Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Mobile Temptalia — Give Us Your Feedback

A few weeks ago, we rolled out a mobile version of Temptalia. This means that when you visit Temptalia on your mobile device, it will bring up a special version designed for your mobile device rather than the full site (though you can still access the full site, if you wish). Today, we also were able to roll out commenting through the mobile version!  We are also working on adding search functionality to the mobile version, so stay tuned :)

I would love to get your feedback on how you’re liking the new mobile version is it better than the full site?  are we missing something?  what would you like to see in the future?  is it easier to visit Temptalia now than before? love it? hate it?  Let me know!

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113 thoughts on “Mobile Temptalia — Give Us Your Feedback

  1. Sari

    I actually just saw this yesterday and I was so impressed that I didn ‘t have to do the whole zooming thing to see the writing haha . Good job !

  2. Love it, I’ve been waiting for mobile version for ages, jus commenting sys redirects me to main site. Otherwise everything is perfect

  3. Natalia

    Whoa, I was not aware of this. I’m using Reeder to read all my RSS feeds on the iPhone, including Temptalia.
    Would be awesome if you guys could come up with a Temptalia iPhone app, though.

  4. Christina

    i love it! obviously it’s not better than the full site, but it’s so much easier on my phone than the full site, which comes in handy when I’m in class and a twitter notification pops up that you’ve just put up the swatches for a new collection! I haven’t had a chance to comment from my phone yet, but trust me I’ll get full use out of that feature as well, LOL!

  5. roslynd

    well i have only encountered it twice and hated it because I could not for the life of me figure out how to go to the next age.

    there was no option for it at all.

    it may have since been fixed

    (if not PLEASE fix it) but it soured me pretty bad, and on the iphone it runs the reg site well enough

  6. sharon

    i feel is better on mobile mode because it fits into my screen now 😀

  7. audrey

    I love the mobile version! I can read temptalia anywhere at anytime!

  8. Jenna

    I’m getting an iPhone in a few ideas, so I’ll let you know. :)

  9. Kayla

    I love the mobile site!!!!

  10. Em

    I actually don’t get the mobile site loading when I try to access it from my iPhone. I get the full site loading and haven’t been able to get the mobile to work on my phone. Is there a specific link I could visit to activate the mobile site on my phone?

  11. Annie S

    i love how now I can see the updates as soon as they happen whereas before I would get home and there would be 15 new things to search through… it definitely makes staying on top of things easier =]

  12. Love the simplicity of the mobile version, but it takes too long to scroll to the bottom of the screen, so I opt to use the full site instead! And with the full site I like that I’m able to zoom into your swatches and photos. I’d love to see search bars also in the near future, as well as the “love it or leave it” voting thing-a-ma-jig :)

  13. lulee

    hahah i’ve been looking for a place to give you my feedback on this exact topic. my number one issue was not being able to post a comment but you say that’s changed now. although i still can’t seem to post a comment on the mobile version so i don’t know why that’s not working for me. the only other thing is can you bring the love it/leave it function for the mobile version? i really like that for some reason. anyway other than that it’s an EXCELLENT mobile site and it really makes iphone temptalia-ing much easier. thanks for all you do christine!

    • It should be changed!

      The love it/leave it requires a bunch of scripts, so I don’t know if we can implement that in the mobile version, but I will take it up with the dev team, thanks!

  14. HC


    I like it so far. I’ll let you know if I run into problems!

  15. Mickee

    I really do love the mobile version of Temptalia, it makes it so much easier to view the site. Although, it seems like I am not able to comment unless I switch over to the full site mode. Hopefully that will change but other than that it’s amazing!!!

  16. Chocobon

    I absolutely love it and I am so happy and thrilled about it, I can finally catch up with temptalia on my phone all the time!!! This way I don’t miss out!! So thnx :)

  17. Chess

    I’m browsing from my iPod right now! I was so excited to see the mobile site launched a couple of days ago, and I really love it. Once the search function comes into play, it’ll be perfect! It’s wonderful having the site load a bit faster and being able to get my Temptalia fix on the go now! Thanks, Christine (and Mr. Temptalia!).

