hmmm. weird. i like weird. Let’s try! 😀

That’s actually quite beautifully put together. Perfect with a red lip. :)

I really love guerlain lingerie de peau, which 1 do you prefer out of the 2?

Ah, it’s so light i highly doubt it’ll show on my lids. I have darker lids. Unless I put a base 1st.

Ahh I absolutely LOVE this colour and it looks good on you too! Thank you Christine! I need to buy it, another coral shade to my collection, yay 😀

oohhhh this looks gorgeous on you :) i think, however, i’m still more of a coral or rose pink girl. I may have passed the bright colour phase :/

Oh wow that is stunning. I can’t wait to see other shades 😀 There are other shades right? lol #JumpingTheGunHere

Ahh, this would be gorgeous as an evening shade when you are going out. :) -especially in Autumn

They all look so pretty!! I do however think I need o broaden my colours so the blue 1 is intriguing 😀

These remind me a lot of the Inglot AMC eye shadows. Pretty :)

They both are simply stunning yea? If I go broke with make up altogether I shall let Christine explain, then everyone else will be as broke as I am lol. The in-depth reviews are clearly much appreciated, so thank […]

This looks beautiful on you. I have the urge to buy almost everything you post ‘coz they suit you so well. M.A :)

Perfect colour for my mum. She love these kinda colours, thank you Christine! #beautiful

I cannot wait for you to review he trio eyeshadow palette in “the pink”. I’m fallin little bit inlove here x_X

OMG those eye shadows are gorgeous. I bet you could pull em of easy too. wow

That’s so pretty on you but I think I will pass on it.

These are gorgeous and as always you never fail to pull it off and make it look so simple and easy to wear. Are there no dupes from ud naked palettes?

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