I would wear one of them to my sister’s birthday party this summer!

I’d use the palette to learn to contour properly.

I’d create a neutral look for work.

I would use the rose gold and plum shades to create an eyeshadow look.

I think I would use the plums from the original palette.

I would create different daytime looks with the Too Faced palette.

I would do a smokey eye with the taupes and plum shade.

I would wear Grace first.

I’d wear the warmer tones with brown to make a nice fall eyeshadow look.

I would use the palette as a travel set.

I would love to see a comparison between this palette and last year’s version!

I would use the Chroma Color palette first.

I can’t wait for the full review on this one!

Look 2

Can you please clarify what we’d be winning? Are all 5 looks available for winners or just the first three? And do we win the eyeshadow only, or the cheeks and lips as well? Thanks!

I’d use it to create a smokey eye.


I’d use the palette to experiment with different colors that I might not have otherwise tried!

I would use a colorful one as a pop of color with a neutral eye.

I would wear Tinsel Town for a New Years Party.

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