  18. Hmmm, how can you tell if you’re on the mobile version or not? I go to your page all the time on my phone (it’s a Droid) and I never noticed a difference. Is there a particular url? Because I have in my bookmarks.

    • There’s a script on that is supposed to detect what mobile device you’re using and then redirect you to the mobile version of the website.

      it’s located at – you can load it up on your computer to see how it should look like, too!

  19. Rachelle

    i like it! it’s not fussy, stays true to the original site, and easy to navigate. perhaps a simplified ‘search’ bar would be a nice touch :).

    thank you!

  20. Matt

    Looks great!

  21. Evelyn

    So far so good! I definitely like it!

  22. Nicole D

    So far I’m loving the mobile version! It loads faster than the full site when I’m not connected to wifi. The only problem i’m having is that I can’t leave comments without having going to the full site. The only
    thing I’d like to see added is a search option.

  23. Kaylynrenee

    Yay!!! Comments!! Search will be awesome too! The perfect beauty blogging experience and no better place to have than! :0)

  24. Kristi

    I like it a lot! Much faster than the full site, but it’s nice to have the option to view full site at the bottom of the page. I think it’s very user friendly.

  25. Nicole D

    Oh it works
    now. Maybe there
    was something wrong with my phone.

  26. Laura

    Looks good! I definitely need a search bar though :-)

  27. Jessamyn

    I love the mobile version. I bookmarked it on my iPhone and now can easily check the site out. Absolutely loving it!!

  28. Sasse142

    I love the mobile site. So much easier to navigate the site when I’m on my phone!

  29. Lucy

    I love the mobile version! It loads up fast on my iPhone. It’s much easier to see your new posts! :)

  30. I love it, Christine!! Now when I go to Ulta, MAC, Sephora, etc… I can check out the reviews on the collections and see if it’s worth purchasing or not! I did try to post this comment on my BlackBerry, but it wouldn’t let me. :[ But thank you for this!!

  31. badkitty

    Me likey :)))

  32. Eliza

    I’m gonna download it to my iPhone like nowww (: hehes

  33. dallasbrowneyes

    Christine, you are soooooo awesome!!! Don’t know how you do everything you do. I hope you will write a book on time management and organization one day….. :)

  34. Rachel

    I often look at temptalia on my blackberry so I noticed the new mobile version right away! Love it! Makes scrolling through the info and pictures soooo much easier when I’m on the run (or at the makeup counter, hehe). For me, posting a comment on my phone is about the same as before, but I can see how the more compact design of the mobile comment page would work better on smaller phones than mine. Keep up the good work!! Xoxo

  35. Jenni

    Comments are working on mobile version! Typing this up on my blackberry now :) Def loads faster than full site mode; and i haven’t run into any problems so far, but i’ll let you know if i do! Thanks, Christine!!

  36. jen

    it’s awesome!!! (sent from my iPhone :) )

  37. Mia

    i love the mobile version except i can’t comment on posts wen im on so dats a big issue.

  38. Diana B

    Thank you for all your dedication Christine it’s greatly appreciated.

  39. i miss the original version! it had more! i don’t like that it fills the screen perfectly. (in my opinion)

  40. DreamingofNYC

    The only thing that would be better???

    an iPhone app!!!

  41. cynthia

    this is much faster and better!thanks

  42. Vicky

    I like it alot I don’t have to zoom in too much

  43. jae

    woo~~~ comments are finally working! now I don’t have to load the full site =.=|||

    Loving it so far, Christine! =D

  44. Andrea

    I just noticed the mobile site this week and I love it!!!!! Makes it so much easier to browse your site!! Loads so much quicker than the full site and I love that I can search and leave comments!

  45. Tina Marie

    Thank you so much for doing this, Christine! I love the mobile version! It’s so easy to use. I love your site, and you’re the BEST!

