In theory, this would solve a lot of my problems and would mean I’d need considerably fewer lipsticks to be happy with the color range I would get…except for some reason I never want to actually do it. :/


Is it just me or did anyone else notice that Patrick is the same color as Patrick from Spongebob?

Every single day. On purpose. 😛

This reminds me of the eyeshadows on the Wet ‘n’ Wild Walking on Eggshells trio.

I honestly don’t put much stock in them at all.

I think Rouge Kiss looks a lot like what Maybelline Coral Crush looks like on me. So it’s another possible dupe.

If the problem is the heat, you should use fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent ones. They give off much less heat.

Lately I’ve been reaching a lot for L’oreal Fairest Nude whenever I don’t know what to wear, it usually goes great with whatever…makes me feel like I’m neglecting my other lip colors since I’ve bought it, but it […]

I completely agree!

Super boring! Why would I go through the trouble of putting makeup on so that it looks like I’m not wearing anything? Might as well have not put anything on in the first place. Plus, it feels kind of like a lie […]

I love Golden Honey!

I’m okay with it but it’s like…unless they have limited-edition packaging or something it doesn’t really motivate me to buy it if I wasn’t going to before. Sometimes, though, an item catches my eye that I […]

Yes, I use it to carry a mirror compact, several lip balms, the lipstick of the day, a sunscreen stick and some blotting sheets. I also use it for my pill case and other heat-sensitive items so I don’t […]

Yes…by far, lol.

I think I’d say feminine, classy and/or youthful. I don’t like it when makeup is super dramatic and over the top, or when it ages me.

I feel boring, like a blank canvas!

I’ve only ever tried the E.L.F. Essentials crease brush, lol….I like it though! ^^;

Pure hatred!

I do, sometimes…when I’m just too tired/lazy to get my ass up from the bed and remove my makeup, or when I’ve been up for way too long already and I have class the next morning so I don’t even want to waste 5-10 […]

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