I LOVE fireball! Dive bar was also gorgeous. I need to grab the purples i think.

ahhh it seemed so promising. they just need to make those cream shadows permanent!

what a shocking difference between swatch and application. such a shame cause I love LM shadows but this is a definite pass!

those eyeliners look terrible! I love the not-terrible blush, but we can’t get this set in canada anyway, so maybe i should be glad it’s not perfect!

ahh well now i need glace. good thing it comes in the mini size!

Yeah I know you had been sent some of them for review so i assumed that was the case when i saw this, I guess you do purchase some misses when you review as much makeup as you do though!

oh no! you purchased this? yikes…

that bright metallic blue!

what a difference compared to the other shade, yikes! this is so much better!

wow what a disaster, and these looked so pretty too.

wow, can’t imagine paying $50 for these… even great brands have flops!

wow it’s hard to believe anyone ever thought that eyeliner shade was okay to sell!

too bad that gold is so bad, it was one of the more playful shades. the first pink is great too.

monarch please! so so pretty!

wow what a miss! :( too bad, it looked pretty in the pan!

thanks for the great reviews… just a note, there’s a typo in the title :) tatoo instead of tattoo.

This blush looks great, especially on you! You always look nice in your photos but I think this one is especially great, it gives you such a nice glow it makes me want to buy it!

Oh so pretty ! Shame it’s got less product in it though I am still tempted by it, if the quality is better I think it’s still a good value in comparison to the others :)

These are both really nice! I’m not sure which one I’d want to pick up more… I love cream blush lately, looks so natural and lovely :)

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