Friday, January 27th, 2012

More or Less

Is the number of MAC Collections released in 2011

  • LESS than 55 (62%, 2,909 Votes)
  • MORE than 55 (38%, 1,758 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,668

If you think you’re really good, try and guess the exact number! :)

P.S. — Let me know if you like this kind of post. If you do, it will be added to the regular weekly schedule (just once a week). And if you have some good ideas, feel free to send them to me!

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72 thoughts on “More or Less: Number of MAC Collections Released in 2011

  1. Karlie Tipton

    LESS, LESS, LESS. These five piece or less collections (that are sub-par) are annoying. Just release a few that have a good variety and are high quality.

  2. Ivy

    Way less! 20? 15?

  3. Yumi

    slightly less? i’d peg it at like 50
    holy cow that would be like a collection per week almost
    @_@ no wonder my bank account suffers so

  4. I think less, but not much less. x

  5. i think less.. to be more over 55, they should have released 4,5 collections!? πŸ˜€ i don’t think soo..

  6. I’d really hope it was less but I think I’m going to have to say more! 58?

  7. divinem (Melissa)

    Less than 55

    Yes, I like this kind of post. :)

  8. Carla Souza

    Less πŸ˜€

  9. nekosan

    I sure would hope less; more than one collection a week is just far too silly.


    • It started with Peacocky(loved those shadows) along with the MAC & Mickey Contractor Collection and ended with the disappointing Metal-X Cream Eyeshadows.

      MAC averages about 2 colour collections a month PLUS repromotes and new product lunches jumps that number to almost double. It’s around 42 depending what you consider part of a collection as the holiday one come out in 3 parts.

  10. I’m gonna guess JUST UNDER 55.

  11. tat

    hmm.. im gonna say more!

  12. Claire

    Although it’s probably more haha, I’m gonna go with less…maybe 35?

  13. Brydie

    I’d say less, more than 55 means more than 1 per week- don’t think it was that often!
    I would guess 17- that’s going on about 1 collection every 3 weeks, which I think is reasonable from my recollection! Of course, occasionally there were 2 collections out at a time, but sometimes there was a lag between collections too, so it evens out. Of course, I could be waaaay off! : )

  14. Danie

    It’s less, but it feels like so many more. That guy in the new potato chip commercial? Surprise! He gets a collection with, like, barbecue tinted shadow, cheddar beauty powder… oy.

  15. Steph

    Crazy. That is almost a collection a week! I have become disenchanted with MAC.

  16. Amber

    I think 53.

    Are you going to tell us?

  17. Ashley

    O my gosh that was so cool i guess 43! haha but yeah definitely less than even 42, i would love to have only like 5 huge collections for the entire year

  18. Nora

    I guessed 45…. pretty close!

  19. Miss J

    I was right at it being less! WOOT. Haha. It wasn’t much less, though. I kind of got out of the whole MAC collection/LE stuff because it just sort of got ridiculous. Too many collections with very little new, interesting, or quality stuff. Kind of got fed up, but I do still have some favorite MAC stuff.

  20. Bernice

    HAHA I like this, Christine!
    I don’t think the exact # matters to but I find this thread funny cos they just kept popping out collections! And honestly, the collections weren’t great this yr > < but for fun, 42!

  21. lily

    I’m in an iPad do I can’t rollover to see the answer. Personally, I don’t care for makeup trivia. But it wouldn’t bother me to see it either.

  22. divinem (Melissa)

    I say 42, which is also the answer to Life. πŸ˜€

  23. Julia

    Dear MAC,

    Instead of putting out the equivalent of 3.5 collections a month, can you please focus on releasing, say 1 every 2 months, and spend more time in R&D so you stop putting out crappy, sub-par products.



    P.S. If the quads from Shop, Shop, Shop, Cook, Cook, Cook end up sucking, I may have to go on a permanent mac hiatus. At least on your LE items.

    • Joanna

      Totally agree!!!! Enough of the gimmicky nonsense every other week!! They could maybe get away with it if it was consistently GOOD. I was watching a video from Lauren aka Queen of Blending the other day, and she uses a lot of inglot products. She then stated that inglot is what Mac used to be before they started watering things down. I love mac, but I have to agree with her. It kind of makes me sad

  24. Mel

    Less, I would think. I think MAC’s quality is good the majority of the time, but with all of those collections I really have to pick my spots, like for S3/C3 I’m only into Runaway Red, because MAC Vera comes out a week later and I see more must haves and because of that I probably won’t buy anything until Beth Ditto for MAC in June.

