I fell in love Urban Decay Pistol when I saw it in the Naked 2 palette. I didn’t really need any of the other colors in that palette, so I bought it separately.

Same! I love the Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser!

I am near sighted and have astigmatism, so one of the first tools I picked up was a magnifying mirror. Made doing eye makeup so much easier! Eyeliner and Mascara was especially problematic before picking up the mirror.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment! Yes, I am a cheap date. :)

Your skin tone/coloring: Light – NW20
How many blushes do you use in a week (on average)? 1 or 2. I use one blush for about a week and then switch to another the next
How many lipsticks do you use in a week (on […]

I love Lovelight! It is my perfect “Better than my Lips” color. When I first bought it, it was a bit difficult to put on. It tugged at my lips as I put it on. Once I used the lipstick a few times, it goes on really smooth. :)

The Studio Lip Exfoliator works great for the price! It leaves my lips smooth after I use it. However, the packaging can be better. The stick becomes unaligned from the tube and I have to play with it to get the stick to go back down. But for such a cheap product, it isn’t that much of a problem.

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