I will definitely be picking up some of the pinks and purples. I just hope that “mini” doesn’t mean half the size but not half the cost.

They’re nice but they can be a little drying if you normally get dry lips, I think. Favorites are Tatin, Glace and Brandy. Although the Brandy I have looks a little more deeper and a little more on the Burgundy […]

I don’t know why, but on Nordstrom’s the price is listed $76 as you said, but when you add the highlighter into your shopping cart, the shopping cart reads $72. I thought it weird, so I added the palette as well. […]

It’s horrible in my opinion. Might as well not waste your time and go out and buy a new one. If alcohol gets even on your powder it makes it less pigmented, you’ll get hard pan, your brush won’t pick up as much. I […]

I completely agree. It really bothers and frustrates me that MAC and their artists advertise it as the blackest black and a staple in their kit and yet it’s not that black and pretty patchy and chalky. I like to […]

That’s why I’ve never even bothered to purchase it. Typographic is a million times better and it’s their matte2 formula which is WAY more pigmented. I have handwritten, blanc type and Fig. 1 from the formula and […]

I feel the same way. Tiger lily seems a tad bit darker yet in the promo pictures it looks lighter. You would think they would release more dark purples and burgundy colors since fall is around the corner. I know […]

Just ordered the gel liners. Definitely going to order the palette next and I would like to get my hands on the lipstick set ( the box is so luxurious) since I do like the lipsticks and it’s a great way to get […]

I love MAC’s Malt and Quarry. Also in their 15 eyeshadow palette (the cool tone), it’s called Cozy Grey, I think, and it’s a matte shade. I think it works out very well for a soft grey look. It’s a mix between […]

I was going to get two of the lipsticks online (since that’s what usually goes first) and get the eyeshadows at the event they’re doing at the MAC store but they are so gorgeous that I think everyone is going to […]

They look amazing, super excited to get some of these. I have some of the Aqua cream shadows and I love them. Good quality, very pigmented and you get lots of product for the money.

Thank you for doing all the reviews. I’m happy that Nars didn’t just reformulate the lipglosses but added some new shades as well. The one thing that I dislike about Nars is that they have several colors that come […]

On their own, the colors are very pretty, but it’s disappointing that once blended, they just turn into one shimmer color. I would rather pay extra and get the dupes that are better quality.

I agree with you about the fact that you get so little product. I never bought cremesheen lipglasses before and galaxy rose was my first as well. I ordered it only and was very surprised by the glass tube because […]

I happened to see just 1 picture of some swatches for the lipstick. The purple colors were a lot less purple and more pink and the other three were all orangish colors. Dreaming Dahlia was probably the only one […]

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