Thank you so much for mentioning scent and taste! Anything strongly scented is a huge turn-off for me since it gives me terrible headaches, so I really appreciate it! <3

My favorite Diptyque scent is Thé (Tea). You can’t find it in any of the non-Diptyque boutique stores, but it is amazing and very fragrant. I haven’t found another one that I love so much, but there are others […]

It was the LY39 domed shadow brush. I wanted something to lay down color other than the MAC 239. Recently, I’ve been using the Wayne Goss 18 brush for this, which has been wonderful. =)

I also have the LY13 and really love it for smudging eyeliner or applying eyeshadow on top of liner (waterline or lash line). I had the LY38B and another Louise Young brush, but had to return both because they […]

I think I’ve made it my goal in life to own every purple eyeshadow, LOL!

My favorites lately have been Parental Advisory from Fyrrinae when I want a strong purple, and Inglot 617 or Sephora Night Owl (they’re […]

I always love OCC’s visuals, since they’re just so striking!

I’m not a big lip-pencil user, so I’m glad to see a good number of colors that are eye-safe. I hope the formula rocks, but I can’t recall OCC ever […]

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