No, you aren’t crazy, LOL! I totally agree. Even finding a basic neutral red lipstick is a challenge. They almost always lean too blue, pink, orange, berry… Don’t get me started on neutral eyeshadow palettes; as […]

Sephora has an eyeshadow in their house-brand called Cashmere Coat that may be worth llooking into!

Have you looked into Borghese? Is it available to you? It’s been DC’d from the mainstream US market for a while, but I remember they had a great range of foundation shades for fairer skin.

NYX has a double-ended contour/highlight stick, and the Fair/Light one is a great color. However, it does contain mineral oil. The Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Duo #4 is also really nice, but is kind of pricey. The pan is […]

UD Freakshow used to be permanent. It was part of the Deluxe line, which was DC’d when UD reformulated a couple of years ago. You may still be able to come across it on eBay.

I’m probably at around 400, but in my defense, many are too old to actually wear, and others just aren’t my color. Others were “close, but not quite”, and were eventually replaced with better options, but never […]

I *love* that one! Most reds pull too pink/orange on me, but this is one of the few-at any pricepoint-that actually is RED on me…

I used to be, but like all addicts, I’ve given up one for another, LOL! Now, my weakness is eyeshadow…

I “own” an obscene amount of lipstick, but most isn’t wearable… It’s either something I won’t wear because of the color (ie, I got it in a kit/GWP), or it’s really, really old, and I never got around to […]

This looks quite a bit “peachier” than the promos… Still, it is pretty, but I’ll most likely pass.

This may be the one that pushes me to trek to the L.A. store… From the promos I’ve seen, it looks like something I’d wear.

I swatched this in-store yesterday on my very neutral/beige, light skin, and it pulls pretty “orange”.

I’m also starting to appreciate lipstick again. There was a time it dominated my stash, and I wouldn’t leave home without any, but I somehow shifted my interest to eyeshadow, and was perfectly content with having […]

I haven’t really changed my mind about any product in the last year. The most recent change occurred a few years ago, and that was with blush. After not wearing it for about 20 years, I figured out what works for […]

I honestly can’t recall a time I wasn’t into makeup… I was so young when I first realized the concept of it, I don’t think I had any preconceptions about anything, LOL! Even as I got older, I always saw it as […]

A part of me kind of wants to buy this, but only because this is a neutral palette without a bronzy shade, nLOL! However, I’ll still most likely skip it.

There was a time tarte was talc-free, and that’s what drew me to the brand. However, since they’ve started, I find myself completely disinterested. The same goes for LORAC…

I’ve never found removal to be particularly difficult, but I always use heavy-duty eye makeup removers or coconut oil. I don’t have oily lids, and most of the time my eye makeup wears well-especially with a good […]

Still, the amount of time it takes to remove it is less than the time to clean up smudges/touch-up throughout the day, LOL!

My daughter will be 9 next month, so I can relate, LOL! Even at 42 (I look decades younger, though), I find myself drawn to these shades, but I so seldom find myself in an environment where they’d be appropriate. […]

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