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If I’m wearing a full-coverage foundation, it’s pretty much a necessity, as I have drier skin & larger pores, so my skin seems to suck up my foundation, leaving the pigment to pool into my pores… That said, some […]

I try not to. If I can’t find a match, I just move on to another brand and/or formula. There are just far too many options available nowadays to worry about one brand or another having something suitable. Also, as […]

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Skintone/Coloring: Fairly light, very neutral; dark-featured.

Deals: I don’t do enough online shopping, and since I don’t know of any brick-and-mortar stores that do any, I can’t say. However, Kohl’s & ULTA do […]

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This is too warm/peach for me, but it is really pretty!

Thank you sooo much for listing the ingredients. I’ve searched all over the Internet for a list, and noone listed them-including Sephora & Clinique. […]

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I’m really curious about this one…

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Or, it could just be a darker option for those with deeper skintones, and has nothing to do with marsala. Besides, it looks “browner” than marsala, at least on my screen (not that one can rely on promo shots, though! ).

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The reason for no pump is/was due to the formula of the foundation. It was meant to be applied/blended with the fingers, and had to be shaken well before each use, and obviously foundation left in the tube would […]

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This is why I haven’t actually bought a NARS foundation… I’m in the middle of Siberia & Deauville, and I just can’t justify buying both shades, LOL! I’m *hoping* the new one will have a better match with either […]

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Okay. The “problems” aren’t in the products themselves, but the lack of “education” on how to use them. I don’t know if this falls on the side of NARS, or if SA’s just don’t want to put in the effort of explaining […]

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There are 2 other powder bronzers, in addition to the Multiples, as well as dozens of blushes,so one could look there… One doesn’t have to buy the “gifting” offerings for themselves!

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I don’t care much for Spring “color” collections, but I have noticed it’s when brands tend to release new foundation/complexion products, and I’m always looking for that HG foundation. However, it’s also when […]

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NARS Ondine. If it’s ever DC’d, I will buy at least 5 backups… I have some similar eyeshadows, but there’s just something special about Ondine. The first time I ever swatched it, I literally heard the […]

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I clean my brushes pretty much after each use, so I just grab them off the tray (or the cup if I just spot-cleaned) and toss them in a small, mesh pouch that snaps into my makeup bag. These all tend to be the […]

These are all gorgeous, but the reality is I’d only actually use Blacktrack, and let’s face it-there are “blacker” gel liners on the market at 1/2 the price.

I have one from *years* ago, Delineate, and it’s still good! I scoop out a small amount with a spatula each time I use it (it’s a red, so not one I use regularly, LOL!), so it’s lasted a really long time.

If it’s a brand I’m already into, I’ll be checking it out anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

If I hear there are products that use only “clean” ingredients, I want to take a look. The new CoverFX contour kits have […]

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I don’t record what I have, but I do keep a list of what I plan to buy in the future. When I add to the list, I think about what I own, and when necessary, go through my stash. I do tend to gravitate towards […]

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NARS; they don’t stain, and since they have no “white base”, anyone can wear them, from the fairest alabaster to the deepest ebony, and they look vibrant, and not chalky. I find MUFE shadows, particularly the new […]

There’s also the 15-pan palettes for $85, including the Nordstrom exclusive, which includes most of the “best-sellers”. It’s a bit steep initially, but it ends up being about 1/2 the retail price.

I’m most likely going to pick all of these up at some point! I like the idea of smaller pans, as I can’t recallever hhitting pan on a shadow, and the compact size is great for on-the-go/travel purposes.

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