have a load of gunk on ya lips..and its availble in the UK and australia at least at most supermarkets (i got this one in australia i have a normal lip balm without chamomile and calendula from Nivea as well)
    California  kissin from benefit… it smells way nice and to me it doesn’t seem as gunky as my juicy tubes
    Overrated: i have to agree with @wwendalynne  sadly while i love my lancome juicy tubes in terms of colour.. it feels like i have gunk all over my lips if i put too much on i have to blot it out :-/

  30. RussianMobPrincess

    REALLY? Put in “overrated” as MAC lipglass? I’d have to politely disagree; the stickiness is what makes it LAST and I love the thick feeling. The thickness deposits more color and sometimes you don’t even need a lipstick underneath it. I have tried all high-end brand glosses and I always go back to my MAC! I love the smell too, so yummy strong vanilla, like cake frosting! I can understand this isn’t for everyone but I definitely wouldn’t classify Lipglass as overrated! I’d say Bobbi Brown glosses are overrated as their color payoff is a bit too sheer, and underrated being MAC lipgelees! They bring them back occasionally but they NEED to be perm. again! I love Shift to Pink and thank goodness I bought backups!!

  31. Adabear

    Le Metier de Beaute’s lip cremes and glosses, though expensive, are definitely underrated. They range from sheer to incredibly opaque and are long-lasting without stickiness or thickness. Bobbi Brown’s are definitely a close second.

  32. Overrated: this may just be personal preference, but I thought Buxom’s lipglosses were kind of horrible. There was an INTENSE tingling/plumping (most I’ve ever felt from any lip product, ever) and it almost felt like I’d just come back from the dentist. I haven’t touched them since and can’t imagine why anyone else would want to, either! 
    Underrated: not sure, since I don’t really explore a lot of lipglosses…I don’t want to spend that much money on them, I guess!  

  33. JasminFromGermany

    Overrated: Not quite sure. Maybe Nars? Ive never owned one but tried one out in the store and could not bare the taste/smell. While they do have some pretty colours, I think there are dupes for them.
    Underrated: Sephora Ultra Shine Lipglosses! I just LOVE them! I own maybe 20 or so and I cant get enough of them. They have the best formula I have come across in a lipgloss; not sticky, very smooth and even application, and for their non-stickiness, last for an ok amount of time. They have a HUGE variety of shades, ranging from sheer to opaque ones with shiny, shimmery or glittery finishes. The shiny and some of the shimmery ones have quite great pigmentation. One shade, for example, “Candy Pink” is almost like a liquid lipstick, its so pigmented!! I cant rave enough about these lipglosses. Plus, they are not that expensive as well!!

  34. VioletStevens

    Most underrated tarina tarantino sparklicity lip gloss. 
    Overrated? Clinique moisturizing lip gloss