  25. Lori

    Christine, I LOVE the makeup trivia! Great idea! But could you please make it more IPAD friendly? The “roll over here” thing doesn’t work for us! Just a simple link would be better so everyone could see the answer no? Just an idea! :)

  26. Tori

    I would much rather see a smaller amount of collections but with a higher quality. Nowadays it just seems that MAC puts out collections for the sake of putting out collections. The only collections I liked were the mega metals and beack baby.

  27. Ugh, that averages at 3.5 collections per month, or 0.8 collection per week. Not good, MAC.

  28. Brooke

    I really liked this question. I would like to see more of them and I really liked the way we find out the answer.

  29. cloudburst

    That is insane. Less collections with better products please!

  30. Hmmm… 42?

    And yes, this is a very fun post πŸ˜›

  31. Riana

    they need to do way less, they’re already introducing so many repromotes from collections that came out in just 2009/2010. I feel like now they just plug in old shades to round out a collection that wasn’t very well thought out. I saw the new collection shades for Shop/Cook in person and Runaway Red just doesn’t fit the rest of the lipsticks at all.

  32. jenn

    I’d guess an average of 4 a month, so 48 would be my guess. How many collections do you consider for the multi-parters? (like Holiday) they can all be lumped into 1 or they could be considered many

    • Anything with its own name I counted as its own, so holiday was counted in separate parts, not just “MAC holiday” since they gave each collection a name, displayer, different imagery, etc.

  33. Miss Nicole

    Not that I am a fan of how many collections that they release, but I am slightly amused that it is 42. Because 42 is the answer to life, and well, everything!

  34. Lyndsey McDougall

    i would guess 42…

  35. Jennifer

    I think about 27. There were several that were bunched together

  36. I’m guessing 58. Either way there are way too many

  37. cherry

    my vote is to have more stuff like this! it’s fun and quick and something i would probably participate in a lot. after i looked at the options i had to change my number, i was going to guess like 7-12 but now i’m going to say 30-40 ish? which i think is way too much, they should just focus on a few really good ones

  38. Ale

    I love this make up trivia idea, it’s fun hahaha.

  39. ShannoninBC

    I guess 39 collections (from the miniscule Miss Piggy to the holy honkin Fire & Ice) πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to see what the actual # is!

  40. Pawsha

    I guessed for less and apparently was right since you have 42 listed above. Still 42 is crazy and were all in the crazy with them. LOL!

  41. I say less, but it felt like it was endless haha

  42. I don’t mind seeing this kind of guessing post here on but they are not interesting to me. I hope you don’t mind me saying so, Christine.

  43. eve

    my guess would be 42.conclusion came based its three collections per month so 36 and then its the here and there, how many does the holiday collection count for, are the nordstrom or asia exclusive in that etc but still i have to say its just too many.

  44. I guess about 33 Limited Editions in 2011.

  45. Amanda

    Maybe 45? Lol. There were a lot but I don’t think they crossed that 50 mark.

  46. Ryan

    I guessed 48… Almost! And yes do more of these!

  47. Way too much already! I honestly think that they should work on the quality so that every single product of the collection is worth spending money on. When a collection comes out, I just want to own every single product of that collection. Maybe because I am slight OCD, but having just a single product seems so… incomplete! But when the quality isn’t consistent within the line, I don’t want to waste my money…

  48. Ana G.

    I like this post!!!

  49. Ami

    just cuz.
    I love this post if you’ll promise to tell me the real tally!

  50. Mariella

    While I guessed right and now have seen the number, I still think it’s ridiculous. It averages out to almost 4 collections (not just items but COLLECTIONS) a months and some of their collections were less than stellar. Why not release fewer but better collections and also bring back some of their best LE products more often? It’s like they know many of us are suckers for something new and/or LE and will buy it almost in spite of the quality. It’s just one of the many reasons I’m grateful for your site, Christine – you give us a guide to what’s good and what’s not really worth buying in terms of quality and also what’s awfully close to stuff we already have.

  51. Kissagain

    This is cute. Keep doing them!

  52. Lils

    This was a cute post. Trivia type questions are fun to mix things up! Thanks Christine!

  53. Lori

    Darn it, I can’t mouse over the actual answer on my iPad. It’s going to be on my mind forever! But I’m guessing MORE btw. I think Nordstroms online carries clos to that number in beauty brands alone, so wouldn’t Sephora exceed that based on logic alone?