Love ebates! But would really love that hourglass palette!

At first glance I thought this was just mmeeehhh… but these swatches are giving it a new life!!!!!
Cant wait for the review! My christmas list seems to have started :)

Snatched it up this morning!
15% ebates bonus didn’t hurt either :)

I love look #2 But the lips #5 I can’t wait to try and replicate!

YUP I agree! ANYTHING Coral!
Teal/ aqua is #2

MUFE it doesn’t budge! MAC is pretty good too

Thanks for the review!
I did an initial swatch in store this past week, while fragrance sampling for triple points @ sephora, and was really on the fence…

WOW! Ive never seen or even heard of deep damson before…MUST.GET.ASAP!

MAC Venomous Villains – That whole collection needs to be permanent!

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