  46. It’s so much easier to read everything..I don’t have to zoom in or out

  47. Liz

    I love it for times like now , I’m out if town on a conference and didn’t have room or reason to bring my laptop, so I like catching up on temptalia on my blackberry and iPod touch.

    Also useful on spontaneous shopping trips where I am on the fence about something and can look up real quick what you said/swatches.

  48. Ally

    Love it now that I can comment again. Can’t wait for the search feature.

  49. Kaylynrenee

    Hi Christine. One more thing (apologies if it has already been mentioned). No ability to comment on a comment or reply to a comment. I can’t really see what I’m typing or review what I’ve written before posting because the comment box is so tiny with no ability to scroll. I do realize that sometimes you have to compromise for convenience but I just thought I’d mention those things!

  50. Meesh

    I know this is just for your mobile version, but for some reason, my browers had to renew itself for your page over and over again today. I mean it would pop up a warning about something failing to work . . . I think the C++? I could be wrong and I don’t know if that’s on my part or your part, but I thought you’d just like to know that somehow this website was deemed a danger D: And this only started today!

  51. Caitlin

    I’m writing this from the mobile site on my iPod touch. :) It looks great! It would be nice to be able to click on the temptalia logo at the top to go to the homepage.

  52. Mirna

    I am so greatful for it. I am using it right now & LOVE it. I am no longer bored! Much better w/the comment enabler.

  53. Julie

    I tried it last night on my hubby’s i-phone. Very easy to navigate, thanks for doing it!

  54. Lulee

    Yay for comments on the mobile version. Temptalia rocks!

  55. Jus to let you know,I’m loving the new mobile commenting system, its works perfectly fine from my blackberry now.

  56. Kylie

    You should make an app! A mobile version is great, but I love the improved functionality apps can offer to us iphone users. I would totally pay for one!

  57. Arianna

    I love the mobile version! however, I like to look in the “looks”, and I don’t really like having to search through other looks to find the links to specific colors(like the mainly black, yellow or orange books). Also, I found that when I go the the next pages in the “looks” category the mobile format of the website changes back to regular. It’s not really a problem, it’s just a little tiny bit irksome

  58. Yoly

    I love it! I can check it out anytime n anywhere from my iPhone

  59. Rita

    I actually became mobile just last week, and I have seen the mobile version only on my iPhone. A search option is definitely needed. I would like to have an easy access to upcoming MAC collections and reviews, of course.

  60. Pinklye

    I love this version ! Its so much easier than the regular site because you don’t have to zoom to see the pictures and informations ! That’s great, thank you so much for everything :)

  61. Precious2him

    I really like the mobile site. my phone did no detect that their was a mobile site……i hsd a htc hd2

  62. I’d like a search bar up the top, since there’s not one on mine at least.

  63. Leliforever

    i love the fact that there is no zoom need anymore!it’s pretty great!good job.although i have to go to the end of the page to find some certain tags like “launches”
    looking forward to be able to “search!”

  64. Anna

    Temptalia’s new mobile version is AWSOME! Easy to use and navigate from link to link! Congrats for the launch!

  65. maxiene

    I’m SO glad I’m able to view you mobile-friendly on my iTouch! I love trying your looks and this makes it so much easier instead of printing out. Thank you!

  66. Chai

    I don’t follow many beauty gurus’ blogs but the few that I do, it’s a pain to have to zoom in and move the screen around to see what I’m reading. I love the new mobile version. Thanks!!

  67. taisha

    i love the mobile version! Its actually loads quickly allows me to post comments and most of all i dont feel im lossing anything from the full site. i love the idea i was thinking of asking you for a mobile version of temptalia. You read my mind Christine! As always i wish you much love and sucess :)

  68. Michele

    I love being able to look at your site on my iPhone. It loads quickly and is so convenient to have when shopping! I was just enjoying the site and I noticed that I wasn’t able to access the tutorial videos on my iPhone. Also, I wasn’t able to search the mobile site using the links at the bottom of the page. No biggie for me bit thought you’d want to know.