I just bought a backup of NYX Taupe HD blush, *and* both Kat von D Shade & Light palettes (the eye palette has a shadow that is amazing as a contour!) to add to my ever-growing contour collection, but I think I […]

ULTA has all NYX products at 40% off right now, of that’s any motivation, LOL!

and I make it a point to help everyone I meet who seems new/lost, and share all of my previous experiences & resources. I’ve learned a lot from others, and always make sure to pay it forward.

My daughter was diagnosed as “atypical autism” when she was 2, and she will be 9 in August. She started out in the Los Angeles public school system, and by the time she finished kindergarten, we were told *every* […]

I think they’re taking a ride on the “manufactured-hype-bandwagon”, and I won’t be surprised if this ends up at ULTA… It’s nothing short of “amazing” how fast this gets “restocked”, LOL!

As for those with […]

That is a shade seriously lacking in the vast sea of lipstick!

It would be the color of blood, just before it begins to dry, with a creme finish. I’d call it Emma’s Rose (after my daughter, Emma Rose). I’d also like to build a line around it, with other products in the same […]

Jaclyn mentioned somewhere that she had her sister in mind when she created this shade, and in her sister’s review, she mentioned she always mixed the 2, and always wished there was something in-between. After […]

I’ve had palettes (DS quads, actually) drop and/or break in my bag, but I’ve never even hit pan on a shadow through “use” alone.

Try eBay. I found mine last year for around $20, and it’s one of those products that pops up frequently! I’m not particularly keen on this shade, but I wanted the other one, LOL!

Didn’t Urban Decay start in 1993? That could be the reason for that particular name.

I like all of them (except Juniper), but I just went on a “vampy” lip splurge today, LOL! ULTA had NYX on sale at 40% off, AND all of the Simply Vamp shades actually in-stock, plus a few others…

Blackmail is sooo pretty…! I’ve been purging my lippies, in order to justify a few new ones, and I think Blackmail may make the Top 10.

If it’s NARS or UD, I can generally tell by the product description if it’s something worth looking into. I rarely buy online, so it’s not typically something I have to worry about.

There are some absolutely stunning shades in this palette, but there are also far too many I’d never touch… However, this palette would be *perfect* for my daughter-if she were a few years older, LOL!

Skintone/Coloring: Fairly light, very neutral; dark-featured.

Warm Lipstick: I don’t do “warm” lips… I guess NYX Honey (round, black tube)…?

Cool Blush: MAC Brit Wit; I also use it as a contour. […]

It’s awesome when one product can work for such diverse colorings!

Most of these can probably be duped even within NARS’ permanent range, but I’ll most likely swatch it, anyway, LOL!

The first 3, which I’m most interested in anyway, can likely be duped with Edie, D. Gorgeous, […]

A manager at Sephora explained the whole “online” incentive when I griped about it (I *hate* being “forced” to buy online). Basically, when Sephora gets new product, it’s cheaper for them to just have it in one […]

It’s available as a duo, for $34 USD. If that’s really the only shade you’re interested in, it may be better to go that route, and get significantly more product. HTH

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