Like with fashion, I pay attention to see what’s available. I’ve been contouring for well over 25 years, but the fact it’s really caught on now means I have more products to choose from, and they’re more readily […]

I’m the same when it comes to clothes, only style instead of color! I have this whole “Boho-Goth-Chic” thing going on, so every couple of years, when the Boho-look comes around, I go a little crazy with clothes, […]

I like the idea of Stone & Whirl, but I think they may be too dark for what I’m going for. Then again, I have to layer MAC lipstick with something else, so if I can find a matte/cream white lipstick, they may work out…

I’m sure many would say the same about Stone, LOL! Some people have really strong yellow undertones, so Naturally Transformed would be a great nude option.

It seems most of US brands are available elsewhere, or at least the ability to get them is… However, for brushes, Sonia Kashuk is where I’d start. If you’re lucky, you may catch one of the larger sets, which […]

As far as I know, aside from stand-alone stores, Sephora is the only retail outlet-as they acquired the brand a few years ago. What other retailers carry MUFE?

Sephora purchased MUFE a few years back, and unless it’s a free-standing store, Sephora is the only retailer.

Skintone/Coloring: Fairly light, very neutral; dark-featured.

Frequency: 1-2 times a week in cooler weather, 2-3 in hotter months. I have dry, coarser hair, and I don’t use styling products on a regular basis, […]

There seems to be a fairly broad range in the bronzer shades! They all look fairly neutral, as well (consideing the point of a bronzer is to “warm” the skin, LOL!); none of them seem to have an orange base. With […]

Fortunately, all the looks I’m drawn to are flattering on me, while looks I don’t care for aren’t. It’s possible that my personal biases influence my perception, but I don’t really care, LOL!

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I’ve only tried one lipstick, some 25 years ago, and had such an adverse reaction that I never touched anything else from the brand since… I’m *guessing* it had something to do with the added fragrance that […]

I don’t mind products like these that work only for one purpose, or don’t last long (these are sooo easy/quick to touch-up!), but I don’t particularly like these shades, and the distribution is so limited. I’ll […]

I don’t set out looking for dupes, but since I’m typically attracted to certain types of shades/products, I inevitably have several. That said, I can’t think of any off-hand that are necessarily “better”, as I […]

For once I would *love* to see a permanent shade like Brazen to swatch the way it looks in the bullet… I actually got excited for a moment, then saw the swatch…

Unfortunately it’s been DC ‘d, but I absolutely *love* my NYX Butt Naked “eyes” palette (which may still be available via eBay or Nordstrom Rack). I also have the second one,which is nice, but the original one is […]

Blush. I know it seems strange to many, but I never was a big fan of blush for *years*, and just contoured/highlighted. Now, I have about 20 blushes in rotation, although to the “average” person they may as well […]

I’ll most likely pick this one up at some point. I’ve been wanting a talc-free finishing powder that doesn’t mattify, and I think this will work.

As long as Sephora still carries a product, or at least has it in their system, you should still be able to exchange it. Just explain you have no receipt, and unless you have an extensive history of returns, […]

I think it’s “ignorance”; many just presume because one alcohol is bad, they all are, but haven’t done the research themselves. I also don’t rely on what I read from brands like Paula’s Choice (who have skin in […]

It’s almost impossible to avoid certain ingredients altogether, but I do limit how often I use talc & petrolatum to 2-3 days a week, if at all. I’m not concerned about “toxicity”, but I find my skins texture has […]

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